Soulcalibur V’s New Team Aims To Have At Least 26 Characters

By Spencer . May 17, 2011 . 10:29pm

imageThis week’s issue of Famitsu has a small feature on Soulcalibur V with vague comments from producer Hisaharu Tago.


Since Soulcalibur V is a 2012 title, the team is not ready to reveal the roster. Tago said to the magazine there will be a mix of new characters and returning Soulcalibur characters who may have new weapons or armor. Patroklos, Sophitia’s son, is one of the rookie fighters. Tago confirmed yet again Soulcalibur V would have guest characters, but did not give any hints as to who. The development team wants to have at least 26 characters.


While the leads are the same, the Soulcalibur V team has been refreshed with new staff. Thus, there may be some differences between Soulcalibur V and other games in the series. Tago said there would be gameplay system changes too, but didn’t specify what those are.


Soulcalibur V, according to Famitsu, is 10% complete. Namco Bandai plans to release the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next  year.

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  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully we get to see new Boosoms :P

    really don’t like guest characters :

    let’s just hope it’s not exclusive to each console. i hated that during tournaments.

    • SlashZaku

       I loathe Guest characters.  I wonder if they’ll bring back the Bonus characters from IV and give them new weapons/and or styles to make them stand on their own.  That would be nice.  Andriasang also posted an article saying that some old characters would get new weapons so I wonder who that affects.  Ivy’s sword sacrificed itself in her ending so she would need a new weapon cause her current/old one isn’t animated anymore, right?  Maybe just give her a whip off the bat?

      • raymk

        Why do people hate guess characters?  I mean i didn’t like the star wars characters but the others where ok especially link and heihachi.  As long as they fit the game like having a FF character,Tales of character or a Samurai showdown character things will be ok.  I think you people hate guess characters for the sake of them just being guest.

        • SlashZaku

           Because I’d rather see characters created for the series itself and then have them built on over installments.  These other characters have their own games/franchises.  Fans have been asking for Li Long and Hwang to return for the longest but we get Dark Vader and the green Smurf instead.  Agree to disagree on the matter.

    • z_merquise

      Not unless if the guest characters are from Samurai Shodown.

      I even made SamSho characters in SC4 (Sieger, Iroha, Charlotte) and in Broken Destiny (Hattori Hanzo) not only because I like these characters and their design but also SamSho really fit in Soul Calibur.

      • raymk

        I agree =D especially for Iroha,Hanzo and Charlotte. 

      • Yes, thats a great idea! And those characters from Samurai Shodown won’t feel out of place either. Just imagine Haohmaru vs Mitsurugi! :)

      • PrinceHeir

        hell yeah :D

        Samurai Shodown characters for Soul Calibur would be nice :P

        you know what? they should make a Soul Calibur game in 2D with Samurai Shodown characters. or just plain Samurai Shodown vs Sou Calibur.

        that would be awesome :P

    • Haha, and anybody else remember that Dynasty Warriors 1 is a 3D fighter? xD
      As Soul Calibur elapses multiple continents, it would be sort of entertaining to see some of China’s greatest warriors raise from their grave~
      And, hey, don’t we all want to see Lu Bu versus… well… versus Soul Calibur?

  • Amy <3 Love her.

    I wonder what kind of new characters will come.

  • Whoo hoo! The next generation. I want to see some Kilik babies. And maybe Voldo babies.

  • IceRomancer

    Please, please, please don’t have any stupid guest characters :(
    (star wars or anything futuristic)

    • SlashZaku

       They already said there would be.

  • Everyone is going to be old. Hope we get good amount of new characters mixed with old.

  • Ultima Arcana

    Calling it right now: Queen’s Blade guest characters. The PSP games are already published by Namco Bandai, and the setting fits in perfectly.

    • I’d be totally for that. 

    • Barrit

      That would make this game Day 1 for me. I love me some Queen’s Blade :)

      • Can’t disagree here, the armor break system would work perfectly with the Queen’s Blade cast too!!!

    • Suicunesol

       I did not think of that.

      I suppose the only other problem is that Namco Bandai doesn’t entirely own Queen’s Blade characters.

    • Cattleya would be hilarious (and hot!)

  • As long as the lovely leading ladies are still playable… 

  • Aiddon

    Actually I hope the team keeps returning characters to a bare minimum ala SF3, otherwise the point of the timeskip seems moot.

    • SF3 went a little bit too far.

      I will be satisfied with a 50/50 ratio myself.

      • Aiddon

        Heck no, it did just fine. Garou: Mark of the Wolves did the same thing and so did Tekken.

  • Well, Odashima let the cat out of the bag by saying that he was working on Pyrrah’s balance (Sophitia’s daughter)

    • Let me guess. She will inherit mommy’s bosom. lol

    • Aiddon

       On the website there’s a new outline of a girl with a shield. My guess is that Pat will be like Sophie and Pyrrha will be like Cassy

    • mikanko

      Very predictable addition, but still hoping there’s a chance thirty something Cassie makes it into the game.

  • who cares about 26+ charas?
    Just give the same cast, two-three story-related addition..
    IF you really want guest charas, at that point, but I’d love them to pour more work-time into a fitting story-mode, a GOOD chronicle of the sword-like mode (no offense, SC4 tower felt stupid.. I’d always take soul blade 1’s chronicle of the sword mode over anything..) AND a decent rts-beu hybrid like in sc3 (that wasn’t TOTALLY bad, but it needed some improvement) preferably with some story-injection :)
    I know I’m asking a lot, but heck dreaming is the only cheap thing nowdays..

    1) polish the netcode, dieing for “not-even-blockable-due-to-lag low hits” that gets you ring-out was a bitch..
    2) publish some update now and then to try and remove some infintie loop that are made possible via the laggy netcode… :/

    •  I think half the cast should be removed and keep the one’s that people care about and remove the clones.

  • Until this game is released, I won’t remember the main character’s name, and thusly will be calling him Pierogies.

    • I might call him Patten Oswald. . . just because

  • I’m expecting Yoshimitsu, Cervantes, Raphael, and Amy to return, given the latter 3’s immortal states and the prior’s succession line, respectively.

  • I always thought Dragon Quest characters would fit the SC universe, like the Female MC from DQIV.

    Though honestly, most guest characters tend not to fit in all that well, so I say just stick with fantasy ones, like samurai, knight, and martial artist characters from other franchises. Link worked well, since his whole fighting style was very based around fantasy sword fighting, and while Heihachi didn’t fit all that well, a bare-fist using character would be cool.

    Personally, I’m more interested in character creation, really. I hope they bring back unique weapons for your own character, as apposed to that laziness in SCIV.

  • I hope an African woman makes it into the game. Giving her tribal characteristics or heritage, I believe would fit perfectly into the SC universe. Also, instead of large breasts, prominent hips, thighs, and buttocks would be a better choice for her to contrast the main sex appeal of the game…

    Just a suggestion. :D

    I hear FF characters may make into the game. Let’s hope it makes since with the time period this time with their choices… Who am I kidding… Cloud and Sephiroth are  most likely going to show up… :|

    I wonder what older characters will be present. So anxious DX

    I’m done now…

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