This Catherine Trailer Has Snippets Of English Voice Acting

By Spencer . May 16, 2011 . 11:00am

While Atlus didn’t pick Aksys’ hilarious response, this trailer opens with fans answering one of the questions at the heart of Catherine – do you ever want to get married and if so, to the person you are with now.


At the one minute mark, you can hear snippets of Vincent (Troy Baker), Catherine (Laura Bailey), and Katherine (Michelle Ruff) playing the three lead characters. The fellows below are Vincent’s bar mates Toby, Orlando, and Jonny.


catherine_screens_34 catherine_screens_35 catherine_screens_36 catherine_screens_37 catherine_screens_38 catherine_screens_39 catherine_screens_40 catherine_screens_33

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  •  Can never get enough of Toby, lol.

  • Klarktastic

    “pre orders”

  • cmurph666


  • Dimentionalist

    Who else kept thinking of Yuri from ToV while listening to this?

  • Good lord, I’ve gotta give Laura Bailey credit for…  Well, not REALLY sounding like herself.  Honest to god, her voice for Catherine actually sounds unique. @[email protected]

    •  I may have heard this tone a couple of times, but she does sound a bit like Stephanie Sheh. :)

    • Not to ruin the illusion, but it’s just her Poppy-teen voice in a more husky, subdued Manner. I guess it’s her 4th voice (1. Lusty 2. Bubblegum Pop 3. “Girl Next Door” (See Reimi or the girl from Kekkaishi) 4. Lusty Bubblegum). 

      • Aoshi00

        Don’t forget the potty mouth Kaine from Neir :)  Laura has quite a range even as that one char…

        Anyway, good Eng. dub, alrdy pre-ordered the regular ver.  Triple dipping so no boxers for me :(… Love Troy Baker.

  • Japanese Voice Option. Yes or no? Pretty good, though.

    • Darkrise

      Yes. I like the dubs but I also like the jp voices. =/

      •  Not sure how much it costs and all to put JP Audio. It’s just disappointing that they won’t go with it.

        I heard ATLUS Japan axed it from the NA/EU release from GAF which is pretty infuriating lol. There’s a great seiyuu cast I’m missing on basically with Miyuki Sawashiro and Norio Wakamoto to name a couple.

        • Pichi

          Maybe that’s why Atlus Japan axed it, as in it will cost a lot of money in royalities. They probably wanted to save money this way or couldn’t work out a deal in some way.

    • Barrit

      We need to find out soon. If it doesn’t have JP voices, then I want to hear a lot more of the dub than what was in the trailer.

      •  There’s actually 3 videos of cutscenes in english on gamespot. You should check it out.

        • Barrit

           Really? Awesome, thanks for the info, I’ll go check them out :)

    • Xeahnort

      Atlus USA didn’t include japanese voice track in their previous titles. However, the english VA in catherine is really good.

      • Zeik56

         They have in the past, but there are numerous things that get in the way of including something like that, so I wouldn’t go in expecting it.

      • The only one I know off-hand is Odin Sphere b/c my friend showed me that one day. I haven’t played it yet tho. Other titles, not sure. I haven’t followed most of their games.

    • Exand

      I’ve been wondering that myself. The snippet of English VA in the trailer didn’t sound too bad though.

  • Voice acting sounds like it will be great

  • Is it just mean, or does Jonathan’s voice not quite… fit.. right.

    Also, last screenshot makes Toby look like a hunchback. (Although, he’s just turned around.)

  • godmars

    Oh great, a one night stand that wants – expects – instant commitment… 

    No wonder Vincent freaked out – more than he already was.

  • Darkrise

     Huh, the voices are actually pretty good, wiped away all my doubts but I’m still begging for dual audio. DX

  • HarryHodd

    Thought the trailer was pretty funny overall but the game needs Japanese voices.

  • lightningrook

    I think the English voices are great.  While dual audio is always nice, I don’t think I’d mind *that* much if it ends up panning out.

    Johnathan sounds like Crispin Freeman.

    • Zeik56

       I’m pretty certain it’s not Freeman, since he’s union now, and the rest of these guys aren’t.

      • Aiddon

        it’s probably Patrick Seitz; he can actually do a REALLY good Crispin impression if he feels like it

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    You’ve gone and done it now, Vincent Baker. That was pretty funny.

    I’ve watched a few videos with the English voice overs, and I gotta say: Atlus got the casting right yet again. Terrific performances, from what I’ve seen.

    Liam O’brien is in the game too (Orlando), which is nice, since I love his voice.

  • Guest

    People need to stop crying about JPN voice option. If it’s in it’s in. If it’s not, no big deal. 

