One More Clue About Xseed’s PSP Game…

By Spencer . June 11, 2011 . 5:10pm

CookieAs we mentioned earlier, Xseed is working on another PSP game and it isn’t tied to Falcom. That could be… anything. Let’s narrow it down, shall we?


Xseed’s unannounced PSP game is a horror game.


Any revised guesses?

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  • Corpse Party?

    • xhunter

      I like your way of thinking… (=

    • PrinceHeir

      oh yes please :P

    • That’s the one i also thought of too

    • It fits the “game Siliconera covered before” and “horror PSP game” so I think it is this too.

    • d19xx

      More like Cookie Party…

    • The exact one I thought about when I read that and I guess the one for many other people here too. :P

    • OH GOD! If it’s a Corpse Party, DAY1!!!!!

  • xhunter

    Corpse Party?

  • godmars

    And it has to do with cookies…

  • Cookie Monster’s Rampage

    • Testsubject909

      What if it’s a game where we play a cookie attempting to escape from Cookie Monster?

      No… wait, that title still works then.

  • Ryos

    And…I’m now completely stumped.  Guess I’ll just have to see what it is until it’s announced because I don’t follow the horror game genre.  Actually, I kind of forgot that the PSP even had games like that but since it’s the PSP, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, heh.

  • Mischah

    The cookie of DEATH

    • Testsubject909

      But how do you Know that it’s the Cookie of Death? Has someone eaten it before? If so, does it have a huge bite mark somewhere and a dead corpse nearby?

      • Mischah

        You play as Cookie Youngster, Cookie Monster’s younger brother. A stranger gave your brother a cookie, and after eating it cookie monster died. YOU have to find this stranger and forcibly feed him this cookie whilst dealing with your own inner demons (hunger, wanting to eat the cookie yourself, KNOWING THAT IT WOULD KILL YOU)

        • This is some of the best WTF-ery I’ve read on Siliconera, I think.

          • Mischah

            Thanks! :D

  • Angeru_Lito

    Cookies for the Cookie Monster! Nom nom nom… That aside ok lets just guess

  • SirRichard

    The red text implies (to me, anyway) that it’s…Higurashi?

    • SeventhEvening

      I was thinking that as well. I kind of wish it was Umineko on PS3 instead…

    • blah blah

      I guess it could be a surprise announcement like Dragons Crown.
      It could also be Umineko on PSN.

      • but that’s on ps3 this xseed game is a psp game, so I’m thinking maybe that detective horror game from NIS?

  • CookieHazard?

  • Alex Dirdara

    Remote Investigation: 23 Days to Truth

  • Yamaneko22

    Akiba’s Trip is about stripping trendy vampires, so maybe… >_>

  • Ummm if it’s not corpse party, maybe danganronpa could be considerer horror/thrill too :P

  • Dangan-Ronpa

    • Apollonis

      Now that I think about it some more, this actually seems kind of likely. It does have murder-mystery elements, and it’s certainly “unique.”

      • Darkrise

        Still, I wouldn’t categorize it as horror, Corpse Party is a much more obvious choice.

        • DanganRompa is horror alright, more mistery, but it has lots of horrors elements (-played it-) would gladly buy the english version!

          • Absolutely. It sounds fantastic. I was sort of hoping for a Last Ranker mention, but that apparently it’s completely off the table. 

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Know that I want you to be right on this one.

      Know that.

    • MrRobbyM

      This makes more sense to localize than Corpse Party, but then again, Corpse Party seems more horror-y.

    • I REALLY hope so.

      I remember telling Xseed about it, they said someone was working to get it so maybe……. :D

  • Apollonis

    One more possibility to throw in- the Oreshika/Over My Dead Body PSP remake. I guess it just depends on how strong the horror elements are.

    • That has yet to be released in Japan, so I doubt it. Though a mod on XSEED’s forum did show some interest in it.

