Cave Releasing Deathsmiles 2X In North America, Hell’s Christmas Has Frozen Over

By Spencer . April 24, 2011 . 3:32am


Aksys may have released Deathsmiles in North America, but Cave is taking care of Deathsmiles 2X themselves. The news comes from the ESRB, which rated Deathsmiles 2X and listed Cave as the publisher. Check out our playtest for more on Deathsmiles 2X.


While Cave is building a greater presence in the West, the Tokyo based company has not released a retail game overseas on their own. Perhaps, Deathsmiles 2X will be a digital release like Guwange and Nin2-Jump? Hmm… but both of those are Xbox Live Arcade games and Deathsmiles 2X is a disc game.


Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft took a cue from Sony and is preparing to stock imports in their Games on Demand store. Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 HD will be digital downloads only in North America, but sold as retail games in Japan.

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  • malek86

    A GOD release only might not be a very good idea. There isn’t that much awareness about the service. People tend to avoid it due to the usually high prices. Then again, I guess shmup fans would know about it anyway…

    On a side note, I’ve never played DS2X, but I heard many saying it wasn’t nearly as good as the first one.

    • mikanko

      Actually I remember a lot of people liking it gameplay wise close to the first one, and in someways better. In Japan it was pretty popular in arcades at least as far as shooters go. There is however a large consensus that the dreamcast era polygon graphics DS2 has are inferior to the 2d look of the first, which is an opinion I agree with!

      Still, it’s good news and I’ll pick it up. Daifukatsu and Dai Katana coming over become a stronger possibility if it sells.

      • malek86

        I’ve watched a video of the last stage, and it wasn’t, uhm, particularly exciting. I thought things in last stages should be more hectic.

        PS. hey, your avatar has some competition now. Have you seen the last Touhou demo?

        • mikanko

          Yeah, I couldn’t really get too excited for DS2 footage, though it had mostly good impressions best I could gather.

          Haven’t seen any of the new Touhou, why? ‘ . ‘

          • malek86

            They have a Jiang-shi character now. Well, the new game seems to have a lot of undead characters, actually.

          • mikanko

            Ah, hehe. But do they toss around bonzai trees, chun li bracelets, and Gouki statues? Not to mention have a win pose where they try to bow all proper like only to have a dozen weapons fall from their sleeves embarrassingly to their feet? MvC3 totally picked the wrong win pose for Lei Lei. ><

            My favorite touhou character will always be Aya. Tengu photojournalist, and shoot the bullet is definitely my favorite of those games. ^^

        • Aoshi00

          I was wondering if the game would be good watching the trailers at first, but once you play it, the game is actually very fun w/ 6 chars, I played it a lot. The presentation just felt a bit cheap compared to 2D which I thought was a pity (the Inoue illustrations were much better in the first game).. I didn’t regret buying it..

    • Aoshi00

      DS2 was pretty good.. I just preferred the first game design-wise, because all girls turned chibi-ish in this sequel, looking too cute instead of gothic.. also the graphics is all 3D (not very detailed) instead of 2D sprites in the first game.. If it were 2D like the first game, I would’ve loved it.

      I hunted down the 3 Cave drama CDs and finally bought them, cost me an arm and a leg ($120 + shipping..), these were not sold in stores..

      Wouldn’t mind buying the game again to support Cave though, retail disc or Game on Demand (come to think of it I’ve actually never bought from GoD…)

      • I got those CDs, too! Only paid $60, too (sorry…). Haven’t listened to them yet, though.

        • Aoshi00

          For all 3 of them!? New? Wow you’re lucky.. They’re not cheap on the yahoo Jpn auction, and even then they wouldn’t ship overseas… and there’s only one guy on ebay that sells them… Ever since I’ve listened to the samples on the Cave website, I kept looking everywhere, and I thought I just need to have them.. I wonder why the 4th Rose CD has been delayed so long, it’s been a while since the last 3..

          • I just got lucky and found a guy there selling all three together. Why at such a low price? Who knows, but they’re in perfect condition. Maybe I’ll listen to them later on to commemorate the announcement!
            Rose should have definitely been out with the pace of the other releases. I don’t think we’re gonna hear it any time soon, either…
            And some say CDs are dead.. I have to hunt like a madman for some of these releases!

      • PrinceHeir

        why are you both soooo rich :(

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. Nah.. truth is I really shouldn’t be buying these stuffs :(… but I’m easily tempted :(…

      • Belenger

        I could never get into DS2, it was the first time I 1cc a shmup game being the first time I played it just feel cheap, really cheap.

        Guess i’ll buy in hopes to see a dai fukkatsu over the western, but i’m not too sure it was the right “managment” decision, game will be incredibly compared to DS1 and it will probably receive a lot of backlash due to the polishing, should have released daifukkatsu first a more sounding and fun game.

