Square Enix CEO Wonders If He Should Run Through Nier A Second Time

By Spencer . May 2, 2011 . 11:01am

imageIn Japan, Square Enix is celebrating the re-release of Nier. The cult hit went back to retailers with Ultimate Hits packaging and a lower price. Producer Yosuke Saito hopped on Twitter asking players who purchased the popular edition to run through Nier twice since that’s the beginning of Nier.


Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix, responded to Saito’s tweet saying it’s been a long time for me, I wonder if I should give the second run a peek.


Without spoiling much Nier gets deeper in lap two and even more memorable if you play the game again. Wada-san along with the nation of Japan are on vacation for Golden Week. A second run wouldn’t take that much out of his free time, right?

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  • Of course he should play through again. And the second/third playthroughs are really only half playthroughs. And the amount of story you get is TOTALLY worth it.

    Also Papa Nier > Brother Nier
    The Father/Daughter relationship is so much more powerful.

    And just a fun fact. Papa Nier was the original Nier.

    • kroufonz
      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Pff, there’s just no love for bishounen Nier…

        • Bishounen Nier is just Bishounen..he is neither fabulous nor GINGA enough to enter the realm of awesomeness!

        • puchinri

          I love him so much, I wish we got him here.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I bought Replicant, because I really had to see for myself how different it felt/was, but as I’ve said below, we’re better off with our version!

            The time-skip is much more impressive in Replicant, though. One moment you’re playing as this stupid haired kid, and then the next, you have a badass dude who just looks and sounds more mature (like you, I also prefer his design, as I’ve stated multiple time before =P) and it’s just a much more “f*ck yeah, it’s time to wipe the floor with these guys” feeling.

            I don’t regret buying it though, Nier related stuff deserves to be bought! First game I’ve bought DLC for, too.

          • puchinri

            Ahhh. I really was thinking of importing, because I wanted to play, but I was prepared to try our version.

            Is the voice acting the one difference that makes our version better? Because if so, I don’t mind that and just might import anyway~. (I swear I asked or read before about it, but is there a reason why Replicant Nier isn’t a DLC option for us or something?)

          • Aoshi00

            We definitely got the better ver.. no stupid haired kid.. no censoring on Kaine’s foul talk and cursing, better voice acting (it’s rare for me, but the Jpn casting and voice acting pales in comparison to the US ver, Weiss sounds flat in Jpn, Peter’s actually the voice of both Caim and the Dragon in the Jpn ver of Drakengard/Drag-On Dragoon), etc.. I’ll need to finish Replicant one of these days.. curse the 3 save slots.. I thought Papa Nier showing up w/ the batman mask was pretty cool too lol..

            Can’t wait for my drama CD to come, but sadly no Papa Nier :(…

            The guy asking if he should get the 2nd ending, is he joking!!!???

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            If you’re like me, you’ll just import it anyway, because you won’t rest until you play it yourself =P

            To me, the biggest difference is the voice acting. But really, don’t underestimate how much of a difference it makes, because it’s huge!

            Replicant Nier is in the Western DLC! There’s little context to his presence, though. You’re basically playing through 15 challenge rooms while hearing remixed music themes. With each room you clear, you get to read some lines of text explaining (albeit cryptically) more about Caim and Angelus’ descent into Tokyo and the Black Scrawl. Also, it’s supposedly easier to farm for items, if that’s your thing.

            If you were actually wondering why we can’t choose to play as him through the story, I suppose it’s because it would require a lot of adjusting (the camera placement in cutscenes was changed from Replicant to Gestalt, because of the characters heights) and new voice recording…

          • puchinri

            Yeah, you’re right. ^u^;

            That’s a good point. (But I actually like the voice acting in the first Grandia, so I think my taste for voice acting is, er, weird anyway?)

            Ahh, that’s nice and sucks. So there is DLC for him, but you can’t play as him in the story? Hummm.

      • Testsubject909

        I think he just doesn’t want to feel cheated out of having the original protagonist removed and is hiding within the idea that “At least it wasn’t another brother sister thing them Japanese people love so much”, cuddling himself with the idea of the originality of this altered premise from brother and sister to father and daughter.

