Lighting’s House Was Cut From Final Fantasy XIII, But You Can See Pictures Of It

By Spencer . April 24, 2011 . 11:51am

Floating all over the web are illustrations from Final Fantasy XIII artist Isamu Kamikokuryo. Shown in an art book, these pictures show what Lightning’s house was like.


lithou lithous2


The text explains Lightning’s home was on an island. Her home was elevated over water and looking outside you could see a park. Polygon models for the park and plaza were made. Artwork was created for Lightning’s living room and bedroom. You could practically walk through Lightning’s house. However, due to space issues the island was cut from Final Fantasy XIII.

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  • PrinceHeir

    reminds me of Tidus’ house :P

    • godmars

      When was Tidus’ home ever shown? What game since it couldn’t have been FFX.

      • It was that boat house at the beginning

        It’s shown in flashbacks when he was a kid also

    • Aoshi00

      I thought of Tidus’s boat house too, that part when he was seeing himself as a kid was pretty cool :).. Would’ve been nice to be able to stroll around the house w/ Lightning before the birthday cutscene, what I didn’t like about the game was cutscene after cutscene.. you just watch the story unfold instead of playing it..

      • godmars

        I thought it screamed for Panzer Dragoon like shooter segments. Worked into flying scenes.

  • godmars

    Can’t help but notice that the advertising strip shows all Xbox version of XIII, and one PS3 version, which is sold out.

  • 128bitigor

    It looks cool and all but it doesn’t really remind me of a house that someone would live in… looks empty and dead.
    It’s a shame that they kicked so so much content from the game. There was so much potential in FF13 that they have pretty much wasted. I really like the world of FFXIII, the design was superb and so Final Fantasey, it’s a shame the story and the gameplay is so mediocre…

    • MrRobbyM

      Gameplay minus the battle system. Not the best but it was fun to me. other than that, I agree. I don’t think the story was all too bad, it was more so the dialogue and characters, to be specific.

    • I don’t care what people say. I loved FFXIII. Sure, it could have been better, but so can almost everything. I really liked the world, I really liked the gameplay, I really liked the story, and I really liked the characters.

      The only major flaw I see in the game is that they don’t explain anything about the world until later but talk about it right away. A simple opening cutscene with narration explaining what Falcie and Lcie are would have helped A LOT. That, and, yeah, it could be a little less “straight pathway” in design, but, hey, FFX was the exact same way and people loved that.

      • Aoshi00

        But the FFX journey was separated by many towns in btwn (you felt like you were sightseeing talking to many people in Spira), and it had some puzzles from the temples, so at least one doesn’t feel like “always” being on a straight path w/ nothing else, plus it also had a flying ship, even though going to different locations was point and click, so even though it was linear it didn’t feel as monotonous. Air ship in FF13, cutscene only.

        You’re right though, a lot of people (especially Jpn gamers) were put off by the incomprehensible terms (only explained in a glossary) for a big part of the game. Fal’sie this, L’cie that, Pulse this… one is constantly reminded to read the info updates every couple of mins, who the mysterious characters are, where the locations are and how they’re connected to each other.. or you’d be lost, or at least won’t be enjoying the world as much, because everything is recorded as text.

      • Jirin

        I liked the gameplay. What I didn’t like is having five minute cutscenes every ten minutes in three hour long linear dungeons, in most of which the characters just said the same things they already said, only with different dramatic lighting.

        And oh yeah, the twenty hour long tutoral section.

      • 128bitigor

        I finished FF13 and I was amazed by this game. Time moved on and was hard not to see flaws in every single aspect of this game. I like FF13, by the way – i like it because of superb design (my kind of thing), music (Hamauzu FTW, with the best battle themes in the series IMO), and battle system.

        Despite all of this I think FF13 is a pretty mediocre Final Fantasy. Why no exploration whatsoever? Why abilities and character development so shamelessly dumbed down? Why extra post game stuff are just boring marks/farming trapezohydrons? Why some characters are horrible (Snow, Hope, Sazh – just extremely bland, Vanille to some extent, tragic villains)? The story had some interesting aspects, but it was convoluted from the start to create some false sense of suspense, as well as patch up story holes, that you would probably find on the second run. Not to menton that after 4 years of development they had finally a shared vision of the game when they did a demo. Wow.