    • mirumu

      I agree that pretty much everything about that topic has been said already so it’s pointless to dig it up again. I disagree when you say it’s no big deal though. To some of us it is a big deal.

      • Guest

        Yes that was my point. It doesn’t need to be brought up in every topic. Frankly it’s annoying. Whenever this game gets brought up and there’s news on it in terms of English voice acting; no matter how hard the publishers try; there always lies those that never give it a chance and no matter HOW good it is, will always cry for JPN voice acting. It’s like…no matter how much better they improve it’s NEVER good enough for those certain ‘smaller’ groups of gamers. If you like it so much import the game. Enough is enough.  Hell the story doesn’t even take place in Japan. I don’t mind English voice acting as long as it’s good. Be thankful the game is even coming here. But I’m not that much a *insert derogatory word here* where I rant SO much about the voice acting like it’s going to stop me from enjoying the game. It’s silly. This isn’t RE1.

        • mirumu

          Why are you so angry? So you’re happy if they don’t include the Japanese track. Good for you. Buy the game and be happy. Do not presume to tell me what I should or shouldn’t enjoy. “Enough is enough”? Get over yourself.

          • Guest

            All I’m saying is there’s enough comments about this. It’s a tired subject. Like I said if it’s in it’s in good. I’m never about NOT having options. Options are good! But really c’mon it doesn’t need to be said a million times. And if it’s not in, no big deal (we all know you guys will buy it anyway) because the voice acting is at least good to the point where I wont be missing the JPN voice acting like say….Chaos Wars lol.
            And I ain’t angry :P

          • mirumu

            That’s why I’d kept out of it all for a while really. It’s been done to death. I’d like Atlus to know that some of us do want dual audio, but at this point I’m sure they’ve got the idea already. If they choose not to do it, it’s up to them.

            If it is dub-only then I’m sure some will buy it anyway, but I can’t say I like what I’ve heard of the dub so far. I’d actually expected it to be better. Being non-American may be a factor here. At this point I don’t think I’ll buy the game, but hey, that’s my choice.

          •  cow is a jerk man its ok. Its people like us that cry about it so much that HOPEFULLY it makes a difference :)

          • He is not. I think he only speaks the truth, do we really need every single comment section on the site filled with “i demand jpn voice option”? People have been at this every since the game was announced, its a broken album.

    • kroufonz

      unfortunately is quite a big deal for some of us especially for story heavy japanese  game with whole bunch of anime cut scene and anime character design this game has, even if the dub is good there is always something lacking for us especially when a japanese game with anime stile and havee Bishoujo as heroine!

      and atlus could at least officially say no if they didn’t include the japanese before the game released.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Personally, I prefer English for characters that seem more American than Japanese. Aside from that, I don’t really see why it’s that big of a deal, as long as the voice acting is good. That’s the only thing that should really matter, even if they decided to do it in German or Swedish.

      • Guest

         Then move to Japan or learn Japanese. Sorry.

        • tr1gun1212

          Knowing Japanese, it sure would be nice to not have to buy the expensive import sometimes… I wish all games were more like Star Ocean 4’s International version – could fully convert the game into either Japanese or English. Maybe I would actually buy the NA release sometimes if it were like that.

        • kroufonz

          why should I, is it a sin to be fan of seiyuu if you aren’t japanese, it is really a sin to like voice that isn’t english, so it is make us abunc of infidel if we have preference and must leave our homeland??????? i already know some japanese especially voiced japanese and can still manage playing most of visual novel and japanese game.

          it s mainly PRICE matter, it is EXPENSIVE to import especially when there is bunch of other game that have higher priority to import, that’s why we wanted dual voice for localized game,and only import game that have much lower chance to be localized!

          • Pichi

            But you still have the option to listen to Japanese VA in importing/Youtube. Whereas, if it was only Japanese VA only, there is no other option for those who like English VA to import from or listen to like Youtube. It might cost alot, but glad the option is there if no dual option exist.

          • mirumu

            If it was Japanese VA only that would be bad. It would guarantee low sales. I don’t think anyone wants that.

          • Guest

            I did say sorry

        • That defeats the purpose of having the damn option. I understand it could open a great deal of benefits, but its included because for fans to listen to the original voice cast from where it originated. And enjoy the original experience without having to go out and learn the entire language first, come back, and finally understand. It’s also sometimes a factor that decides whether you buy the game or not. 

          And its costly to import.

      • Altritter

         I just want you to know that you’re probably one of the most nitpicky users on this site, and that’s saying a lot.

        • Guest

          *deleted comment*

          • Altritter

            I wasn’t replying to you, you’re a pretty cool dude.  Check my comment again.

