Unreleased PSP Accessory From Sony Would Have Added A Touch Screen And Cell Phone Service

By Spencer . May 18, 2011 . 6:38pm

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Sony’s NGP and PSPgo style Xperia Play tout touchscreens and cellular antennas as new features. Did you know Sony was developing an accessory to add both features to the PSP?


Around the same time Sony was working on a PSP camera accessory and GPS receiver that plugged into the USB port Sony also planned this.



It’s a diagram from a patent application filed by Sony Computer Entertainment that details a touch panel accessory. Users would plug the device in the PSP’s USB slot and flip the touch screen on top of the PSP. A stylus could be used to tap an onscreen keyboard to input characters or play games that worked with the hardware.


Sony also planned to release the touch panel with a cellular radio, which would turn the PSP into a portable phone. The difference between the two devices is the portable phone accessory would have numeric keys drawn on the touch screen to make the PSP feel like a regular telephone.


Plans for both accessories along with the camera and GPS receiver were drafted in 2004, according to a Japanese patent. While the touch screen was scrapped, Sony finalized the camera (released in 2006) and GPS receiver (2007).

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  • I’d rather have this, so that I could keep playing all of my UMDs! Still not sold on the NGP, mainly due to price, but I’ll wait to see they have to show at E3 before I start squirreling away cash.

    •  While it sucks that you can’t convert your real copy to digital, going to cartridge is such a great decision in terms of load times and battery life. That’s basically why a lot of people pirate/do digital copies is for that reason alone, and Sony realized that evened out the field.

    • But we dont even know the price? Since the device is so far from release people could easily save up just $2-5 a day to afford it, so I dont think its cost no matter what it ends up is exorbitant. Im over half saved on its cost at this point in time and am of the belief that no matter what its priced its a bargain as it is worth far more than even $599.

      • It’ll probably be at least the same amount as a 3DS. Plus, weren’t there rumors that the 4G model result in extra fees because someone might need a contract for the online part? The possible price and recent PSN outage are what are making me pause before considering an NGP purchase.

        I think the touch screen peripheral would have been intriguing. I’d have rather seen the GPS in the US though.

        • NGP + Virgin Mobile = Inexpensive unlimited data service. That is, if Sprint (owners of Virgin Mobile) is willing.

          • HAHAHA! Good one!

          •  I’m posting this from a Samsung Intercept with a $25 a month unlimited data and web service charge 15 miles from civilization.

            Your move.

          • Well I’m glad you have had a good experience with them. I think I still have the rectal scarring from the last time I was a client of theirs, so excuse me if I abstain to partake in any service that they offer for any device.

      • Suicunesol

        Well, yeah. It’s not hard to save up money especially if you do it far in advance.

        But at the end of the day, six-hundred dollars is six-hundred dollars. It’s a lot of money, especially for a handheld. Is the target audience of handhelds really that loaded?

        •  Was the target audience for the PS3 at launch that loaded? Well they still sold close to the same number of x360 sales in the first full year on market, so, I think people are that loaded to pay $599 for the NGP (of course it wont be $599). 

          People just gotta save, like they do for other aspects of life and entertainment.

      • But it seems like you care about owning close to launch, whereas I could give two shits. If it’s above $350 I’ll most likely just wait until something comes out that I have to play on it, or until the price drops. Right now, the system is cool, but it does nothing for me.

  • I remember seeing a third-party touch screen attachment for the PSP early in its life. I still wonder how it was supposed to work.

  • d19xx

     I like this idea better:


    it’s been done on iPhone as a homebrew app. 

    • Oh wow someone remembered that! *cheers* That would have been neat for ModNation Racers Portable.

  • doomspeller10

    I’d rather have this touchscreen (as gimmicky as it looks) than a clumsy crappy quality camera. Or better yet, a PSP transformed into a phone and radio.

  • If this were released, it would more-likely-than-not end up too gimmicky to use for many games… in the end, I think most users would have one, maybe two games tops that could actually use this touchscreen, and not all of them would have the accessory either.

    • doomspeller10

      In that sense you’re absolutely right. Plus, the right time for releasing that accesory has long passed. It should’ve been a launch accesory or a PSP 2000 launch accesory at most.

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