I Finished The Resident Evil: Revelations Demo In Mercenaries 3D

By Spencer . May 31, 2011 . 11:15pm

revelations_logoResident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D packs a short – let me emphasize that – taste of Resident Evil: Revelations. It’s unlocked right from the get go and can be accessed by selecting "special" on the main menu. In the Japanese version it’s called Biohazard Revelations Pilot Version and opens with a similar title screen to the image on the right with "pilot version" underneath the Biohazard logo.


The demo begins inside a ship and you take control of Jill Valentine. The circle pad makes Jill walk; hold B to run. Press B and move the circle pad to do a quick turn. Jill aims her pistol, which has a red laser sight, when you hold R. The Y button makes her shoot. There’s also a camera pad, an analog stick tacked on the touch screen. Slide your finger on it and you can temporarily change the camera. It locks back in place as soon as you let go. Most of the controls are on the bottom screen, but Resident Evil: Revelations’ pilot version doesn’t mention you can manually reload by holding R and pressing B or that you can walk and shoot at the same time. Capcom introduced this feature in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and carried it over into Resident Evil: Revelations.


The game shifts into first person view when Jill pulls the gun out of her holster. Probably for demo or pilot version purposes, Jill has unlimited ammunition. There isn’t anything to pick up, not even healing herbs. As you walk through the narrow corridors, there’s a rusty metal door that beckons players to examine it. Jill can’t open it, but you can lift a slot to peek inside. A contextual command (a circle with a Y inside) hovers above, which lets players know there’s something to inspect. Hold Y and a meter fills up around the circle on the top right. At the same time, the slot lifts open from the bottom of the screen and flips up to the top, but doesn’t jet out of the screen. You can see a man inside tied to a chair who looks like Chris Redfield.




After Capcom built up a bit of tension, I turned a corner and three rats bolted out of an electric panel, past Jill, and towards the screen. Shock scares are back in Resident Evil: Revelations. I moved Jill into a staircase where the bottom half is broken. With nowhere else to go I ran up and when I exited a puddle of blood was waiting at the top. The next room was dimly lit. Jill’s flashlight attached to her chest was the main source of light. If you scan around you can see bunk beds and green blankets. Something is growling up ahead and the next area is a dingy bathroom. Step forward and a monster suddenly leaps out of the stalls! The music changes and it’s Jill’s first fight.


The human-like creature slowly limped towards Jill. Shooting stuns the monster, but it takes a couple of body shots to knock it back. If it gets too close, the monster grabs Jill and bites into her shoulder with a toothed tube that extends from its mouth. Hit the commands that pop up to make Jill side kick the creature off of her. A haze of blood covers the screen if Jill gets bitten and gets darker if Jill continues to take damage, four bites and Jill becomes dinner. Jill’s health regenerates gradually so if you stand still Jill will recover.


With the creature defeated, I moved into another sleeping quarter, this time with a desk and some books on top. There are lockers too, but I found nothing inside after I inspected them by pushing Y. I exited right into a group of screeching bats that flew out of a window. I should mention here that the bats and rats never leaped out of the screen. Resident Evil: Revelations did not have any gimmicky effects like you would see in a 3D movie. In fact, the 3D effect is rather subtle. It adds a sense of depth to the corridors, but even on the maximum setting the only thing that pops out is text.


I crept through winding corridors and dashed down another flight of stairs. Up ahead I saw a glass window and one of those creatures holding a man up by his neck. I took one step forward and the creature flung the body leaving a bloody mess on the glass. Knowing a fight was coming up, I reloaded Jill’s gun and turned a corner into the room.




Two creatures were feasting on the body. They didn’t notice my presence right away so I looked at the blinking TV screen and unused computer. When I got close the music changed and the creatures slowly rose from their meal. Right in front of me was a steel table. You can’t use it for cover or anything like that. It’s actually a nuisance because the creatures can trap Jill by approaching both sides. That’s their default strategy of attack. Run backwards and the creatures will lock you into a corner while wailing their spiked arms at Jill. Even though you’re in a tight space, the key is to keep moving. Moving while shooting is handy here. I kept my distance and fired a few rounds at the first creature. Quick turned and assaulted the second. After both creatures drop on the ground the controls lock up and the demo ends with a screen that says "to be continued…".


A whole run takes about five minutes if you experiment and look around, three or less if you run straight to the monsters. Resident Evil: Revelations Pilot Version gives players a feel of the atmosphere, which is more like the classic Resident Evil games. Instead of open areas from Resident Evil 5, players are in claustrophobic spaces literally trapped with monsters to shoot. While Jill had unlimited bullets in the demo, Capcom said ammunition would be scarce. All of the areas are foreboding and the few scares add a bit of Hollywood horror into Resident Evil: Revelations.


Check back soon for impressions of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

  • Eddie

    See, M ratings and Nintendo can get along well!

