Devil Survivor 2 Screenshots Take Us Inside The Group Ready To Fight Invaders

By Spencer . May 23, 2011 . 1:24am

For generations, Yamato and his family prepared to fight the mysterious invaders that show up in Devil Survivor 2. At 17 years old, he’s just a teenager, but also in charge of JIPS, short for Japan Meteorological Agency, Geomagnetism Research Department.


Here’s a look inside the organization’s Osaka headquarters, which the protagonist has an opportunity to visit on Monday.


devilsa8 devilsa7  devilsa12 devilsa11 devilsa10 devilsa9


JIPS has facilities throughout Japan. Makoto leads the Tokyo division and Fumi, a solemn scientist, heads the Nagoya group. While the JIPS is against the invaders, they appear to have their own agenda too… oh speaking of the invaders here’s another look at four of them: Dubhe (Sunday), Merak (Monday), Megrez (Wednesday), and Aloith (Thursday).


devilsa14 devilsa16devilsa15 devilsa6


devilsa2 devilsa4

Japan’s special defense force stands no chance against Merak, it seems.


devilsa1 devilsa5  devilsa3 devilsa13


Now for some artwork of the main characters from top to bottom: the protagonist, Daichi, Io, Yamato, Otome, Makoto, and Fumi… who uses her leg as a mouse pad. If she can make laptops orbit around her, she should at least have a wireless mouse.


devilsc8 devilsc2 devilsc3 devilsc1 devilsc4 devilsc6 devilsc5 devilsc7

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  • hope dis game also come for 3ds

    • AnimusVox

      It will. 

    • xflame10

      ………. ds games work on the 3ds -_-

  • Fumi’s looking good!

    Oh, and so is the game.

  •  Excellent. EXCELLENT.

  • Bet that Yamato will be Chaos aligned.

    That expression is so obvious~

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      He feels more like a Law-aligned character to me. I mean he’s a young man in charge of a special group that was passed down throughout his family, not to mention that he has to be pretty well-disciplined and responsible in order to head such an organization at a young age.

      Of course more info needs to be released before everything is revealed, but’s that what I think anyway. 

    •  Fumi’s going to be the Chaos one, I bet. Yamato just has a smug look on his face because that’s his personality. :P

  • It’s the same soldier from the first game! And here I thought he was evil or died or something.

  • I hope this game come sooner because I can’t wait anymore…D: 

  • HOLY—You know, my eyes are looking for Yamato, Daichi and the Hero. And hawt (Y) and yes I agree. The game is looking good as well. XD

  • Tit Survivor 2: Return of Devils.

  • Darkrise

    I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that the artist drew Fumi and Makoto as if they’re close to making out, if that’s the relationship I think the games going to have with those two, then… That’s just Awesome.

    • lightningrook

      And then you notice Yamato’s pose and position relative to them o_O

      • It’s like he’s using a spell or puppet strings to make them make out.. :>

  • Selaphiel

     The invader designs are looking sooooooo goooooood.

    But the magic-orb boobs are still bugging me. Maybe Mohiro Kitoh should have done *all* of the character designs. (But then there would be NO boobs… We are faced with a dilemma.)

  •  Silly Spencer, the SDF is NEVER stands a chance. If they did then the writers couldn’t justify putting teenagers in serious danger.

  • Sakurazaki

    H-h-hello nurse!

    By the way, I like how in almost every in-game screenshot the protagonist just blankly stares at the other person.

  • Fumi’s design is Terrific! I love it! <3

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