        FFX – love or hate it (in my case hate it because of Tidus) – it was full of extra stuff – Dark Aeons, extra Aeons, Penance, (overly ridiculous, broken almost) Omega Weapons, LOADS of abilities (mix), extra bosses/dungeons, etc. etc. And even though it was extremely linear, and yeah, towns were scarce, exploration was still there. Linearity is not ovrly a bad thing, afterall, all Final Fantasy Games are linear. But the way it was done in FF13 was f**** up.

  • Due to “space issues”?

    Morelike due to porting to 360 lol

    • Aoshi00

      A lot of things get cut.. even for a 2 hr movie, they probably filmed hours and hours of footage.. Pixar movies showed unused videos and story boards too.. S-E said there were some parts from the prologue novel they wanted to use in the game, but would break up the pacing.

      • MrRobbyM

        I agree. FFXIII(while I’m not the biggest fan of the game) was always about moving forward. I don’t really see how playing around in her house would of made much sense or where it would of fit. As you said, it would of broken up the pacing.

      • This whole “pacing” nonsense is as much a bunch of bull as “making towns of FFVII quality in HD would take us years and years.” First they say “space issues” then when people start putting two and two together and realizing the only system there would’ve been space issues for was 360, they suddenly start saying “pacing.” C’mon.

        • Aoshi00

          They’ve thrown out a lot of reasons.. not enough time, not enough resource, spacing, pacing, etc.. you choose to believe what you want to believe, I think it’s all of the above. I thought Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon being on 360 had a lot of environments. But I do think it’s mainly their skills w/ developing a big scoped HD game w/in a reasonable time frame. Where is FF7 PS3? The game was rushed too to sell more PS3s. It FF13 were to be delayed another year or two, maybe we would get a lot more.

          Many didn’t like the fact that they wasn’t enough towns like all traditional RPGs, some said they are fine w/ no towns since the whole game is a giant linear escapade, but now all of a sudden people want towns again and blame the 360? If people were satisfied w/ the linear nature of the game, they wouldn’t have problem w/ the stuffs that got cut at the drawing board anyway.

          They probably spent too much time doing pre-rendered cutscenes anyway…

          • PrinceHeir

            i think if they delayed the game more, it would cause alot of backlash from the fans(as if the multi platform wasn’t enough) but i agree, they should either delayed the game or just made it PS3 exclusive in the first place. seriously im not saying the 360 can’t handle FFXIII, is just that doing 2 versions of a supposedly massive game is very very hard, not to mention with all the time, money that could have been save, ideas that were supposed to be implemented(see FFXIII novel)

            i think it’s square’s fault for being baited with microsoft’s offer(assuming they did) instead of the 360. if they didn’t accept the offer, we could have had most of the supposed ideas into one game without sacrificing any quality. instead of focusing in 1 year(2009) in the 360 version, they could have just spent on building and adding more in the game ex towns, shops, more weapons etc… by early 2010, they could just polished the game and reworked some bugs and there you go. and if they still have more ideas, put it on FFXIII-2. imagine if FFXIII was a more open-ended game like VII, with tons of minigames, sidequest, tons of jobs, skills, more Eidolons, secret bosses, more weapons, items, equipments, towns, NPC’s. while XIII-2 will expand this even more. that could have been awesome, but i think XIII-2 will be like what XIII was supposed to be instead of expanding the it in the first place.

            again it’s square’s fault for trying to develop 2 versions at the same time in the middle of the development.

          • Aoshi00

            S-E also did say though the staff couldn’t decide on which direction the game should go until rather late (open-world, linear, battle system, etc), so that contributed to their tight schedule too. There were definitely many people impatient for FF13, those who bought a PS3 waiting for it or those who were waiting for the game to buy a PS3. I think S-E is still lacking compared to other studios in terms of developing a HD game w/ a lot of contents (that’s why they’re doing better w/ PSP), and they probably focused their resources on the wrong thing, namely pre-rendered cutscenes, most other RPGs don’t delve on that other than the trailers. W/ FF13, it’s like they’re making an Advent Children move and a game.

