Defend Your Underground Base With Giant Robots And Monsters In Azito 3D

By Spencer . April 27, 2011 . 5:31pm

az3dBack on the PsOne, Banpresto made a series of base defending games before tower defense was all the rage. Players had to manage an economy and build giant robots to protect their underground base in Azito. Hamster picked the series up and plan to revive it on Nintendo 3DS with Azito 3D.


This upcoming 3DS game sticks to a similar formula, but adds touchscreen controls for easier secret base building. You can place robot labs and monster labs to create giant defenders and huge hangars to store them until a battle begins. Other rooms in Azito 3D, like labs, bring in funds for players to use to expand their underground lair. You also have to manage the amount of energy by building the right number of power reactors.


The goal of the game is to keep expanding and successfully protect your secret base from invaders. Azito’s unique blend of kaiju brawls and base planning heads to the Nintendo 3DS this summer.

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  • Managing a Secret Base of my favorite Mechs at the comfort of my home? It’s a bit of a shame that this game probably won’t be getting a localization, just like the myriad of other Banpresto titles…

  • So let me get this straight, another company bought the rights from Banpresto? Just double-checking.

    Also, I applaud Hamster for buying this promising series off Banpresto, since if it were to stay, it’ll only get buried by Dragonball, as per Namco Bandai’s priorities. >_>

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Waw, I didn’t even know about this title. Personally, though, I am waiting for the Super Robot Wars title for the 3DS.

    • LynxAmali

      Don’t you mean OG3DS? *shot*
      Really. People by now should realize Banpresto + Robots.

      That shot looks like a Daitarn Gundam hybrid with outline of the one beside being a Dunbine + Boss Borot. All of my money.

      • If the teaser at the end of the anime means anything related to OG3 at all, then it’s going to be a PS3 game, but that’s pure speculation so who knows~

        I agree, he reminded me of Daitarn + Trider G7 something, lol, never heard of that game before, but it could be a funny title and if the customization is good enough, I will be a happy panda!

        • Guest

          I will make a Mazinkaiser SKL

          • neocatzon

            for me it’s Getter Borot Z

        • Tom_Phoenix

          The only way it is going to be on the PS3 is if it is in 3D. Drawing 2D HD sprites would be too much of an expense for B.B. Studio (especially since they wouldn’t be able to reuse most of the OG sprites), not to mention that the PS3 has a small install base.

          But yeah, at this point, EVERYTHING is just pure conjecture.

      • SetzerGabbiani

        If anything OG related were to hit the 3DS, Atlus USA’s (and Bandai Namco’s) forum servers would immediately shut down from overload.

  • SeventhEvening

    Wow, I haven’t thought about Azito in an incredibly long time. I never expected to see a revival.

    Now…if we can get Seaman 3DS, my mind will officially blown. And I’ll be convinced I’ll need a N3DS myself

  • WyattEpp

    And the odds of it coming out in the US are actually a million times greater now that it’s not Banpresto’s to contaminate with a thousand licensed mecha. Really despite my love for all things robotic and huge, I tire of not being able to have localised text (reading those fonts can be hard; I’m not terribly literate). So yeah, here’s hoping.

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