        Oh well It wasnt as dissapointing as Senko Duo that thing was… just… ;__; no cosplay for characters killed me.

  • Why do I even have a wallet these days?

    Also, I was only about $100 away from my J360 and now this. Suppose I’ll hold off a while longer in the event this is the beginning of a strong Western push. I know it’ll never happen, but Ketsui and Akai Katana localizations, Progear on XBLA. That’s what I imagine heaven to be like.

    • I was thinking of holding off a bit too, but I then saw this earlier today:

      This is great news, though! I wonder how they’re going to release it. Spencer’s idea is interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing DDP or [email protected] released that way.

    • mikanko

      Akai Katana is certainly possible for a disc release in the US, Ketsui much much less so.

      Progear is pretty much impossible on xbla because of Capcom, same with Esprade and Atlus. Dangun Feveron is probably fair game though. Kinda wonder how well Guwange did sales wise.

      • Ah, didn’t know Capcom had a hand in Progear. That’s a bummer.

        • mikanko

          They published it in arcades, didn’t have any real hand in making it though. The game did run on CPS2 hardware as well.

      • malek86

        Dangun Feveron was already confirmed (sorta) at last year’s Cave event.

        • mikanko

          Yeah, I remember it being hinted at, but didn’t know if anything was confirmed. I think it’s kinda an underrated title because it plays so differently from several of their other shooters. I hadn’t heard anything since then, so I’d hoped Guwange had sold well enough that it was still going to happen. I remember reading Guwange was them kinda testing the waters as far as XBLA went.

          • Aoshi00

            I think Guwange and Ikaruga sold rather well in Jpn, always among the top 10 XBLA rank.. not sure about the US though..

          • malek86

            I do remember Treasure saying that Ikaruga was successful, although they initially seemed reluctant to do a Radiant Silvergun remake, so who knows.

            We don’t know anything about Guwange, but the leaderboards analysis weren’t very promising. On the other hand, the game requires you to select the Time Attack option to enter in the leaderboards, so the numbers should be somewhat skewered.

            Oh, and once again, where’s my goddamn Under Defeat XBLA? Should I take it they just silently canceled the release?

          • TrevHead

            in the recent retrogamer cave article, Cave seemed to be backtracking over Dangon Feveron, saying they wanted to wait to see how Guwange sold before they green lighted it.

        • Gimme.

  • samwitsend

    Maybe it’s as an iOS release?

    • Since Deathsmiles 2X was specifically rated for Xbox 360, I highly doubt that!

  • OneOkami

    First first thought when beginning to read the story is that its probably not a retail release. I think if Cave is publishing it, then thats probably most likely.

  • Waiting for info about an EU release.

    • landlock

      Well as it’s pointing to a arcade release we’ll get it at the sametime.

      • TrevHead

        Theres still a big chance that Cave will publish boxed since they arnt strangers to publishing their own titles in Japan. Best would be to have a boxed and on game on demand.

        As for PAL I expect we will be 2-3 months behind NA due to Deathsmiles 1 recently releasing over here.

        • landlock

          Maybe but personally I can’t see it there are plenty of Japanese publishers that never would publish in US/EU (FROM Software) for example it’s too big of a risk. Especially for this type of game.

          It’ll also fit perfectly on the arcade.

          • TrevHead

            Releasing boxed isnt that much of a risk for Cave if they keep their costs to a minimum just like they do in Japan where they only have sales of 10 to 20k and still manage to make a profit. Plus deathsmiles 1 sold more in NA alone then it did in Japan so there is a market for their games even if its boxed.

            Also a Download only release would royally piss off much of its fanbase who Cave need to keep on their good side as its the fans who have been keeping the company afloat all these years.


  • M’iau M’iaut

    At this rate, the next COD will include lolis just to catch on to the current fad.

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! One step closer to total shmup domination. Now get on dat, 5pb!

    • For me the next step is Cave releasing Insant Brain in the US ;).
      I shouldn’t get my hopes up though.

  • massive news, but retail or no buy

    • Arcm

      I agree while I will buy certain downloadable games I have to have a physical disc, booklet and case for me to really appreciate a game. I know that’s weird but I really dislike downloadable only games

    • TrevHead

      I kinda feel the same way, while I genrally prefer boxed to DL, im not that bothered about 95% of my games if they are DL or not. Still I want AAA grade shmups as boxed as I have it forever unlike XBLA when my HD fails or MS close down the system. Also its for collection purposes and having the option to sell it if I wanted to

      • For me it’s mostly so I can bring it to my friend’s place, not have to download them again WHEN (not if!!) the 360 RRODs… etc… XBLA works great for Strania and those HD remakes.