          • PrinceHeir

            basically, poor management and a lack of directional guide.

            yeah i feel their HD games are becoming more of Advent Children instead of games itself, at least dissidia and remakes like tactics ogre are nice ^^

          • malek86

            @PrinceHeir: possibly. But I will say that Infinite Undiscovery seemed somewhat more tame, even if I didn’t like the battle system myself. And like you said, their portable games are (usually) fine. I’ll guess they probably dropped the ball with FF13 because they felt they had to do it cinematic, for that’s what people were expecting from the previous games. Heritage can be a problematic thing.

            In the end, for all of Namco’s screw-ups with localizations, they still seem to be getting around to work with HD consoles a lot better. Tales of Vesperia is pretty much my favorite RPG on the console, and it didn’t even need multiple discs.

          • PrinceHeir


            yeah, it seems Namco is stepping up but we only got Grace F, we need at least Vesperia and Xillia too ^^

            and once the games prove successful here, maybe we might get the PSP games :)

          • HarryHodd

            It’s pretty clear space is an issue with long AAA JRPGs. Obviously PS3 is better suited for this and if they had to cut due to space the 360 could have been in consideration. Has there been any 4 DVD RPGs on the 360?

          • Aoshi00

            Lost Odyssey?

            There are many other big scoped RPGs that fit no problem on both PS3 and 360 though, look at Mass Effect 2, 2 discs on 360, maybe 3 if they include all the subsequent DLC episodes. But yea, Lost Odyssey did have 4 discs and quite a lot of contents. Blue Dragon had 3 and tons of towns and villages.

          • You are aware Lost Odyssey was a first party title, right? Same with Blue Dragon. Microsoft aren’t going to penalize themselves.

            Not to mention, Hideo Kojima, when he was making MGS4 said that Sony had no problem with two-disc PS3 games and that it was his own choice to keep that game single disc. If they’re going to tell Kojima it’s alright, they are certainly going to let Squeenix make a two-disc FFXIII, so where would these space issues have come from if not the 360 port?

          • Aoshi00

            The point is they are many huge RPGs that could be fit on either 1, 2, or 3 discs, Mass Effect is only on 1 disc, so is Alan Wake w/ 7 languages of text and audio (even Alan Wake had a lot of cutscenes too), don’t tell me those games are not long. It’s S-E who’s obsessed w/ both real time and pre-rendered FMVs that have a problem (and Kojima who likes 1-hour cutscenes). And here space is not the main issue, S-E focuses on making pretty movies, then it’s going to take time. If they were to announce today making a HD FF7 w/ the same amount of contents as the original w/ FF13 level cutscenes, when would you think we would see that? On the PSP, probably 2 years. If MS could allow 4 discs w/ the other epic RPG called Lost Odyssey, I’m sure they could give S-E some leeway if need be.

          • Ask the guys at ID about how much Microsoft likes when you make three disc games.

          • Aoshi00

            I dunno, maybe you should ask Sony how much it is to make a 2-disc blu-ray? If one blu-ray is still not enough for a game, then the developers are really not making use of the disc space efficiently.

          • HarryHodd

            Lost Odyssey is it? So again a jrpg like Lost Odyssey needs 4 discs, and I bet the cutscenes were compressed, but it basically cost nothing in disc royalty fees since it was first party. But what about developers that want to do something similar? Cut content and keep the disc number down or pay for extra discs? I bet most would cut content and save money this gen.

          • If one blu-ray is still not enough for a game, then the developers are really not making use of the disc space efficiently.

            Hahaha…I remember when people had that exact argument about the PS1 and Saturn moving from cartridge to CD.

          • Aoshi00

            Yep, to you, the Wii is bad, the 360 is bad, the PSP is bad, the DS is bad, the 3DS is bad, only a PS3 is great, just give it a rest alrdy… we could all blame different reasons for why S-E made a mediocre game, there’s many convenient reasons, being on the 360 was not one of them.