        • I believe you are trying too hard in your attempt to insult my being.

      • I’m sorry, I can’t take that article serious. That is literally the first thing I have seen claiming as such. Everything else has always been that Father Nier was the intial Nier, but after being panned by a Japanese entertainment board it was replaced with a younger more “stylish” Nier. This was also when Nier was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

        Gestalt was always papa nier. And when the PS3 version was finally revealed it was called “Replicant” and rightfully so, because it was a Nier that was still Nier, but different.

        “They felt Japanese audiences would relate better to a hero who falls more in line with classic JRPG protagonist,” the representative explained, referring to the younger hero in Replicant.” From September 15th in Famitsu. The article on Siliconera is obviously fallout control.

        Conflicting information for the win.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          You’d rather believe a “representative” than the game’s director himself? Well, it’s your choice. However, know that the interview on that link was conducted by a Japanese website and there was no fallout in Japan regarding the protagonist.

          • There was actually alot of fallout regarding Brother Nier and Papa Nier. Between Papa being completely thrashed by the review board, and people thinking they were getting a different protagonist.

            It seems to me you didn’t follow Nier’s release as closely as some.

            And yes, I will put something that was published by Famitsu, what a year prior? to something published a fair bit after when complainers were whining.

            EDIT: I also just want to note that I am not bashing the credibility of Siliconera in the least. I am just pointing out that statemenst DO change, even if it is a plain out lie when PR is concerned.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I suppose I really didn’t follow Nier’s release as closely as you did. Please tell me where you’ve read about those things, if possible.

            I agree that there’s the possibility of statements changing, but having read parts of Grimoire Nier and for the reasons I pointed out below, I’ll believe Taro this time.

      • Ryos

        While that was the original version of Nier, I concur that the father -> daughter story would be a lot more compelling in our context. On the other hand sibling bonds are a lot stronger in Japan than they are here, so that explains a bit behind that working out better there. But Nier in any context is better than no Nier.

    • tr1gun1212

      Having played Replicant, it is all too obvious that it came first, really.

      • How so? Apart from “father” and “brother” being changed, they are exactly the same. I played Replicant as well and I am not too sure what you are referring to do. Nevertheless Papa Nier came first.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          The time-skip feels more natural (I would go as far as saying it makes more sense) and is more impactful in Replicant (kid to young man), KainĂ©’s reaction to seeing Nier after the time skip makes more sense and all the background info and short stories on Grimoire Nier were written with brother Nier in mind.

          Even so, after finally getting Replicant a few months ago, I do believe our version is the superior one, simply because of the voice acting. Replicant pales in comparison, in that regard.

        • tr1gun1212

          Doomrider pretty much said it. Which is original has no bearing on which you have to like more.

        • Barrit

          I copied and pasted an old post of mine just for you. Here are the reasons I saw that I also believe Replicant was the original. I also added another point (#5) I noticed after I had made this post originally:

          I hear a lot of people saying this, but after playing both games, I have to say the younger Nier seems like the original. I’m sure they probably said that so “Westerners” can feel special or something and buy the horribly ugly barbarian version. (marketing)

          A few examples of why I think the younger Nier was the original (I’ll refer to the US version as Nier and Replicant for the JPN version):

          1. If you’ve played both versions, the graphics on Replicant are clearer and crisper. The colors also seem richer. You can clearly tell by looking at the hair on characters especially. I’m not saying it is a HUGE difference, but it was definitely noticeable to me. It just looks like the superior copy in my opinion. Also, a lot of the graphics don’t have that annoying “glow” effect. I’m not sure if this is the right term, but Neir looked like they put too much bloom on the graphics or something. Maybe this is just how it shows on my TV and no one elses, but Neir’s graphics just seemed off.

