Girls Romance Group Wrote The Scenario For code_18

By Spencer . June 1, 2011 . 1:30pm

code_18 is the next game in the Infinity series which includes Remember 11: The Age of Infinity, 12Riven, and Ever 17: The Out of Infinity. KID developed these games and after the studio closed Cyberfront picked up the rights to all of their projects.


Since KID is no longer around, a new group was hired to write the story for code_18. Cyberfront picked Run & Gun, creators of otome series Lucian Bee’s Justice Yellow and Skip Beat.



Curious about the tone of the story since KID made mostly bishojo games while Run & Gun is best known for their otome titles. code_18 will be available on September 29 for PSP and Xbox 360.

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  • “a new group was hired to write the story for code_18”


    • Took the smiley right off my face. :/

    • Nakazawa has Regista/Yeti.
      Uchikoshi has Chunsoft.

    • So? We still dont know how this one is yet! And it’s a galge! ALL GALGE MUST BE CONQUERED!

    • It would be nice if they hired some ex-KID staff members, as consolation.

  • Selaphiel

    I’m gonna let the zealous fanboy in me say: Eff this game. Eff it in it’s ay. In no way is this a “real” Infinity game.

    The reasonable person in me says: This looks rather interesting. I’m willing to try new things.

    My Fanboy persona replies to my reasonable persona and says: You shut your mouth. You suck. Yousuckyousuckyousuckyousuck

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yes. That is it exactly. That’s the eternal struggle all of us fans have to go through day in and day out. Don’t give up though. Keep fighting yourself and find your answer. :D

      • Zero, milktub is making the sound, hear the music, and it will surely remind you to DEARDROPS songs i showed you >8D

    • Ladius

      I like the reasonable person in you, but I share some of your fanboy persona’s qualms about this game.

    • Then just treat it like a new game, and don’t make your heroine wait! 

  • Phlo

    Well, that explains pretty much everything.

  • the existence of code_18 itself is perplexing.
    I mean, who exactly decided on adding another game to the series, and to make it a year after….ever17…makes me just so sad. as other feels, it more or less gives off the feeling of a harem that an infinity game. of course, it can prove us wrong… since the only reason this is being given a chance is because of its past… though that’s also the reason it’s being written off….


    • HOLY SHEET YOU’RE RIGHT!!!! OMG my interest just turned OVER 9000!!!

  • WonderSteve

    Oh man, you people need to calm down.

    The story can still be good, don’t judge it so harsh until it comes out.

     FMA was drawn by a female artist, and it is probably one of the best shounen manga in recent history. Who would have thought?

    • Phlo

      I think it’s going to be bad because it has female authors? What kind of strawman argument is that? I just have no confidence in the ability of unrelated people to pull off the mind-bending atmosphere the Infinity Series does so well.

      • WonderSteve

        Then you misunderstood my analogy then.

        Some people believe female manga artist cannot product a popular shounen franchise, but there are artists that beat the odds even though she may have no experience with shounen manga.

        It is the same case here for this visual novel, nobody plays the game yet. Why are people pre-judging it? Maybe this group will do good even though they have no experience.

  •  yay milktub! they’re awesome doing the songs in KiraKira!

  • Aoshi00

    I’m not too big on Galge (I just got White Album though out of curiosity lol…and would get the Steins;gate dating sim).. but wow I haven’t heard Kobayashi Sanae (Touya Akira in Hikaru no Go) in a long time… 

    Anyway, the art’s pretty nice.. about this club making a plane or something lol..
    I’ve been wondering, what’s w/ the numbers anyway, is there any significance to the title or they just throw it out there?  Ever 17 is good and worth getting right?   

  • JFAN65

    Not sure what to think of this game, to be honest. I’ll buy and play it, despite the fact that there is no involvement by Nakazawa or Uchikoshi, but whether or not it’s good enough to translate is something that will have to be seen.

  • PrinceHeir

    Skip Beat looks awesome :D

    i wonder if they’ll do a similar style from the previous games?

  • GundamAce

    Wonder if this will have any worth translating or not. Personally, I’d much rather have Root Double, Nakazawa’s latest work.

    Oh well. Just because it’s not written by the original staff doesn’t mean that it will automatically suck. What I’m hoping most of all is that the new writers just don’t screw this up and if they either make a good enough game or don’t sully the name of the Infinity series. It’s only after that that we can see if it’s worth the trouble to bring into English or not.

  • JustaGenericUser

    “a new group was hired to write the story for code_18”

    So it’s not the same dude that wrote Ever17 and 999 and the others?


  • RagnaXBL

    what is a bishojo game? don’t you mean shojo? or ugly ppl can’t play this?

    that or my japanese is way off or i live in a cave >_>

    • Otome games are games designed for a female audience. Bishojo games are games where you, usually a male character, “hang out” with pretty girls. 

  • dusk

    Nobody ever remembers Never 7.


    • GundamAce


    • GundamAce

      Not true. I’m in the process of fan-translating it now.

  • Nei_chan

    “code_18 is the next game in the Infinity series which includes Remember 11: The Age of Infinity, 12Riven, and Ever 17: The Out of Infinity”

    You forgot Never7…and it was the first game in the series too..

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