            Many contents end up on the cutting floor, is it so hard to understand? For a movie, they filmed like 10 hours of footage but we only see 2 hours of it, things that are unnecessary and don’t fit are cut. So people were all saying this is a good game, now they’re saying this is a bad game just because it’s on the 360? Complete bull.. This is the limit that S-E could do at the moment w/ HD given the restricted time and resources. If they had worked on this game until now, the game probably would be better on both PS3 and 360, the game was rushed out. Again I ask you, why haven’t they make a FF7 PS3 remake, they know people want it. The problem is they can’t, not in a while anyway. If 99.9% of games could fit on both a blu-ray and a DVD, then that that 01% really has some serious issues.

          • @Aoshi00 – You can accuse me of fanboyism all you want. I don’t recall ever saying a single bad word about the DS or the PSP and I’ve said that if the Wii puts out Last Story and Xenoblade in North America, that’d make the system more attractive to me. But of course, because I speak positively of the PS3, I’m a fanboy. If I say that I would rather have a game on a console system than a portable, since I don’t have time in my life to play portable systems, that’s somehow me hating them. The DS and the PSP have quite a good selection of games. Games that I’d like to play on a television, instead of on the subway. How is that being a fanboy?

            I’m sorry that someone told the truth about your precious Microsoft. While all three major companies are guilty of some shifty things every now and then, the one with the most unsavory business tactics, by far, this generation has been them. You don’t want to accept that? Fine.

            I don’t understand how you can function with such a simplistic view of things. It’s like the time that we were talking about how space issues, due to multiplatform titles, have made lesser games, and you started trying to bring up the PC and asking, “Oh, has it ever held back titles to make PC games?” Of course not! If anything, PC titles have been dumbed down to accommodate the consoles (and I include the PS3 when I say that). But you didn’t address that when I pointed out the hole in your argument. You just go on and on accusing people of being fanboys and thinking that Microsoft hasn’t done a single thing to harm the industry this gen.

            And you go on about movies, like that isn’t apples and oranges, BUT, you know what? I’ll bite. I’ll point out the movies of David Lynch. Let’s say Blue Velvet. Lynch’s original cut was over three hours long (might’ve been four, knowing him), but his contract said the movie could be no longer than two hours, two minutes. So, they cut all that footage out (and in fact, threw out the original film, which is why those scenes will never be released, except in picture-form), since the studio didn’t think of things like deleted scenes and Blu-ray bonuses in the 1980’s. Blue Velvet is still one of my favorite films, but who is to say it wouldn’t have been better if longer?

            Let’s look at Alien3. Awful movie in its theatrical release, but if you see the Special Edition, which is 45 minutes longer, it’s actually a nicely put together drama.

            My point is that cutting out material is not only not always a good thing, many times it’s against the wishes of the original artist(s), but happens because of corporate obligation. That’s what happened with Blue Velvet. That’s what happened with Alien 3. And it’s definitely what happened to FFXIII.

          • Aoshi00

            360 or MS are not precious to me, I don’t bash Sony/PS3 every chance I get, it’s one of the systems I own, in addition to playing games, I love watching blu-rays and Netflix w/ it. Any game could come out on any system, doesn’t matter to me.

            I play games on all 5 (6 now) systems, and enjoy all of them. The problem w/ FF13’s mediocre quality was not due to not enough space, it was because the game came out 2 years too early, based on S-E’s skills on making a HD RPG w/ a lot of contents. You could speculate the cause as multiplatform, but no MS has messed up so many games..

            You’re the one that constantly talks about how PS3 is the best in almost single one of your posts and talk badly about the other systems, always instigating all the fanboy talk.. I don’t waste my time to bother blaming why this game is on this system or that system. If it’s a good game it’s a good game. PS3, 360, Wii all have given a lot of great games. Portbable system screen size might not be optimal for me, but there are a lot of good games on those systems too so I play them.

            And why most movies released in theathers are cut to a reasonable length under two hours. It’s because people get restless if they’re too long. On a DVD, people have all the time in the world to watch it in their homes, behind the scenes extra, all that goodies.

