Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting Brings Monster Hunter To iPhone

By Spencer . May 18, 2011 . 10:47am

The Monster Hunter series is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting is quite different than other games in the series. You’re locked on a one-on-one fight with a monster and your finger is your greatest weapon, as seen in this video from Famitsu.



Players tap on a monster to attack and swipe with two fingers to dodge. When you’re about to get hit with a tail swipe you can hold two fingers on the screen to block. Touch screen item icons let players use recovery items.

Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting is slated for release this June.

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  •  It’s good to see the franchise on different platforms, but this does not capture the feel of the series. There is no sense of adventure, teamwork, epic scale, and intense battles. This game is Monster Hunter on rails.

  • Well it’s selling the best on PSP so I guess people are already used to Monster Hunter with terrible controls

    • FireCouch

       I take it you are bad at the game?

      • seems so, they always give the fault to controls… 

      • I have like 70something hours in Freedom Unite, but claw controls are pretty much objectively bad.  They work, because that’s the only way to MAKE Monster Hunter work with the PSP’s controller setup, but that doesn’t make them good.

        • Najoe Youn

          well its the best version of monster hunter yet cause the wii version sucks and  when and if the 3ds version comes out everyone is gonna flock back to the psp version(best version ever) and i like that capcom is reaching out to other platforms and “gamers” hope they look up monster hunter for the psp after playing that IOS game

          • Guest

            I have Kaijuu Busters

          • hitosura22

            and what was bad about the wii one if i may ask? if u ask me it played much better then the ps2 ones i tried the anolog control for atk it was unplayable worst idia ever  

          • hitosura22

            and what was bad about the wii one if i may ask? if u ask me it played much better then the ps2 ones i tried the anolog control for atk it was unplayable worst idia ever  

        • malek86

          It makes me wonder what are they even gonna do on the 3DS. Similar layout and number of buttons, but you can’t use the claw on it, due to the swapped d-pad and slider…

          But if it forces them to actually rethink their control scheme, it will probably be good for us, I say.

  • Cloud_ST

    Is that a life bar for the Rathalos?,that totally takes away the charm of the game.

    • jotun_of_greed

       that’s a yian kut-ku, which somehow explains why the AI is brain-dead

      • Cloud_ST

         You are right!,lol I didn’t watch the vid just looked at the image of the vid,my hunter pride is on the floor xDD.

      • shuratan

        Dude, I remember playing monster hunter for the first time and the yian kut ku totally destroying me in my awesome  giaprey armour @[email protected] 

  • Ah! So it works kind of like Infinity Blade then?

  • Monster Hunter… in name only. Fighting something head-on, with no room for relocating or finding advantageous locations? Even Arenas in Monster Hunter were more diverse than this.

    • No need for relocating when the AI is that brain-dead

  • RagnaXBL

    i feel sorry for those poor [email protected] on android :/

  •  Oh god (^_^)

  • DO WANT 

  • wat_wat

    Oh, cool. Tiger Handheld Monster Hunter. But seriously, the only iOS games I’ve run into so far that do an excellent job of preserving the feel of their arcade/console counterparts are Cave’s shoot em ups. This on the other hand is…Infinity Hunter. Which isn’t bad if you’re into Infinity Blade, but it’s a long way from Monster Hunter save for the name and the fact that you’re hunting monsters.

  • Guest

    Also Bandai needs to bring over those two Gundam iPhone games or at least give people access to the Japanese iTunes area without having to make a new account

  • Code

     Did someone just get Punch-Out in my Monster Hunter? Oh wait, there was always Punch-Out in my Monster Hunter >w<'

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