About Atelier Meruru’s Multiple Endings…

By Spencer . June 1, 2011 . 2:30pm

043[4]When you reach the end of Atelier Meruru you also close the book on Gust’s "Arland" trilogy. A number of familiar characters, mostly from Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, appear in Atelier Meruru to help Princess Meruru out.


Describing the future of Earls and Meruru is the heart of the game’s multiple endings. In addition, players will see each key character and how they are involved with the series’ conclusion.


Since players have three alchemists (Meruru, Totori, and Rorona) in battle director Yoshito Okamura tried to differentiate each character. Totori is pretty much the same from Atelier Totori. Meruru creates advanced items with high firepower. Rorona style isn’t what fans expect it to be.


Atelier Meruru comes out on June 23 in Japan.

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  • So Rorona style doesn’t involve throwing pies at people? This is a travesty!

  • I hope they get on with more “Atelier Iris” RPG oriented with alchemy style of games after they are done with this trilogy!

    • SeventhEvening

      I don’t. There’s nothing else like the Atelier games on the market. The Iris games were fairly weak. They lacked the depth of item creation from other Atelier games and they lacked the depth of plot that Ar Tonelico possessed. I enjoyed the Iris trilogy, but I don’t think they were a step in the right direction.

      • mikanko

        Exactly this.  Atelier Iris are charming RPGs, but kinda shallow gameplay experience when stacked up against other jrpgs.  I like the item creation and alchemy focus, and without it would probably not be picking these games up, as I don’t have time to play every RPG released the way I did in the PS2 days.

      • Of course they lacked depth of item creation, it was RPG based, it purpose wasn’t that, the depth they lacked at synthesis it was gained with the battles (something this atelier games isnt good either)… And there isn’t anything else like the Atelier iris in the market either, just mana khemia? (that wasn’t that good when it comes to story) I think they did a good job with Azoth of destiny (AT iris 2), 1 and 3 were weaker, but were nice for people wanting more Gust’s style.

        And between these ateliers and Atelier iris games, the only depth i see in these is the item creation, the story doesn’t feels as good, and the town feels really empty.. i think these ones are more weaker (they are only good in visuals), im playing Rorona now, and i must say, that even if i like the characters, this game feels really weak compared to, umm… atelier annie, and i feel Rorona (the game’s pace/time) moves way too fast, atelier annie had a better pace too, i really hope totori feels better.

        Also, i would like to add, making a new game for ps3 with atelier iris style, i meant to say RPG style, i dont think they will just do the same like they did in Atelier Iris so i dont know why would you expect something like that again.

        (And with other Atelier games you mean Rorona and Annie? Or did you play the games before Atelier Iris, i imagine in japanese, because i think Annie was the first traditional atelier being released here, i dont think the ps3 atelier games changed that much from the older games, but a RPG must have more changes for a new gen console, i assume, that’s why that if these atelier are close to the older ones but in graphics, it doesn’t means atelier iris would be close to the new RPG ateliers)

    • The thing is, Iris sub-series isn’t a typical representation of the Atelier series as a whole, so I can’t imagine Gust turning to it anytime soon. But if you like that kind of thing, try Mana Khemia instead.

      • Yeah, i have both mana khemia, the thing is, i like these games, but i dont think their stories are really good compared to the Atelier Iris, i mean, it feels it focuses much on the school aspect, and the story doesn’t feels as good.

        And i know they aren’t typical presentation of atelier series, but they are still part of it :P, but people still seem to misudnerstand me… When i say Atelier iris style, i mean RPG based with some alchemy, it doesn’t needs to be “Atelier Iris 4” THey could call it “Bushflava” and i’ll be happy, meanwhile it’s rpg based with alchemy like mana khemia or atelier iris games.

        • That would be nice, yeah. Although, I sometimes feel that the Atelier style item synthesis can be a bit inflated, mostly concerning the properties like “Big”, “Small”, “Smelly”, etc. Item recipes, I have no issues with.

          I’d like to see what kind of changes Gust will bring into their traditional synthesis system in the upcoming Nora’s Studio games on DS, seeing as how the creator of Atelier series is working on them.

  • I better see some Rorona/Sterk, Totori/Gino, and Meruru/??? pairings at the end *shakes fist* haha

    • In fact I want to see more about Sterkburg…but adult Sterkburg x little Rorona? oh my, I can really see the censorship everywhere XD

      • Well, I would expect Rorona to return to her adult self by the end ;)

        • Methylene

          I expect returning Rorona to her rightful age being one of the goals in the game.

          … and then, yes please Rorona/Sterk

  • “Princess” Meruru? Ruining it! You’re ruining it! Dx

    • Apollonis

      But she is one :P.  “Meruru-hime” then?

  • HarryHodd

    Wonder how many endings? Glad I bought Rorona day one and will do the same for Totori so when this comes out I’ll be mostly caught up on all the endings.

  • PrinceHeir

    why haven’t i bought the first two games is beyond me O_O

    i need to prepare for this :D

  • this series is pretty much the only reason to own a ps3 IMO. if I had one I’d buy the other NIS games too though!

    • dr000d

      There are so many more reasons to own a PS3.

      • SolidusSnake

        MGS4, GOW3, Disgaea 3, Demon’s Souls. Gust coming to PS3 is what made me finally buy one, though.

    • This is not a NIS game, these are made by GUST. NIS”A” does localize them though for the English fans.

  • AzureNova

    My head just exploded from the awesomeness! >_<

  • So this also means this game also has much replay value. Awesome, GUST! Simply awesome!

  • guntadela

    Dear Gust.
    Would you marry me?
    Yours truly, “Mr. Huge fan of your work”

    Ah… i wanted to propose to NIS America as well…. what should i do?
    Since Atelier games uses 2 partners in party i think i can marry both!

  • I don’t want it to end. ;_; Make Arland 4.

  • Allerina

    Guess I’ll have to buy this(no choice, really. I like the series, and I certainly won’t be able to play it on CFW right now, so…guess an import again, huh?).
    Gust really does make good games.

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