          • Once again, you have this habit of simplifying everything that I say. You act as though I’ve said the PS3 is the greatest system in history and there has never been or never will be a system that compares to it, when all I’ve said is that out of the three current console choices, it’s the one I like the best. I’m not sure if you do this on purpose to try to invalidate me as a person, or if it’s something you do subconsciously.

            And as for people getting restless in theatres, that has very little to do with why they try to keep movies within two hours, and everything to do with the amount of tickets they can sell in a day. If a movie is four hours long, they can sell half of what they could sell for a two hour movie, since they could can show that twice in that same period. Are you aware of how long some foreign films are? There’s movies in Russia that are ten hours long, French films that are six hours, and Chinese films that were five. But they’re more concerned about the art, rather than the commerce.

          • lostinblue

            The guys at iD Software pressured for a drop in multi-disc game licencing pricing, to which Microsoft complied.

            It’s a non-problem now; no point in getting referenced.

          • Thanks for trying to talk sense into him, Aoshi. Sadly, I don’t think there’s any remedy for people like Charles but a nice ban (which we just did).

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks man. yea, some people always trying to stir up trouble to feed their ego time and again.. the guy just never stopped and really stretched our patience to a limit.. you did the right thing :)

    • Dont understand how people are agreeing….Wasnt the PS3 the lead platform developed, surely it could have been they didnt wanna exceed blu-ray space issues…

  • Blu-ray and space issues. What.

    • It wasn’t the PS3 version that had the space issues. There’s a limit to how many discs you can put on 360 before Microsoft starts charging you extra.

      • Yeah… so much for multiplatform.

    • neocatzon

      funny thing kojima said blu-ray wasn’t big enough~
      proof? google this: kojima blu ray

      • Exactly. Kojima has often spoken of how much more stuff he wanted to put in MGS4, but didn’t have room (multiple languages, for example), and that while Sony had no problem with him making it a two Blu-Ray game, he personally wanted to fit in on a single disc. If you listen to the podcasts available in-game, they go into some of the stuff that was cut.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Lightning in Da House!!!!!!!! :D

  • eilegz

    well it was cut thanks for the xbox 360 version… lets hope that FF XIII-2 its better content wise

  • amagidyne

    A giant steel peanut.

    Yeah, that’s pretty hardcore. I knew there was a reason she was my favorite character.

  • lol lightning house

  • xxnike629xx

    Maybe we’ll see Lightning’s house and be able to go inside with Final Fantasy XIII-2. Hopefully that game stays PS3 exclusive world-wide. It’s clear that you need at least 2 or 3 DVDs if you want to port over a PS3 game to the FAILBOX360.

    • FFXIII-2 is multiplatform and has been since the beginning, so they probably won’t have the same problems they had with the first one, where the porting idea wrecked a good deal of their ambition. They know from the start not to make the game too big. It’s Versus XIII that is PS3-only and hopefully, will stay that way.

    • But FFXIII was on multiple discs for the 360…

      • Two discs, specifically. The maximum number you’re allowed before Microsoft start charging you extra if you’re a third party, according to the makers of Rage.

  • IceRomancer

    Too bad it can’t be dlc :/

  • hush404

    Sigh… cut because of the 360 eh? :(

  • HarryHodd

    Nothing good has resulted for the jrpg genre by putting jrpgs on the 360 like SE has.

    • Expansion of the genre to people who had no jrpg exprience…for large publishers, multiplatform console titles should always be pursued….honestly Lost Odyssey didnt seem bad nor Last Remnant.

      • HarryHodd

        How is that a good thing for the jrpg genre on consoles? Last Remnant was supposed to come to the PS3 but never did if you remember. So sell a few 360s in Japan but deny the fans and sales on a console that has much greater potential for sales and much greater potential to sustain the genre? Now we’re at a point where Japanese publishers think jrpgs are dead on home consoles and hardly anything announced. No Suikoden, No Grandia, no Kingdom Hearts, no 3rd Birthday, etc., etc.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Do you need a home console for JRPGs? Most of my favorites are old console classics, but I’d still say that handhelds have plenty of games that are vastly superior in nearly every way, except maybe graphics.

          And really, what do you expect? For the past few years, handhelds have generally been more popular in Japan than consoles, so it makes sense that developers would target that market. Aside from that, lots of companies just don’t seem think it’s worth it to make JRPGs in general.

