Ever Think About Playing Browser Games On PS3? With Move? Sony Has

By Spencer . June 3, 2011 . 4:16pm

Flash games… for PlayStation 3? Sure, you can hook up a keyboard to control them, but Sony has another idea. A patent application filed by Sony Computer Entertainment America details a plan to remap controls so you can play browser games on your PS3.




Here’s an example of possible command conversions.




Notice how PlayStation Move is used to mimic a mouse? Sony also thought about using gesture controls seen through the PlayStation Eye as another way to control games.


These two diagrams show what a flash game selection could look like on PS3. Perhaps, we’ll see this in a future PlayStation Network update?


psflash4 flash3

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  • Testsubject909

    Patents are nice and all but I’d like to see it in action.

    Honestly, I would. This sounds like it’d be good fun in some cases and certainly would be good incentive.

    • Martin Leon

      Am i too late to be first post ahhhhh I am Maaaan!

      • godmars

        Um, don’t you just have to be the most liked in an OP to be and stay first? Not that you will be for saying “FIRST!”

        Though if Siliconera makes a “Douche” button I’m sure you’d have a shot :p

  • godmars

    Pretty sure they were talking about this years ago. There should have a few out a while ago.

  • PrinceHeir

    actually i have been meaning to ask why there aren’t alot of adventure, text games for the PS3?

    i mean we have 

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, The Longest Journey, Syberia,Still Life,Post Mortem, Gray Matter, Art of Murder, The Secret Files etc..

    i mean it’s not like they need a strong computer to run this

    at least Sam & Max(i want Season 1 and 2 too :P) and Machinaruim is on PSN :P

    • lostinblue

      I’ve been thinking about the same thing, not just for PS3 though…

      Graphic Adventure games are not graphic heavy for the GPU and that’s exactly where their strenght is. Why upping the standard when they could go on for more 10 years with hand-drawn pretty graphics with animations? :)

      And since they’re so light they could be ported everywhere. (I actually thought NISA’s lousy graphics on Disgaea 3 had the same strenght, being low end can be a strenght)

      I mean I purchased a iPad recently and I’m baffled it’s so damn good for graphic adventure games but there’s only monkey island 1 & 2 and Broken Sword 1 & 2, machinarium is coming… I want The Longest Journey (and all those you mentioned really)

      Stuff like the Wii, PSmove, iPad (and hopefully Nintendo Café-thing) are so suited for this it’s no joke… I want them… hard.

      Oh, and I want more graphic adventures by terry pratchet!

      • Exactly. Lightweight programs like 2D games, when done with care, goes a long way without a lot of load on the machine. I’ve been playing BlazBlue these days, and noticed how smoothly it runs and how fast it loads. While still looking good.

        Developers should realize that you’re not obligated to use the full potential of a console; sadly, “not using the full potential” is, as an unspoken rule, synonymous with “weak” these days. Of course, it doesn’t mean they should put in less effort. What they should be doing is to make a good, fun, convenient entertainment software, not overclocking the console.

        That said, I can’t imagine the 2D style (or cel-shaded 3D) becoming popular in the west anytime soon. At least not until people got tired of unnecessarily/impractically realistic 3D. Quite a shame; as a hobbyist drawer, I’m rather eager to see how 2D drawing styles from different countries could look in games.

        • lostinblue

          You’re right on the money. So many possibilities…

          I mean, people/devs seem to be afraid to do stuff “wrong” these days, for instance, Beneath a Steel Sky Opening was mostly static, and the Broken Sword ones weren’t Disney ‘pristine’ quality, but had it’s charm due to it… Would they make something like that today? Or would they feel the need to go the extra mile and either spend months animating it further… for nothing?

          I feel we go the extra mile for nothing nowadays. I mean (sorry for pulling a non-graphic adventure example) the whole “crossdress in FF7” wouldn’t seriously be on a new FF done today, amongst other thing because they’re too serious to accommodate it, they could do it on the PSone because it was tongue in cheek and the presentation wasn’t all that realistic. And so… somewhere down the line they actually might spend years remaking something that was perfectly conveyed in the original. I can’t imagine the amount of work some elements on it would amount to today but they were included because it was simple back then, cloud didn’t have to appear all that feminine or have a whole subset of facial animations… for instance.

          Basically a “big” budget and the time stuff take to do “right” in a high profile approach are damaging the spectrum of things you can really do, I feel.

          “2D style”, but honest, unafraid to do stuff in a roundabout way revival would be awesome, and only then I think we’d have a ecosystem where the things you speak of would be possible.

