Binary Domain Is Sega’s Vision Of Man Versus Machine

By Spencer . April 28, 2011 . 2:01pm

Toshihiro Nagoshi is taking a leap forward from underground crime to future Tokyo where robots rule. Binary Domain follows a squad of soldiers leading the fight against the machines. Nagoshi said before the theme of Binary Domain is life and like the Yakuza series he wants this game to feel like a drama.



This video gave us a glimpse of Binary Domain’s drama and another gameplay mode. A brief scene showed some of the squad members driving boats in what appears to be the sewers.


Binary Domain will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012.

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  • Well, the robots and gameplay don’t seem too bad. They still better do something to prevent the cheesy dialogue like in the first trailer.

    • Guest

      perhaps hire some Western co-writers and some quality voice actors

      • godmars

        After all this time of trying to make Western games do you honestly think they’d do something like that?


        • Guest

          Mark Hamill from Yakuza 1….you forgot all about that didn’t you

          • godmars

            You forget how long Sega whined about doing it? Dragged their heels in general? You’re also talking about a good chunk of space between then and now. Sorry to say.

          • Guest

            Listen they only whined because the Yakuza 1 sales didn’t compliment the amount of money it took to produce the localization. But that was their fault the game wasn’t marketed well at all. Now if they play their marketing cards right they can get a decent release. Unfortunately SEGA sucks at marketing unless it’s Sonic.
            It’s better that they hire decent actors then to get lauded later by the West because of cringeworthy voice work since this title will be so story driven.
            It’s not impossible: Tri-Ace got Nolan North for Resonance of Fate.
            I recommend they sit down and play L.A. Noire or something for pointers….

          • badmoogle

            Man,the voice acting in Yakuza 1 was terrible…Thank God Sega learned from it and they kept the Japanese dialogue for all their next games.It’s also (obviously) much more fitting to the game’s setting.

  • Zal_Yagun

    A TPS from SEGA with Robots? They should of went with Platinum and make Vanquish 2. unless this adds to Vaquish, that would be pretty sweet.

    • But Shinji Mikami is no longer working with Platinum. Do we want a Vanquish 2 without him?

      • amagidyne

        That depends on who takes over. Vanquish 2 with Hideki Kamiya would be awesome.

  • After watching the clips again and again.. Maybe this is not the generic tittle that we all thought it would be… I think that the rich section was dominated by the robots and the poor side is human rebellion perhaps? Oh well, lets see what they had to say when they reveal more..

    Anyway honestly, if I hadn’t played Yakuza I will be very very bias on this game which I was last year before I tried the team’s game.. But, seriously, with 4 great tittles at hand and all 3 sequels being the best with loads of drama I’d say I have pretty much faith in this game, more likely the producer Nagoshi…

    Well, yea, they are your normal western protagonist, true.. But I got a funny feeling that it is going to be more than what we see..

    May the tittle impress people and that I wish the team with great deal of luck….. Oh, and I certainly do welcome it if there are loads of side quest like in the Yakuza series.. It will be interesting though if they are running errand when such enormous threat is at hand.. Can’t wait to know more though…

  • Dear Sega, I too am a fan of Terminator.

    • Happy Gamer


    • Guest

      But are you a fan of Robokupo?

  • badmoogle

    Wow they’ve really copied Vanquish at 1:05!O_O
    Anyway i just hope that in case this game flops hard in the west (very likely),it will not affect Sega’s decision to localize Yakuza of the end…I’m totally uninterested in this but i really want YOTE.

    • Guest

      and Black Panther! Quit forgetting about that!

      • badmoogle

        Haha i’m not forgetting it,it’s just because that game didn’t really “click” with me.:p

        • Guest

          I thought it was pretty awesome; I liked the new character and his vicious style; also the underground MMA aspect which seems to now also be in Kenka Banchou 5.
          Also would like Gatchitora and Akiba’s Trip to be localized…

  • godmars

    Wonder when you find out one or all of your team are robots?

    On a positive note, at least it looks more diverse than the usual FPS.

  • capristrider

    Looks very promising, will definitely keep an on this title given that it is a game from Tosh’ Nagoshi, I hope this game turns out to be a great TPS after a disappointing 2010 line up of Japanese “action shooters” (looking at you Quantum Theory)

  • BD looks great, that reminds me if you say BD multiple times really fast, you sound like Twiki from Buck Rogers!

  • Gimme. Gimme now!

    • HPN

      I agree!!

  • The 1st trailer was a crap but this is pretty sick! Very solid gameplay and yes it reminds me of one of my fave TPS games of this gen, Vanquish…But I will look out for this one

  • amagidyne

    Do we really need more anti-robot propaganda?

    • Guest

      Judging by the first trailer (SAD ROBOT FACE IS SAD) i dont think it will be that cut and dry or black and white.

  • im the tough white bald guy
    im the tough black guy who tells jokes
    im the tough fiery latina
    and im the other tough white guy with a beard who is not bald

    2 bad the characters are so generic that terminator shot was cool i wish it was more like snatcher in terms of atmosphere………..

  • TrevHead

    im looking forward to this game, i remember when the original teaser trailer aired and the comments sections of most mainstream sites were filled with kneejerk rants from Japanese game haters dismissing the game as a shoddy ripoff even though no gameplay footage was shown.

    No matter how good this game turns out to be it seems that Sega is is gonna have a hard sale

  • PrinceHeir

    reminds me of Vanquish but seriously do we need more of this? i mean we already have vanquished, Lost Planet, Uncharted, etc for our TPS pleasure.

    though Mass Effect and Deus Ex HR for those who want some RPG elements, but still we are getting alot of TPS/FPS lately. adding development from japan is not good :(

    still i will check this out, just to see if it offers something unique ^^

    • Guest

      I don’t mind. I’d rather TPS than FPS anyday.
      Plus let’s break it down: Vanquish was really more action oriented than story/drama oriented; same with Lost Planet, which focused on MP; that leaves Uncharted which is Western based anyway. So now we have a TPS that is heavily story driven like Yakuza was. So that I don’t mind. Just need to make sure the acting isn’t terribad and the script not crap then should be fine.

      • PrinceHeir

        after reading your comment, i might change my mind on this :)

        • Guest

          We usually think alike so that would make sense :P

  • i had a dream about this for some reason before it even had a trailer.I also saw a airplane in a desert that turned into a robot and you were traveling in a train

  • Kai2591

    I love Robots+life+drama themes.
    Like Eve no Jikan.

    • Kai2591

      Just finished watching trailer.

      Hope this’ll be a success!

      Its like Eve no Jikan with guns lol~

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