      • Yeah, i also think that game has a pretty cool story, the mods on XSEED forums have good taste >80 xD

    • Apollonis

      Um, I was bored and so looked at the other thread, pulled this quote from someone from it:

      ” acording to their forums its probably an rpg. they say the will announce a new rpg at anime expo 2011 so im guessing this is the same thing.”

      Well, this is about the only RPG guessed so far, although their AX announcement may not be the same thing as this mystery game, there are plenty of RPGs they could have up their sleeves.

  • z_merquise

    And I was expecting Grand Knights History or Queen’s Gate. Oh well. I guess it would still be good though.

  • blah blah

    I thought Corpse Party at first, but that maybe too much of a non “core” PSP game and probably too visual novely.
    I’m guessing Dangan-Ronpa, it was fairly successful in Japan too.

    • kroufonz

      visual novel is definitely core psp title in japan (or maybe hardcore)

  • DanteJones

    It probably won’t be what I first thought.

  • Oh wow first time watching a trailer for Danganronpa I hope that has a shot at coming over too…

  • Corpse Party

  • Yu_TheKing

    Revenge of the Fiendish Cookie Monster?!

  • Half-Minute Horror 2: Revenge of the Duck….?

  • Alexander Melnyk

    My guess from the other post was Dangan-ronpa… It’s a pretty creepy game… With Mono-bear and all- Argh! No, Mono-bear, no biting! I told you we’re still guessing! Your conquest to North America may still be at a stall!

  • AnimeRemix

    Akiba’s Trip only because of the Vampire…XD.

  • Well.. most of the other games were already guessed.. so throwing the title Tsuku Monogatari out there.. Since I doubt it could be the Atlus Tokyo Majin game Tokyo Mono Hara Shi.

  • kroufonz

    some guess:
    -Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear
    -Tsuku Monogatari
    -Tokyo Mono Harashi: Karasu no Mori Gakuen Kitan

    other guesses with horror element :
    -Chaos Head noah
    -11eyes crossover
    -Misshitsu no Sacrifice

    -Secret Game Portable
    -Secret Game: Killer Queen

    the question, is it original psp title or port?, and who is the dev/publisher in japan?

    • Apollonis

      Nice compilation, although I doubt it could be Higurashi since that’s not even on PSP (is it?) and official translations of it already exist for PC and iOS.

    • I hope its not tsuku monogatari, the idea was great but the execution bad.

      And i couldnt put tokyo mono harashi as horror, i think it goes more on the mistery/mythology stuff part. Its like persona 3/4 it has demons and whatsoever, but it cant be exactly clasified as horror

      • tr1gun1212

        Yeah, Tsukumonogatari was a bit boring. =/
        Had nice concepts, but was not nearly as fun as it could have been. Definitely not horror, at any rate.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Um, I don’t know what the Cookie Monster has to do with this, but
    Horror+Cookie Monster = this photo I found last week :3

    • Cookie monster has nothing to do with it. He’s just there.

      • diverting people’s attention xD

        • Nah I just like Cookie Monster and after the last post I wasn’t going dare posting a Falcom picture again.

          • Ereek

             That’s character-ist, I say! I demand Oscar the Grouch!

  • tesuji2

    Ill be very happy if its corpse party. awesome game. Id also like to see a release of corpse party 2.

  • I’m sticking with Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke.

  • cj_iwakura

    Queen’s Blade?

    (Well, I think it’s horrifying…)

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Haha, yeah. The saying ”Oh noes, boobies!” isn’t just for show. ;)

  • Code

    haha, I’m laughing so hard right now — I’ve never seen cookie monster look so serious. Like he’s deep in thought about writing his memoirs, but then that one eye starts going stray opo

  • More Hints Please… :) But I Think Danganronpa…

  • blah blah

    It could be this translated into a game:

  • Cookie in bag!

  • I was hoping XSeed translated 428
    of course out of the question lol
    Corpse Party FTW

  • Frown. So it’s not Growlanser IV.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Corpse Party. I will effing Day One this. I’ve waited a long time for this game to come out!

  • Silent Hill tactic (?) oh wait…

  • Romulo Arpini
  • Ediit: terror of the stratus: FTW.. :)

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