Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection Includes A Mouthwatering Bonus Item

By Spencer . May 11, 2011 . 12:05pm

dqiiiDragon Quest I・II・III (full title Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Commemoration Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I・II・III) is coming to Wii in September. The bundle includes Famicom and Super Famicom remakes of all three games, for a total of six titles to play.


Square Enix’s announcement also notes the package will include an item that, in the publisher’s words, will be coveted by Dragon Quest fans. Unfortunately, Square Enix won’t reveal what it is today. The publisher asked press and fans to please wait for more information.


Dragon Quest 25th Ann– we’ll just call it Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection supports all sorts of controllers. You can defeat the Dragonlord with the Wii remote, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, or Gamecube pad in September when the compilation is released in Japan.

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  • malek86

    Is that Giran in the picture? Or just a generic Toriyama monster?

    • Tommy Lee

      That’s Sidoh/Malroth, the final boss of DQII. (Japanese name/DQIX English name)

  • I wonder if this will get a localization. :(

    • PurpleDoom

      Given Nintendo’s involvement with the series, I think a localization is likely.

      • True, just reassurance since the SNES versions didn’t get localized. Though you are right, the series gain better confidence in the west.

        • pressstart

          While the SNES versions were never localized, the GBC versions were supposed to be a port of the SNES versions, so they have a base. Granted, it’s not the localization we’ve come to love from the recent games though.

          It would be awesome if they decided to bring this over and keep the original NES’ localization while redoing the SNES ones.

  • lostinblue

    (drumroll) … A REAL SIZE SLIMEY SLIME!

    I hope they go all out on an artbook or something uncovering development documents for the games like they did with Super Mario Anniversary. :)

    • malek86

      “go all out”

      “Super Mario Anniversary”

      Those two things together? Does not compute.

      • lostinblue

        “All out on an artbook”.


        -> http://www.joystiq.com/2010/12/03/super-mario-bros-25th-anniversary-book-out-in-japan-next-week/


        Can we agree on this one, can we, can we? :)

        • malek86

          But that wasn’t included in SMA, right?

          • lostinblue

            No, but I hear their “included” artbook is better than what we got. They uncovered a bunch of “early development documents” and reprinted them along with a retrospective and an interview, cool stuff I hear.

            Anyway, I’d want them to uncover such development paper drawings and the like… If they still exist.

            Even if it’s not included if the occasion makes it sprout like it did with SMA then it was worth it?

            BTW, does this support for the end of the year mean DQX is still coming out on the Wii? Won’t it miss the last oportunity window? (could they rework it for 3DS or do a double release for 3DS and Wii like some games are doing?)

            I mean… They should have unveiled it already no?

          • malek86

            If they don’t say anything yet, I’ll suppose it’s still gonna come out for the Wii.

            By the way, did Squenix choose to just give Nintendo their franchise or something? While, for example, FF games and spinoffs this gen have come out on every single platforms, every DQ game – including spinoffs – this gen has been on Nintendo consoles. You’d think they might wanna try and expand their audience a bit?

          • PurpleDoom

            They’ve reasserted multiple times that it’ll be a Wii game, so I doubt that’s changing. It should be fine as long as it comes out before Cafe launches (heck, even if it comes out after Cafe launches it’ll do fine.)

          • lostinblue

            @malek86:disqus it’s Horii, although Square-Enix owns the IP he has armor project as a third party, meaning he has liberty to some degree on what he does with his franchise. To some degree I bet they probably don’t want to piss him off; he doesn’t seem to be mismanaging it after all.