          2. There is a point in the game where you are told “You look different, you look stronger.” If old Neir was the original.. do you really see any difference in Part 1 & 2 besides the eye covering change? I sure don’t. I played Neir first and even then I was thinking how that line just didn’t make sense. It makes a lot more sense for Replicant, since he is 16 at the start of the game and is 21 in Part 2. He looks different, and he even has a different voice actor for both parts.

          3. The Shadowlord’s character design for Replicant just seems as if they put more effort into it. His face just looks way cooler, has more detail to it, and he doesn’t simply look like a copy of the protagonist put through a shade filter, so to speak, like in Neir.

          4. The speech Weiss is giving at the end of part 1 after regaining consciousness just seems to flow better in Replicant. In the US version, there is a part where he’s going on about how “.. I have friends and sure they whine alot..” and Kaine says “Hey!”, but when she says that line, the timing just seems really off. It seems they just stuck it in to fit the animation of the Replicant version that was done first.

          5. Near the end of the game Kaine kicks Neir (after the cutscene that shows what happens to Emil). I played US Neir first and I thought it was a little harsh and didn’t quite make sense when Kaine starts kicking old Neir when he’s on the floor catching his breath. I mean he’s old! Let him catch his breath! If you play Replicant, this scene makes more sense. Replicant Neir is on the floor panting the same way as old Neir, but he begins to start crying. To me, this makes A LOT more sense for Kaine to start kicking him. After all they’ve been through, he’s crying NOW? I would have probably kicked him too!

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            Not to mention this weird conversation in Gestalt in which Weiss is completely oblivious to the fact that an NPC is duped by his girlfriend. This despite the fact that the book is highly perceptive about human psychology and relationships for the entirety of the game.

            In Replicant his conversation role with Nier is switched around and is more natural as a result.

    • Aoshi00

      Agreed. Regardless of who’s the original, there’s no disputing these..

      Pop Nier >>>> Bro Nier
      Eng casting and voice acting >>>>>> Jpn VA

      These points just made the US ver all the more awesome…

      I ordered the new Replicant Drama CD (has prequel stories and such).. the sad thing is there would be no Papa Nier :(…. I heard it’s very very dark though (disc 1 is very serious and disc 2 has a lot of laughs)… best listened to by people who completed the game and read everything in the grimoire artbook (which I haven’t read yet *.*)…


      • Belenger

        Such a great Artbook-Guide-Misc-Short Story novel, so much content, I do like stuffs from either Nier, love weiss on eng, but I love emile on JP ver since he’s way WAAAY more ambiguous, plus everyone wants to gets in brother’s nier pants, contrary to papa one.
        The only bit is that Ending E doesnt make sense with papa nier contrary to how much sense it makes with brother one, hell if S-E wasnt such a cheapstake and dissed the whole franchise, we could have hoped to see Ending E or the mermaid princess story as a form of DLC :/, shame on you S-E not like you ever did something right after the merge but DoD and Nier will have a place in my heart forever.

        • Aoshi00

          yea, the artbook was awesome and filled w/ so much art and text.. but shame on lazy me haven’t gotten endings C or D yet (just missing one stupid weapon from the Facade King’s quest), so I don’t want to spoil myself reading the short stories.. lol.. Emile x Kaine x Yonah x bro Nier, that does get complicated… Emile sound good in both Jpn and Eng.. but Tanaka Atsuko just doesn’t sound as good as Laura Bailey as Kaine (and all the heavy censoring).. and Weiss sounds much funnier/sarcastic/colorful in Eng.. and I just love Papa and his daughter… the fishing conversation btwn Papa and Weiss was so much funnier, making fun of the barbarian :)

          Yep Drakengard and Nier are the best. Sigh.. still have 2 endings to go.. I think I would just listen to the CD first, can’t wait..

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Yeah, the characters just seem to have different personalities in Replicant, and worse ones at that!

        I just want to make one thing clear: even though I’m championing bro Nier, overall, I prefer old man Nier as well (I just prefer bro Nier’s handsomeness)! It’s just that it’s the same argument again and again (even Taro and the different teams had a heated discussion about this, so we’re not the only ones xD), and it’s not about who’s better (that’s up for the people who play the game to decide for themselves), it’s about who came first =P

        Wait, isn’t gramps Nier in the drama CD cover? I want to buy it too, I just don’t know when I’ll be able to.

