Deathsmiles 2X Lands In Canada And Mexico On Tuesday

By Spencer . May 22, 2011 . 10:45pm

screenlg5While Deathsmiles 2X was scheduled to launch throughout North America, the Xbox 360 shooter only showed up in the USA. Cave said to Siliconera they were coordinating with Microsoft to release Deathsmiles 2X in other territories.


And coordinating is over because Deathsmiles 2X will be available in Mexico and Canada starting on May 24. Makoto Asada apologized to fans for the (slight) delay on the Cave blog.

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  • mikanko

    Really really hoping this method of distribution is successful enough that games like Arcana Heart 3, Senko no Ronde 2, and Dodonpachi Daifukatsu can make it out to the US as downloads since it seems highly doubtful anyone will bring them over on disc for Xbox 360.

    •  That would be great. I wish they would throw everything up there just so it’s available to people who want it can get a chance to try it, but I know it’s not that simple. Ah, well.
      I hope this continues with at least Cave and other developers for now. Maybe the next step is to localize them, perhaps? I can understand a bit of the story as I go along, but my Japanese reading skill isn’t as fast as my fingers it seems :P

      • mikanko

         Yeah, ideally it’d be cool if the games could all get localized, but when they’ve been out well over a year and it’s apparent no one will be picking them up this seems the next best thing. 

        If it becomes common place would make the region locking 360 games get not seem so bad, as it still gives incentive for games to be licensed in other regions while the game is still new.  Just gives them an out if no one wants to take the gamble in localizing something, they can still sell it outside Japan.

        • TrevHead

          Well if Cave had no publishers the would be little reasen to region lock. They might aswell make all their games RF plus put them on GOD, thus making everyone happy.

          Ofc RSG is a part of the equation so its not so simple. Still it would be the best route for Cave to take if RSG back out

    • blah blah
      • mikanko

        Yeah, I have it on my PS3.  I’d just like to see it on Xbox 360 in the US as well so it’d get more exposure.  In general I prefer fighters on Xbox anyways as fewer people use wireless connections and in general always find the online connectivity a bit better.  I’d also like to bug friends who don’t own a PS3 to get it, as I really think it’s the best fighting game out in a lot of ways.

        Also, PSN store being down for over a month mere hours after AH3 got released on PSN probably did a lot to kill the games sales, so anything that’d help more Americans get the game would be welcome.  Obviously it’d be cool if Aksys could release it on 360, but it seems they’re numbers don’t indicate it’s worth the gamble.  If Ark System Works could release the JP import of it over games on demand I would double dip instantly.

    • Code

      I heard part of the reason Daifukkatsu was regionally locked, was because Cave might potentially bring it over in the future. Cave generally seems to be pretty good about releasing regional free when global release is unlikely. Mushihimesama, Espgaluda II, both made it, and Muchi Muchi Pork went regional free just because they figured they’d never attempt localization — which I think is a good attitude. Generally all Cave’s more recent shmups at this point, that have been regional locked (outside of Daioujou and Ketsui), seem to have made it over so far, so I have a feeling down the line we might see potentially see Daifukkatsu and Akai Katana.   

      Plus I have a feeling Cave might go digital with a lot more of it’s releases, simply because they can price lock, and make sure it won’t drop to bargain bin values, and it likely cuts “localization costs” dramatically. Apparently G.Rev already attempted to go digital with Senko no Ronde: DUO here and they were rejected by Microsoft which breaks my heart omo; I think it could have really used the boost from digital/global release. And I’m not sure why Arcana Heart 3 didn’t show up on the system, that one surprises me even more.

      • mikanko

         Yeah, obviously Cave wants Daifukatsu and Akai Katana to get localized.  This is a nice out for them if by the end of the year neither title look like they’ll have a publisher though.

        I’m not sure I understand how Senko no Ronde II would be rejected by Microsoft and Deathsmiles 2 is a-ok.  That’s just depressing if true, but still hoping this release of DS2 sets a precedent that’ll allow Senko 2 to make it over here later this year.  DS2 had pretty much the same release day as Senko 2, so it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility. >__<

        • Code

          According to G.Rev’s official Facebook, Senko DUO was rejected by Microsoft, at least that’s what they’ve said happened. Might just be G.Rev blowing steam, but either way hard to say if it’ll happen. Senko DUO didn’t do so hot even in Japan, and trying to expand it into NA again after the original bombed here, might not be so appealing. Kind of have the feeling that G.Rev is trying to keep moving forward then look at how they can try and squeeze DUO. 

