Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition Packs The Ultimate Newbie Accessory

By Spencer . April 28, 2011 . 8:27am

Eager to get new Vana’diel visitors, Square Enix added an enviable hat to Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition. The Destrier Beret adds regen, refresh (MP regen), auto reraise (you come back to life), a movement speed boost, and an increase to your skill gain rate. You can equip the beret at level 1 and as long as you’re under level 30 you retain all of the bonuses.


At level 30 you can add a second job, which is when Final Fantasy XI really picks up. This helpful accessory should make the journey to Jeuno much, much easier than when the game launched.



On top of the Destrier Beret, Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition includes every expansion pack, add-on scenario, and the Abyssea battles. This bundle will be released as a PC digital download for $19.99 starting on May 16.

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  • As someone who played from launch until early 2009, everything that Square has done with the game since seems absolutely ridiculous. Increased level cap, crazy new equipment and abilities. The old HNM scene has to be non-existant nowadays. Even heard from a friend still playing that AV items are just about worthless now.

    Even so, the game actually looks fun now. :P

    • I also played from semi-launch (PS2 launch), took a few years off when CoP came out, and then returned a few years (like 3 or 4) ago when some of my RL friends decided to play.. There’s been a lot of changes to the game but it can still be fun. Plus, its now mad simple, compared to the old days.

    • neo_firenze

      As someone who has played since 2004 and still does… the game is AMAZING now, the changes the new dev team took over in 2010 are nothing short of phenomenal. In my opinion, this may be the most fun time for FFXI in its history, rivaling the peak of the ToAU days (say, 2006-2007).

      The old HNM scene is indeed weaker, but THANK GOD for that. Waiting around to fight botters at 72 hour spawn monsters is not really very fun. They’re actually making Behemoth, Fafnir, and Adamantoise pop NMs (with items obtained from KSNM) in the May update, and the HQ versions pop items from things that drop from the normal “kings”.

      The main thing though is that all of the changes in the past year seem directly designed to make the game more fun and less tedious. There’s such a refreshing focus on being player-friendly. Oh, and experience points are no longer an issue. Last exp alliance I joined (yes, 18/18 alliance is the common way now) I got 20 merits (10,000 x 20, so 200k exp) in about 2 hours. You get large chunks experience points in events. They’re even doing a massive revamp of Dynamis this update – low entry cost, lowman content, new popped NMs and large scale monster distribution changes, enemies give exp, etc.

      • Man.. low-man dynamis is fun. Same with limbus. XD *needs to find a LS for them*

      • Draparde

        I agree. Abyssea and the easier lving makes things so much better and funner. i feel like lving jobs that i didint before. or just actually soloing stuff. i just cant wait to see what they have instore for lvs 91~99.

      • I’m totally coming back, haven’t really been on since 08-09. i wonder how much difference im gonna have to figure out. I’m at least familiar with level sync and those exp book things that float

  • People still play 11. Not too surprised actually.

    • As far as I could tell, it’s actually a massive exodus BACK to 11 FROM 14… Go figure.

  • You can add a subjob at level 18, unless you sere talking about advanced jobs.

  • I bought the game for 5 bucks on Steam, played it for a few hours, and got really bored with it. I think I’ve been spoiled by WoW and its clones.

  • Draparde

    sweet. my friend was looking for a way to get this, i’ll tell him now….

    and woo that hat seems pretty awesome. i wonder if it works for any underlv 30 job. or only if you’ve never had a lv 30 job XD

    not to mention the hat *does* look pretty cute.

    • Looks like any job under 30 probably even work if you’re level synced below 30

      • Draparde

        Ah…makes me wana get this then…. i still don’t have 2 of the three add on’s (shanttoto’s or the moogles) maybe i should take this chance to grab them! lol.

        i’m also happily surprised at the amount of people on this site that do play FFXI!

  • Wow, i’ve been SERIOUSLY debating coming back for the past month, and this may just be the thing that pushes me over to actually doing it.

  • I took a FF11 break since march XD am returning in may , do wish i could get the cap , but i already have everything -___- ( expansion wise ) awww !

    • I know what you mean, my taru needs that hat! XD

  • am going back it’s been since Nov 2010 i left and now i can buy the last expention pack and finished up wings of the goddess. am 8 years veteran since beta!

    i will stop FFXIV and go back to FFXI!! This is a must buy for the best FF MMORPG!

  • shaffy_oppa

    I liked XI but I’m pretty bad when it comes to sticking to games so I never really made it past level 15…

    This is tempting but last I tried to play a ferw months ago I was pretty much the only one running around in the starting areas. Now if there was an experience booster I’d get it defo.

  • PrinceHeir

    does XI still have fees? XIV seems to be enjoying some free subscription as of now :P

  • Insipidus

    Is anyone aware if they’ll have a 360 version at all? I’m a console player planning to come back to FFXI in the coming month, and I’d prefer to go with this package vs the Ultimate Collection I have on order that hasn’t shipped yet…

    Also kind of worried that this game is sounding too easy. I miss it so much though. Can’t wait to play again.

    • You can use the Abyssea edition PC code to unlock the add-ons (moogle kupo d’etat etc) and Abyssea for XBOX but not full expansions like wings of the goddess.

      The difference is the add-ons and Abyssea are downloaded by everyone as updates – but they are locked until you enter the registration codes. Basic Expansion data is not downloaded through the client – you need the disks for that. I hope that answers your question.

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