Report: Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Sneaking Into Stores In November

By Spencer . May 9, 2011 . 11:13am

imageKonami is set to release Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D sometime this year. Trade publication MCV, notes a more specific timeframe – November.


MCV has an interview with Pete Stone, Manager of Konami UK, where the publication discusses their Pro Evolution Soccer Series and developing new IPs like Neverdead. The article also mentions Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D will be released in November.


That’s the same month as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game Silent Hill: Downpour, which MCV also reports is a November title for at least PAL territories. Outside of MCV’s report, Silent Hill: Downpour is a Q4 title.

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  • malek86

    As cool as this sounds, I’m still waiting for a good 3DS game that is not a port or remake.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider


    • Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is my killer app for the 3DS this year!

      • malek86

        Well, I still don’t know about its quality, but it looks like this will be our best shot for now… unless Nintendo actually manages to release Super Mario before the end of the year.

        • neo_firenze

          Well, Kid Icarus looks pretty good to me, and Mario Kart 3DS stands a good chance of 2011 release. Guess we’ll see more at E3…

    • gatotsu911

      That’ll be Paper Mario 3 for me. God, I love that series.

    • Not interested in Megaman Legends 3 prototype version ?

    • sfried

      Beyond the Labyrinth?

    • kylehyde

      DOA: Dimensions, Beyond the labyrinth, Kid icarus, Mario Kart 3DS, RE revelations are good original 3DS games for me.

  • Well this may very well be my first MGS game! Kind of excited to enter the fandom.

    • Code

      If it’s a remake of MGS3 and stays true to the original — it’s the best place to start owo; well besides the original. Still to this day I think MGS3 was one of the best games ever made, period >w<;

      • OneOkami

        I enjoyed the game for its presentation and cinematic direction, but man did I miss the relatively modern stealth-aiding tools that you’re exposed to other the other games that were (appropriately) primitive in this game. I can’t really fault the game for that, but it personally made it harder for me to be stealthy, especially as I naturally cannot see and react to my environment from a somewhat distant 3rd-person perspective.

        The gameplay felt “hindering” to me for that reason and I couldn’t enjoy it as much.

        • Code

          Really? See I felt the complete opposite; the cameo index let’s you create the ideal sneaking suit for every situation. You didn’t need a lot of the gadgets, and it took sneaking and stealth down to a very basic level. But yeah it’s presentation and story, there isn’t many games I can think of that come close.

    • If it’s at all possible, you really should start with the original (MGS). I know a lot of peeps praise MGS3 high and wide as being amazing, but the original truly sets the stage for characters, plot/storytelling, and experience.

      A lot of MGS3’s backstory was also written / designed in a way to complement two games of modern “history” to them. It’s going to be a different experience to go from 3 to 1, then to play 1 and then afterwards play through and notice the little nuances +whathaveyou from 3.

    • OneOkami

      This game is actually the beginning of the entire Metal Gear series chronologically, and for that reason, may be the most appropriate one to start with.

      • FireCouch

        Except it isn’t. The series is made to begin at Metal Gear Solid 1.

        • OneOkami

          “This game is actually the beginning of the entire Metal Gear series chronologically”

          Snake Eater and Peace Walker take place before Metal Gear Solid 1.

          In case you’re arguing that experiencing the series is best started via 1, then thats a matter of opinion. I’ve played all Metal Gear Solids in order of release and I see no harm in beginning with Snake Eater and Peace Walker.

    • kylehyde

      A MGS virgin, well I can say the same

  • gatotsu911

    Wow, that was quicker than expected. Hope they aren’t rushing it. I suppose we’ll be seeing a lot about this at E3.

  • MisterFoxInc

    So… that’s talking about a European-Release, yes? Sorry if it’s obvious, I’m not catching it.

  • A game box cannot sneak into stores, nice try Spencer

  • PrinceHeir

    this along with RE Revelations are my most anticipate 3DS games :D

    i can now see snake devouring every food he eats in 3D O_O

  • darkfox1

    Oh wow i forgot about this game now i remember that awesome demo they showed

  • Not for honor, but for you!!!

  • xflame10

    CRAB BATTLE in 3D!!!!!!!!!! ( if you don’t get the reference just look up mgs3 crab battle on youtube).

  • I’d love to get MGS3DS, but I still haven’t played the PS2 version. Oh well. One less port to buy for the 3DS.

  • Crab… Battle…

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