Tron Bonne Spotted In These Mega Man Legends 3 Screenshots

By Spencer . April 28, 2011 . 9:38am

Japan got another serving of screenshots from Mega Man Legends 3 and this batch has some familiar faces. Tron Bonne, Roll, and Servbot (Kobun in Japan) are seen in the Nintendo 3DS game along with Barrett, the playable character in Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version.


mml3a1 mml3a2 mml3a3 mml3a4 mml3a5 mml3a6 mml3a8 mml3a7


The purple Bonne mecha is new and one of the fan submitted designs from the Mega Man Legends 3 devroom. If you missed it, Capcom outlined how they converted the artwork into an in-game enemy.


Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version launches in May with the Nintendo 3DS eShop. A firm release for the final game has not been announced by Capcom.

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  • Black guys in MML are still as black as ever. xD

    • Japan rarely see black people, the tones will never be right :P.

      • The most hilarious scene recently was in episode 3 of Tiger&Bunny, where Tiger is asked how the bad guy looked…xD
        “What did the bomber look like?”
        *Black guy comes to mind*
        “He looked like your average bad guy.”

        • puchinri

          At first that did make me frown and pause, but then I considered he did look like the cool bad guy that comes off as an enigma. It’s always the calm ones…

          • CoolChibi

            I wasn’t bothered by that scene in Tiger & Bunny because there are multiple black people in Tiger & Bunny. One being quite a huge gay stereotype, but at the same time he is still a very successful superhero, while owning his own company and the other one was Tiger’s manager/producer/or whatever. Tiger & Bunny is actually pretty racially diverse.

          • puchinri

            Yeah, I was thinking the same thing entirely. It’s something I didn’t think the show would do, but I was pleasantly surprised by its diversity and how while it doesn’t just look diverse or give them stereotypes (like most Japanese media or even Hollywood does), they’re actually competent, successful characters.

            I wish more stuff was this progressive. vuv
            (I also have to admit, I’m not fond of ambigulously brown somewhat for these reasons.)

      • puchinri

        You’d think having Crystal Kay and Beyonce selling well enough over there would help that. But nope. =n=
        (It was actually weird in Oosaka, when I went to one of the music stores, they had a lot of albums from Black artists I had never heard of here in the states…)

      • Guest

        The black kid in Digital Devil Saga for PS2 looked kinda normal.

        Shame these developers are still pandering to old racist stereotypes…

        • cj_iwakura

          Also Garcian Smith.

        • SetzerGabbiani

          I would say Commander Gore in SMT: Strange Journey was also pretty normal…except when he turned abnormal. In terms of Japanese gaming companies, other than Atlus, SquareEnix does a pretty good job with their black characters and the different skin hues (except Akira Toriyama designs), though I wasn’t fond of Sazh Katzroy from FF XIII even if he did look like one of my uncles way back in the 70’s.

          • Exkaiser

            Well, when he turned abnormal it’s not like he stopped looking like a person, he just started having glowing eyes and a lack of power armor.

          • puchinri

            I want to say Square did, but they didn’t. You still get odd stereotypes for appearance and general demeanor (huge, angry black then a scantily clad brown skinned character and then Sazh). I think at least with Barrett and Sazh, people feel their stories are compelling, but it doesn’t do much for me.

            But Commander Gore did surprise me. He was normal and cool (early on and…later).

      • Yeah, it’s also creepy. Anyone remember the “black” woman who stands next to one of the graves near the church in MML2? Yeah, she creeped the hell outta me. :/

        • Exkaiser

          I thought she was creepy because of her bright blue hair and red leather outfit, not because she was “black,” myself…

          Also she talks about how the grave she’s standing next to is her own.

      • Zero_Destiny

        What this isn’t an accurat representation?

  • thebanditking

    Works for me hopefully capcom is just trolling us with these “MML3 development depends on sales of the sample download” because it would be a travesty to think this is the only way these assets would be used. Really I think they are just saying that to have an “excuse” for making us pay for a demo, lol.

  • I just can’t imagine doing all this work without some major confidence in a final release. They’ve involved the community so much and what we’ve seen of the Prototype Version looks incredibly polished.

    I know a lot of folks don’t have a 3DS yet, but now’s the time to step up Mega Man fans. We’ve been asking for MML3 for a long time now, even if you can’t get your hands on the PV, make Capcom believe it’s worth it! :D

    • There’s no way they won’t go with a full version because Mega Man is surefire seller and success of a downloadable prototype != success of a full retail release so all of this about being a “test” is just a ploy to convince fans to buy what’s basically an incomplete demo.

  • Roll! _> at least he could appear in one screenshot… *sigh*

    • BK0000

      The Prototype takes place while Mega Man is still trapped in space. It makes sense for there not to be any screens of him yet.

      • I dont care if it makes sense or not… i want a megaman screenie, is not like screenshots always go in chronological order as the game, they could make one where megaman is shooting and it’s over o-o

    • They haven’t even picked his final design yet. Users are voting on which design goes into the game, remember? :p

      • Oh right, i forgot that… Lol, i thought all those contest would already be over by now

    • Exkaiser

      He’s on the moon!

      The prologue takes place while Roll and Tron are still building the rocket to go save him.

  • Ms. Tron~ <3 <3 <3 Take me. *_*

  • xflame10

    why does the black guy have to be missing a tooth…………

  • Code

    rar, hooray Tron >w<~! I have to admit, although I didn't think much of 3DS's graphics at first, these are some real slick looking screens owo; I have to admit this is probably what'll sell me on a 3DS.

  • Kris

    DAMMIT. This game looks too good for me to not buy, but I’m too poor to afford a 3DS. I’ll just have to live vicariously through everyone else. ;_;

  • Hexen

    wall run. nice!

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