The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Robots Roll Out

By Spencer . May 19, 2011 . 11:02am

srt Following the announcement, < a href="">Famitsu posted screenshots of The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation. Instead of Gundam and Evangelion, this PlayStation 3 game brings together characters made for the Super Robot Taisen series and other video games into one title.


Ing, an ace pilot with telekinesis powers, and his robot Ashe hail from a Super Robot Taisen manga titled Lost Children. Joshua Radcliffe and the Aile Chevalier (right) come from the Game Boy Advance title Super Robot Taisen D. Cerberus (bottom left), Hugo Medio, and Aqua Centrum are playable in Super Robot Taisen MX. Ariel and the Flickerei Geist (bottom right) are crossover characters. Both are guests are from another Banpresto game, Real Robot Regiment, which was released back in 2001.


srt2 realrobot


Namco Bandai made some brand new mecha for The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Original Generation too. Their blow out reveals Jinrai (a dynamic general guardian), and mass market Gespenst Mk-II Custom (types C & G).


The 2nd Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations is due in stores later this year.

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  • Altritter

    The new Gespensts are from ACE Portable, they weren’t made for this game.

    • Exkaiser

       I was about to mention that myself.

    • Phlo

      Although the first half of your statement is definitely true, I’m not so sure about the second half. Seems like they’ve been slipping hints about this game for a while.

      • Nah, the crew just likes to put Original characters/units everywhere~ :P

      • Altritter

        I… what?  I was just saying that the Type-C and Type-G Gespensts are not new to OG3, not that OG3 was a surprise.  I don’t really understand your statement.

        • Phlo

          I didn’t say that OG3 wasn’t a surprise, I’m saying that the custom Gespensts were likely “made for” OG3 and were cameoed in advance in ACE Portable. IIRC, they even hinted at their existence in OG Gaiden.

          Sorry, I could have been more clear.

          • SetzerGabbiani

            I agree with your statement.  I was asking for new Gespensts
            for Katina and Russel, and someone in the other OGS2 article speculated that 2 of those new Gespensts were made for them, and the other one is for Kai.  Though they did appear in ACE Portable first, your statement about foreshadowing OG3 seems to hold water.

  • Guest

    HASSHIN! *wooosh!*

  • godmars

    As long as it means a less slight chance of the game seeing a Western release, I’m all for it. 

    And roll out the trailer already!

  • HarryHodd

    Sounds great. Never played any of these titles but this looks good.

  • Ing? Ram?

    Kinda sad that Touma/Cobray/Selena don’t appear though.

    •  Touma is definitely in, as RaiOh is seen in some groupshots, also Jinrai is some kind of prototype for the RaiOh, though probably no Selena or Cobray, yet.

  • Can someone tell me why the Real Regiment robot looks like a combination of Alteisen and Weißritter? I never played that game, and it kinda bugs me since yesterday. >_<
    I hope Kyousuke will mention something about it's stake~

    • Altritter

       I don’t think there’s any real reason for it, seems like Banpresto just got a bit lazy and used them in its design; wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done something that. Not that I’m complaining though, because it looks awesome.

      • Guest

        That game wasn’t a serious SRW anyway it was an overhead view beat em up. Pretty cool but would get ridiculously hard in certain levels and the most annoying thing was you couldn’t skip the character cut scenes before the missions if you had to start over when you died. And some would be like over 5 minutes long.

    • LynxAmali

      Because it was released post Impact?
      It wasn’t a very serious game at all. Essentially, a very unique robot possesesing both the abilites of the Alt and Weiss. Marion could easily create a monster, in the OG-verse, that was the Flickering Geist from leftover Alt (Remember it got remodeled into the Reise) and left over Weiss parts.

      As for Ing…..Not gonna spoil it…But let’s say he’s releated to Erzuz and co.

  • IsaacGravity

    Heh some SRW D love! Hope Rim is in this too!

  • PrinceHeir

     looks awesome :P

  • 5parrowhawk

     Playable Armana pls.

    I don’t care if she’s driving a stock Huleh. I’ll just end up with a fully-upgraded Huleh loaded down with a Haro-equivalent, EN regeneration and jamming.

    Of course, a custom mech would be nice too.

  • Covnam

    Nothing from Endless Frontier? :( 

  • I honestly hope this gets localized.  Then again, how come I see this as a DL-only release… in America?

  •  I’d be surprised if this didn’t see a release out west, quite frankly. It’s finally their chance to bring out a big SRW game without worrying about copyright and ownership issues.

    • Frankly, @SuperRobotWars #SRWOG can get marketed by d3 publisher of America, if @NamcoBandai’s lineup is still focused on Dragonball and Naruto.

  • The official website has developed –> 

  • I hope NISA or xSEED picks this one up :3

  • Captshiro

     Is there a release date on this yet

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