Cave Story 3D Misses Launch Window, Leaps Onto Nintendo 3DS In August

By Spencer . April 29, 2011 . 7:57am

packageartmockup(not-finalized)NIS America delayed Cave Story 3D two months, which pushes the game ever so slightly out of the Nintendo 3DS launch window. Cave Story 3D will debut on August 9 in North America with a PAL release following in September.


"Despite having the title Cave Story, a lot of the game didn’t feel like you’re in a cave. The atmosphere for the 3DS has the feel of a cave," Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya said in an interview with Siliconera. Take a look at the first batch of Cave Story 3D screens and see if you agree or disagree with the game’s creator.


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For more on Cave Story 3D check our hands-on impressions of the Nintendo 3DS version and Amaya’s reflections on developing the cult classic.

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  • The 3DS feels like a cave? What what?

    Game looks assugly anyways, should have shoved that effort towards a sequel instead of an unnecessary remake

  • malek86

    I’m not really a Cave Story fan, but… that cover looks kinda… weird.

  • Should delay further for even more polish, textures look as bland as The Sims 3 3DS.

    This launch window has been terrible. The games I wanted were either steathly delayed (SMT: Devil Survivor to August) or coming in later than I expected (Tales of the Abyss) or just not in this region at all (Naruto Shippuden 3D – The New Era!, One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP). Good thing Aksys saves the day with the online absent BlazBlue.

    • malek86

      Not for me. As long as P-Qube holds the rights to Blazblue in Europe, either I import the PSP version or wait for an undefined number of months.

      So the game that saves the day for Europe is… well… I can’t think of anything, really. Maybe DOA.

      • Its just stuff that is nothing truly, “Oh my Arceus, c’est fantastique, excite!” I shouldda never gave in to hype in getting the system day 1.

        • malek86

          Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m liking my 3DS so far. Even in spite of the terrible camera, abominable d-pad, annoyingly painful buttons, high price tag and lack of games. It has that kind of novelty effect that makes you think “man this was so worth it”. Not many things have it. And I’ll be the first to say that the 3D effect is cooler than I expected (though, for now, not nearly as useful as Miyamoto would have us believe).

          Still, it has enough problems that I’ll probably want to get a revision later on. Should have expected it… but then, I was able to hold on the standard DS from launch day a whole four years before getting a Lite. So I’m confident this one will last just as much.

          • Id only get a revision if brightness is improved, im not one for extra doodadaery and gadgettry, just wanna play games, otherwise, I cant see where they will improve? Lighter weight materials?

          • malek86

            There’s so much to improve it’s not even funny. They need to put the penholder in a decent position, try to use a bigger battery from the get-go, a d-pad that is actually usable and not so clicky, less sturdy buttons, more space between the top and bottom screen when closed, and possibly bundle it with something good. Face Raiders is no Wii Sports.

          • I’m with malek on this one. There’s a long list of improvements they could make. Better d-pad placement, better d-pad design, better stylus placement, better placement for the Home button (I always instinctively go for the Power button instead…), higher volume (this could be fixed via firmware update hopefully), make the system thinner (this thing is seriously bulky…), improve the quality of the cameras (they’re terrible)…

    • Can’t polish a turd, only thing they could do is totally scrap it and start over

      • Actually, touching up the lighting and shaders would probably solve a lot of the problems in those screenshots. Hardly anything that requires starting over.

    • Er, Devil Survivor Overclocked never /had/ a release date. Atlus had only ever stated “summer”, if I’m not mistaken.

  • …Am I the only one here who thinks this is a VAST improvement from the original, and looks freaking AMAZING?

    • malek86

      Actually, it looks like early PSP. Also, I kinda liked the original’s design. This one seems a bit too dark overall. I mean, yes, it’s supposed to be a cave, but still. Now it gives out a Metroid vibe.

      Wonder if they’ll include the original game in the cartridge. Probably not, since it can be downloaded from DSiWare.

      • “Now it gives out a Metroid vibe.”

        Exactly! Like I said… it looks awesome!! ;)

        • More like…you could mistake if for a Metroid game if you weren’t careful, going by some of the architecture and the design of the plants. I don’t know if that was intentional!

      • lostinblue

        Exactly what I thought when I saw the images.

        The game could be on PSP as well, it has a bigger install base right now and it’s not doing anything that couldn’t be done there (apart from the 3D); considering it’s not all high budget could make it more profitable.

        Then again I think the cave story milking has gone too far (cave story wii, ds, 3ds…), and I certainly prefer the 2D art/graphics. I want new games ;)

        • malek86

          The Cave Story milking wouldn’t be so bad (other games have been ported and remade many more times), if it didn’t happen all at once. In the span of a single year we have had three different versions.

    • Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I’m looking forward to this a lot. :) I hope I have a 3DS by the time of it’s release, at this rate.

    • On one hand I’m a real softy for the sprite art, but those screens look -beautiful-! (For some reason I’m especially digging the effects in the egg chambers there) I’m definitely excited to play this one when it releases, just sad that I have to wait so long. :<

  • Code

    rar, I still kind of prefer the original a lot more, partly is the different art direction in this omo; Luckily that art direction isn’t quiet as apparent in the screenshots, which look okay, I’m sure by release the game will look pretty sharp >w<; I'd still definitely pick up either way to support Pixel, and probably play original Cave Story on 3DS owo; rar, love Cave Story owo;;

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait for the remake :)

    this looks alot different from the original game, hopefully we still get the spirit of the first game :)

  • thebanditking

    Looks great, I played the heck out of this but I can’t help but want to actually “own” a copy of this game. Ugh I always end up flip flopping on these kind of things (ports/remakes). Still that NA box art is pretty lame, especially for this game which has so much artistic potential to show off.

  • Exkaiser

    It’s coming out the day before my birthday.

    Not sure if I’ll pick this up yet or not. If it doesn’t contain the original game, I’ll just get the DSiWare version.

  • xflame10

    c’mon co-op co-op!!!!

  • I’m kind of really digging the new graphics, as much as I liked the old ones. I can’t wait.

  • The charm of the original was in the amazing sprites. Feels like the soul has been removed from the game, it doesn’t look good in 3D. Also, the box art is awful.

    Did the original ever make it to DSi Ware in Europe? I’d much rather that.

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