        • malek86

          My refurbished 360 (still not even a Falcon though) has been going great for the last four years, but I always feel like it has the Sword of Damocles hanging over it.

          I’m always afraid one day I’ll turn it on and it won’t work… and with my luck, it will probably be the day Child of Eden comes out. Mind you, only right after I buy it, otherwise I could just get the PS3 version instead.

        • You can carry your profile/selected games with you on a flash drive so that really shouldn’t be an issue and you should instead try to live with it because DD isn’t going away – it’s only gonna get bigger and eventually destroy physical media altogether so try to enjoy the cheap prices and quick access it gives the consumer and the lowered risk that it gives the developer instead of spamming every article with your 20th century ideals

          • The problem is that it doesn’t guarantee cheap prices or quick access for the consumer, and comes with a number of drawbacks you’re ignoring. It’s a good solution for PC because anyone with a few bucks can throw up their game on a website. Anyone can compete for the consumer’s dollar. When console games and other closed platforms are DD only, your only choice is the platform’s online store, and there are already plenty of shenanigans going on there. XBLA sales only apply if you’re already paying for XBL Gold. Games on Demand have never gone on sale to the best of my knowledge—quite relevant here, as that is how DSIIX would be released if it is DD only. You can only play the games on that flash drive IF you are able to sign into XBL on the 360 you carry it to. XBLI games can’t be played offline at all. Aksys is the only publisher I know of that has ever done an LE for a DD only game. The PS3’s wireless is dog slow—but I guess it doesn’t matter all that much right now, because PSN has been down for some three days. Et cetera, et cetera.

            That’s not even going into the inability to resell your games. Or how region locking will be enforced. Or how the internet situation in general is not that great in most countries (the US’s infrastructure in particular is terrible) and if it’s changing, it’s changing for the worse. Canadians had to fight off a 25GB monthly cap just recently. Goodness, that’s not even a single Blu-Ray!

            I’m not saying that it isn’t going to happen. But all the consumer power loss that is inherent with DD on consoles means that it will probably not be as awesome as you seem to think it will be.

          • TrevHead

            Youre totally correct, just look at the high prices of games on demand and even steams A grade games when they arnt on sale arnt that much cheaper then the boxed versions at launch price, plus most boxed PC games drop in price quite quickly so that often its the boxed version thats cheapest. Steam sales is the stores only saving grace, something which for console will never truly catch on in the same way.

            DD is great for the indie scene as those games are priced cheaper and most of us wont mind too much when we lose all our games in another 5 years time. Big budget (plus imo games that are trully great like Cave’s) work better for the consumer as boxed with DD as an addition. We would lose much if these games went DD only as the only great thing about DD, that it cuts out the publisher / bricks and mortar and lowers the RRP doesnt really apply to the AAA industry as its almost impossible to cut the publishers out of the equation due to them owning or bankrolling the devs in the first place.

            Many gamers think that when AAA games go DD only that the prices will dramatically drop in price. But thats just wishfull thinking

          • You started great but then shot yourself in the foot.

            Learn to use periods next time.

  • I currently do not own an Xbox 360, and I do not have enough funds to afford an xbox 360 for at least a year or two. However, I love Cave and their quality shmups, so I will purchase this game whenever it is released.

    • Code

      Yeah, that’s just about the boat I was in, didn’t really have the funds at the time, but when the chance finally arised I hopped on it. Just gotta be careful if your buying ahead of the game system, depending on if you opt for a Standard or Japanese version, as the regional locking is really fickled both ways opo;

  • pedrron

    Another sign of the apocalypse. Whats next, Namco to release all Tales games in the west, Nintendo brings over FF IV, Soma Bringer! XD

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Wishing it’ll be a retail release (not that I even have a 360 to begin with), but this is quite the news anyway you look at it.

  • Darkrise
  • Code

    Awesome, good news for shmup fans >w<~! Although I'm usually not one to complain about digital releases, if they do a digital release on there Games on Demand service it'll definitely be regionally locked, which is no good for me opo;; So I'm hoping they can somehow work a XLBA release, or just do retail instead. I know retail is probably 99% likely to be regionally locked too, but still there hope +o+ * carcasses remaining 1%* Although Games on Demand, and XBLA might be issues since seems like it'd run into the same issues Arcana Heart 3 ran into if they wanna do anything outside retail/GoD.

  • PrinceHeir

    Lucky O_O

  • This is quite unexpected. I don’t have a 360, but I’ll pick this up to support Cave like I did for the first game — assuming a boxed release, of course.

    Oh, I almost forgot my obligatory “buy this game to tell Cave that you want more of their games localized!” spiel.

  • I’m hoping they’ll release an English translation as a patch or DLC if it sells well enough. I hear it’s a bit more story-intensive than the first one, so missing out on that doesn’t seem like much fun.

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