Europe Discovers How White Knight Chronicles Begins This June

By Spencer . May 30, 2011 . 11:56am

While White Knight Chronicles II concludes Leonard’s storyline, the PSP game looks at the beginnings of the White Knight Chronicles series. White Knight Chronicles: Origins takes place 10,000 years in the past. In the PSP prequel, the knights, including the White Knight, are enemies that players must defeat. Fortunately, tokusatsu style transformations were still part of the game’s world in the distant past.



Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will bring White Knight Chronicles: Origins to stores on June 8. As of now, no North American release for White Knight Chronicles: Origins has been announced. Eye of Judgment: Legends, another Sony developed PSP game, got a retail release in Europe and was distributed as a digital download in North America. Although it’s unclear if Sony Computer Entertainment America is involved with the White Knight Chronicles series in the States. D3Publisher picked up the rights to White Knight Chronicles II and plan to release it this summer.

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  • godmars


    White Knight Tactics: a turn based strategy game that features technical and magical research which allows you to create Knights, the smaller Doga knights customizing them as well as their special attacks.   

  • origins?  i like more Dogma Wars title XD

  • Barrit

    The UK gets WKC2 and Origins in June.

    If the US releases them the same month, I guess that means we’ll get Origins in August. So many good games coming out this summer. My poor wallet!

  • ManaKnight

    I actually don’t mind waiting until August for WKC2 on PS3 (published by D3), but I’m very disappointed we aren’t getting WKC Origins stateside.  I’d buy it for sure.

  • landlock

    Can’t believe there releasing WKCII/WKCO on the sameday as Infamous 2, Red Faction and Duke Nukem. Not the best week when there is virtually nothing out in July/August.

    • shion16

      Its like when resonance of fate were released the same week than Final Fantasy XIII………a suicide

      • kupomogli

        Even though FF13 sucked, Resonance of Fate was worse.  It’s a good thing that it was overshadowed and got pretty much no sales.  I’d hate to have seen it get somewhat decent sales because it was an RPG and tri Ace develop another one because they saw good sales and automatically assumed it to be a good game.

        • In fairness it was a huge improvement over Tri-Aces last few releases. IU and SO4 are hilariously terribad

          • o_o in what time-space paradox am I drawn?! As far as I remember all three games were quite good. They all have really good battle systems and repetetive yet very addicting gameplay, the characters are interesting or at least likeable and Resonance of Fate has three of the most stylisch MCs ever! The only point in which they all lacked is the story, and that’s up for interpretation as I actually liked the story in IU and even in SO4, the one in RoF is kinda confusing, but the Slice of Life style is a nice change of pace.

            Sorry I’m a bit defensive when 3 games I like are all bashed at the same time, I don’t argue with you both, I’m sure you have your reasons, it’s just hurting me a bit.. ;__;

          • shion16

            im with you 
            ROF is a good game

          • Fonic

            I also liked Infinite Undiscovery. It was a fun game with a surprisingly decent story and several good characters. The MC was a nice change of pace from the usual types too.
            It felt kind of unfinished at times but I enjoyed it.
            Have yet to play RoF or SO4 although they are sitting on my shelf.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Resonance of Fate was probably the best RPG of 2010. And Star Ocean: The Last Hope is not the best game in the world, but it certainly is underrated.

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          I pity you if you can’t appreciate how great Resonance of Fate was.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        But FFXIII and ROF were the same genre. The audiences for Duke Nukem and White Knight Chronicles II couldn’t be more different. I don’t see the overlap hurting this.

  • o.O why not psp not region lock so u can just order there

  • Don’t like it when retail give you the god damn wrong release date even though it’s already been annouced WHEN.

  • DarkWaterClone

    I so hope White Knight II sells well for D3Publisher. This way Sony can see people want RPGs. I can’t understand why Sony passes on their RPGs. Be it this or Demon’s Souls. I myself really enjoy RPGs but SCEA seems to not really like them for some odd reason. But you can’t complain because they love those shooters & well you can always have more of those….Not.

    I do think that Knight Chronicles: Origins will get a PSN release from SCEA. At least I hope so. Because if the game is already translated why not at least put it on PSN. Even though I would prefer a UMD release but with the NGP coming out soon it is better to get a download. So this way you can play it on the NGP.

    I myself really hope Sony starts putting more development into RPGs again. Beause I would enjoy a new Legend of Dragoon, Alundra, Wild Arms, Beyond the Beyond & Dark Cloud from Sony. So I hope White Knight sells really well so Sony will start making more RPGs.

  • BelmontHeir

    Hey, that actually looks pretty good. Pretty much like the console game shrunk down.

  • PrinceHeir

    looks awesome :P

    almost forgot about this ^^

  • MrDolomite

    I really would like to see this come out in the US. But if nothing’s announced at E3, I guess I’ll just import it and play with nobody.

  • HarryHodd

    Looks like I’ll wait until August and catch up on my backlog. But very excited for this and glad they are including the updated first game.

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