Here’s Why Serah Is The Main Character In Final Fantasy XIII-2

By Spencer . June 13, 2011 . 12:18pm

110606_event_01_CMYKFinal Fantasy XIII-2 changes protagonists and puts Serah, Lightning’s sister, as the leading lady. Why? That’s one of the questions Siliconera asked Motomu Toriyama, Director of Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Before we get to the answer there is a key spoiler from Final Fantasy XIII below. Just a heads up if you care about that kind of thing.


"Serah is Lightning’s young sister who turned into a crystal in an early point in Final Fantasy XIII and Lighting goes on a journey to rescue her," Toriyama summarized. "In XIII-2, it’s the other way around; the two characters switched places. Lightning still plays an important role in the story, but the main character you play as is Serah who is looking for Lightning."


We saw a scene with Lightning riding Odin and fighting Chaos Bahamut at E3. Even though she is in a different world, Lightning retained her strength from Final Fantasy XIII. While Toriyama wouldn’t give specifics he said, "Almost all of the main characters from Final Fantasy XIII will make an appearance in some way or another."


We’ll have more from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 development team later this week.

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  • Should have asked where Snow was in Serah’s time of need ;) haha

    • Doubt they would answer since it’s plot related. Watch gamespot UK quicklook with square enix rep, he will refuse any question that isn’t related to the demo they showed at E3.

      • Haha, yeah, was mainly just teasing :)

        • We want snow, we want snow

          • Ladius

            …dead. Or better still, imprisoned in some extra-dimensional cage, but still able to see Serah make out with Noel *EVIL LAUGHTER*
            On a more serious note, it would be a big disappointment to have only Serah, Light, Noel and some monsters as playable characters. I don’t think anyone want a Dawn of the New World setup, especially since this is a far more high budget title.

          • I agree with you with the i hope its not just them and monsters xD.

            But you say it like dawn of the new world was ba, and i liked it xD!, Emil and marta 83

          • rinoa_chan

            after all that impossibile journey in FFXIII just to rescue her, she goes with an other men. what a bitchy girl…and the clothes are horrible too, well the semi-naked style is apparently what everyone want, but please, not that horrible pink!!!

          • Rofl, i hope there arent any romantic hints between Serah and this new person, or i will have to punch someone

    • Snow is gone. Hope’s revenge just came a little later than he would have liked.

  • imaguni

    Well, that was… kind of obvious, but still interesting.  Would like to hear more on how the main cast from the previous game is returning.

    • AnimusVox

      SE are a bunch of teases.

      • Like every other game developers.

        • AnimusVox

          Yeah, but for me SE is the biggest. I’m looking at you ‘Versus’

  • As long as Lightning is playable I don’t really care who the main character is.

  • Hopefully HOPE is in that “almost all” category! Game will be massively disappointing if he is not in it, playable. Truly one of the only reasons Im even in the final fantasy fandom. If Maqui can get in, then surely Hope can too!

    • KyoyaHibari

      wow Tsuna, and just how many Final Fantasies have you played? I like Hope, but I don’t think that should be the most influential reason to buy/not buy this game, there are tons of Final Fantasy games with a variety of different characters, Hope not being playable shouldn’t stop you from playing any other FF, I hate how Shantotto got into Dissidia but you don’t see me giving up the game because of that lol

      • Yu_TheKing

        True, in most (if not all) FF Games, there are a few favorable characters, a few “meh” characters, and those you can’t stand to view. In the latter’s case, they just don’t get any play time. One character doesn’t make a game (don’t quote me on this one)

        • I agree with you man, I love Hope, and wish he was one of the “almost all previous characters”, and I can’t stand Snow, not once… I rarely used him in the game except for the beginning tutorials and stuff…

      • I loved FF Tactics Advance, but I think the FF fanbase doesnt count those for some reason? For the characters, but in terms of main FF games, just 12 and 13. I guess I price character design the most in games which is why I think I have such strong attachments to say, Hope. 

        • KyoyaHibari

          I understand where you are coming from, I have an attachment to Tidus’ brimming optimism plus the fact that he looks like me, but I don’t really make a decision on a game based on one character ;P

          • Guest

            he’s just into small boys

    • Actually, I wonder if Hope’s going to be all grown up now. It is five years, all. Maybe he’ll be super mature now.

      • Ryos

        It’s possible.  Hope by the end of the game is nowhere near as irritable as he is at the beginning.  Of course, that is more telling of how grating he is early on rather than how nifty he is at the end. :P 

      • Aoshi00

        I really do want to see a 19 yr old Hope, he said he was going to protect Light :(…  a time skip Hope would kinda be like Nier Replicant, dorky kid –>cool man.