          What’s stopping Konami from making a new Suikoden for the (3)DS or PSP/NGP? Frankly, outside of Metal Gear, I can’t take Konami seriously anymore, because of all the low quality games they put out these days. And I don’t even like Metal Gear.

          • HarryHodd

            “Do you need a home console for jrpgs?”.

            Do I NEED any games on any console? Why don’t we just play our cell phones and call it good. ;)

            Yes consoles are my preffered way of playing games(for many reasons) and jrpgs are my favorite genre.

            Can hand helds and consoles co-exist? There is certainly demand for home console jrpgs.

        • Come on this is just silly now. Technical limitations inhibited Last Remnant, better to have a competent game than to have a buggy one, and Japan isnt the whole world, at the time there were more X360’s out on the market than there were Playstation 3’s. Furthermore look at the total units of consoles in Japan, it should be that difficult to understand why KH and 3rd Bday went to handhelds, Suikoden too. Sure a company may want to please fans but they have to worry about fulfilling their monetary obligations……

          • HarryHodd

            Last Remnant is buggy on the 360, not sure I’d call it competent without an full install. Anyway, Japan is where most of the jrpg gamers are and no wonder HD consoles sales aren’t that good when they can’t even put out a jrpg they announced for the preffered system to begin with. I don’t know why you’re talking worldwide when there were more PS3s in Japan than 360s, which is where it counts when you’re talking jrpgs.

    • What in heaven’s name are you talking about? I’ve heard nothing but good things about Lost Odyssey and Microsoft kept Sakaguchi in business.

      • HarryHodd

        Did you get the “like SE has”? I’m not talking about first pastry(party lol) RPGs.

        • amagidyne

          First pastry RPGs? Sounds delicious.

          • Raspberry Pineapple Grape flavored first pastry’s does sound delicious at this noon o’clock hour.

          • HarryHodd

            I edited my post but with all these yummy comments I had to change it back.

  • Code

    So bad games become good games when they are exclusives @[email protected]? The more you know +o+~!

    Seriously though exactly what I said to Exkaiser the other day >w<; and why I tend to stick out of these topics opo; Seriously, Siliconera is a classy place; and all these fanboys come in here wiping there feets on the clean rugs, show some goddamn respect +m+;

    • malek86

      “So bad games become good games when they are exclusives @[email protected]? The more you know +o+~!”

      That appears to be a very common line of thought. Though, the actual reasoning seems to be more like “good games become bad games when they are multiplatform”. Wonder how many people would lose interest in Versus, if it were announced to be on 360 too, or even just the Wii 2 or however it’s gonna be called.

      (though admittedly, the subsequent internet nuclear meltdown would be at least amusing to watch)

      • Aoshi00

        People would jump off buildings and give up gaming for good :)lol..

        • malek86

          It’s even funnier if you consider that, just a few entries ago, in that “Tale of the Last Promise is only 250Mb” post, people were pretty much all agreeing that size doesn’t determine if a game is good.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, it’s pretty ironic.. and how many Mb is a DS game.. I didn’t see the Wii limiting Xenoblade or Last Story being good RPGs either.. seriously if one blu-ray and multiple DVDs still don’t have enough space, then the developer is not using the space efficiently..

            Also the Tale of the Last Promise is not multiplatform, otherwise that’d be a bad game too :).. thing is they really don’t want a game to be that huge anyway, as they could be sold as downloadable games on PSN or Games on Demand on 360 later.. d/ling a 7Gb game takes a lot of time alrdy if you don’t have a fast connection..

