Are You Ready For More Gloria Union Screenshots?

By Spencer . May 4, 2011 . 12:35pm

Ishuto is ready for a fight. This hot-blooded pirate is the lead character in Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean. Pinger, a childhood cait sith friend, follows Ishuto on his quest for treasure and fame.


As seen in these screenshots, Ishuto’s unit type is Innocent and Pinger brings other cait siths to battle.


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Gloria Union is the next game in the Union series, which includes Yggdra Union and the Japan-only game Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future. This PSP game adds fifteen new tactics cards and six new classes to the series. Sailor, one of the debut jobs, is shown in this batch of screens.


Another interesting detail is a time and weather status on the map screen. Atlus and Sting have not explained what this feature does yet. There’s still a few months for Atlus to spill the beans before Gloria Union comes out for PSP on June 23.

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  • neo_firenze

    With all the posts on this and Gungnir lately, I almost feel like those of us who would love to see English localizations are being teased. Yeah, Siliconera reports on Japanese games, I know. But considering it’s an English language site and most English language RPG fans in particular (as opposed to fighting games or shooters that aren’t so reliant on understanding the text) want localized games…

    Here’s hoping it’s not just teasing with no payoff, as opposed to Atlus USA failing to localize Blaze Union and Yggdra Unision.

    • We cover games like Gungnir, Gloria Union, and other Japanese titles to get the word out there. With extra attention and perhaps an early fanbase, we hope publishers will consider releasing these titles overseas.

      I remember we often got complaints for covering Tales, but we did that to show fans what’s out there in Japan so they had something to request to Namco Bandai.

      • Tommy Lee

        …Is your profile picture a dinosaur head now?

        • A wooden dinosaur head! It’s a toy I picked up recently.

    • Ladius

      It’s not Siliconera’s fault if a publisher refrains from localizing some games, and showing that those titles still have an active fanbase might push them to reconsider their current policies.

      I can sympathize with you since I’m really sad at Atlus USA’s cut of jrpg localizations (nowadays we are lucky to get the most important Atlus-published games, when till 2009 we could hope to see a wide range of series), but the lack of informations regarding Japanese titles surely won’t help to straighten up the situation, not to mention that some people here import their games directly from Japan and aren’t forced to wait for a localization.

      Still, it’s very sad that Atlus USA is now compared to Namco regarding the lack of localized titles (especially since Namco is apparently changing its policies regarding the Tales series), I would have never expected to see such a situation some years ago and I really hope Atlus USA can return to its roots as one of the best publishers in our niche (it would be great if they could pursue both their old offer and the new one), I’m ready to support them as I always did :(

      • neo_firenze

        Oh, I’m not blaming Siliconera. It’s just unfortunate that we see these games that look really cool that Atlus would have localized in the past, and now the instant reaction (with reason) is to doubt whether they’ll pick them up.

        Glad to see Siliconera putting the word out, but at the same time a little painful to know we might NOT get to play this stuff in English. It’s more sad than anything.

        But at least we have Xseed x Falcom!

        • Ladius

          Yeah, it’s baffling to see Atlus USA discontinuing all its non-Atlus jrpg localizations while XSeed, NiSA and Aksys are able to stay afloat churning out so many PSP jrpgs.

          I mean, Trails in the Sky’s localization was probably the scariest gamble in recent jrpg history and it worked out quite well even with PSP at its twilight, the LoH name compromised by the Gagharv PSP ports and the gigantic localization costs, not to mention XSeed still hasn’t the supporting fanbase Atlus USA enjoys. The onslaught of Square Enix jrpgs on PSP mixed with XSeed, NiSA and Aksys’s offer has brought the attention of jrpg fans on PSP, and the fanbase is definitely ready to support good titles as shown by the success of many recent releases.

          It seems almost as if Atlus USA has decided to distance itself (at least to some degree) from the niche that supported it till now, but in the long run I’m not so sure if their move is particularly good: the renowned Atlus USA brand hasn’t been built on Hello Kitty, Naruto, 101 Minigames, mmorpgs and wrpgs, (as good as they may be, I have nothing against them) and while thankfully they are still bringing us the most important titles published by Atlus they should take notice of how many fans are deeply saddened by their new post-Demon Souls policies.

          No one is asking them to localize uber-niche, risky titles like My World My Way or Steal Princess or extremely text heavy titles like Trails, but going from releasing one jrpg every 20 days like they did in the past to abandoning series like Luminous Arc, Union, SRT OGS Exceed and Growlanser (Akselziys from Aksys debunked the “Growlanser 5 wasn’t profitable” misconception, saying that Atlus USA has abandoned the series for other reasons) is really sad. We had 20 jrpgs from Atlus USA in fiscal year 2008-2009 and in 2010-2011 we are stuck at four, including two enhaced ports like KitN PSP and Devil Survivor for 3DS.

