Devil Survivor 2’s First Trailer Takes Us All Over Japan

By Spencer . May 18, 2011 . 6:50am

While Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor took place in Tokyo, the mysterious invaders in Devil Survivor 2 plan to attack all of Japan. As seen in the first trailer, players will visit Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Fukuoka.



Septentrion, odd looking invaders from outer space, arrived on Earth. You, a cool looking high school student with a collared coat, must stop the crisis. Allies include childhood friend Daichi and honors student heartthrob Io are two of your allies. Perhaps, the GIPS will help? Under Yamato’s leadership this group is prepared to fight against the invaders with branches throughout Japan, but the group also has their own agenda…


Devil Survivor 2 comes out for Nintendo DS on July 28 in Japan.

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  • Noatoa

    whoops posted twice =_=

  • Noatoa

     so i muted the Devil survivor 2 video, and opened a new tab with the OP theme of evangelion. played it when the cast showed up. it worked WAY to well xD

  • Seven days and eight with future ports =P

    Good trailers, I love chosing my rute and my conflicts. The character seems good enough…and the girls cannot be worse thant Yuzu at least XD

  • XypherCode

    i really hope they do an overclock port of this :D well maybe that depends if DV:Overclocked will be a hit :P

  • malek86

    Nitta Io? Could she be related to Isamu? If so, I’ll make sure she’s the first one to bite the dust.

    • Sal

      Ryoji and Mari share the same last name but they aren’t related.

      …. or are they?

  • irzbos

    I know im not alone, but i am certainly in the minority of liking yuzu.  Everyone else is far too calm, she is the only realistic character in the game imo. Doesn’t mean I didnt like the other characters, but I like when a character would actually respond to te situation as I would, which would be to freak out and want to run. 

    • I’d be inclined to agree, if only Yuzu weren’t capable of 1-shotting enemies with magic.

      It made sense in the beginning, when she and the rest of the crew are weaklings, but after a long time, she seems to never get it through her mind that she’s more than capable of taking hits from the GODDAMN DEVIL.

      she basically never grows as a character, is what I mean lol

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        I don’t think it’s just about her strength though. You have to remember that they are stuck in pretty crappy conditions for seven days. For someone who is used to living with modern conveniences getting thrown back like that into a somewhat primitive state can be pretty harrowing.

        So it’s not like she’s not physically strong enough, it’s more like she’s not mentally strong enough to cope. Or something like that. 

        • even with that being said, she never does. At all. Most people would find some way to cope, or at least try, but Yuzu is the stereotypical girl who doesn’t do anything but make situations more aggravating with her excessive whining.

          And while I can see how she was merely there to be the character that reminds you that you’re in a terrible situation, and should run, even the game is aware of how annoying she is, and following her leads you to the obvious end. My point is, they really didn’t need an entire character dedicated to being afraid of her own shadow, and instead should have just let the great story show how f*cked up the situation is. Honestly, if you removed or altered Yuzu’s character in any way, you would lose nothing from the plot, if only losing a migraine.

      • irzbos

        If you stop using her which is an option then she is well within her right to be scared as hell all game. 8) 

        The character can’t be built under the assumption that you will use her when you have the choice not to. My Yuzu was weak as hell.

        • in that logic, certain scenes in the game (I’m thinking of a certain Pazuzu related murder) would also be impossible do to how the game mechanics are set up. Yuzu is a shell of a character, who serves no purpose but to remind the player that she’s a scared little girl and that you’re in a bad situation, if you had already forgotten the last time she told you.

          DS2 has more female characters, let’s hope non of them wind up being stereotypes, ‘kay? 

    • imaguni

      I thought she was necessary because she counters the ones that want to fight and/or are mentally and emotionally prepared for the situation. It might not be the coolest attitude to be scared and hesitant, but it’s a normal reaction. Taking a stand is generally seen as outstanding for a reason. :/

      • not a single character was prepared for the situation, they all lose it in some way or another (some more than others, and in Yuzu’s “ending” much more so)

        • imaguni

          I say ‘prepared’ in the sense that she lacks that inner capacity to accept having to face tougher situations. I think that the game was clear about that. No matter what, people will act in the way they think is best since it’s their choice.

    •  I liked her, but I don’t know how I woud react in that situation. Thinking out of the situation, I think running away won’t accomplish anything (haven’t finished any of the routes though lol), but I’m not in the situation to say: “I wouldn’t run” or “I would be scared as hell trying to run away at the first chance”. I can only guess I would be scared but trying to do something about the situation. However, as I said before, I don’t know if this would really be what would happen or if I would be a wimp crying something like: “Mom, help me!”.