            On top of that Iwata is a big Dragon Quest fan (he was involved in Dragon Warrior making it stateside a lot of years ago, apparently) so he vowed to make the franchise popular stateside, paying for advertising fee’s and promoting them as if they are Nintendo’s titles, which must please Square-Enix seeing before Nintendo did that the series weren’t that big stateside, no doubt because no prior appropriate franchise build up had taken place.Then again I kinda see where he’s coming from and agree with him, Horii feels his titles should be on lead platforms, That’s why he went with the NDS rather than a home console when he did, and why he did go with the Wii afterwards. It’s a simple reasoning that I feel should have been made more often; FF for instance became what it did because they knew to chase the leading platform (even if by mere coincidence) it’s hard to argue FF7 would have been as big if they had stayed with Nintendo, the lead platform opens doors for a bigger userbase that is crucial to grow a franchise’s userbase/in order to not bust their appeal/awareness.

            Of course multiplatform with other platforms whilst keeping the focus would be nice, but releasing spin-off’s on other platforms… If a spin-off sells good they’re entitled to a “proper game” no? And why must we have to have all platforms to play all the games a franchise sprouts? 2 is already arguably too much. He’s essentially focusing his franchise (maximizing sales per unit) rather than trying to cover all bases and then not satisfying them.

            I feel he wants the dragon quest fan to be able to buy the escort titles for the exact platform they expect the main titles to be on, it’s kinda like a build up process… And I can’t really argue with that, he knows what he is doing. He’s also intelligent in the sense that he totally doesn’t want to be on a platform without an userbase (hence why he did go with NDS when the next generation of home consoles had no userbase… it’s not his job to build it), he never tries to launch titles in the launch window period, neither does he declare support by then (will there be a dragon quest 3ds? it’s likely but we still don’t know… I think? same for Nintendo’s next home console)

            I sure like that strategy better than what Namco has done with the Tales of franchise for instance.

          • malek86

            @lostinblue:twitter sure, it’s cool to pander to your existing base, but expanding the franchise is more than that. For example, for Final Fantasy, they have given the main series to the PS3/360, the Crystal Chronicles to the Wii and DS, old remakes and spinoffs to the DS and PSP, a new chapter for the PSP, MMOs for the PC, and they even have some Crystal Defenders stuff on the iPhone and Android.

            While it could be argued that this is fragmenting the fanbase, we should rather note that FF is so popular and widespread even among casual players, that it doesn’t actually matter – the fans will stick to the main series, while everyone else gets something as well. No comparison with Tales, which isn’t nearly as popular and mostly relying on an existing fanbase to keep selling.

            DQ in Japan should be similar to FF, in that it could sell pretty much to everybody (you don’t reach those numbers with just the existing fans), so why not try and expand the potential audience?

          • lostinblue

            @malek86:disqus I don’t believe FF has expanded as much as it could have if they took the right steps. It’s my opinion they’re stupidificating them in order to make them more mainstream being that stupidificating is the oposite of “getting it” and that I know for sure older FF’s were made as games the people in the team wanted to play made from them for them before most whereas new games are just catering for their idea of what adolescents like to see (from characters with an edge/stupid attitude to psychological crisis around nothing/something way overblown) They also made it way more serious than it originally was whilst failing which just came across as trying too hard (Tales games always had lousy plots and no one cared, because they didn’t take themselves too seriously; FF “main” games though… do)

            The whole “let’s not do a bazilion numbered games per gen” argument they claimed when they announced ‘Fabula Nova Cristalis’ had a point which they ignored when they titled yet another MMO as a numbered FF.

            I also think that as much as I liked Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers (hint: more than FFXIII as flawed as it was) the treatment they gave the Wii as a leading platform was disrespectful and for “that” they should either given it more budget and made it a proper FF or not brought anything to the table. (I also liked Chocobo Fables on it, but I’m being serious)

            It’s the whole “and if this sells good” thing that Capcom pulled this gen, they released RE4 because it was easy and it sold well (and said it was a test), they did Umbrella Chronicles and it sold well (with them saying it was a test), they saw there was huge demand for RE5 or a game like RE4 on the platform and that people bought RE4 and Umbrella Chronicles hoping for them to do just that. And what do they do? they outsourced yet another on-rails thing no one wanted… that nuked.

