Kara no Shoujo Will Creep Out At The End Of June

By Ishaan . June 4, 2011 . 12:00pm

Kara no Shoujo was only announced a few weeks ago, but MangaGamer are releasing it a lot sooner than you might think. The Innocent Grey-developed thriller is slated for release on June 29th, for €24.95.


The game will be released on MangaGamer’s website as a digital download, and will also include a set of extensive translation and cultural notes, to help make it more accessible to newcomers to Japanese media. MangaGamer say the notes will also provide extra historical information relevant to the setting for fans that are more familiar with the setting and Japanese culture.


Those historical notes might actually be helpful, since Kara no Shoujo takes place in 1956, after Japan’s defeat in the war. A serial killer that only targets women is on the loose, and it’s up to you, private eye Tokisaka Reiji, to bring him down. You can read more about the game’s plot here.

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  • :D I love serial killers!

    • And I love private investigators AND serial killers, that’s gonna be awesome lovefest! :D

      • Zero_Destiny

        I love Teenage Genius Detectives who get shrunk on down into a little kid but are still able to solve mysteries!!! :D


  • Wow, I’m so hyped for this VN since I first heard about it last year or so, finally, finally I can have my fun with it!!

  • Ladius

    Day one, absolutely. Also double dipping if Mangagamer makes a dvd release (the artwork in this article would be a great cover, by the way).

  • Locklear93

    “…and will also include a set of extensive translation and cultural notes…”

    I’m a regular customer anyway, but that just won a sale that I hadn’t really  intended to give them.

  • Day 1.No matter what!

  • Great! My thanks for Mangagamer!

  • Indeed, the novel is great and every novel made by Innocent Gray is worth it.

    Watch out for the gore scenes people.

  • EvilAkito

    Looks awesome. I just hope I don’t accidentally forget about the game by then.

    • Ladius

      I imagine Siliconera will take the time to write an article about its release, too :P

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing :D

    finally i have a working credit card now, tried buying Deus Ex Collection a few days ago, gonna spend alot in Manga Gamer for now on ^^

    sucks that there is still no voice, but that won’t stop me from buying the beauty :P

    oh and please make a japanese voice patch!!!!!!

  • Lamashtu

    And I love japanese voice in the game. Which isn’t present in this translation. Why, mangagamer, why?

    Well, the historical and cultural reference should be interesting nevertheless.

    • Ladius

      They have explained that in the clearest way possible, really. The original dub’s rights weren’t a property of Innocent Grey and had to be obtained from a third party dubbing agency, and they asked for an absurd sum since they don’t have a clue about the dimensions of the English vn market and are greedy as hell.

  • Re10

    It does look good and I don’t care about it not having voices or not. About the coverage – does Siliconera just pick which VN stories to follow or do some people approach them? Their direct competition in the west rarely gets coverage here.

    • If you’re referring to JAST, we actually did try to get in touch with them multiple times, and unfortunately, they never replied.

      With MangaGamer, the advantage is that being personally in touch with them allows us to discuss things like the market, localization, business and so on, and try to help people understand those aspects of the genre better, since visual novels are so reliant on that really passionate community.

      Also, the thing with our MG coverage is that we don’t cover their pure sex or hardcore stuff, which is an understanding between them and us. Kara no Shoujo is far from an all-ages game, but it does have an interesting story and setting, which is why we’re doing it. :)

      • Are you guys going to be at AX this year? I meet Peter Payne at a panel he was presenting at and he was really approachable (and maybe loaded with Red Bull – not that I blame him!). I asked him some questions and he had some interesting stuff to say about the sales of the games were releasing through JAST. I’m not sure if he or JAST are gonna be there this year, but then again AX doesn’t seem to post up schedules till, like, 5 seconds before the con starts…

        • Yea, we’re making plans to cover AX (Spencer will be attending), but we haven’t thought about what our schedule/coverage over there is going to be yet… E3 first, then AX planning. I know Aksys will be at AX, though, and we’ll be covering whatever it is they do.

      • Ladius

        It’s strange that JAST isn’t interested in pushing their titles on a well-know news site such as this, I wonder what is their reasoning :(

        That said, as a vn fan I’m really thankful for the work you Siliconera guys are doing, I bet many jrpganimemangaJapanese games fans that lurk here for the usual news have had their first exposure to the vn genre thanks to you.

        • I certainly hope we’re introducing VNs (and the games we cover in general) to more people. That’s the whole point of Siliconera, hahaha. Thanks, it’s nice to know we’re appreciated. :)

      • Re10

        Thanks for clearing that up. I always thought perhaps something fishy was going on, but I understand now. And thanks, I am really interested in this one and only thing I’ve ever heard about it is the articles I saw lurking around here, so thanks.

  • Juuu

    MangaGamer’s always been a little…pricey for my tastes, but the fact that they’re doing so much for the VN market in America moves me. This may be the game that pushes me over the edge. Sounds SO interesting!

    • Ladius

      I used to criticize them for their prices too, but they have cut them two times in the last years and apparently are going to release more and more dvd editions of their titles, so they’re really striving to do the best they can.

      Moreover, we should also consider that the games they released sold extremely poorly by general standard (almost every release is sub-1k, at least considering their comments about Koihime Musou’s sales), and since people keep pirating the hell out of their games their market is probably not growing so much as it would deserve. I don’t think they could survive as a business if they lowered their prices even more.

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