    • Joanna

      I don’t hate Yuzu, but I have to agree with Jonathan that it was rather stereotypical to make her the hysterical one of the group. And I’m not pointing to you in particular, but I recall that a lot of people thought Hope wimpy and awful yet he was much more subdued than Yuzu in his whining and fearfulness of his situation. In fact I felt the most realistic character in the group and I actually applaud SE for giving him actual character development and making him learn from his situation and accept it and move on, something Yuzu doesn’t seem to do. To me it feels as if there is a bit of gendered bias on the part of the developers and players here. Often the girls can act all scared and wimpy and it is called realism but god forbid a male character do the same, then he is annoying and a wimp (takes me back to all the hate with Raki in Claymore). Again, I’m not singling you out and I don’t think Yuzu is a bad character, but it bothers me that people can’t seem to accept such a characterization with males but defend it in females. Why is that?

      • plumberscrack

        well males irl are more likely to stare down death than females, they almost seem to be bred this way

        besides have you ever heard of a chick take a bullet for someone else?

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          Yeah, you’re right, soldiers and police officers are never women. 

          • J Trudeau

            ^ haha
            I gotta say that I’ve seen a lot more boys/men whine, cry and be “whimps” than I’ve seen girls/women in my life. A LOT more. And I have to agree that the whole whinny, weak girl act is about 200 years stale. It’s more realistic to see a boy crying over a paper-cut than it is a girl. And it’s more realistic to see a girl keep a cool head than a guy in situations that involve strategy and thinking. Well, of course that’s just my opinion based on observation over the years…
            It comes to a point that character’s like Yuzu’s just make you want to heave a big sigh, but I think it was necessary for at least one character to be like that. I think it would have been more realistic to have 2 or 3 characters like that lol But no, people don’t want realism when play apocalypse games. It would be rather annoying if it was realistic.

        • Bakuryukun

          I’d….like to see your source on that, because I don’t think it’s true….at all. For one thing I have personally seen mothers stand go directly in harms way to protect their children. Some people rise up to the occasion, it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with gender I don’t think.

          Also I may be taking what you said too literally, but I think it’s worth noting that you can’t really breed something to have more brushes with death.

  • 0:52 yuri!? oh, if so, you are too kind Atlus XD

    can’t wait to see how this one plays out, and hopefully they’ll make it less of a hassle to go through the various endings (let me skip scenes dammit lol)

  • Select your route, and then a cut-in from both Fumi and Yamato? What will this mean? Hmmm….

    It could just be the trailer.

    • DanteJones

      I dunno, but I’m goin’ the Makoto route if theres the option to. :O 

      •  Same here.

      • I’ll woo- er i mean, go for the nurse girl, but at the end it will depend on the character’s personalty, this always happens in games like rune factory, i like one by just the character style, but when already in the game, i end up choosing the one who’s personality is the one i like the most xD.

        And ill go for a dude’s route only if he is a cool dude, and a great friend like Guy from tales of the abyss. If not, ill go the galz’s routes first >8D

      • Darkrise

         I’ll take a Makoto and  Fumi route if posssible =P

    • Saraneth

      There’s probably a GIPS ending that has something to do with GIPS’s secret agenda.

  • AnimeRemix

    The song playing in the trailer sounds pretty good. Still hoping for Atlus to release this in America next year! But I sadly still have to finish the first Devil Survivor game! T.T

  • Ren

    Wow, the atmosphere is completely different from the first game. I’m liking what I’m seeing.

  • hitosura22

     day one of course

  • LynxAmali

    No DS 1 references, no buy.
    No Naoya, no buy.
    No modifications to the leveling system, no buy.

    With that being said…I want that music.  

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Oh there probably will be DS1 references (almost all SMT titles reference previous games in their respective series and other series within the franchise), however since this is it’s own standalone title under the Devil Survivor moniker I doubt we’ll see anything like characters from the previous game (unless they are included as bonus bosses). 

  • Darkrise

    I’m feeling hyped already! Even though we’d probably have to wait till next year to see a release in NA…

  • imaguni

    I miss Reset already, I find this new theme very bland so far. :{ Anyway, the game already has a more epic feel and I hope those alien apparition scenes are also featured in the game!

  • @AtlusUSA:twitter obviously, the DS needs more DeSu… Devil Survivor, that is.  Why not release Devil Survivor 2 as Atlus USA’s swan song for the DS?

  • MisterDandylion

     “The peaceful days have ended…. LET’S SURVIVE….”

    THe game looks good. The Opening Song….. I liked it. It’s not really bland and I gotta admit this opening simboliizies the different vibe and feel that this sequel has with the original. Even though I loved Reset (Delete~~~ the world~~~ to do all over aga~~~~in” ;).

    Still I’m expecting this game. As always cool news, guys!

  • Sam

     My entire thoughts on this so far can be expressed with this “<3"

  • PrinceHeir

     love the music :D

  • Very much looking forward to see how this will be received! I have high hopes for it. 

  • A (Y) and a <3 are included. HAWT. No wonder it stroked all of the Japan up.

  • The outer space invader look like an ice-cream…if the people in Devil Survivor have an eating spree, would they be saved?

  • J Trudeau

    Nice. Looking forward to some Megami Tensei games in 2011/2012.

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