Investigate Kara no Shoujo From MangaGamer This Summer [Update]

By Ishaan . May 17, 2011 . 2:18am

MangaGamer’s latest localization project is a little different from what you’re used to seeing them publish — they’ve taken on, as many suspected, Innocent Grey’s Kara no Shoujo, a psychological thriller visual novel set in post-war Japan.


Kara no Shoujo’s story begins in 1956, when Tokyo is beginning to recover, ten years after Japan’s defeat in the war. A series of gruesome murders involving women specifically has been taking place, and private eye, Tokisaka Reiji, is contacted to help out with the case.


Meanwhile, Reiji’s already got another case going on the side. A girl, Kuchiki Toko, at Inokashira Park wants him to look for “her true self”. Circumstances lead Reiji to take on a third case as well, going undercover at the academy his sister studies at, to get to the bottom of the disappearance of two students. As if that weren’t enough, Reiji runs into Toko at the school as well.


Kara no Shoujo isn’t far from release; MangaGamer hope to have the game out in Q2 or Q3 of this year, priced at €24.95. The project’s beta-testing phase has been completed, and corrections are currently being implemented, according to MangaGamer head translator, John Pickett.


Update: We won’t link to it because it’s NSFW, but Kara no Shoujo’s official product page on MangaGamer’s website states that the game has “no voices”. That explains the game’s lower price. You can expect MangaGamer to officially comment on the matter in the coming days.


A thumbs up to Chris Taran for the “no voices” tip!



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  • landlock

    Interesting.  I think I’ll try this one though I have have a big backlog now.

  • katamari

     Too bad it’s, just like Koihime, without the voices of the original japanese release.

    Anyway, still a good pick there, MG. Happy to see it finally come out in english.

  • Finally, I hope they didn’t cut out any of the guro scene.

  • Aoshi00

    I hope this port this to the 360 later (w/ all the contents intact as a Cero Z game, probably very hard..) since I don’t really play games on the PC.. just started Chaos;Head Noah, story’s quite intriguing so far, maybe not as good as Steins;gate..

    • It’s still pretty good and funny though (i love how you can choose what kind of thing to imagine xD).

      And of course, what else is to expect but improvement for a “sequel” game of the same series :P?

      • Aoshi00

        I dunno, I just started and am on chapter 2 now, now I finally know what your “So no me, dare no me” quote is about lol..

        The positive delusions are funny (I plan to go all positive for my first playthru because the achievement is like Bioshock’s, save or extract all the little sisters).. but the main char is a bit annoying unlike Okabe from Steins;gate who’s so over the top, likable, and funny..  The scenarios are intriguing so far, but the main char seems a bit too otaku.. I guess I just like Steins;Gate’s detailed Sci-fi and time traveling theme better, and romance is not the focal point, unlike most other VNs… also I’m not very good w/ excessive gore :(..

        • Haha, most of the people don’t seem to like the MC, i don’t mind him that much, i mean, he sometimes got on my nerves at the beginning, but it also seems that everyone is going againts him at some points, and well, his personality suited pretty good with his way of life, a lot of things will get answered later on (and crazy), Chaos;head doesn’t has that much gore (at least not like other gore oriented stuff) and some “bad imagination” from the main characters are really scary xD, so i also went with the good delusions xD. 

          It’s awesome how they did everything different between the series, they mantained the “normal start, and gets crazier as it goes on” thing, that is what i think that characterize these games, im really looking forward to their third game of the ” ; ” series.

          When you beat the game, you can also get the Chaos;head love chu chu that is the direct sequel (seriously, direct sequel, and it’s even interesting O_O) of Chaos;head, but more oriented to dating sim (moar romance!), so you can end with one of the girls you like the most, Reimi ended up being my favorite at the end :P, this also happened to steins;gate xD, they already announced it for xbox, i hope they release it for psp after the original games gets on the psp too.

          And yeah, i seriously love that quote :P, it can hold a lot of meanings. I can’t wait to play steins;gate, the anime is just awesome T_T, but i don’t know if i should continue the anime so i won’t spoil myself the game, ahhh, but i cant stop…..