          A commercial middleware engine for this segment, with tools, could also ease development. I think Telltale could make money licensing theirs for instance (although it has to be said… theirs is turd, the optimization and all that, they really should hire a team to maintain and optimize it). But it’s still better than nothing/the reason why they can work as a business.

      • PrinceHeir

        hell yeah :D

        not only it wouldn’t feel awkward playing it on the Move, but also examining items would be awesome. i mean why used the dualshock 3 if you can just swipe away at the Move.

        i don’t even know why sony won’t encourage more developers to use this by putting some of their games on PSN, this could potentially renew interest for people who don’t know about these games. same with the Wii but the problem is the online storage only being 40mb, and risking by putting a physical version is not a good idea. that’s why i insisted on sony’s move.

        • lostinblue

          I think you’d love to see how Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror – Remastered plays out, because it’s really redone to favor that kind of interaction. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition is also good (way better than the first one remastered)

          Stuff like grabbing something in the menu and dragging it to where you want to use it, and little details like analyzable things being highlighted (with dots, not “HEY, I’M HERE” tinting when you tap to walk somewhere).

          It just feels polished and right (and yeah, they seem to be putting that game everywhere they can, let’s hope they do so for the PS3). I was left like… okay this is an enhanced port, but it’s done right we should be full of content like this! (but we aren’t amongst other things because these developers weren’t smart enough to keep that pipeline going… instead they messed it up with the “3D transitions”)

          And the thing is… I’m sure there’s a market and it’s selling well (I for one repurchased everything), after all both “it” and Monkey Island started off with the first one and then the sequels got made. On the other hand Broken Sword 3 and 4 are nowhere to be found and no-one wants them (I don’t for instance). 

          Regarding The Longest Journey and Dreamfall (and others) I gotta say that, as a mac user I can’t play them and haven’t been able to for years (never touched them, despite wanting to). I’d jump on it if they just release it on any platform I own, tbh.

          • PrinceHeir

            will check Broken Sword :D

            the graphics aren’t that good but the old school style play is interesting ^^

            btw have you bought Sam & Max on PSN or Steam? im having trouble which to buy. should i buy Sam & Max using the PS3 controller? or buy it at steam including both season 1 and season 2?

            ahh decisions decisions.

            i feel there is some hidden potential in this games, if companies like sony or nintendo are willing to put them out.

          • lostinblue

            I don’t have a PS3 (yet). I bought the first one bundled up for PC a few years ago (bargain price), but I don’t have a PC!

            I purchased Tales of Monkey Island last week though, after I go through those I think I’ll bite the bullet and buy the whole two Sam and Max seasons. If I had the choice I’d rather buy it for a console though… Or in a Sale/promotion of sorts. :P

            I’d go for PSN, if it supported PS Move, but a quick search brought me this:

            -> http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19568

            Telltale Staffer: I would say “very unlikely.”

            Classic Telltale, they won’t support, optimize further or address any of their games problems after they first get released. Tales of Monkey Island for the iPad could run so much better considering what that game is doing (it chugs constantly along the way), and when I went to their forums I read Back to the Future was even worse to the point they should have put a disclaimer saying it’s not compatible with iPad 1 and barred it from running on it. I mean, Capcom did put a disclaimer for an iphone game if run on iPad last week with the Monster Hunter thing. *we can’t be held responsible for how it runs” (I don’t even know why it wouldn’t run well enough, but I sure didn’t try/waste my money on something that tells me it might not be ok.

            If I had a PS3 I’d post in that thread, but seeing I don’t… well, I can’t exactly say “If you don’t put that in I’m not buying” type of messages, it wouldn’t be honest. But I think they deserve them. It seems like they support PC mouses, though.

            After Tales of MI chugged that way and seeing only the first episode is available yet for iPad I decided to bite the bullet and bought the season for mac. (on another note, I wish they created a shared purchase thing, I own the Monkey Islands on ipad and not on macOS… I’d like to own the tales of monkey island and be able to appreciate it at least on two platforms of the same vendor)

            Anyway with no move support I have to say Steam, sadly (I tend to prefer consoles). Might even be cheaper.

