Battle The Forgotten One In Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Next Week

By Spencer . June 2, 2011 . 2:34pm

The-Forgotten-OneThe conclusion of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the fate of the Belmont family will be revealed when the Resurrection DLC episode goes online. Gabriel will battle an ancient demon known as the The Forgotten One who has broken free. The Forgotten One’s only goal is to destroy mankind, so you might want to stop the entity before it gets a chance to live its dream.


Xbox 360 owners can download Resurrection on June 7th, that’s next Tuesday, for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Konami will release the downloadable episode on PlayStation 3 a week later on June 14th for $9.99.

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  • Now that summer vacation is around the corner, I might as well get this game already. I’ve been neglecting my Xbox 360 for a long time ever since I finished AC:Brotherhood and have been spending my time with my PSP since Dissidia 012’s launch.

  • LOL at how always LoS are trying pathetically to imitate Castlevania.

    • FireCouch

      I don’t get it.  It is Castlevania.  How it is imitating it.  And don’t give me that crappy answer that it isn’t a 2D sidescrolling metroidvania game.

      • I actually prefer 3D castlevania than 2D ones. In any case, I can’t answer your question, you first need to be a true Castlevania fan to figure that out.

        • The question is: What is a true Castlevania fan?

          • TenRX

            And this is the branch that parts the people that enjoy Castlevania since the 80’s and the new metroidvania fans.

          • I like both sides, I must be a true fan.

          • One that shouldn’t like another GoW clone?

            I like the new game and classic ones too. So im not a true fan XD

          • Natat

            A miserable little pile of secrets!

            Srry, couldn’t resist.

          • z_merquise

            Enough talk! Have at you!

        • FireCouch

          Rofl.  “True Castlevania fan”

          I’m sorry if I don’t fit the criteria of wearing rose-tinted glasses.

    • I have loved Castlevania since my first introduction to it. Lords of Shadow feels more Castlevania-ey than most of the recent entries. Hell, it feels alot like Rondo of Blood brought to 3D. And it is infinitely more Castlevania than these Wii and DS wannabes. 

      So please, almighty enlightened of “True Castlevania Fans” who isn’t even able to explain why Lords of Shadow isn’t a Casltevania game, do tell, what am I missing?

      It seems to be someone(s) is(are) just very upset that a new canon was established instead of expanding on the already establish, too convoluted, canon.

  • I remember him from Lament of Innocence, maggots and all.

  • eliel

    is it 10 bucks 4 a boss fight? or is it gona be longer. i got the other dlc the 5 stages (i think) where fun but short….

  • z_merquise

    Man, I’m curious on why Lords of Shadow doesn’t get much love from gamers. Was it because it wasn’t developed in Japan? Or was it because people were too carried away of this silly “God of War” clone-impression?

    I’m a fan of the series, heck, the portable 2D Castlevanias were one of the reasons why I bought a Gameboy Advance, a DS and a PSP. Yet, I also love this game and treat it as a great Castlevania game. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is one of the best games I played in this gen and you don’t need to be a “True Castlevania fan” to appreciate it.

    Back on topic, I skipped the first DLC since I read that it was too short, no new enemies or even boss fights (and the boss fights were one of Lords of Shadows’ highlights) but I’ll surely get this one.

    • To be honest, I am very much confused as to why games get the “God of War clone” moniker anyway. Devil May Cry did it well before God of War. Castlevania Lords of Shadow was definitely my game of the year last year.

      I usually get over hyped for a game, then receive disappointment after playing the game. But even as hyped as I was for Lords of Shadow, it delivered on every account. 

      First and foremost it FELT like Castlevania, unlike many of the more recent ones I played. And while it did start a new continuity, it still stayed true to Castlevania.

      The graphics were beautiful. Sweeping vistas, dank castles, crumbling ruins. All were brought to life through a fabulous art direction. And even though I know it won’t happen, I still hope for a PC version so I can get the most out of the breathtaking visuals.

      Gameplay was spot on too. From varying enemies that required you to approach differently, to the staggering difficulty should you approach it on hard from the get go. Gameplay never felt loose. And contrary to many games such as this, more often than not on Castlevania I made use of nearly the entire moveset.

      Music was much more ambient than I would have liked. But while that ambiance prevents the music from being as good of a stand alone listening material, it brought the world to so much more life. 

      This game had every makings of a blockbuster hit. Sadly it just launched at an inopportune time and was not advertised enough.

    • I agree! this game was great. I really couldn’t stop playing it and was motivated to actually finish it. Although yes ‘Chinny’ the music was a bit ambient, sounded like puzzle quest music, the atmosphere didn’t suffer much from it though. 

      story was interesting. The development team did a great job and I could see their cultural influence throughout this game as opposed to the typical Japanese developed games.
       The closest thing to a current gen Onimusha, and thats a good thing. 
      I’m still waiting on that btw. 
       Anyway I hope this DLC is good!

  • Code

    rar, I’m going to pass on this, not wild about story-based DLC; and even more so I felt like Lord of Shadow’s story, was it’s weakest aspect, so count me out omo; I enjoyed the game play, I feel like it really bought back a lot of traditional Castlevania values into 3D and overall felt really good. But the game just didn’t settle right with me in the end.

  • PrinceHeir

    and pits him up against a demon known as “The Forgotten One.” 

    is this the same secret boss monster from Lament Of Innocence? 

    cannot wait for this. im still waiting for a Castlevania 3D Demon Souls type gameplay.

    seriously that will definitely revitalize the franchise if IGA’s team did what From Software did.

  • capristrider

    I was a bit skeptical about this Castlevania: LOS game but after playing it, I realised this is indeed is a really great game, I was pleasantly surprised. Great graphics, some stages reminded me of Uncharted 1.
    Now I plan on getting both DLC content (now I must get a cheap PSN card off the net). I’m sure new comers to Castlevania will love this reboot!
    I like to see what improvements can be made on the possible sequel in the future? Maybe, a little bit more “epic” sounding soundtrack :)

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