Wizardry: Labyrinth Of Lost Souls Surprise Attacks Players, On PSN Right Now

By Spencer . June 2, 2011 . 10:20am

Priest magic listPlayStation Network is now fully operational in North America with new games on the PlayStation Store. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is one of them. Xseed stuck to their spring release window even though PSN had a few hiccups. The downloadable dungeon crawler is available right now for $14.99.


On the fence? There’s a free demo available on PSN too. If Wizardry is your kind of game you can unlock the paid version after downloading the 476 MB file.


In Japan, Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is the first Wizardry game for the system. Acquire released additional downloadable content and later a second Wizardry title for PS3 on PSN too.

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  • Putting myself out there, but does it have Voice Acting and Platinum trophy? Away from my PS3 right now so I cant actually login to check.

    • It’s got trophies galore, and incidental voice-acting for really major story scenes near the end, as well as brief phrases throughout. And all the voices have been kept in their original Japanese.

  • I saw that earlier, when I logged onto the Store a few hours ago. Thinking about getting the demo right now, since all the money has gone to rent right now. lol

    • Demos on PSN tend to get taken down after a while, so I’d definitely download it while you’re still thinking about it.

      • This demo definitely isn’t going anywhere — but downloading it sooner rather than later is still recommended, since that gives you more chance to plaaaaaaaaay! ;)

      • I tried downloading it earlier but the Store froze on me and I had to restart my PS3.

        • Bad luck D:, i finished to download it, i always download it in BG so even if i turn off the ps3, it can continue from when it was before

  • HarryHodd

    What a nice surprise. $14.99 is an absolute steal for this.

  • Downloaded this instantly because it was XSEED. Seems like it’s gonna be a tough game. I made too many front line fighters and my thief is just chilling the background defending :( lol

    Might need to restart

    • That’s something we all go through on dungeon crawler games at some point xD

    • Draparde

      Lmao i did the exact same thing…with a thief no less! 

  • Hurg, I just started Etrian Odyssey 3 earlier this week.  No time for this!

    I’ll download the demo at least

  • irzbos

    not to keep asking questions, but what would you estimate is the average playthrough time for this game? Trails took me a lil less than 60 hours (I revisit npc’s far too much to read new dialogue), but I hardly expect the playtime to come close to that number. 

    • Whew, good question. I don’t know if I can really answer it, either. If all you’re doing is playing through the main storyline, it’ll probably only last about 15-20 hours… but the main storyline has multiple endings depending on choices you make leading up to the final confrontation, AND there’s one quest line that changes based on which character you played as (and there are 10 characters), so replay value is pretty high. Plus, there are tons and tons of optional quests, and an expansion forthcoming that pretty much doubles the story.

      In the end, you can put as much time into this game as you want. It’s about as nonlinear as it gets.

      • irzbos

        ah thanks. nvr played a dungeon crawler like this, so i will check out the demo. Have fun working on Trails part 2, sounds like quite the task.

  • neo_firenze

    BRB, going to turn on the PS3 and buy this instantly.

  • ManaKnight

    I wanted to download right away, but had $10 in my wallet.  Heading out to buy a PSN card so I can buy it.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Played the demo for an hour and thoroughly managed to kill everyone (myself included) in my party. I’m gonna rename myself the Murder. :D It’s an oldschool game alright. Gotta take it serious and play hardcore. It is a lot of fun. By the way  the demo only lets you go in the first floor of dungeon 1, there’s no connecting to buy items via PSN, and you can only go up to level 5. Other than that you can do everything else that you can do in the game normally.

    There’s a good bit of voice work but it’s mostly just little snippits here and there in the dialogue. A couple words here and there like YOSH and Guildo (when you talk to the guy in the guild lol). It’s kinda like the voice acting you’d get outta some portable games. The battles are all voiced though. Your teammates will scream in pain when their hit (I brought my teammates lots of pain. lol) and they’ll be all happy and congratulate themselves when they get a good hit in on the enemy. If you don’t like Japanese Voice Acting or something there is also an option to turn it off. But yeah I’m pretty impressed with the game so far.