        I’ve always wanted Serah to be playable in the first game, like in a flashback how you could control her to explore the vestige before she became zapped… but yea, hopefully more chars than just Noel, Serah, Mog, and monsters. I liked the music and gameplay from the vids so far..

        • Guest

          maqui doesnt look any different. In fact no one looks older or differnt

          • Aoshi00

            I dunno, if Hope looks exactly like he did 5 yrs ago, then maybe his growth was stunt by being traumatized by his mom’s death :(…

    • I would really like to see Hope too.. He was not the most favorable in the beginning but at the end of the game.. I can really feel him… The most memorable moment… I can never forget his expression..

  • I don’t mind playing as Serah to be honest, especially if Noel will be along for the ride. She was a character I wanted to see more of in XIII, but couldn’t for fairly obvious reasons.

    Lightning and Sazh are still my favorite characters from XIII though, so hopefully the latter also plays an important role. Kinda doubt it now that he has Dajh to look after though.

  • so Serah cheating on Snow o.O

    • kroufonz

      or snow “allow” serah to cheat (maybe snow have ntr fetish :p)

  • Raksha5 Akashi

    Aww, I always hoped for game with Serah as main char. And there it is! ^^

  • Lightning better be playable for the majority of the game though :/ Serah is okay but she’s no Lightning. 

    Also, appearances from Sazh and Hope would be awesome.

  • eilegz

    shouldn’t be snow the one that its with serah looking for her sister instead of noel? … weird things..

    • Guest

      Noel represents a new character for players who didnt play the 1st game

  • mikanko

    Serah was the only prominent character from FFXIII who was still lvl 1 at the end of the game, got it.

    • YsyDoesIt

      This made me laugh. Maybe Dahj will join her.

  • I’m assuming Snow is out and about investigating Pulse with his lil bro Hope, while Serah is at home “safe” haha ;)

  • amagidyne

    I’m guessing it’s because Lightning was too able and useful.

  • AzureNova

    I don’t really care about playing as who all THAT much, I’m just hoping for a good game to add to my collection ^_^……. Serah for the win lol

  • Does it really matter I thought the dude that came in saving Serah was the main character but OK I can switch them around a little

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully Lightning is still a playable character :P

  • Serah and Snow broke up. This is going to be an awkward journey

    • Aoshi00

      Snow went thru all that trouble in the first game just trying to get some :(… I miss Snow now..

  • Angeru_Lito

    Did they umm.. Sorry but did they give a little boost to Serah´s assest there or is just that dress she´s wearing? I just saw the trailer and at the end you can see that… I´ll stop

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I must say I’m a bit disappointed in the character choices for this game, as I loved everyone in the cast of FFXIII who wasn’t named Hope. I was looking forward to expanding Lightning’s story. I figured Serah would be off making babies with Snow, or something.

  • Lots of hate for Snow >_>

    I wonder what Sazh will be up to. He better return.

  • I love Serah so I am happy to see her as the main character awesome character design, also Laura Bailey <3.

  • If Lightning couldn’t be the main I’m glad they decided to go with Serah.

  • i dont like serah at all but oh well i hope to see fang since she is the best character follow by lightning of course.

  • skymap

    I actually like this idea. I’m not sure if I’ll actually get the game, but I like the concept here.

  • Ramsés Cabrera Olivares

    Another theory:
    it is possible that Lightning is actually dead – in the trailer, we would see her as Etro’s guardian spirit or something like it. Thus, Serah would serve as her avatar in the physical world, which would mean that, at certain key points of the story, the game would make them switch places in terms of gameplay. It would be similar to Grandia 2 regarding Elena and Millenia. And if by any chance I’m right, I would bet that it’s the same with Noel and Lightning’s rival.

  • I don’t want Serah. Give me my Vanille back! :<

    • rinoa_chan

      yeah I want Fang and Vanille, the only people who really saved the world in the end and sacrificed themselfs. I was hoping this game was about trying to save them but…nothing…

  • karasuKumo

    I hope Snow makes his appearance by flooring Noel. I don’t know how XIII ends or whether they live or not but somehow or another I want Snow (even if he is a ghost) to knock him out LOL.

  • Boris_Althema

    Oh Fang.. I hope you’re still playable in this sequel..

  • Chow

    Isn’t the very fact that you play as Serah a major spoiler to anybody who’s past the first hour or so of FF13?

  • ZBaksh386

    its cool.
    just hope the others make an appearance and are playable at some point, even once.

  • cool.. lightning riding odin and fighting chaos bahamut? :)) awesome

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