Infinite Space Developer Nude Maker Has A Mysterious Sci-Fi Adventure For PSP

By Spencer . April 27, 2011 . 1:33pm

imageIn addition to partnering with Star Ocean developer tri-Ace, Konami struck a deal with Nude Maker. This company handled the Steel Battalion games for Capcom and created the space opera Infinite Space with Platinum Games.


Terror of the Stratus takes place in the year 2058 inside Tokyo where mankind is panicking over an intergalactic invader descending from the surface of the Moon called the Lunar Stratus. People are pushed to the depths of despair, except for a secret military force who won’t go down without a fight.


The characters in this game are part of the Imperial Special Six Squad. Seishiro is the lead character. He has silver hair and carries a sword. As a surviving member from a previous attack, Seishiro is assigned to the group. Misogi, a daughter from a noble family, is the commander. Takumi is one of Misogi’s childhood friends and from a branch family.


Details about gameplay have not been revealed, but Famitsu lists Senritsu of the Stratus as an action-adventure game. Shingo Mukaitouge, designer on Elebits and Dewy’s Adventure, is the producer. Hifumi Kono reprises his role from Infinite Space and is in charge of this game’s scenario.


Terror of the Stratus is slated for release this year in Japan.

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  • Guest

    They need to just go back and make sci-fi stories based on an uncertain time like 20XX or something. I was playing Time Gal yesterday and Reika warped to the year 2001 and there were hover bikes and other futuristic stuff going on. Then 2010 looked even more out there :P

  • ikiryou

    Pleeease let there be space battles a la Infinite Space but with irmproved visuals <_<.

  • majinsteph

    I love Infinite Space so I really hope this gets an English release.

  • godmars

    Damnit, why doesn’t he have a mysterious Sci-fi Adventure for the PS3?!

    Not that I’ll be kicking this to the curb if it looks half decent.

    And it gets an English release – AARRGH!

  • puchinri

    Sounds schway, PSP is getting more cool titles announced (reason to get one increased twice since last night). Hopefully the characters aren’t a bunch of teenagers though (but Infinite Space wasn’t, so that makes it hopeful).

    I’m looking forward to more news.

    • Joanna

      Oh I remember we had that conversation about getting a PSP. I actually broke down and got one after the price drop. Now I probably won’t ever finish half the games I buy. xD

      I have Infinite Space but haven’t even played it yet. ^^;;;;
      But I always like Sci-Fi stories (probably because they are rarer to come by in games), so I do hope this gets an English release.

      • puchinri

        Oh, lucky~! Lol, I was thinking recently that even if I got a PSP, I really wouldn’t finish anything. x’D

        It’s good that you have it at least. :’D
        I still need to get a copy. Tell me how you like it when you start!
        And 100% Agreed on the sci-fi part and this getting localized.

        • Joanna

          Sorry for the late reply, my disqus has been acting up and not showing any replies at all. :|

          Oh I hear you. It took me awhile to pick it up because of that. My backlog is bad enough….but that price drop….it was too hard to resist. xD
          So far I am not disappointed. There are lots of great games. For the next set of consoles/handhelds though, I really can’t buy more than one system. Just too many games tempting me when I have most of the systems. D:

  • “Seishiro is the lead character. He has silver hair and carries a sword.”

    Ah so the cloned him from Sephiroth. Will their be a moment in the game when he goes mad after finding his mother?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Reminds me more of Yuri from Infinite Space, personally.

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        Same thing here, in fact when I first heard of this I thought it was a prequel of sorts for Infinite Space.

  • I’ll be greatly distraught if this isn’t another simulation of some sort, like Infinite Space and Steel Battalion.

  • LynxAmali

    You had me at Infinite Space Developer. God damn, did I love that game. I still haven’t beaten it though. Too god damn depressing. *glares at Nia* Screw you, woman.

  • If this keeps going on, i will end up marrying my psp

  • TenRX

    Let’s see what happens, for me it’s a new coming add to my game list :)

  • PrinceHeir

    i always like games, anime/manga taking place in future tokyo or in most cases “Neo” Tokyo. akira and ghost in the shell(i think) has this sort of setting.

    kinda wish Deus Ex HR is in Neo Tokyo instead of detroit, i mean do you really think detroit will be ahead of Tokyo? lol

    as for this game, i wonder if you can travel through space or the star cluster :P

  • My interest is piqued. I’ll bite.

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