    • You can also hear your teammates yell in pain by walking into a wall. And if you just keep walking into the wall over and over again, it becomes a veritable chorus of pain. Mwa ha ha. ;)

      • Ladius

        Sounds nice :D Is this game scheduled for a pal psn release, too?

        • Scheduled? No. Planned? Yes. ;)

          It’s been rated by PEGI, and we have every intention of releasing it in Europe… we just don’t quite know when that will happen yet. This is our first PS3 title, you see… and as a corollary to that, it’s also our very first *European* PS3 title. So the whole mastering process is… taking a bit longer than we’d hoped.

          But it’s on its way, we swear!

          • And I take it you guys haven’t investigated into releasing it into the Australian PSN? That would require a Classifications Board report and fees paid, and since you haven’t mentioned it, I’m guessing one of THOSE aren’t scheduled.

            So it may be restricted to PAL except Australia. (So not technically a true PAL release) It may never be on the cards though (Extra costs, namely, producing report, paying for fees for processing.

            I hope you have something in mind for that, although if you don’t, there’s a few ways around it. Being an authorised assessor freelance does have an advantage or two.

      • Zero_Destiny

        *evil grins*
        Now why would anyone want to do that?
        With my Sexy Lady party ramming the Walls will be awesome. (I thank kamiwoo for such a fine protip) :D

        • You can also do that in class of heroes >8D it’s pretty fun

          • Exkaiser

            But Class of Heroes itself is not so much fun…

            Well, I digress.

  • Jirin

    I can’t wait to play this.  It should satiate my old school masochist fix until Dark Souls comes out.

    Dungeon crawler gameplay looks great, though I still wish the dwarves looked more like dwarves instead of just very tanned teenagers.

    • Testsubject909

      Masochist gamers unite! *high fives*

      Which is interesting since I’m more on the Dom end then the sub end…

      • Exkaiser

        It’s impossible to be on the dom end when Wizardry is concerned.

  • I just played the demo for a couple of minutes, and this is my first time playing a crawler dungeon game.
    Well as a person who dislikes first person games and turn-based RPG, this is surely the worst genre I have ever played!
    I actually don’t know how anyone can enjoy it! First you choose pictures of heroes, then you go crawling in a place with the same walls in everywhere, and then fighting pictures of enemies?! (and you don’t actually fight them, you just see some slashes effect on the enemy picture when you press the button to hit them!)
    As a fan of Xseed, I’m disappointed.

    • Exkaiser

      Choosing pictures of heroes? Crawling in some place with the same walls everywhere? Fighting pictures of enemies!?

      Hell yes, I’m all over this one.

      Well, I would be, if I owned a PS3. I’ll just have to go back and finish The Dark Spire instead.

      EDIT: But seriously, if you dislike both first-person games and turn-based RPGs why would you even try this genre.

      • Testsubject909

        Most likely he wanted to see if a highly adored niche title would invite him into the fold.

        It most likely wont. It’s niche for a reason. For a more approachable first person dungeon crawler, you should try something else entirely… Actually, he/she should try third person dungeon crawlers like Chocobo Dungeon. Actually I’d suggest Azure Dream for the PS1. It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to get a copy on Ebay.

        There’s a slight collection mindset to it and it’s definitely rogue-like in it’s own manner with a semi-gotta-catch-em-all feel.

        That, I say, would be an okay introduction into dungeon crawlers.

        • Ladius

          Roguelikes and first person, party-based dungeon crawlers are completely different beasts, though.

          Speaking of roguelikes, ZHP or some of the recent Shiren releases are exceptional ways to approach that particular subgenre.

          • malek86

            Roguelikes are even more niche than first person dungeon crawlers. Also a lot less accessible. In dungeon crawlers, anyone could eventually grind their way to the end of the game. In roguelikes, you are almost sure you’ll never clear them. Playing a roguelike is almost like accepting defeat from the start, it’s only a matter of when and how you’ll kick the bucket.

