I Played The King Of Fighters XIII, Yes I Used Mai

By Spencer . June 8, 2011 . 2:01pm

kof2She is one of the "new" characters in The King of Fighters XIII after all. While SNK Playmore is readying The King of Fighters XIII for release this holiday season, the build I played was rough. Text was garbled and menus weren’t completed.


I squeaked in one match where I played as Mai and fought Kim. Before seeing the console version, I tried The King of Fighters XIII in arcades and the home version looks on par in terms of graphics. A number of new modes were added in — training, mission, and story mode. There is also an option to install The King of Fighters XIII on a hard drive to reduce loading times.


The King of Fighters XIII will have online play, but that feature was not ready for E3. (Hey, this build had blank buttons in the versus menu.) Since this is a pressing issue for many fans, we’ll keep pressing Atlus and SNK for more information in the future.


kof1 kof3 kof4 kof5 kof6

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  • PrinceHeir

    Lucky you!!!!!! I want Mai so badly. Please new characters specifically Vanessa, Oswald, xi and 2002 unlimited characters!!!! Heck why not k9999 or nameless? hopefully the features are as pack as blazblue CS2

    • mikanko

      Considering the people  who produced and directed along with many of the other staff behind KoFXIII left SNK, the chances of any added characters at this point seems unlikely.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Is there even really an SNK anymore?

        • mikanko

          God only knows.  :/

          Playmore keeps things afloat with their pachinko business.  Other than half assed ports they don’t appear to be working on anything new when it comes to actual video games.  Glad they were able to publish Strike Witches at least. 

          It’s still not clear who’s even porting KoFXIII.  Worst case scenario is it’s being outsourced to a small Chinese company the way Kof XII, ’98 UM and 2002 UM’s Xbox live ports were.  If Atlus or SNKP were directly handling the port I’d be a bit more hopeful.

          • PrinceHeir

            give it to Arc System Works if they want someone handling fighting games as well as modes.

            it would godly if SNK Playmore and Arc System Works merged. would love to see KOF in GG gameplay and vice versa. plus they know how to balance the game evenly and so :P

          • mikanko

            ASW games and KoF don’t really play anything alike, and I like both series a lot.  I would not want to see ASW making KoF games though, just as I wouldn’t want to see SNK make Guilty Gear.  ASW has their hands full with BB and making a new GG.  They’re not a big enough company to start trying to make someone elses fighting game too.

            I would love if ASW was porting KoFXIII because they do a very good job with their console ports.  This includes dealing with another companies game as evidenced by AH3.  It’s apparent that’s not happening, and SNK has found whoever they’re going to have port their game.  If it’s four guys working out of a warehouse in Shanghai, so be it. :/

          • PrinceHeir

            honestly they actually do :P

            not to mention the characters are badass and stylish moves, though GG and Blazblue are more over the top still their speed are pretty much fast pace and one of the few fighting games that actually has a good story.

            that would definitely be awesome :P and what the? really 3 chinese workers port KOF XII? no wonder why the game was not on par with the previous iteriations

            but yeah ASW already has GG3 to be dealt with. still kinda wish ASW and Playmore would merge with one another. it’s one of the few dream companies i want to see along with Mistwalker and Monolith Soft, Kojima joining grasshopper manufacturer to make a game with Platinum games.

            ahh that would be gaming heaven :D

          • Guest

            The sprite animation in KoF is superior to BB & GG. I wouldn’t want that dumbed down

          • mikanko

            While KoF has a lot more offensive focus, it’s far closer to SF games than BB or GG.  It’s more reliant on spacing, normals, and pokes and far less reliant on long combos, no bursting mechanic etc.  They’re all fairly similar in that they’re 2d fighting games, but I would never want a KoF14 to feel like GG or vice versa.  They’re very different. 

            Fanservice games like CvS, or Street Fighter X Tekken could be cool where they pretty much make an entirely new game for marketing to both audiences.  The problem is there’s no incentive to do this when one company, SNKP, has their profitability appear at an all time low.

          • PrinceHeir

            ehh make sense, though that’d be badass if KOF characters do aerial combos with burst and such :)

            ahh if only SNK woulf put their titles on PSN.

            i want Mark of the wolves, 2002 UM, 98UM, Neo Geo BC, The Last Story, XI :(

          • Guest

            I don’t understand how pachinko is even a profitable ‘business’

            Slot machines in Vegas are different because you can actually win money.

