Why Did Miyamoto Develop A New Luigi’s Mansion Before Pikmin?

By Spencer . June 8, 2011 . 12:44am

3DS_LMansion_3_scrn03_e3The short answer Shigeru Miyamoto told a group of press at a developer’s conference is because he wanted to make a new Luigi’s Mansion game.


When Nintendo was experimenting with Nintendo 3DS concepts, the first game they put on the prototype hardware was the Gamecube version Luigi’s Mansion. This got Miyamoto thinking about a new game in the series. Even though Miyamoto is responsible for Luigi’s Mansion 2, Nintendo is not developing the game internally. Next Level Games, the Canadian studio behind Super Mario Strikers and Punchout!!, is developing the title.


A short trailer of Luigi’s Mansion 2 was shown and it started with Luigi dancing with the Poltergust 5000. The game has cinematics, like a scene where Professor Gadd hands Luigi a Nintendo DS. When Luigi is digitized he steps into a wooden bucket. Players can use this in later levels to move water. The X button in Luigi’s Mansion 2 is a general action button. You can use it to peep through a keyhole, for example, and tilt the 3DS to look around. In another scene, Luigi teams up with Toad in an icy stage. During this level ghosts appear in mirrors.


Luigi’s Mansion 2 is on track for release early next year. For more about the sequel, check out our hands-on impressions.

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  • Testsubject909

    I know I’m ruining it be commenting, but I found it oddly fitting to see this article with “no comments”.

    But anyhow. Luigi’s Mansion was an interesting game, it certainly makes for an entertaining LP. I doubt I’ll be able to see the same on Youtube anytime soon, but I imagine it’ll make good use of the tilt control and 3D in some ways.

  • I plan on getting a 3DS and this will be one of the titles I will be looking forward to playing!

  • Xeahnort

    I really enjoyed the original Luigi’s Mansion on GC. It was pretty funny

    Mario, Mario?, Maaaaarioooooo

    • Exkaiser

      I think the best thing is the way he starts yelling more frantically as his HP gets low

  • Apache_Chief

    I’ve played through Luigi’s Mansion about 5 times over the years. It’s pretty much an annual thing for me now. Pikmin didn’t hold my attention for a week. I like this decision.

    • Pikmin and Luigi’s Mansion are two of my favorite games, and Nintendo announced that Pikmin (along with one of my other favorite franchises Smash Bros.) is coming to the Wii U so I couldn’t be more excited!

    • Hey, Pikmin rocks.

      • Exkaiser

        It’s a pretty good game, but it’s not for everyone.

        To each his own, you know?

  • evilkaz

    i think the first luigis mansion had potential (although kinda being a ghost busters knock-off) had a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this one.

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