          • Aoshi00

            If you can’t play Steins;gate for now (it’s hard to wait for the PSP game to come out lol), watch the anime, very well done I must say, in terms of animation, voice acting, or presentation (since in the game you mostly just read).  If you plan on playing it though, then you probably should not watch the anime, because you’d know the story and there’s no surprise at all, so far the anime is quite faithful to the game’s story, but in the game they went even deeper into the science mumble jumble… I loved the game (I 1250/1250’ed  it), got all the drama CDs and watching the anime now, the seiyuu cast is just superb (Okabe was Yagami Light and Elza in Last Story)..   I’ll see if I want ChuChu later, need to finish Chaos;Head first.. I don’t mind the char being a little wimpy, but it’s first person.. so I need to be able to find him likable at least (that’s the problem w/ many VNs).. at least he’s voiced and not a mute though.  And I just got Portal 2 and LA Noire (finally finished Investigations 2 last week, the last case was very very long as usual).. I alrdy pre-ordered the dating sim sequel for Steins;Gate since I liked the chars so much, the main game was very serious in the 2nd half, so this alternate timeline where you could chill out w/ the girls should be fun and relaxing :)

            Yeah, it is amazing how the games started relatively normal and then things gradually escalate.. will definitely get Robotics later.. I’ll need to play till the end to judge Chaos… glad to hear there’s not too much gore (maybe there is from the bad imagination).. Steins;gate was so good it raised my expectation..

          • Hehe, that’s the problem when playing “sequel” games first, i really see Steins;Gate as a leveled up version of Chaos;Head, but i must say i like (some) of the girls more in chaos (of course, steins has some awesome girls, like Okabe’s “assistant” xD)

          • Aoshi00

            The thing is I was not interested in the art of Chaos;Head before, so I just didn’t bother getting it.. I wasn’t too fond of huke’s art for Steins;gate at first either (later it grew on me), but the reviews for it was just so good across the board so I decided to try it, and it turns out it’s as good as everyone said, so now I’m getting the first game in the series..

            yea, the girls in Chaos;Head seem pretty cute.. you like Seira? lol.. so far I only met Yua (betrayed me!) and the sis Nanami, and the purple hair girl and the singer of FES.. I loved all the Lab members from Steins;gate.. “Christina” is certainly cute, I ordered her Figma and Nendoroid, Mayushi too :) There’s not much romance in Steins;gate, only hinted and subtle.. so the dating sim sequel should be fun..

          • hahaha xD, yeah, christina!!! pwnz all x_x, yeah it will :D, chaos;head doesn’t has that much either (it’s just the MC delusions haha xD). And woah, light yagami O_O!? (didnt saw that)

            My fav girl in chaos;head ended up being Reimi, but i also liked Seira though (she was funny, and the anime helped me to like Seira even more xD, mostly because of her catchy phrase “bokkenasu!” or something like that, it just stuck on my head) Haha Yua xD, she’s so crazy, i loved when she started to say those sentence like, “you are? you did it right? you will wouldnt you? there is no other choice but you” It was so crazy xD.
            Nanami is pretty nice too, even if the MC is an ass with her, she always comes back xDD, The one i least liked was the singer of FES D:. The purple hair girl is funny, you still have 1 to meet, and it seems you still haven’t got “seen” Reimi yet (you already “met” her tho… or did you?!!?!?

            In my opinion, chaos;head, while not as deep and stylish as stein;gate, had a nice story at the end, i don’t know if you will like it, but for me, everything was worthy at the end :P.
            Specially because i knew there was a sequel already xD

    • Ladius

      KnS is really heavy on gore and nsfw scenes, a console release would be heavily censored.

      • Aoshi00

        I know..  looks like too much gore and racy scenes from the screenshots I saw before.. was hoping they would keep as much as the original rating it Cero Z.. I think this might get a port since the 360 get ports of PC games and vice versa..  I just never really buy or play games on PC, plus I think I had problem getting my computer to display Jpn text.. don’t want to spend nearly $100 and can’t get it to play right.. also I enjoy big TV and achievement :) I alrdy pre-ordered Ever 17 and the Steins;Gate dating sim sequel :)

    • Apollonis

       Wha… you like VN’s, but don’t play on PC where 99.999999999% of them are?  It’s not like there are any special system requirements, you should at least give it a shot and see how it is.

      • Aoshi00

        I don’t play VNs that much actually, I used to play a lot of them back on Saturn and Dreamcast, but recently I was very impressed by Steins;Gate so I went back to check out Chaos;Head right now.  I don’t feel like buying Jpn games on PC because I could never get it to display the Jpn text right for the demo.. such as the demo for this game before.. and I don’t feel like spending $100 on a PC game..

        I’m getting Ever 17 and Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling on 360 though… and Robotic;Notes later. My last serious one was Anata wo Yurusanai on the PSP…

        Too bad there’s no Jpn voices though, seiyuu is one of the important reasons I play VNs… I picked up a used copy of 428 for the Wii too, I just played a little bit though, it was very cool, but the live actin pictures felt a bit weird :)…

  • Kara no Shoujo..Kara no Shoujo…hmm, is that the VN I was looking forward to playing..? Need to look it up, but if it indeed is the one I’m super mega happy!!!!!!! :D

    •  Might’ve been Kara no Kyoukai.

