Marvelous Has Several Games In Development For NGP

By Spencer . May 24, 2011 . 4:06pm

ngp1Marvelous jumped right on the Nintendo 3DS bandwagon with Zoo Resort and Kagura. Looks like the creative developer has similar plans for the NGP.


In the latest investor’s presentation, Marvelous notes Sony will release the NGP at the end of this year. During this time, Marvelous plans to put several games on the market.


Throughout the next fiscal year (that’s up to April 2012), Marvelous will continue to support the Nintendo 3DS too. A key goal for Marvelous is balancing risk between main series with original titles. Marvelous, in the past, released a slew of original games like Avalon Code, Little King’s Story, and Sakura Note. A few of the company’s established series include: Luminous Arc, Harvest Moon, and No More Heroes.

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  • ManaKnight

    I hope Half Minute Hero comes to the NGP.

  • I’m kinda worried for Marvelous at the moment, given the costs of development for NGP.

    However, just to be safe, I’d like to see them do ports as warm-up.

    • malek86

      I reckon they know what they are doing… no sense in worrying for now. And if it really were so risky, they wouldn’t have bothered, considering their current situation.

      • lostinblue

        I’m not so sure seeing they just merged with another company with problems.

        But well, that doesn’t really concern us, right? we just have to buy their quality software for the platforms we own.

        As for the news… It kinda makes sense for them to focus on portables. I bet the NGP is gonna be more expensive than a 3DS (and the 3DS is selling only “ok” because it is expensive) so if anything I think they should focus for the time being on the 3DS (putting the games out, that is) and treating the NGP like a backburner or give it priority providing the game uses specific hardware features; or multiplatform, I guess. This because I guess it’ll take more time to catch on; but it’s the best strategy they can come up with I think.

        I’d really bite onto a harvest moon or rune factory for iPad though (would obviously also be viable for ipod touch/iphone and android devices), a simplified top down touch only one (and not a port). Something with the original Harvest Moon SNES gameplay and revised graphics. Their other games just don’t fit in the “casual’ness” of it.

        But that’s about it; home platforms haven’t really been kind to them, I don’t want them dropping them just yet/some games managed to sell ok/good and/or were made around the platforms specifics so couldn’t really be recreated on portables… but they’re thinking right. Shame that like someone said NGP might be more expensive to develop for than it really should (but they can also get away with “average graphics” on it than on a graphics-centered home console).

        • malek86

          “But well, that doesn’t really concern us, right?”

          It definitely doesn’t concern me. I’m not gonna buy a NGP for a very long time, if ever. The design and apparent size just bothers me. Maybe if they end up making a smaller model. Between this, the iPad, and DSiXL, it seems like not-really-portable devices are all the rage today. Oh… well… I’ll eventually have to get used to this too, like everything else. Let’s at least hope those rumors about a 6″ screen controller for the next Wii are false.

          And I’m not seeing NGP development costs being particularly high. For western companies maybe. But niche japanese companies will keep on making average-looking games like they always have. Most of those games on PSP look like 32-bit era stuff, even though the console is supposed to rival the PS2 in power. I’m guessing SCE is more relaxed in its policies for portables.

          In fact, my guess is that most NGP games made by Falcom, Marvelous, etc. are gonna look pretty much like 3DS games, except with higher resolution. If so, they could easily make them multiplatform, and development costs wouldn’t be as high.

          • lostinblue

            Hm, I didn’t mean’t doesn’t concern us without any kind of irony associated, or NGP knocking. More like it’s their job to find a way to be profitable, not mine. I want them to be profitable and they’re one of my favorite developers… But I can only do so much (and I’m sure they could find a business model that works for them)

            Yeah, I hate NGP design with all my might, the touch screen just doesn’t screen to be used in that form factor. I bought a PSP Go recently and it just baffles me, they finally found the ideal form factor for they product and they just… didn’t stick with it. On top of that, that thing is huge and the design feels worse than any PSP before it… Too rounded. I want a redesign already.

            Oh I hope the 6 inch screen thing is true. I wouldn’t want to loose the ambidextrous controlling option and the like though; I like the Wiimote solution a lot, but 6 inch screens on a home console kinda make sense for me, it’s a good solution for living room gaming, where even the TV might be an accessory now. On top of that I’d like to see it running multiple games at once (virtual service/virtual console ones, providing how well it does)

            It can do so much better than a HD Wiimote.

            The PSP never rivaled PS2 in graphics, but yeah you’re right, only some SCE games (GT), Ready at Dawn and Square-Enix really lost their time (and budget) on it. I hope from the start with this one they don’t go “PS3 port rampage” it just feels wrong and they’ll probably be inferior, just like the PSP PS2 ports were.

        • Why are is everyone assuming NGP costs that much more than the 3DS?! If the games cost more than the developers will have a higher standard to reach and thus will spend more time on making sure the experience is not half done etc. Unless of coures you want Steel Diver type games on the marketplace…comments for developers dont really indicate that 3DS is THAT much less costly than an NGP.