            Anyway, MS/360 = Bad, Sony/PS3=saintly.. “Microsoft has stolen OUR otherwise godly RPGs”.. it’s too bad people are dwelling on this illogical nonsense all the time.. enough of this, off to get the true ending of Steins;Gate (had to look up a guide *.*…)

    • Don’t worry, we’ve been looking for an excuse to get rid of certain people and we’ll have one soon enough… :p

      Update: Never mind, it’s done. Thanks for the compliment, and for putting up with the morons while we deal with them. :)

  • Unlike a lot of people, I did enjoy FFXIII, but it could have been so much better. I think little moments like visiting this place would’ve been nice to have. We can all thank the current trend of dumbing everything down to fit on multiple platforms for this. After all, as I said in another post, Kojima said Sony wouldn’t have had a problem with a two disc PS3 game. That’s almost 100gig. Don’t see any space issues there. Yet, if you tried to spread 100gig over 360 discs, you’d end up with an Alien Quadrilogy-sized boxset and that’s if you went nuts on the compression, like they did for the 360 port. We all know why this was cut and who is responsible.

    The only hope I can have is that Versus XIII will stay exclusive. In fact, if I were Nomura, I’d be aiming for a two disc game, just to assure that my vision couldn’t be compromised.

  • LOL @ “Space Issues” …it sounds like graphics whoring is to be thanked for this. xD

    “However, due to space issues the island was cut from Final Fantasy XIII.”

    To those who don’t get it, it seems that a lot of the disk space got taken by 3D models and graphics. (If you find this an exaggeration, pls. laugh it off or correct me).

    • Most of the space on disk is taken up by the uncompressed audio, and FMV cutscenes. In-game models do not require nearly as much memory space. I believe Kamikokuryou stated in an interview last year that this stuff was cut because of the narrative.

      Art assets get cut from games all the time, people. Get over it.

  • badmoogle

    I’m not buying the “due to space issues.”:/

  • i cant care less if lightning home wasen’t on the final version. now all i look forward to is FFXIII-2 and hope it’s alot better then what FFXIII “could” had been!

  • Stupid looking house

  • Oh man even her house was a straight line

    Nice one Squeenix

  • malek86

    People acting as if more space = more content, seem not to consider that there are way too many issues at place, when you deal with game development. To make things simpler, we could summarize them in three important categories:


    Yes, space allows you to put more content into the game. But that’s impossible anyway if you go over budget, at which point you have to either drop everything you are doing and just give it a closure, or go to the publisher and beg them for more money (good luck convincing them that the extra content is worth it – it seems that only first-parties can manage that).

    And secondly, even if you have space and money at your disposal, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make everything in time. GT5 would be the quintessential example. Yamauchi had all the money in the world because GT was supposed to be a system seller, and the Blu-ray made it so he didn’t have to worry about space. But due to his ambitions being too great, he wanted to put way too much stuff in the game, and they kept delaying it as a result. Finally Sony said “look, we need it out for Christmas season, just be done already”. And there you have it, a game that looks like a beta.

  • saw this on wikipedia, looks like a nut lol…

  • lostinblue

    That just means they have content for a *gasp* directors cut, years from now.

    I’m not that fond of FFXIII, but suffices to say I’d like to see it re-released on next-gen platforms (not this gen’s, that’s current gen already) making out with FMV’s.

    And by without fmv’s I don’t mean the CGI ones mean, those FMV’s that were done with the in-game engine but weren’t running on spec and were instead recorded and replayed in video form.

    I hate those… RE4 PS2, God of War PSP, Crisis Core… bleh! if it’s supposed to be in game… make it in-game dammit.

  • Guest

    Shoulda used that for the Playstation Home download instead of Cid Raines apartment :P

  • We’ll be seeing more what was cut from the game as time goes by.

  • Exand

    Maybe we’ll see it in XIII-2?

    I don’t understand all the complaining over XIII. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but it was still a fun game…

  • Schwer_Muta

    I guess it would be difficult to fit an island into a hallway.

  • thebanditking

    I don’t think they completely filled the 50GB bluray (I think it was 28GB total mostly of movies) . Though I suppose we will never truly know if/what caused these cuts, but its a shame to say the least.

    Though in reality it likely has more to do with their ability to work at this scale, and their previous development experience (the game is gorgeous though) . Most over look that FFXIII and FFX were made by the same team and given how X was made, the way XIII turned out did not surprise me. X also featured little or no towns and had an overworld map which acted like quick warp spots (which was far removed from the open exploration of the series roots). FFX has more then a few areas that “pushed” you along in a linear fashion so when you consider this XIII seems a natural evolution given where they were headed with X.

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