            The whole “we can’t win” scenario is best avoided, if something sells the userbase deserves the real meat. (for instance if they dropped something minor on PS3 and it sold I believe they should take responsability and man-up something substantial for them, a real DQ game that is). If Horii is bringing a remake to my platform in an official “new release” way (I’m taking virtual console/classic games services aside) they better bring something new as well, a port for me is most of the time only justified if they plan on supporting it beyond just that (not what we’ve seen sometimes when they clearly take the money from it and invest elsewhere). No platform deserves to be a spin-off/port dump “for the quick buck”. If they’re gonna support them support them properly or they might as well no do so.

            Chances are someone that buys a platform for that franchise and has the whole set of games that gen on it will be content with it; it’s not their job to sell platforms.

            I believe Final Fantasy is a diluted franchise by now and that the milking it tiring the whole franchise, I rather see them refocusing on what made it so good before and realizing it wasn’t the fact it was done for 12 year olds going through puberty or had nomura’ish characters… It was all about the charm and heart. I believe Dragon Quest by comparison has retained it’s heart.I’m not against expanding in a multiplatform way (I’m all for it, actually; if they can put the games everywhere “properly” the better), I’m against giving certain platforms nothing but spin-off’s and “last gen” ports/remakes or something along those lines, for “that” I rather see them focusing on a single platform.

            I’ll agree on disagreeing :P

          • malek86

            @lostinblue:twitter speaking purely on business terms, it’s not necessarily a bad idea. I don’t really like what they have done with Kingdom Hearts, because the games are all connected and you are effectively forcing fans to jump through different consoles to get the whole story. But FF games are almost all separate from each other, so why not? You are reaching more players, possibly making more money (if the game are consistently at least ok quality, which as a general rule they are) and you might get more people interested in the series.

            The whole “stick to one console so you can reach the fans better” would ignore the potential new players that could be gained. And notice how they are still putting the main series on one console anyway. The spinoffs are there to try and get more people interested in the franchise. I don’t think it’s a bad thing for them. It’s not a matter of “if it sells well”, that was just Capcom being stupid. Squenix never said that, they just tried expanding their audience.

            Is it milking? I don’t know, but I do think that when you have such a powerful franchise, you should use it, and try to “secure” it. As long as you don’t become dependant on that one franchise, or run it to the ground, no reason not to expand it.

          • lostinblue

            @malek86:disqus Kingdom Hearts is an interesting point to be brought up, and I agree. It’s kind of a diservice what they have been doing for the reasons you point out. My point is more “as long as they are all of equal value and there isn’t a “dumping” console those titles are entitled to exist” and I stand by that, most people (taking fans aside) could be content with that, but yeah, they’re dragging fans all across the spectrum, which is bad.

            As for FF, yeah, they’re separate but my point was that they didn’t give the Wii “worthy support” a leading platform getting scraps, experiences and low budget titles is just wrong, even if they sold (and they killed CCCB releasing it on the same month as Tales of Graces and FFXIII) they wouldn’t comply with the real deal; it’s not one of the worse case scenarios, like I said I enjoyed Crystal Bearers more than a few numbered FF’s in recent memory (the gameplay was flawed, but I liked the rest) and liked Chocobo’s Dungeon quite a bit (I like h.a.n.d. a lot to be honest, I think they have potential) I just don’t see them as something of equal value/real support coming from Square on a lead platform. I brought up the example to say that from the moment you support a platform I think you’re entitled to support it properly. I find it wrong to dump lesser games elsewhere while doing DQX for the Wii. (while stating I’d have nothing against multiplatform)

            It’s not so much that I think franchises should be centered around one platform; I think from the moment they aren’t it’s almost impossible to ignore that most userbases will want a game of that popular franchise for their platform, I just think there should be concern so that platform won’t get bread crumbles/lesser efforts and if that’s so then I’d rather see the franchise centered elsewhere.

