Persona 4: The Animation Airing In Japan This October

By Spencer . May 17, 2011 . 11:55am

imagePersona 4: The Animation, an anime series based on the PlayStation 2 game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 from Atlus, is set for a fall debut in Japan. Dengeki Online narrowed down the release window by announcing the animated series will broadcast in October. Mainichi Broadcasting System or MBS will air the show in the region.


Details have not been announced regarding a North American release, but Persona: Trinity Soul found its way overseas care of NIS America. Both companies often work together, so perhaps we’ll see Persona 4: The Animation announced with a Prinny wearing glasses.


Oh, and here’s a new clip that shows Kanji and at the end… shadow Kanji.


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  • PrinceHeir

     i just wanna ask, their using the same VA in the game right? 

    cannot wait for this, still need to play the game. argh i need to finish Persona 3 The Answer Campaign first :P

    • Rarutos

      Yep, pretty sure they’re all the same from the characters listed so far at least! 

    • OneOkami

      If you’re not far into it, I’d recommend just going ahead and playing Persona 4 and coming back to The Answer later. 

    • amagidyne

      Same voice actors for Yukiko, Chie, Yosuke and the protagonist. It’s a good thing they got Daisuke Namikawa, otherwise we wouldn’t get his delivery of his classic lines like “…”, “…” and “…persona.”

      Hopefully they’ll get the rest of them too (and the English cast for a dub!).

      • OneOkami

        otherwise we wouldn’t get his delivery of his classic lines like “…”, “…” and “…persona.”

        lol, yeah.  Wouldn’t be Persona 4 without those! :P

      • Aoshi00

        The last screen shows the rest of the cast are the same too, just like the game and drama CDs’..  Doujima, Nanako, Kanji, Kuma (Teddy), Adachi, etc  It wouldn’t be Kanji w/o Seki Tomokazu and Kuma w/o Yamaguchi Kappei :) Looks like the anime would be good just like Steins;Gate :)

        • amagidyne

          Cool, didn’t notice that. Thanks!

        • PrinceHeir

           awesome :D

  • blah blah

    Did anyone else notice that Spencer said he called out Izanami instead of Izanagi?

  • Aiddon

    good times.

  • Yui

     I wonder how many people besides me want to see an entire episode devoted to 19 minutes of senseless, repetitive grinding, followed by a random group that kills your entire team by spamming attacks you’re weak against while you’re low on HP & SP.

    Seriously, the whole hog, guys. You’re going to do a Persona anime, you’ve got to do it right. :P

    • Thats what the Giant Bomb endurance run is for

    • I want the reaper to appear in one of the chest the group finds! :D

      • Yui

        that’s like wishing death on those poor guys. i love it! :D 

    • Those were the best parts of the game!

      •  Yeah, who cares about a great story and character interactions or cool soundtrack, mindless grinding just to end up being OHKO’d by some grunts, that’s the way of life for a gamer!!!

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        That and checking the freezer and saying stupid stuff.

        And Nanako singing the Junes song.

        And the awesome “Heaven”, “New World Fool” and “Edge of Madness” tracks. (and the entire OST, for that matter)

        And Sunday morning shopping.

        • solbalmung

          Srsly, I still listen to that track (btw its the track of the normal final battle, not the battle of the true ending) and it still give me goosbumps.
          Shoji Meguro is simply awesome 8D ! 

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I feel bad for not including that one now! The OST is damn good, so they’d better use it.

        •  And doing the Devil arcana xD (with the nurse, in the night shift, on the hospital… scared of losing more than you’d like xD)

    • IceRomancer

      Also gotta have the protagonist swinging his sword one second to early and then getting ambushed by shadows :P

      • Yui

        yes! and there definitely needs to be a whole lot of time wasted trying to figure out what the weaknesses of a particular enemy are while rise or teddie screams trivial, pointless comments at you. :D

    • Ren

      Don’t forget some good minutes every Midnight TV based episode dealing with fusing personae. Accepting and canceling for half a hour until the fusion result decides to inherit the right skills. Then discovering you could have done better and reloading the previous save to make sure you’ll finally use the day fusion forecast right. Also, they need to show all the sidequests and Margaret fusion requests being done.