    • ManaKnight

      You don’t have to make big budget games on NGP.  SCE has it to where it can support various budgets and more friendly to develop for.  They’ll be able to make what they do on PSP but with smoother graphics, better controls, faster loading probably, and other advantages.

      • lostinblue

        That’s like saying you can do games with the budget you did on PS2… on PS3. In reality things got more expensive, it’s almost inevitable.

        Unless they’re gonna jump on NGP doing PSP graphics (along with PSP textures/assets)

        The platform will be more expensive to develop for than 3DS is, and of course more expensive than PSP. (and if they wanted to make “PSP games” PSP ain’t dead yet… :P)

        • Suicunesol

          I… kind of disagree. Take the PSP, for example. The PSP is a system that is clearly more capable than the DS in terms of 3D graphics. You’d think 3D games would be more appropriate for the PSP as opposed to the DS. Yet there is a sizable number of 2D games for the PSP–many of which are excellent.

          There is no requirement for needing to use a system’s full processing power to make a game. Companies that want to do big-budget can do big-budget, while small companies can stick to their pistols if that’s what works for them. It is that way for the PSP. I don’t see how the NGP will be any different.

          • lostinblue

            It is more expensive to do those on PSP than on DS; unless they’re ports/downsizing of assets.

            You don’t have to use the platform’s power, but if you apeared with FF4-remake 3D graphics or low-res sprites on it you’d probably get slammed. Same with 3DS, actually, the graphics will become better than on DS on it almost because of an unwritten rule (and it is also more expensive to develop for it). Same applies to NGP next to PSP/3DS.

    • lostinblue

      Speaking of which. I’d like to see a Rune Factory Frontier port for the 3DS (they could put it on NGP too if they want). That or a new Rune Factory with Raguna as a main character (it still has the best main character design in the series, IMO)

      Just get rid of the runey system being so crucial for the portable version (pick and play and all that.

    • Then do you want them to stick with games on the DS and PSP? Its not like either new handheld costs that extravagantly

      “PSP2 and 3DS game projects, by contrast, are expected to routinely pass the million dollar barrier.”

  • malek86

    Make a Kagura port, I say. The 3DS can use its screen for 3D cleavage action, while the NGP can use its touchpads for massaging action.

    … ok, that probably wouldn’t work.

    • Suicunesol

      For the 3DS, cleavage-action on the top screen, and belly-rubbing with the stylus on the bottom screen.

      • malek86

        Yeah, but with the stylus? Come on. But on the NGP, with the back touchpad, you have to use your fingers. And notice how it’s multitouch…

  • A No More Heroes 3 on NGP would be fantastic.

    • puchinri

      I thought Suda basically said he’s sticking with Nintendo as far as NMH goes?

    • joesz

      It just doesn’t feel right.We don’t even know anything  about the NGP.
      It’s like telling Bush to shoot an untested rocket…Maybe that already happened?

    • lostinblue

      I can’t imagine a numbered NMH making sense on a portable.

      I’d like to see Silver Case finally remade for a portable. I’d also like to see a Flower, Sun and Rain with graphics like the ones on PS2 or better gracing the platform.

      NMH? Not so much, perhaps a spin-off with another characters.

      • malek86

        Until some years ago, we couldn’t have imagined a numbered Dragon Quest on a portable either :P

        • lostinblue

          True, but Dragon Quest isn’t dependent of motion controls and the like.

          NMH with classic controllers feels naked; good thing the PS3 version making it over supports PSMove.

          I see a numbered FF making more sense on it than NMH.

  • badmoogle

    I hope they take advantage of NGPs online capabilities and use them for an interesting multiplayer mode for Rune Factory.

  • I don’t plan on getting the 3DS any time soon, but might get the NGP on day one. I love games by Marvelous, so if it comes over, I’ll take it.

    • Ravage27

      i’m in the same boat, here’s hoping that most of those NGP titles gets translated

  • kupomogli

    Marvelous.  Just Marvelous.  :P

  • DarkWaterClone

    I hope one of the games will be a new  Little King’s Story. The NGP could be used in great ways for that strategy game. So I hope that will be on the system. I also would enjoy a new River King, CIMA: The Enemy & I hope another game like Fate/Extra.

    I also wonder if they might bring out a new IP for the NGP. But it most likely will not be any of the games but Harvest Moon instead. Not to sound like I would not want a new Harvest Moon just that I would like to see some thing else from them instead. But if it is a new Harvest Moon I hope they will add something new.

  • PrinceHeir

    No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise 2 please :P

  • noctis_nox

    I want a  harvest moon NGP and Luminous arc. A new IP is a much welcome too.

  • im more interested in hearing something like “sonic the hedgehog 4 speeding its way over to the ngp” or “sonic generations hitting all consoles.”

    and if nis knows what i want ill see “disgaea 3: After Hours” on its way over here on the portables

    … maybe “Disgaea 3: Extra Credit”?

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