• http://twitter.com/Paradox_me Paradox me

    I don’t think you can truly replace having someone sitting next to you while you fight…

    Someone gets it! I’m not all that great at fighting games, or multiplayer in general to be honest, but nothing beats playing with someone in the same room, on the same TV, etc.

    Breaks my heart that arcades were all but dead in the West by the time I really got into gaming. Online multiplayer feels far too impersonal and I haven’t played any multiplayer in years as a result.

    • PrinceHeir

      agree, nothing feels better than beating people face to face especially pulling a miraculous comeback after a long grueling battle.

      “Examu deliver very high quality 2D fighters with unique gameplay systems – so it’s not hard to see how both Examu and Arc have a lot of mutual respect for each other!”

      Examu is awesome not to mention Arcana Heart 3′s gameplay is fast paced and badass. to bad haters like SRK trash this game just because it’s a all girl fighting game. pretty stupid if you ask me.

      the thing i like about Arc System Works is the modes they have introduced throughout the history of BB. i mean we now have gallery mode, tower mode, abyss mode, tutorial and challenge mode, dual audio, ability to change resolution to fit the screen or stretch, ability to change text to english or japanese(regardless of any version), a awesome network code, and the most important of all, ability to pick any music and stage.

      people take this for granted, and i thank arc system for producing not only one of the best looking 2D games of all time, but also pack with modes so that for fans can spend hundreds of hours of content and practice.

      now imagine Guilty Gear having all these content and in HD with even more awesome netcode. that would be mind blowing O_O

      i think more companies should follow Arc System Works in terms of content. would love if Arc System ports Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code with all this content or SNK following a similar path *Hint KOFXIII, Dream Match or Samurai Shodown VII

      • z_merquise

        Gotta agree with you there. One thing I love with Arc Sys is that they REALLY put some love and care in their games especially in their characters even if it wasn’t really a big deal gameplay-wise.

        Samurai Shodown VII in HD-2D? Hattori Hanzo, Ukyo and Iroha in glorious HD-2D? God, I really wish for that for a long time.

        • PrinceHeir

          oh my god, just looking at your avatar, i can’t imagine Iroha in HD.

          it’ll probably blow my mind O_O

          and yes it’s been a long time since we saw a proper Samurai Shodown

        • raymk

          Yeah Give me my Iroha and Hanzo in glorious HD snk. Well we all gotta help snk with this kof XIII guys or their gonna be a goner.

      • PurpleDoom

        Yeah, I love the effort Arc puts into their home console ports!

  • Kris

    I want this man to adopt me.

    • Apollonis

      For real! You can tell he knows his stuff, and he looks exactly like you would think a GG/Blaz producer would :D

      Next time y’all chat with him, be sure to tell him I think he’s damn cool. Get on it. :P

  • eilegz

    make a crossover game guilty gear vs blazblue

  • z_merquise

    Interview is short but it’s a nice read. Looking forward for the 2nd part of the interview. Thanks for this, Siliconera!

    Oh and to the Siliconera crew, I hope it’s okay for you to ask you this but would you conduct an interview with Platinum Games or Grasshopper Manufacture (especially with Suda 51) someday?

    • Apollonis

      Isn’t Suda kind of elusive? I feel like I haven’t seen many interviews from him

      • http://www.siliconera.com Spencer

        For the record I interviewed Suda51 before for No More Heroes. He’s not as elusive as you think :P

    • http://www.siliconera.com Spencer
      • Ereek

        Spencer you. . .you. . .changed your Avatar.

        I don’t know what to think.

        • http://www.siliconera.com Spencer

          Yeah, it’s this neato wooden dinosaur toy I picked up. I think I need a better picture of it though!

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol I thought it was a pet snake or something.

          • Tommy Lee

            You definitely need a better picture of it. Not sure if it’s the angle, the lighting, or something else, but something is making it look a bit awkward.

        • Tommy Lee

          That was my reaction when I first saw it too.

      • z_merquise

        Whoa, I never knew that before. It must be because I still wasn’t a regular visitor of your site at that time.