            Pachinko totally takes that whole point out of the equation so you’re left with a…waste of time

          • mikanko

            The same way slot machines make money in Las Vegas?

    • K9999 is impossible at this point, since he’s owned by Eolith. Hence, Nameless in 2k2 Unlimited Match

      • PrinceHeir

        still i want k9999 :(

        just watched Akira a few weeks ago, soo badass.

        what the hell is happening to SNK?!?!

        • Guest

          Nameless > K9999. SNKP consider K9999 a shameless ripoff embarrassment of Akira anyway and thus strike him from the record

    • Ladius

      Oswald all the way, he was a great addition to 11’s cast and I was really sad that he was ignored in 12 :(

  • Im so jealous right now.

  • AzureNova

    Mai Mai Mai is all I can say.

    • godmars

      And, “Me Bouncy!”

      Which is exactly true of your avatar :p

    • suzaku_hien

       You said it… though I can’t help but look at them balloons… including your profile pic xD (who is that btw?)

  • This looks like a fun game. Is there a KoF collection or anthology of something somewhere so I can get all of the games without searching the far reaches of the universe?

    • I sure hope something like that happens in the future. The plot is pretty damn confusing sometimes, because there were a bunch of games there weren’t canon. I kinda want to get a good grasp of what was going on, straight from the beginning.

      • mikanko

        You will garner a better understanding of the actual convoluted storyline reading a wiki, than playing the games. <.<;

    • mikanko

      There are multiple collections on PS2, and a couple on PSP.  PSP ones are kinda trash though and just not very good arcade ports, for the most part if you’re curious about them it’s best to just use an emulator.  The only ones that still get considerable play are ’98 and 2002, both of which are on Xbox Live Arcade and worth playing if you have friends to play with.  The online is kinda horrible for both though.

      Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is closer to a KoF game than other SNK franchises and is also on XBLA.  Pretty much the only official released SNK game that has playable netcode.

      XIII is probably closest to 2002 and XI, but other than basic principles of the series like short hopping, it’s its own game.

    • PrinceHeir

      i suggest you get the PS2 JPN versions, much better loading times, with blood and uncensored(the companies that handled the ports like KOF Orochi Saga, Samurai Shodown Collection is just plain terrible) plus you actually get the whole pack.



      i wish SNK would release this on PSN :(

      i know a store where you can buy these. sure they are $100 up but it’s all worth to me. we’ll be buying these soon just like how i bought Xenosaga Ep III for $125 new sealed black label version

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Story mode, you say? Nice.

    • Glad to see SNK cared, at least a little. Also bring back the encyclopedia they had in Maximum Impact.

      And of course, more characters.

  • I need to see how fast is the pace on this games, ive always heard about KoF but never ever played one (or seen videos)

    • Ladius

      Man, it’s one of the most awesome and great and juicy and all of that beat’em up series ever, you can’t miss it and it’s easy to see tons of footage on youtube, there are already many KoF13 tournament-level matches up there :D

      I would suggest you to try KOF2002 UM on XBLA to have a taste of traditional KoF goodness, and then skip directly to 13 when it’s out.

      • I cant ignore it if you put it that way xD

  • Edit: Nevermind.

  • Can’t wait to play as Ash again <3
    Ash, K', Iori and Kyo are the only fighters I'm looking forward to using.
    (My team for this game in arcade was Ash, K' and Iori)

  • Guest

    Awesome but I still HAVE to say that KoF is not true KoF without Shinkiro’s artwork. It’s a shame he’s exclusively with Capcom now. The art direction for this his hit or miss at times (K’, Kyo, Andy “hit”, Athena, Ralf, Clark, King “miss”)


  • Haven’t played a KOF game since XI. I kinda miss Momoko — SO CUTE!

    Does KOF still have a crazy storyline running? I actually like seeing all the little romances and whatnot. Seeing isn’t really a good word, as all the details I learned about KOF’s story and its characters was second-hand.

    • Ladius

      13 is the end of the Ash saga that started in 2003 and continued in 11 (12 was a dream match), so yes, the crazy KoF story is there :D

  • Welcome back, Mai. We missed you!

  • raymk

    Hey with atlus in charge i’m not worried one bit. 

  • It’s about time this game came to the states!

  • Oh boy so they finished KoFXII? I kid but this looks awesome, can’t wait to play the…smokey guy rofl.

  • mikanko

    Word on Atlus forums is the game is building off of the patched KoF XII netcode. 

    This is bad. =/

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