          • Guest

             Ah my bad you’re right

      • Zeik56

         Keep in mind that this game actually takes place in America, so they really should be speaking English. I’m sure that won’t convince a lot of people who want the Japanese dub, but it’s not quite the same thing as say Persona, which did take place in Japan.

        •  I also live in America and I don’t think I should be speaking in English unless I want to :) just sayin

          • Zeik56

            You know what I mean. 

    • Neckbear

      My only issue with the English VA is the odd lip sync, that kind of makes everything sound weirder and all that.

      And hey, couldn’t people have the option? A whole lot of companies do offer said choice, so, why can’t Atlus? Let ’em know some people want it.

      • Zeik56

         Well from what I’ve seen of the Japanese version the lip-sync wasn’t quite perfect either (just harder to notice when you don’t know the language), but it is a little jarring sometimes.

        Also it’s not like they don’t know that people want it. Atlus isn’t stupid, they know there is a demand for it, which is why they’ve included it in the past, but it’s not as simple as just throwing it in the game. There are a lot of things that can prevent it’s inclusion besides a company merely deciding they don’t want to.

    • Barrit

      It’s really only a big deal if the English dub is horrible. That trailer had a handful of English lines, which do not sound bad, but that is not nearly enough for me to do cartwheels down my stairs quite yet. Many of us have heard way more of the JPN voice overs which sound very nice, especially during the more emotional charged scenes. This trailer doesn’t showcase any voice acting on any of those scenes. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with having options. This close to release, I’m surprised they haven’t said if it will have the option or not. From what other comments have been saying though, it doesn’t sound likely.

      I guess I’m just an ‘originalist’ for a lack of a better word. It’s not that JPN VO are always superior to other language dubs , I just rather play a game how it was originally recorded and directed. I’m the same way with movies. I watch Hero in Mandarin, Brotherhood of the Wolf in French, and Avatar in English to throw a few movie names out there.

      • PrinceHeir

        pretty much this ^^

        the english voice acting wasn’t bad, but it definitely lacks some emotion and power. hopefully we get to see more of this in the upcoming trailers.

        also at 0:15 Meganekko petite girl FTW :P

        • Barrit

          Someone replied to my other post and you can watch more movies on this page:

          The 3 English movies are: Catherine – Cheating Discussion Cutscene (PS3), Catherine – Making a Mistake Cutscene (PS3), and Catherine – Can’t Chain Him Down Cutscene (PS3).

          • PrinceHeir

             thanks for the links :D

            Liam O’ Brian is on this? wow that guy is awesome as Isaac in Castlevania Curse of Darkness and Akihito in P3 :P

      •  Hells 2 the YEAH! one of the recent videos that I saw dub in English was shaolin soccer! so awful! Eventhough I cant understand chinese its just funnier. But yeah man they should give us an option! When I play games with dual audio I love to try it in the original VA first then replay it after with the new dubs just to see the emotion difference when the characters are talking and fighting

    • Ryuhawkin

       Yes, they do need to quit crying about a Japanese voice option—be glad it’s even been localised! Plus, Baker’s got a sexy voice.

  • Aiddon

     I was wondering what voice Troy would be doing for Vincent.

  • DemonicX

     This trailer was amazing. I also love Laura’s voice so much. =D

  • I love it! Sounds just how I imagined it! July 26th HURRY!!

  •  Casting looks spot on. Played through and beat the Japanese copy, but I’m willing to import an American one for the voice work.

  • Luis Hernandez

     I think if people really want Japanese voices they should just get a the Japanese version of it (if u have a Ps3) the dub is not that bad the only thing that bugs me is that Katherine sounds like Yukari from persona 3, who is a teenager and Katerine is supposed to be mature but then i guess they wouldnt put a old lady voice on her either.  on her either. 

    • Michelle Ruff’s Katherine voice reminds me of her Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors 4/5 & the Warriors Orochi games… Almost sounding like Wendee Lee.

  • darkfox1

     LMAO “Im not gonna hurt you on camera”…

  • The man in the white shirt and the black ball cap? Total yums.

  • puchinri

    The English VA is pretty good, but I still wanted to have the option for it and the JP voices. I wanted to hear Usagi/Hummy. ;u;
      Now I don’t know if I should get this version or import.  

  • Klarktastic

     It sounds better than I thought it would, but I would still beg for dual audio since I prefer to listen to the original experience and I’m not from english speaking country anyway  not from english speaking country anyway 

  • 128bitigor

     Love Katherine’s and Vincent’s voices, Catherine’s though… she sounds way too under age : / 

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