A Glimpse Of Guardian Heroes On Xbox 360

By Spencer . May 5, 2011 . 2:38pm

Earlier today, Sega announced a remastered version of Guardian Heroes was coming to Xbox Live Arcade this fall. Now, we have a few screenshots to share. Before we get to those this is what Guardian Heroes looked like on the Sega Saturn…



… and here’s Guardian Heroes on Xbox 360.ghe2ghe3 ghe4 ghe5 ghe1


Here’s another tidbit about the Xbox 360 release – we confirmed with a representative that Treasure, the original creators, are working on the remastered version of Guardian Heroes.

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  • i kind of prefer how pixely the saturn version looks…still, hyped for this!!!!

  • Zonic505

    I’m sure that filter will be optional. It was optional in all the downloadable Genesis games & in Sonic’s UGC.

  • Those wondering, Sega tweeted that the filter is optional.

    • Arcm

      That’s good news then since nostalgia only kicks in for me when I play as blocky characters lol

      I love this game so much I’ll have to dig it and the sega saturn out of my closet.

      • Guest

        yeah but it looks like they got rid of the face avatars

    • Aoshi00

      Probably a variety of option if it’s like Final Fight Double Impact.. this this looks pretty good to me I always use smoothing.. this is HD done right.. unlike Turtles in Time..

  • gimpylee

    Are they going to add the voices that were taken out of the US release

  • What… what about a PSN release? Like, seriously. ):

  • J-Justice

    Hearing news like this plus the PSN debacle makes me wanna sell my PS3 more.

  • z_merquise

    Here is the Sega’s blog for the announcement. If you wanted this game for the PSN, you can send feedback/comment to the blog. I already sent a comment there. I hope that would help.

  • Exand

    No PSN love I guess? :(

  • cmurph666

    WTF SEGA~? Where’s all the PS3 l*ve~?

  • ryebot

    Is Treasure still working on the Radiant Silvergun 360 port?

    • It’s still in the pipeline, but nothing has been said regarding the release date other than it’s a “spring” title.

  • Aiddon

    want want want want.

  • dertyp

    oh great. they ruined the graphics with a cheap blur filter.

    edit: okay, only optional. didn’t see that…

  • Megurine

    The Best Sega’s Saturn Game is Back…Nice Move SEGA

  • YsyDoesIt

    This is the best news I’ve heard, period. Guardian Heroes makes any gaming get-together a blast.

  • Oh my god lord in heaven
    im in shock.
    Treasure you people are angels

    This game is Amazing

    im looking forward to Gold golems Explosion

    Ginjuro lightining travel {that noise :P }

    and i want slowdown,i will get slowdown

    The amount of characters on screen at one time……..
    one word


    My points are waiting for this and Radiant Silvergun

    im going to play Bangio till this comes out !

  • Happy Gamer

    i still occasionally bust out my saturn to play this. now i can just play it on the xbox! i think this game was the sole reason i got a saturn back in the day for me. that and it was 19.99 at the time!

  • wow… never thought this would happen. this kicks ASS.

  • protofox

    finalllllyyyy..something with adventure me and friends can play that ISNT castle crashers after years lol.

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