Ryu Hayabusa’s Glowing Red Arm Is The Secret To His Bloodiest Power

By Spencer . June 7, 2011 . 1:51am


I got a taste of Ninja Gaiden 3 last night when I played the E3 demo on hard. Ninja Gaiden 3 started with Ryu Hayabusa leaping off a building in London and straight into a fight. I slashed through a few enemies leaving a trail of blood, not purple mist, in my wake. Ninja Gaiden 3 has quick time events. Mid-combo a giant square button popped, a prompt I pressed to dismember an enemy.


After a few brutal kills, Ryu’s arm started glowing red. I asked a Tecmo Koei representative if Ryu was in danger, but he was actually primed for punishment. Remember the ultimate technique from Ninja Gaiden where Ryu turns into a flash of lethal light? Hold down triangle when Ryu’s arm emits a red aura and you can use his ultimate technique. Like whirling dervish, Ryu rips through enemies and finishes with a jump slash. It’s possible to kill four enemies in a single hit, but it takes a two or three seconds to charge this attack.


Check back for more on Ninja Gaiden 3 and perhaps an interview at a later date.

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  • malek86

    Words cannot express my disappointment at what I saw in that gameplay walkthrough.

    • mikanko

      Game slowing down for QTE’s in that demo pretty much kills this game for
      me.  I’m hoping that’s not the standard gameplay for the majority of the game, and just a cheap gimmick that’s none too beneficial.  I really didn’t think this would be a game I’d consider -not- picking up at all till now.


  • XypherCode

    i think the game looks promising though

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I have to agree that, by looking at demo, this game looks like it’s been downgraded a lot from good old NG2. The game slowing down for those repeatable close-up kills isn’t helping ether. And, anyone else finds that glowing red hand annoying?

    But in any case, I’m looking forward to it.

  • andref

    Seems since Ninja Gaiden and Black, the series has gone downhill. The Walkthrough on GameTrailers wasn’t that interesting and the combat didn’t give me the same thrill I had when I saw Ninja Gaiden and swath of destruction cutting through Fiends

  • Souji Tendou

    Pretty much everything I’ve watched from the gameplay walkthrough is dissappointments.

    1. QTE fest? Stupid.
    2. A little pause animation everytime Ryu kills an enemy? Break the flow of the game.
    3. Kunai climbing? Lame addition, and unnecessary.
    4. UT? Needs to fills it up everytime Ryu killed an enemy, and the animations looks crappier compared to NG 2 (it’s basically OT multiple times :). I’m worried about us NG players (strategies) of making good use of UT to get through harder difficulties.
    5. Ryu’s running from a boss? I laughed, no, seriously.

    • malek86

      I’m not a high level player, I don’t even dare touch NG2 at anything more than Warrior, and this still looks terrible to me. Also what was up with the enemy AI, everyone politely waiting for their turn? And the apparent lack of dismemberments is a step backward.

      Seriously, the only thing this demo had going for it were the graphics.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        Whenever developers show off games at E3 and other events, when they’re not the final build, they’ll usually make adjustments to the game so they can more easily show things off. Such as make the enemy AI dumber or make the player invincible or give infinite ammo. I mean, it’d be pretty awkward and a waste of time if a developer was showing off a game and then he dies, and you have to sit there and wait for him to restart and play through that section again

        • malek86

          Yeah, that’s probably why his health kept recharging completely.

          But if that’s the case, and they already had an invincibility of sort, no reason to dumb down the AI too. I’m afraid that’s what we’ll get. Hopefully it’s a low difficulty level or something like that.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            I remember they specifically said they’re not toning down the difficulty for the more casual audience. So they either haven’t perfected the AI or it was indeed on a low difficulty level. If it’s coming out Q1 2012, then it should be near completion at TGS this year. I’m really looking forward to what they show off there

      • Souji Tendou

        I know right?

        Iirc, Team Ninja said the game is 30% complete? I’m worried, I know that as a NG fans I’ll of course get this game but, I think Hayashi really blows it this time.


  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Were all the QTE events as annoying as they seem? It seemed annoying watching but maybe when you play it’s not so bad…

    Also, no “this arm of mine is burning red” jokes?

    • Guest

      That was done yesterday already

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        Ah, must’ve missed it

  • Rol

    I plan to play this at Project A-Kon at the end of this week (6/10/11).   I’ll come back and give a report, but I hope to not be disappointed.  I have purposefully skipped all looks at the game so I can get a fresh perspective.

  • NG3 looks fun, Ryu arm glowing red reminds me of the supernatural powers of Nero from DMC4 and Gene from God Hand ;). Possibly day one for me!

  • Guest

    I wonder if he could take out the Batman…

    • Syltique

      Yeah, Ryu wins.

  • Syltique

    I’m also a bit worried about UT techniques not being there anymore, or on-landing UTs  But, unlike God of War, Ninja Gaiden actually creates significant new combat systems for every entry.  It is supposed to be different.  If you want to play something exactly the same as Ninja Gaiden Black, then put that in and play it.  Same goes with NG2.  

    I’m definitely getting it.  Itagaki left, and its either NG3 like this, or nothing at all.  I’d rather give this a chance.  It’s his first time directing a game for the series.  It looks pretty damn solid, and original.  NG4 will probably be even better.  And in the meantime, we also get Devil’s Third.  Double win for gamers if you ask me.

  • eilegz

    its this shinobi? xd anyways never liked the camera of the current 3d ninja gaiden series, we are not in ps2 era anymore tecmo…

  • XypherCode

    Commin to the Wii U! can’t wait! :D

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