          • PrinceHeir

            oh well i guess i’ll stick to PC then, same with visual novel games and text adventure ones.

            if only sony and nintendo were willing to invest in this genre :

            btw i saw the Sam & Max bundle(Season 1 & 2 as well as The Devil’s Playground)

            awesome stuff :D



            i’ll probably buy the steam version just because i want all games on one system even though it’s $10 higher than the telltale one.

            you should check the longest journey on steam as well as syberia and most adventure games ^^

          • lostinblue

            They kinda are willing, in short bursts. Heavy Rain on PS3 and Another Code R on the Wii (and another code and hotel dusk on the DS). But it would see refreshing to see a push on that direction. And shame Cing went under.
            In a way point and click games are to the PC/platforms with point and click capabilities what the 2D plataformers were for early consoles… a fantastic gateway drug.Easy mechanics, but challenging. I loved seeing Wii initiating a revival of the 2D gameplay (high profile one, at least) I’d love to see something like that for graphic adventures down the road. Problem is the lack of tradition for both Sony and Nintendo, I think.Sadly Syberia and The Longest Journey are Windows-PC only :(

      • malek86

        You have an iPad? Did you get The 7th Guest? It’s one of my favorite games, but from what I’ve seen on the tube, it looks like they didn’t adapt the interface well for the iPad… you need to blind-click on the screen to check out what you can do.

        This should a problem for smartphones and tablets with games like Darkfall and Myst. They would need to somehow make up for the lack of cursor.

        • lostinblue

          I didn’t know about that game’s existence (even the original one, never played it), I’ve been grinding the store for quality software and going by “top 10 best game” lists to be honest (and well, grabbed everything I could find classed as a graphic adventure).

          Regarding blind click, I’m betting it should highlight the clickable areas somehow like some games like that do.

          I see it’s $6 so I guess I could look into it, I’ll tell you something later. ;)

          • malek86

            “I didn’t know about that game’s existence”

            It’s one of the most successful adventure games ever (with more than 2 million copies, back in 1993 it was a big deal), and the first real Killer App for Cd-Rom drives :P

            Just keep in mind that the game is more like Myst, in that it doesn’t have an inventory, dialogue is non-existant, and puzzles are based on logic rather than situation. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll find it’s an early gem. Many people criticize it today, but I played it recently and still had a lot of fun with it.

          • lostinblue

            I have a huge gap to fill when it comes to PC gaming tbh, one of my goals for this year was playing planescape, the first 2 fallouts, morrowind and the like. :x

            I never played Myst too. Kinda curious.

            I like to think my cup of tea is games that are *good* so providing it’s not overly hard to get into… Count me in.

          • malek86

            In that case, for adventures, I might also suggest the Dark Fall series (which is first-person like Myst, but a lot creepier and quite difficult) and The Lost Crown, a third-person adventure game with a paranormal twist. Seriously, that game is scary. If it weren’t for the awkward dub, it would probably be scarier than Fatal Frame. And it probably is anyway.

    • malek86

      Probably a matter of audience. Adventures and puzzles have never been big on consoles, which are more suited for quick-reflexes experiences. The lack of a mouse also is a problem, since it’s easier to make a puzzle that must be solved with a precise pointer. Move helps, but it’s not very widespread, and it was marketed for a different target (would someone who bought the Move for Sports Champion care much about Dreamfall?). And on the Wii, Nintendo’s 40MB policy probably killed any chances of it happening (many complained ToMI was pretty bad on Wiiware).

      You are probably better off playing adventures on PC. Like you said, any weak PC can run most of those titles, so it’s not like you’ll need to spend much. And the graphics, since they are pretty low-res, would probably look bad on a big TV anyway (I tried ScummVM on the Wii, it was ok, but not exactly good looking).

      As a side note, due to this and some history, the fanbase is pretty much all on PCs today. Therefore, any title will probably be made for PC first and ported to consoles later, probably making it less than ideal unless they rethink the interface.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah i hear you :

        but i feel there’s a small possibility people would like these games once more. if only more companies supported this. yes steam does offer a good chunk of them. sony and nintendo should follow suit.

        but yeah getting them on PC is probably better. i already plan on buying the collection of Sam & Max on PC from steam. so yay for me :)

        oh well i hope someday people would renew interest in the genre once more :D

        • malek86

          It already happened. There was a dark age, between 2001 and 2005, where nobody made graphic adventures anymore… not even on the PC. It culminated with Lucasarts cancelling the much-awaited Sam & Max: Freelance Police (which would have been a different game from the Telltale ones). After that, Telltale had the idea of renewing the adventure genre with episodic format, and fortunately it caught on. Today the adventure genre is widespread enough, though not as much as in the 90s.

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah i read that a few days ago.

            well i love the new Sam & Max. not to mention it’s still being made by the original team, it’s just that the assets and ideas from Freelance Police remains at Lucas arts.

            oh well, hopefully it will rejuvenate soon. just like fighting games now :P

  • I misread the title as ‘Bowser’ and got my hopes up :/

  • AryMonteiroJr

    hopefully this will come with a browser update, the one in there is buggy as hell :(

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