Xseed Comments On The Marvelous & AQ Interactive Merger

By Spencer . May 12, 2011 . 1:49pm


Two days ago, Marvelous and AQ Interactive announced they would be merging along with Liveware to form Marvelous AQL. Xseed helped Marvelous establish a foothold in North America with a publishing partnership formed in 2008. This gave Xseed games like Little King’s Story, Avalon Code, and Rune Factory Frontier. Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance for PSP was the last Marvelous game handled by Xseed.


Savvy Siliconera readers are also aware AQ Interactive is Xseed’s parent company. Being at the center of the merger I asked Ken Berry, Director of Publishing, if Xseed had a statement. Here’s what I received in an e-mail.


With the merger of our parent company, AQ Interactive, with Marvelous Entertainment (MMV), our already established relationship with MMV will indeed become closer.  We will have more opportunities to evaluate MMV’s full lineup for publishing consideration in North America, however, it will not be an exclusive relationship.  Everything will be evaluated on a title-by-title basis to maximize the benefit for the new Marvelous AQL group as a whole, whether it be XSEED publishing an in-house title or licensing it out to anther third-party publisher.


So, the merger does not guarantee Marvelous localizations or a slate of titles for Xseed. On the plus side, that leaves Xseed free to work with Falcom and pick up games like Wizardry: Labyrinth of the Lost Souls. Upcoming Marvelous titles include Half-Minute Hero Second, Senran Kagura: Portrait of the Girls, Grand Knights History, and the elusive Half-Minute Hero Neo for Xbox Live Arcade.

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  • Arcm

    All I got to say is I love you XSEED! That is all

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Well, that’s interesting to know. I can see how this would be beneficial to them.

  • 128bitigor

    Bigger companies should look up to XSeed – they are doing excellent job with games and have quite dedicated PR staff (the “YS guy” from Classic Game Room for example) – I really look forward to more localisations! Grand Knight Story needs to be brought over

  • kroufonz

    hope kagura have better chance to be localized then, do it xseed!

  • I hope we’d land more games like #LuminousArc3.

  • All i hope is more growth for those companies, i love them :D

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    I hope this means that XSEED will consider releasing Grand Knights History in the near future. Please save it XSEED before Ignition gets their foul hands on it.

    • “I hope @XSEEDGames:twitter will release Grand Knights
      History in the near future, in order to save it from @IgnitionUSA’s foul hands.”

      Edited for retweet,

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        Wait, what exactly did you do to my post? Are we supposed to post like that here now?

        • I intentionally edited it, so that I can retweet it on your behalf, while undergoing Twitter’s 140-char limit.

          However, it’s optional.

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            I see, that’s fine. For a minute there I thought we had to format our posts in a specific way from now on. 

  • Ok Xseed get to work! I want those Falcom titles and Half-Minute Hero 2 and Kagura ok?

  • neo_firenze

    Anything that frees @xseedgames:twitter up to do more Falcom titles is A-OK with me. I’d rather Xseed have enough free resources that it’s an easier decision for them to pick up Zero no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki, Falcom’s announced NGP game, and whatever else Falcom releases.

    Nothing against Marvelous/AQ, I do enjoy a lot of their stuff and I’ll continue to support their games. But Falcom/Xseed takes priority to me!

    • Ladius

      Yeah, I totally agree with you.

  • This might make Half-Minute Hero 2 a viable option, if this removes the need for a licensing fee. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this.

    Also Ignition has gotten out of the licensing business I think,
    , so there shouldn’t be much cause for alarm there.

  • Oh, don’t play with my heart Ken… Snag at least Half-Minute Hero 2, and don’t let it go!!

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully they could work something out. usually merging companies are not always the best solution, but we’ll see in the coming months.

    oh and No More Heroes 2 HD on PS3 please :P

  • andref

    All I will say is that there won’t be such a argument over who should localize what especially in regards to Rune Factory and the Harvest Moon games. Now people can’t complain…….. was Marvelous and XSeed the two localization options?

    • Just to clarify the quote doesn’t say that at all. 

      This will not be an exclusive relationship even though Marvelous AQL is Xseed’s parent company. M-AQL will still license games out to other publishers, like Natsume for example.

      • andref

         Oh ok, like my post was saying I had assumed the argument was between Marvelous and XSeed I forgot it was Natsume no Marvelous who localized the games here

  • Darkrise

    Please localize Kagura! DX

  • Ladius

    Honestly I hope XSeed continues to bring us more Falcom goodness, Marvelous’s lineup is good but imho so far can’t compete at all with games such as Trails in the Sky or the Ys titles.

    Of course XSeed will have to localize other games before releasing Trails Second Chapter, the important thing (at least for me) is that they don’t lose their awesome Falcom focus, I think it did wonders to their image in the jrpg fanbase (years ago I never heard the name XSeed from my friends, but since the Falcom announcements last year they have been rightfully praised to no end almost everywhere :D).

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