        By the way, I wanted to ask you: do you have the Drakengard artbooks? Are they any good? I’m interested in getting those sometime!

        • Aoshi00

          yea, the Eng voice acting was just so well done the Jpn ver felt lackluster if you played it afterwards.. the eng. cast just felt so perfect like they gave their 120%..

          I have nothing against Bro Nier, but bro Nier looks like a stupid spiky haired kid for half of the game (of course that made his growing up more drastic).. I was never bothered by the barbarian look, I thought it was very unique..

          I don’t think that’s gramps Nier on the drama CD cover since this is Replicant.. looks like an older and more macho bro.. like a hybrid of bro and pop Nier or something.. my copy should be hear soon..

          I only have one Drakengard artbook (The Materials), it’s filled w/ colored artwork and designs for chars, monsters, weapons, environment, etc.. not as beefy as the Grimoire but still a must get if you’re a Drakengard fan. I picked that up as soon as I finished the game back then, too impressed by the giant baby at the end, so messed up lol..

  • PrinceHeir

    hmm i wonder if square can hire Yosuke Saito back as the producer of the next game?

    i know im gonna be flame at this, should square handle this themselves? with Toriyama and Kitase on board? or a completely new team?

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Man, I hope they don’t, really. If Taro and Natori (the scenario writer) aren’t involved, it just won’t be the same.

      I didn’t know Saito quit Square =/

      • Zanasea

        Saito’s Twitter profile says he is executive producer at Square Enix so I don’t think he quit.

        • Skua

          It was Taro Yoko who left AQI shortly after they absorbed Cavia.

  • kroufonz

    I wish there is international edition or something on PS3 (that will include dlc, both character from gestalt and replicant and japanesse voice acting)

    this game need some dose of imouto moe:P

    this game deserved to be played by more people

  • Deal06

    If you don’t play Nier through at least twice you haven’t experienced the game for real at all.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I suggest you do, Wada-chan. And I also suggest you and your board buddies do your best to green light a second project in the Nier universe. It has depth, it is interesting, it is fun and the game sold considerably well.

    Now, is this a simple tweet or is there supposed to be some secret meaning to it? Because I want to see it!

    Yoko Taro was impressed with Wada’s response and asked people to also play through the game a second time, on his twitter. And really, that’s the only sensible way to appreciate all it has to offer.

    • Belenger

      Nier-DoD universe is just way amazing and with way too many posibilities, would have killed to see Cry-on watching the human-droid-something weiss fighting legion with hammelyn.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Cry-on, the game that never was =/

        Yeah, Taro’s twisted/amazing vision is just irresistible. And the Caim/Angelus scene in Drakengard 2, I get sad just thinking about it…

        We really gotta get some more games set in that universe!

  • LynxAmali

    Remember Folks!
    Back up your save data!

    That was one of my favorite things about the original. I definetly suggest they continue with the series and make it a full IP. Just my opinion.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      “This will erase your save. Do you still wish to do it?”

      “Do you REALLY wish to do it?”

      “Really really?”


      “No going back. Are you sure”?

  • vrakanox

    Yeah, and make a sequel too. This time give us the option to play as replicant Nier also!

  • Code

    I’d recommend anyone considering a second run, to go for a third too. I find the first play through makes you feel good, the second makes you feel like crap, and the third makes you feel better again >w<'

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Really? The story changes that much each playthrough?

      • The actual story doesn’t change too much (aside from the endings), it’s more that you’re given a different perspective on the same events. It’s definitely something worth experiencing.

        • Extra_Life

          Agreed! The second playthrough was much more affecting to me given the perspective of the additions to the story.

  • You know what I want, Drakengard 3 and then Nier 2…that’s all

  • brooklyngamer86

    Whaddya mean wonders if, nier 2 is a must.

  • GamerKT

    Please, just don’t make it into a franchise. I loved it, but the story needs to end there.

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