          • Perhaps, this is due in part because Atlus’ profits soared between fiscal year 2009 (when tons of niche RPGs were released) and fiscal year 2010 (where less niche RPGs were released).

            I think the system may matter too. There wasn’t much if anything to localize for Knights in the Nightmare PSP so why not release it? On the other hand, Blaze Union would need a full translation.

            Of course, at the Siliconera lair we’re always pushing for games to be localized which is why we cover them. However, I do think general demand for these kinds of games is declining outside the site, sadly.

          • Ladius

            You’re right about the fiscal years comparison, but we should also consider that the soaring profits in that timeframe were almost completely linked to Demon’s Souls’ localization, Atlus USA’s biggest success ever, and since there’s no Demon’s Souls 2 to localize it should count as a single, well deserved lucky hit, not as a trend setter.

            Moreover, the fact that an apparently niche title like DS (I remember when people were skeptical about its success in the west because of King’s Field’s precedent) managed to turn into a big hit shouldn’t factor against the localization of the same titles who built Atlus USA’s reputation throughout the years, and then again this new trend of turning their offer into a more generic, less identifiable mix of unrelated titles while stopping their non-Atlus jrpg efforts could very well damage Atlus USA in the long run.

            Aside from big players like Square Enix, Nintendo or Sega (and now even Namco, with Dark Souls and the new Tales localizations), the jrpg niche scene is seeing some extremely powerful competition from NiSA and XSeed, and if Atlus USA was easily the best regarding both output and sales till some years ago, things are rapidly changing. The risk of losing some of their core audience should make them at least partially reconsider their recent policies, and Radiant Historia’s success and anticipated second print run (along with tons of other examples from other publishers, like the Ys games, Tactics Ogre, Trails in the Sky and so on) has much to say about the still-strong handheld jrpg market for quality titles. We will see in due time what the future holds, I suppose :P

        • I say we just go to Atlus USA’s Facebook page and, for lack of better words, harass them about localizing Gungnir, Blaze Union, and Gloria Union.

    • kupomogli

      While I hope Atlus localizes Gungnir, I don’t care whether they localize Blaze Union and Gloria Union or not. The reason for this is, while Yggdra Union was a good game, it wasn’t good enough to have two more releases based off the exact same engine. If the storyline was really good it’d be different, but Yggdra Union didn’t have that great a storyline so I doubt the other two would. If I want to get more of Yggdra Union gameplay, I’ll go play more Yggdra Union.

      However, if we happened to get these two games by chance, then I’d more than likely pick them up.

      • We must’ve been playing different Yggdra Union games, ’cause I remember the story being quite enjoyable. Or are you comparing it to Bioware standards?

        • kupomogli

          It was enjoyable for what it was, above average infact atleast for how poor storylines are coming along this gen(all genres.) However there wasn’t really much to the story. Atleast half of the games storyline was fleeing from the empire and learning about new classes/weaknesses/card types/skills in the next tutorial.

          If you compare it to any other RPG this gen(aside from a few,) and considering Yggdra Union was GBA, you could even say last gen, the storyline isn’t too great. Now for one, I enjoyed the voice acting, but you have to admit there are a lot of games out there with better storyline and aren’t so cliche. The gameplay is the main reason to play this game and I can’t see it being too much of a change between Gloria Union just because they have ships.

          • Oh okay.

          • kupomogli

            Here. More info on it. Vandal Hearts, while on the PSX, is probably the most similar game to Yggdra Union, as is Fire Emblem. In Vandal Hearts though, from the get go you really liked Ash, Clint, and Diego, and the further into the game you went pretty much every character you met was fairly likable and had some background to them aside from a few. Much more character development.

            Same with FFTactics, Tactics Ogre LUCT, Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis, Wild ARMs XF, Disgaea(even though I dislike the game, the story is good,) Stella Deus, etc. I mean the list could really good on. And these are only games based on the same genre as Yggdra Union.

            Even Brigandine has a better storyline and there is hardly any storyline even there. You have your main scenes, very few, and then you have specific scenes when certain Knights are in the same town together, etc. Then again, on Brigandine there are six countries trying to control Forsena, with the storyline to all of them being fairly different.

  • Hm, why does the battle sprite of the catgirl remind me so much of Meracle?? o_o

    • Because you were unfortunate enough to experience Star Ocean 4 :U

      • God damn! I was thinking the same thing…

        Gloria comes with Yggdra and Blaze? I wish this would get an announcement of localisation!

        • Altritter

          I think Spencer was just saying that the Union series includes Yggdra and Blaze as well, not that they come with the purchase of Gloria Union.

          • Yep that’s what I said!

  • >Are you ready?

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