Famicom Vs. Super Famicom Dragon Quest I・II・III

By Spencer . May 25, 2011 . 3:02pm

003[4]Enix was way ahead of the curve when it came to remakes. Right after finishing Dragon Quest V, Chunsoft started working on a remake of Dragon Quest I & II.


Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection will include Famicom and Super Famicom remakes on one Wii disc. This batch of screenshots gives us a look at how both versions of each game in the compilation.


Dragon Quest (Famicom)

007[2] 006[2]

Dragon Quest (Super Famicom)

018[1] 019[2]


Dragon Quest II (Famicom)

010[2] 011[3]

Dragon Quest II (Super Famicom)

020[3] 021[3]


Dragon Quest III (Famicom)

015[1] 014[1]

Dragon Quest III (Super Famicom)

025[1] 026[1] 027[1] 024[3]


Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Commemoration Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I・II・III is slated for release this September in Japan.


005[2] 009[1] 013[2] 017[2] 023[2]

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  • lurkingsalt

    Man those screen shots bring back memories. If I remember correctly Dragon Warrior I on the NES came in a Golden Cartrige, and If you chose to become evil at the end you would lose all your data. Battery saving system made you make sure you were holding select before turning your NES off. Good times.

    • Exand

      Pretty sure you’re getting mixed up with something else? The original Famicon DQ1 didn’t have a battery in it (I still have the notepad with the continue codes you had to write down to continue). And the free NES DQ1 I got when I subscribed to Nintendo Power was just a normal grey cart, albeit the game was slightly upgraded with graphics tweaks.

    • It was a grey cartridge and you held reset while you turned off the power.

      Also, you didn’t lose all your data if you sided with the demonlord, the game just kind of froze and you had to reset.

      • lurkingsalt

        I must be remembering wrong about the cartridge color, but I’m positive I lost all my data when that screen froze.

    • Indee good time’s i never forget that golden cartrige! time has fly like crazy and  so much stuff has happen since then and yet both of the series are still going dragon quest and Final fantasy but am sure FF will go down faster then Dragon quest.

  • d19xx

    Aww, I was hoping Chun Soft. would make another Shiren for the PSP…

    • When Spencer mentioned Chunsoft, he was talking about how they developed the SFC release of DQ I&II back in the 1990’s. They’re not involved with this rom collection, so maybe you’ll get lucky. (Though I think Spike ported Shiren 3 to PSP…)

      • d19xx

        I thought they we’re handling the remake. Well whatever, I just want a new roguelike from them…

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Oh my gosh, the Toriyama artwork! THE TORIYAMA ARTWORK!!!

  • Yeaaaaaa, the ol’ an’ good old zchoolz

  • I’m hoping this’ll be the first time we Yanks see the Super Famicon versions of the first 3 Dragon Quests.

    I love DQIII the most, but having them all is something of a dream.

  • plz come to america!

  • Would it kill them to bring this to XBLA?

  • Ladius

    I really can’t see this as anything other than another collection of ROMs for Wii. Way to be lazy and show how much you depend on portremakesrehashes, Square Enix, especially since this should be a way to commemorate your best selling series’ anniversary.

    Besides, the USA already got improved versions of the first three Famicom DQs and their GameBoyColor remakes, so it isn’t the first time those titles come here, as some fans think.

    • blah blah

      It’ll be on disc, so no.
      And those versions are hard to track down by now.

      • AdrianHeng

        SNES and NES roms are laughably easy to “track down” with Google. Really, I have to agree with Ladius – these are games that were released decades ago. If you really want to squeeze a few more dimes out of them, release them on the virtual console. Or better still, throw some of your treasury at it to produce a remake – all the ye’ old Final Fantasy got this treatment, why not Dragon Quest?

  • Guest

    Dragon Quest III (Super Famicom) was my fav DQ game

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