• epiphaniesarefun

    man, I love this interviews :)  awesome job, Siliconera!

  • Ereek

    A protagonist based off of Sephiroth?

    Okay, I giggled.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/SplashdownTiger STiger

       All I could think was Kingdom Hearts Cloud.

  • http://chronotwist.deviantart.com/ JustThisOne

    Half-Minute Hero always reminded me of this game: [http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/495903]

    Except Half Minute Hero is tons cuter, more difficult and a lot more hilarious. Yes, even more hilarious than this.

    The Time Goddess is probably one of the best characters ever conceeeived.

  • http://www.avclub.com/users/ghaleonq,4597/ GhaleonQ

    There’s little I’d like more than for these guys to succeed. 

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