      • Yui

        Don’t forget to have an entire story arc devoted to trying to catch a single goddamned fish, running around town trying to figure out where you need to go, heading to one end of an area only to remember you actually wanted to be at the other end, and haggling with shopkeepers trying to sell off all your useless garbage.

        Seriously, it’s like, now I’m remembering all the minutiae of P4 and suddenly i’m a lot less inclined to replay it. XD 

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          It’s having the opposite effect on me! I kinda want to replay it, but I don’t feel like plugging my PS2…

          • Yui

            I’ve beaten the game something like 5 times in the past 5 months, so I suppose I have a bit of a problem, and that’s why I don’t want to, but…well, I’d recommend it. It’s an amazing game, one of the best, if not the best. :D 

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            And I thought I loved the game!

            That’s some serious replaying, considering it’s a 50 hour RPG (+/-)! Time well spent, it’s an amazing game indeed <3

    • MisterDandylion

       Yeah I kind of imagine that: A whole arc dedicated to the insane grinding and killing small-fry enemies while trying to pay for that Fox’s annoying and senseless prices ( 75,000 yen for FOUR F-ING leaves!?!?) so they can keep kicking ass, only for them to be killed by Mudo/Hama-spamming enemies. I double dare them to make it a filler. ;) 

      This anime is gonna be good! ;D

      Still: Being sent to eternal damnation thanks to Instant Death- spamming fellas was my pentacle of frustation videogames. Just like this guy over here (I had to do it! xD) :


    AND YUKIKO! Yay! :D!

    • Exkaiser

      What do you mean “What’s up with those last seconds”?

      It’s very manly, obviously.

      • amagidyne


        That’s Persona 4!

      • It’s a new definition of manly that i dont want to know 

      • jello44

         Very strange if you ask me.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

       Too much for you to handle, eh?

      • Considering he has a manly harem, I…don’t think it was too much, but that he was surprisingly pleased~

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          xD My bad.

        • I dont get dudes like that on my harem, stop spreading rumors and join twitter !

    • MisterDandylion

      I gotta admit: Watching Kanji doing all the poses, you know, with the sparkly flowers and that, it’s…… kinda of hypnotic o.O 

      • Noooo! Don’t fall into a hole you will never be able to get out!!! xD

  • malek86

    Do Atlus and NISA collaborate often? Can’t remember when it happened.

    • blah blah

      Atlus distributes some NISA things, and Atlus got Disgaea popular so I think they collaborate like that sometimes

  • pridesin

    I am wondering Atlus is airing persona 4 animation in order to promote persona series to public. If that’s the case then there is high possibility persona 5 will be release next year.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh Thank God I should have the game beaten before the end of Summer so no fears ^-^ It’ll be weird to hear the Japanese voices though. I’m so use to the English ones already. But at least the cast is pretty talented. Shouldn’t take to long to get use to. But the weirdest thing for me still is definitely going to be Yu. If they make him talk I’ll probably never be able to get over over it. It’ll be so weird to hear what he has to say. Oh well. I’m psyched to see how this adaption is going to work out. :D

    •  I’m interested what his answers are going to be, in all those various questions and discussions he has in the game, in the anime, as they were the only points in the game where you could give him some kind of personality. :D

      • Yui

        I think everyone involved’ll be pleading the fifth on that question. :P 

  •  I really, really, really hope this gets an English dub! I loved the English voice actors.

  • platnum_88

    he summons Izanagi Spencer, not Izanami

  • papuruka

    I really hope they do fillers of content from the Persona 4 drama CDs :D The one about the group helping Nanako prepare food for Ryoutarou (and the girls seeing it as competition to see whose food the MC likes best) was heartwarming!

  •  Still working my way through this game and loving it.  Can’t wait for the anime, no matter what route they decide to go with Gin-I mean, Yu…yeah…that’s his name…damn you nameable protagonist!

  • Jesus christ Shadow Kanji.

    I love how the TV Shadow segments so far (with Yukiko and Kanji) apparently with have cheesy special effects on them.

  • I love it how they put the slide-in of their eyes during the summoning. That’s a great touch! I hope this doesn’t become a disappointment.

  • Now the real question is this: what *timeslot* will it air in. Given Shadow Kanji, I’m guessing it’ll be late-night.

    • katamari

      Serious Anime like this usually airs at late-night.

  • awesome

  • AzureNova

    I can’t wait!

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