Click To Zoom In On Growlanser IV: Overload’s Lead Characters

By Spencer . May 23, 2011 . 8:33am

imageAtlus updated the Growlanser IV: Overload site with "stare mode." While you’re browsing characters like Crevaniel or newcomers like Tricia on the official site, you can zoom in and blow up their character portraits.


There are also a few wallpapers to download for your PSP or PC. Growlanser IV: Overload is slated for release on PSP this summer.

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  • Satoshi Urushihara’s art style is pure eye candy and being able to zoom is asking for to be blinded by the shiny art style. xD

    Okay, I’m just exaggerating, but you get the picture.

    • mikanko

       If people are looking for Satoshi Urushihara artwork to help them go blind, he does happen to have a wide range of material outside of games that’s a bit more preve…

      I should stop. <.<;

  • mikanko

    Kinda a shame Langrisser was published by a now defunct company.  Langrisser IV and V getting remastered PSP releases with new content would make me the happiest of pandas.

    •  Oh another company picked up the rights, they released the old games on JP PSN and are making a…MMO :(

      • mikanko

        I know the games are on PSN.  Company who made Langrisser no longer exists is all I was getting at, and most of them went on to make Growlanser which from the iterations I’ve played just aren’t as good. 

        PS1 port of Langrisser IV + V is inferior to the Saturn releases too.  Especially IV as the gameplay was actually changed drastically replacing the battle system with the one from V.  Both games are good in their own right, but the change pretty much means the game doesn’t play anything like IV did originally. Since it keeps the same scenarios and maps while having V’s simpler battle system it turns one of the best SRPGs I’ve ever played a severely watered down mess.  Langrisser V on PS1 had poorer music samples than the Saturn release, which is also discouraging.  Would love updated versions of the Saturn games with new content.

        In general the 2d sprites looked a bit better on the Saturn as well, and displayed at a higher resolution. =/

        edit: I guess I’d be clearer if I had just said it’s too bad Langrisser was published by a now defunct company, as now anyone who worked on the originals are with Atlus. Thus seeing chances of a real Langrisser remake or new title are 0.


  • kupomogli

    Nothing beats the glaring mode of Yakuza 4’s Table Tennis.  It’s so awesome.

  • So… you click the boobies?

  • Zeonsilt


  • *Rips the super hi-res PNGs while laughing like a super villain mwahaha* XD <3

    • glemtvapen

      Dammit! I can’t find the file to rip the hi-res from. >.<
      How did you do it?

  • the art is so gorgeous !

    I think the first time i came across the art style was for a manga/anime called plastic little!

  • z0mg psp wallpaperz, i hope there is a theme 

  • neo_firenze

    OK Atlus USA, here’s your chance to shine.  The past year or so has seen a little discord from fans wondering about business uncertainty and some interesting release decisions (i.e. picking up a lot of non-JRPG stuff outside of the typical Atlus mold, not localizing a few notable JRPGs that seem to be more traditional Atlus fare).  Maybe some of that was a communication issue.  At any rate, this is a great opportunity to prove by actions and not words that the Atlus JRPG fans grew to love didn’t go anywhere. 

    Radiant Historia was a very nice start.  Catherine is coming in the Summer, and there are strong hints of a Persona 2 Innocent Sin localization announcement forthcoming – but let’s face it, Catherine and P2 are pretty high profile as this kind of stuff goes.  Grabbing a less high profile Growlanser IV and/or Gungnir for localization would do wonders to appease anyone doubting whether Atlus is abandoning their status as one of the elite companies in the JRPG niche.

  • JustaGenericUser

    “you can […] blow up their character portraits”

    I see no explosions, I am disappoint.

  • PrinceHeir

    Atlus you know what to do :P

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Damn it, I hate this. There are so many good RPGs left untranslated from Shining Hearts to Fate/Extra. And now another one would pass right in front of our nose. I bought PSP for JRPGs honestly, and there seem to be less and less of them localized these days.

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