    • Yeah, let’s hope their new console will have more games tailored for the mature audience (besides the RPG of course, which there should be an abundance in every console).

      • Should probably say more mature games that arent Resident Evil…

      • Eddie


    • The post implies that the Resident Evil Mercs is the first M game from Nintendo, when Resident Evil has been on the system before. Now if it were GTA…

      • OneOkami

        There was a Grand Theft Auto game on the GBA and the DS.

      • Eddie

        What I meant to imply was that there needs to more M rated games for nintendo. I know Resident Evil Mercenaries isn’t the first.

        • Agree completely.

        • SetzerGabbiani

          An M rating does not mean a game will be good.  Blood, guts, and sex do not make games better from a gameplay perspective.  Mediocre FPS have proven this time after time.

          Now if we’re talking about games with strong narratives, character development, and clever game design that happen to have adult themes, that’s a bit different.  Mass Effect and Uncharted come to mind as recent examples. Nintendo needs at least 1 title like this. I think they should re-explore the world of Eternal Darkness.

          • Eddie

            We are talking about your second paragraph but yeah I agree with you.

          • Joanna

            It’s funny that you mention Uncharted because both games are rated T, which sort of proves your point that rantings don’t really matter in the end. M is only there to tell us the amount of violence and/or sex/sexuality a given game has and not whether it handles those two deeply or maturely. I think it bothers me when developers add in violence and sex just for the sake of an M rather than the sake of the story. :|

  • As long as the regenerating health doesn’t go into the full game I’ll be pleased with it.

    • malek86

      Regenerating health in a survival horror? nothankyou.jpg

      I’d rather have difficult health management like in Robinson’s Requiem, that would definitely make it more realistic. Having to use bandages in real time, having to disinfect wounds, take different medicines, eventually amputate limbs when things go bad.

      But, it would probably be overkill, and not very good if you don’t want to have to restart often. Still… the ultimate survival horror.

      • Ereek

         Yeah, going to have to third this.  Health management is one of the parts that, you know, adds “survival” to the “horror.” “Survival” has been lacking more of late in RE, though.

        • malek86

          Well, most survival horrors, not just RE, actually never cared much for health management. In most games you just pause, even during a fight, ingest a pill or herb or whatever, and your health is back to maximum.

          The cool part about Robinson’s Requiem was also that they gave you everything at the beginning (bandages, medicines, etc.) but you couldn’t find them anywhere in the game. You could very well screw up and consume more bandages than necessary, which would eventually lead to you not having them later, and dying of blood loss.

          This concept would probably be more fit for a survival horror roguelike, where you must accept to restart often, rather than a RE game though.

          • Exkaiser

            Survival horror roguelike? Where can I donate my money?

    •  It was probably only in the game because there were no herbs in the pilot.

      Or at least I hope so.

  • PrinceHeir

    yes excited for this :D

    hopefully the bosses would be harder(like Verdugo in RE4; the one in the sewers that chases you.)

    heck even a Nemesis type creature would be awesome :P

  • RagnaXBL

    Wow that was a great article…
    so much suspense…

    good writing. you ever considered writing a novel? :P

  • mikanko

    This sounds more like a Resident Evil game I could get into.  I wonder if they’ll ever release it for anything other than 3ds.  I just don’t play portable games that often, will probably get an NGP for Falcom alone, and can’t see myself spending that much on two systems I’ll almost never play. 

    Still, it’s nice to see them try and make the series a bit more suspenseful.  I don’t think 5 was a bad game, but it was sorely lacking in making me feel uneasy while playing it.

  • Rafa_Zetafius

    If i saw the trailer, i thought the man that was tied up is Chris, but is not, because soon after that, chris showed up and pointing his gun to Jill…
    SO….who is the man that get tied up on the chair??
    (Er….sorry if my english is bad)

    Great article, it reminds me of Lost in Nightmare episode
    The atmosphere feels like classic Resident Evil series….

    • Exkaiser

      You’ll have to play the full game to find out!

  • XypherCode

    can’t wait to play it! :D so many great games are piling up!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Was liking everything I heard until…regenerating health! I so HOPE that was only for the demo.

  • Jill needs to cut her hair and put a hat on again.

  • stealthgiga

    Can’t wait for the Mercenaries’ impressions ^^ great writing!

  • I wonder if revelations looks better then mercs 3D, they should port over resident evil 4 since they didn’t do that enough. and maybe re zero and the gamecube version of resident evil while their at it.

  • thebanditking

    I can’t wait to try this but,these still are not zombies Capcom. I don’t know why they don’t get that by now, the zombie is really the perfect horror enemy as it resembles living humans (for the realism hook) but vastly deformed to provide the gross/scare factor. I was not afraid of Spanish people with red LED eyes, nor was I afraid of (mostly) black people with demonic biting sausage tubes for heads so why would I be afraid of blue tinted squid men with a really bad over bite?

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