  • Exand

    I loved everything about this interview. Except the mention of handhelds. Serious vs fighting games do not belong on handhelds. At least as long as we’re unable to hook up a stick or pad to a handheld device to play it!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Try some of the Neo Geo Pocket fighters before making that a totally blanket statement. Then again, that system HAD a wonderful stick controller that did everything one could expect of it.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I second this Neo Geo Pocket Color has the best darn joystick around. Especially for a handheld. ^_^

      • Exand

        Or maybe read the context of why I wrote the comment…

        The gist of my post was “vs fighting games don’t belong on handhelds as long as they don’t have good controls”. Gee, that statement excludes handhelds with good controls! How shocking….

        So lets fast forward to modern day handhelds. I don’t see games being made for the the Neo Geo handheld or say the Wonderswan color anymore, do you? No, of course not because they’re dead handhelds :P We have touch controls on the iPad, we have crappy knobs and dpad on the PSP, and don’t get me started on the DS’s controls.

        I’ll point to the other repliers comment too “best darn joystick around… especially for a handheld”. It was good for a handheld sure, but it still doesn’t compare to a good pad or arcade stick.
        If a game genre ever needed a precision controller, it’s vs fighting games.

    • Apollonis

      Oho, but I think the point of that was that you can’t have everything be “serious” all the time and expect it to survive and thrive; from what I’ve played of Blaz on PSP it’s actually quite fun as long as you don’t feel a strong desire to count frames or anything. (and even if you do.. well, I wouldn’t know)

      I’m sure they’ll continue putting stuff on whatever systems they can, no reason to limit things to only one or the other.

  • http://www.aksysgames.com/ Akselziys

    Yay, Daisuke! He’s a cool guy and it’s always fun to grill him on GG haha XD Good article :3

    • Apollonis

      Oh I see, rubbing our faces in the fact that you can “grill” him anytime you want, eh? All right, we get it.

      :P (you have a sweet job)

  • http://www.youtube.com/B4ULoveShine Tim_at_where

    I’m glad Arc System Works is still here, dishing out new fighters. Now, while Arcana Heart 3 gets bashed for NOT being Marvel VS Capcom 2, its system got me interested to it.

  • RagnaXBL

    Arc vs SNK PLZ

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      That would be godlike

      • Guest

        Groove on Fight, GG, BB, AH3 vs SNK charatcers

    • PrinceHeir

      oh yes please :D

      that would be the Dream Match of the Decade O_O

  • mikanko

    Dear SNK,

    Let Arc System Works port KoF XIII =/


    The only chance people will get to play your game

    • Kris

      Man, I never even considered that. I wouldn’t mind Arc and SNK working together at all! That would be delightful, especially with Arc’s netcode and knack for presentation.

      • mikanko

        It’s pretty much the first thing I thought of when Arc got to publish AH3. It’s just I kinda think the people at the head of SNK don’t seem to care enough to have the same thought since their game division seems to lose money and pachinko is the only thing keeping them afloat.

        Even though it’s been more or less confirmed through rumor that KoFXIII is getting a home port this fall where there aren’t other fighters being released, the fact the producer for KoF XIII quit his job, and the port is supposedly being outsourced gives me very little confidence. ><

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/EnvyMizuhashi Garyuu

      For all I know, SNK is going to need all the support they can get. They’re one of the few gaming development companies I really, really want to redeem themselves. :(

  • http://strictlyapathy.comoj.com/ SoulArbiter

    Quite the informative and knowledgeable fellow. It seems he actually understands gamers and the scene at the moment. He also seems very down to earth. Daisuke and ASW make a great team!

  • Aiddon

    Ah Daisuke, definitely one of the most unique composers around

  • AnimeRemix

    I still wouldn’t mind seeing a Blazblue X Guilty Gear game…

    I’m interested and what other types of things they’ll try out in the future…

  • MisterDandylion

    This was an excellent article! I’m a Huge fan of Guilty Gear – in case you idn’t notice my avatar- (Order Sol: “YAMADA!!!” “GUN FLARE!!!”).

    Still, I have a question: Where’s my Jam/Litchi crossover cat-fight!? xD
    Or What about Rachel vs Slayer? Ky vs Jin anyone?

    When I grow up I wanna be like Daisuke-san! :D

  • Guest

    what sucks is that this game is online only so not only do I have to wait tillPSN is back up, but I cant bring a copy over to my friends house to play

  • xxx128

    Fighting games died when yoshiki okamoto left capcom.

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