            If I was a PS3 owner I’d feel insulted if they put Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road or Dragon Quest Swords on it and no proper Dragon Quest, which was my point. A lot of developers have done things like that. “Want the proper games? well sorry, we just gave you those for a quick buck, we actually don’t have real plans to support it”. Happened a lot this gen which lead me to think stuff like late ports most of the time are only acceptable if they’re a step for something else… like getting the next game in the series/a proper one at that.

            What you say about scretching the franchise a lot so everybody finds a bit they can love… I can see the idea and potential of it being well done but I think it often works more against a franchise than for it. I think variety is something to be valuated, but I believe it worked against FF; stuff like having a MMO as a numbered FF… a game that ten years from now will most likely be unplayable without infrastructure is working against it and I think that while FF having variety (which it does) in a sense it has become incredibly formulaic and conservative in another way… When it comes to plots and character design… it kinda became a one trick pony. Now I’m not saying it shouldn’t have variety, I just think that there’s another side to the coin, that made the franchise to be somewhat stuck. But I agree my vision of FF is kinda drastic, personal and perhaps not the best example. That “best example” would be Capcom’s I guess, which you point out as being stupid, but the problem is a lot of developers are like that. At this point if DQ was on other platforms it would probably be the lesser titles, and I think the only way they make sense is being on the platforms that are getting “proper games”, it’s just the way they built it but I find not releasing the escort titles elsewhere also means respect for those platforms.

            It is a matter of respect for me, if they were to support other platforms I’d want them to respect them beyond dumping something in there.
            Anyway, you make good arguments, I really enjoy this kind of exchange.

          • malek86

            @lostinblue:twitter your reasoning depends on the fact that you see the “escort” games as inferior value. From a fan’s perspective, they might be, though i don’t necessarily agree. But either way, like i said, they are actually supposed to be targeted to different audiences, not just the fans. Those people won’t see them as inferior. They are just games to them. Eh, they might even like that they don’t have to deal with entering the main series midway through.

            Also, that would be implying that the spinoffs must be of lower quality than the main games, which is not necessarily true… they will have a lower budget, sure. But no big deal. You said you liked CCBB better than the recent games, and I remember appreciating FFTA 1/2 a lot more than, say, FF12. After all, if you are trying to attract new audiences, these “gateway” games have to be at least decent efforts, not just throwaway jobs. I’m opposed to those, of course. Also, if the games are good, fans will like them as well, and all will be good.

            I say that expansion can be a good thing. It’s risky, yes. But at the same time, letting your franchise possibly stagnate on itself could be even riskier. Interest has to be kept high, and new players are entering the field every day. Focus on one platform could end up being a good choice, just as well as it could end up being a rigidity, especially if you consider the relatively good sales of all the platforms (most especially in the last two years). Like in all businesses, you can specialize or you can have something for every market. No way to say which one is the best choice, because it depends on how the company pulls it off.

  • Whoomp

    A Wii slime controller. Definitely.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Like the PS2 Slime Controller?


      • Wh..what the hell is that and why do I not have one?!

      • PurpleDoom

        Mind = blown

  • Zero_Destiny

    I demand a life-size sword of Roto!!! XD Or a slime Buddy. lol It would be nice to see an artbook or an OST though. Maybe even orchestrated version of the OST. You had me at the announcement of the game though. ^_^ I’m glad I can use my classic controller. One of my fav way to play old games on the Wii.

    • I want all the characters from DQ5 life sized, and they have to fit in the game’s box

  • Guest

    mouthwatering bonus item?

    a giant slime candy?

    • Pesmerga00

      Puff Puff.

      • Guest

        I could go for some puff puff

  • pedrron

    Dragon Quest X demo? And then SE will reveal a worldwide release date for it this November!? One can dream…

    • MrRobbyM

      Most likely. I mean, I just don’t see this collection selling like hotcakes so there has to be some incentive.

  • omg plz plz plz come to america i am already drooling for this amazing piece of history

  • PrinceHeir

    sooooo awesome O_O

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