      • No no, I know Kara no Kyoukai, but there was a VN I really wanted to play, forgot it’s name, but I looked it up, it was indeed Kara no Shoujo, so yeah like I said I’m super mega happy!! xd

  • I’m torn on if I’ll be getting this or not. May hinge on someone making a voice patch available.

    • Anonymouse123

      There was an unofficial voice patch for Koihime Musou so I don’t see why there wouldn’t be one for Kara no Shoujo.

  • No voices on the retail release?  I hope @MangaGamer:twitter would get the voice rights as DLC for the West.

    • only if it sells enough copies to pay for the rights to use the seiyuu’s voices.
      The same thing happened to Koihime Musou.

  • kyuketsukimiyu

     Seriously!? I have been wanting to play this game for a few years now. This is super exciting.

  • Ladius


    On a more sober note, I’m sad about the lack of voice overs, but since they will probably be reinserted by fans some days after the official release it isn’t much of an issue. Of course I hope everyone support MangaGamer, this is really a quality title and they deserve our support. I wonder if Kartagra will be released somewhere along the line. 

  • Zero_Destiny

    Yet another cool visual novel. I was so amazed last night when I got the twitter message for it. lol MangaGamers actually spammed that. They put out like four or five messages about the game all in a row. There was kinda no way I couldn’t pay attention to it. XD I love post WWII Japan though. It’s a very interesting time period.

    • Aoshi00

      I think the post-war setting is unique.. usually games have the Taishou era as the setting when it deals w/ supernatural stuffs.. which is intriguing since Jpn just started modernizing..

      • Zero_Destiny

        The political struggles in the Japanese diets (real scary stuff there), the drastic changes in business practices,  human rights movements, the US involvement in the reconstruction of Japan, getting rid of the army and down right outlawing it, the economic boom, the redistribution of land from the wealthy to the poor, the Japanese Emperor being force to admit his not a God and belittling himself to the American Generals. Times where really changing. It’s such a vastly interesting period. I understand that it can be particularly painful for some Japanese but I really find this time period to be so fascinating. I really wish people would make more stories revolving around it. Especially Japanese people since I want to hear their opinions on this time. So much happened, most of it ended up shaping modern Japan as well.

  • PrinceHeir

     oh man i thought this was Kara no Kyoukai :P

    still will buy this soon ^^

    Manga Gamer is awesome, but i want the original voices so please don’t remove it


  • Guest

    These are the visual novels/ADV games I’d like to play (in English):

    Gallery Fake
    Trick X Logic
    Code Geass Lost Colors
    o Yurusanai
    Hayate no Gotoku
    Star Driver
    both Haruhi games
    Demon Detective Nougami Neuro
    Dreamdrop Distortion
    Blood +
    Death Note Kira Game
    Will O’Wisp

    • PrinceHeir

      will look into those :D

      428, Haruhi, Steins;Gate are awesome :P

  • Apollonis


    TY, MG :3. I’m happy to see them branch out and offer more variety for us. It seems like this way around voice licensing has become part of convincing devs to give overseas release a shot, so we’ll let them know it does work.

  • JustaGenericUser

    (Mangagamer removing the voices)

    Gee they must really don’t want my money.


    Awesome news!!

  • yay! i’ll buy this….er after i finish Da Capo II…and then Kotori Love ExP (aka Mission Kotori)…uh yeah and Koihime Musou … er and then geez hopefully those Witchhunt guys won’t finish the Umineko translation in time otherwise i’ll have to work on the last 4 chapters… *gloom over gigantic backlog of all legitimately purchased games*

  • kroufonz

    this game is great non mainstream dark eroge with gore and beautiful artwork (which also make nice h scene:p), definitely not recommended for the faint hearted

    shame that there is no voice, this game has fantastic atmosfer and taking out voice will surely reducing the experience-_-

    • Aoshi00

      I’m not that good w/ gore, but the artwork here is indeed beautiful (H scenes too :)..  I’d play it though if this ever gets ported to 360 (probably the ero and guro woud get toned down somewhat..)  Definitely not playing this w/o the voices, it’s a pity since it’s like half the experience.. one reason Steins;Gate was so good was because the cast did a heck of a good job..

  • Yo-Jin-Bo (The Bodyguards) was the first time I had experienced a Visual Novel. It was not like anything I had ever come across in terms of interactive media. Unfortunately, the more I started investigating VNs, the more I learned that the concept behind most of them is to get people turned on. Sure, there are some classic out there with advanced story telling, but all of that disappears the moment you see your favourite character taking it up the a$$. I was forced to give up on some titles because the sex scenes would interfere with my enjoyment of the story.

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