          Don’t get me wrong, even having DUO, I’d love to see it get localized, I can’t get many good matches, due to distance from Japan, and so few NA import players omo; But with Cave and G.Rev currently in very different situations. Cave generally really hitting a good stride and starting to crack the NA market; and G.Rev licking it’s wounds after what has been a rather rough go lately omo;;

          But yeah from what I’ve seen/heard I get a pretty good feeling that Akai Katana is going to get localized, and Daifukkatsu might as well too.

          • TrevHead

             While Cave are in a much better position the G.rev, they havnt had everything go their way. Look at there XBLA games Guwange and Nin2Jump from what I can gather these have been pritty much passed over by most gamers.

            Releasing Nin2Jump at the same time as Outland was a bit of a bum move considering just how much everyone is going crazy for this game. Which is kinda understandable since it brings elements of what makes STGs so fun to play and turning it into a 2D platformer, which is a genre western gamers can understand and know how to enjoy

          • mikanko

            Hoping that whenever Senko DUO was rejected was before Microsoft was entertaining the possibility of releasing import games on games on demand.  Could have been rejected as an XBLA title since it was a retail release in Japan, and/or went over the 2 gig limit.  Hard to say for sure, but it’s depressing it probably won’t happen.

            With the number of shooters available on 360 without a JP console I can’t see myself going back to one, especially with the cost of the yen to the dollar right now.  Senko 2 is really the only game I regret not getting as there’s not really anything else out there that plays like it.

            The first one sold pretty well in Japan from what I remember considering budget and install base of the 360, so I hope they don’t drop the series.  Would be really bummed if they did.

          • Code

            You show add me, Codemakura(360/PS3) can at least play some original Senko owo” I absolutely fell in love with the series and have always had an interest since, and followed Senko pretty closely >w<' Plus I usually play both the original and DUO pretty regular! But yeah at this point and time, I don't think importing a Japanese 360 is worth it xpx seems like in general most shmup companies are trying to localize when possible. Rev.X did really good in Japan, and DUO although lower is gradually getting up there, last I saw sales totals were around 30k, lower then the original, but better then the 10k it had in it’s opening week xpx; 

            I heard what kind of took the wind out of DUO’s sails (xpx; ugh just spotted that pun) was that the original Arcade release was terribly balanced and many Japanese players quickly disregarded it. The console release though did rebalance the game, but at that point the damage was done. Later on G.Rev released a 2.0 patch for arcades which brought it up to date with better balance, which might explain DUO’s long tail for it’s sales. But yeah at least for now might be worth holding out; although your not missing out on too much if your looking for online games; DUO’s online is pretty rocky, I can rarely get okay connections with Japan, and there’s only a few importers in NA that have DUO sadly omo; 

  • Cool. I had a short chance to play (I have Dodonpachi Resurrection to keep me busy on trips!), but I’m very glad I have a chance to play it finally.

  • YEAH! CANADA. I guess. I dunno.

    I’d like to train my shmupping, so I can tackle Touhou someday.

    • TrevHead

       I dont think you can appreciate the amount of willpower its taking me to not troll your comment :D

      from what ive read DS2X is a easy game to 1CC so its just what the doctor ordered

      • I 1CC it on my second time through the game. It made me feel pretty awesome, but then I put in my copy of Espgaluda 2 and there is no chance that I will do that anytime soon. So I’m pretty sure DS2X is pretty east. haha

        • And if you picked up Mushihime-sama 1.5, you’ll just outright cry the moment you crank it up to Ultra or God Mode.

          … But learning to survive a minute of that is very instructive. If you push hard enough, anyway.

  • IceRomancer

    My friends been wanting to play this for awhile so maybe I’ll try it out now :)

  • i wonder why they dont release the game in europe too…

  • Zonic505

    My my, that was certainly fast! This will surely please people, hopefully.

  • Darkrise

    Finally! I’ve been waiting to play this since last week, oh yeah I forgot but this can’t be bought with MS points right? 

    •  It can, actually. That’s how I bought it ;)

  • Guest

    I hope Europe not getting this means RSG wants to publish it over here.

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