            I wish there was a way to learn to play them better. I’m still getting kicked on the ground in the extra dungeons of Shiren 5, and I need to clear a particular dungeon to get back some characters who have disappeared. That’s never gonna happen at this rate, I’m afraid.

            It’s really sad that the only roguelike where I have actually finished an extra dungeon is Baroque (the original PSX game, where you can’t savespam).

          • Exkaiser

            There’s no worry about not clearing ZHP. The story is very structured and anyone can get to the end. It’s a very accessible roguelike.

          • alundra311

            “You will fail”, I love this line from Robot Unicorn Attack, and roguelikes make me think of this line, lol. Speaking of roguelikes, still haven’t finished Table Mountain in Shiren DS. Man, I love that game. If I had only one DS game, then Shiren DS would be the one. Someday, I will not fail. :D

          • The easiest roguelike I could name off the top of my head is Izuna 2 DS – the main reason for this is the fact that you keep your levels, no matter what happens, and you get to take two people with you… and do team attacks every so often to clear the screen.

            Unless you do all the dungeons that force resetting of equipment and levels, it is more or less possible to grind through it, even though it’s a roguelike.

        • It might be a bit weird to ask this question, but would you tell me what “niche” means?

          I’ve been hearing this a lot lately, and the dictionary doesn’t seem to have the right meaning since it seems it has a different meaning in video games.

          • Exkaiser

            A small, specialized subset of the market that is nonetheless profitable.

            The way it’s used in relation to video games refers to specialized genres that only attract a very small, dedicated following. First-person dungeon crawlers, roguelikes, flight simulators, and mecha simulators are all examples of different niches within the industry.

            Niche as an adjective implies the smallness of the following. The more niche something is, the more obscure it is.

            EDIT: In this case, Wizardry is an extremely obscure title in the West, not having received any games in a very long time.

        • Exkaiser

          For Wizardry-style dungeon crawlers, I think Etrian Odyssey III would be a good introduction to the genre. It’s quite balanced and quite accessible, and keeps a good balance between challenging and not being outright punishing.

          Though, from Leivra’s description, they won’t like Wizardrylikes in any respect anyways.

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol Yeah this is a pretty old school type game. These games can be unforgiving to people who don’t approach them with the proper mindset. As far as presentation goes though for $15 this game looks and sounds pretty great. I really like the art too. Limited animation can kinda be a bummer but it’s really not the core of these kinds of games anyways.

      This genre can be quite unforgiving though and games like this require level grinding and not being afraid to die and start all over again. If you really want to try to jump into this genre there are more forgiving games out there that I think would be a better place to start. I really have to give more praise to Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey on the DS. It’s a first-Person Dungeon Crawler with some Pokémon-like fights. You have to go out and get demons to join your party kinda like you do in Pokémon (kinda). And it’s story will knock your socks off and I have to say it’s far more flexible and easier to get into if your new to this genre. :)


      I can understand being bummed because a company you liked release a game that disappointed you but don’t be too upset. It just means the company is reaching out to a broader audience and will be able to make more money. ^_^  And that’s always a good thing. Anyways Me personally I’m quite happy with the game. Will buy it once I get some more PSN cards.

  • MrDolomite

    Tried the demo. I thought I was all tough when it came to dungeon crawlers like this, but this game has lowered my assumed power level considerably!
    I might just buy it so I can give it a giant middle finger if I ever beat it.

  • Draparde

    I alredy bought this last night! 

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing :D

    always wanted to try a Wizardry game ^^

    hopefully companies like From Software should release a King’s Field collection on PSN. 

    i would buy them Day 1 for sure!!!!

  • Rol

    Just played 6+ hrs of it last night and loved every minute of it.    My characters are level 7 and I barely got past the 2nd floor of both dungeons.   I hope the game is as long as it seems to be…

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