Kirby Wii Hands-On Brings Back Memories Of Super Star Ultra

By Kris . June 13, 2011 . 1:00pm

As I began Nintendo’s Kirby Wii demo, I was alone. I played as Kirby, running through a desert. The game felt a lot more like classic Kirby in the vein of Kirby Super Star than Kirby’s most recent Wii adventure, Epic Yarn, complete health bars, a block button (unfortunately assigned to A in the sideways remote configuration), and multiple attacks for each power.


For instance, with the beam power, Kirby can use a regular short-range arcing beam attack from a standing position or regular jump, a charge attack that fires a large shot straight forward, or dash and then jump to fire a beam down at a 45 degree angle. That expanded skill set came in handy when traversing the desert, but those weren’t the only techniques in Kirby’s repertoire.


I quickly came to a roadblock in the form of a giant concrete block that I couldn’t jump or fly around. The game prompted me (by usage of changing signage) to abandon my power with minus, and inhale the giant rock by holding 1 and shaking the Wii remote. Kirby’s mouth opened insanely wide and the rock (and the enemies on it) were sucked into it. When I had Kirby spit out the stuff he inhaled, it was in the form of a giant star with its own gravity (other stars were revolving around it!). At this point, I was joined by three more allies who just dropped in by pressing start on the other Wii remotes.


One player was Meta Knight, another was King Dedede, and the third was a bandana-wearing, spear-wielding, unnamed (and therefore totally badass) Waddle Dee. While players two-through-four couldn’t steal powers, each had special editions with their respective weapons. While I didn’t get to play with Dedede’s or Meta Knight’s hammer and sword, Waddle Dee could charge his spear and spin it around over his head like a helicopter blade to hover around at a set height, damaging any enemies he ran into with it. This tactic was particularly effective on bosses!


After getting out of the desert, my friends and I found ourselves in the middle of a flame-filled cave. Fire fell from the ceiling, blocks of flame surrounded collectable stars (collect 100 for a one-up!), and getting through the area was slow going until I found an enemy that could give me the water power, which could extinguish and destroy the burning blocks.


I led the way, cooling the dangerous blocks for my allies as we progressed. We came across some translucent blocks that we couldn’t pass, but whoever was playing Dedede found a crystal that allowed him to pass through them undeterred and pick up more stars. We finally escaped the caves, only to enter a room that was apparently being devoured by darkness. The darkness crept from the left side of the screen and forced us to run through the area as quickly as possible. The sense of impending doom was a nice change from the relaxing stroll atmosphere of Epic Yarn.


We then proceeded to a less deadly area and found a shining sword enemy. After dropping my water power (as a blue star with a water design on it, helpfully enough), I absorbed this shining sword enemy and got the hyper sword ability. This allowed Kirby to summon a giant sword and destroy everything in his path, slicing the giant ropes holding up blocks and opening new paths. The sword had its own health meter, and in the tradition of limited Kirby powers like "Mic" and "Crash," each sword I swung varied from the last and froze the screen in a beautifully over-the-top fashion. Proper use of the sword allowed my teammates and I to get to the end of the stage without a scratch.


Kirby Wii will be making childhood dreams of a sequel to Kirby Super Star come true by the end of 2011.


Food for Thought:

1. Kirby and his friends are able to interact with each other in a couple of ways. First and foremost is food sharing, in which a player can share his or her food with their partners by touching them shortly after they eat something.


2. Less helpful (but more adorable) is the ability to ride on top of or be carried through the air by your partners.

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  • SoulEater98

    This game shall be epic!

  • Seems like one of that games that should have come in 2012, since its looking to be like a software drought, or the game we needed instead of Epic Yarn. Now this is the Kirby I could see myself getting if I was a hardcore Wii enthusiast. Sounds decent with decent visuals. They didnt mention anything of Kirby coming to 3DS while at the showcase for this “demo”?

    • puchinri

      (And so it did double post…)

    • puchinri

      Wow. I think my post is eaten. If I leave you two comments, then my bad. x’D
      But like I was saying before, I don’t think there is a Kirby game in development for 3DS and with a DS game, this and Epic Yarn, it’d be a lot of Kirby at once and just a little unnecessary. I’d rather see something unexpected for the 3DS. Like F-Zero~.

  • two questions.
    1.  multiple control schemes? Not that is is a problem with some other 2D Wii games I played.
    2.  Can I play as the other characters in single player?

  • nyoron

    I haven’t been following this game at all so maybe this is common knowledge already, but do the other players have to be Meta Knight/Dedede/Waddle Dee or can they also choose to be a Kirby clone? If everyone else is stuck with one weapon the whole time while Kirby gets to have all the special power fun that seems kind of lame :/

    Also, do we know if the Gamecube controller or even the Classic Controller is an option? I can’t stand the sideways Wiimote configuration…

    • Kris

      Players do have to be specifically Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, or Dedede. No Gooey or “helper” sorry. :(

      I’m not sure about alternate control methods (I want them!) but the wiimote shaking makes me fear that it might be wiimote only.

      • Dang
        I want to play as the others. Why do Nintendo do this? Why bother making these characters as opposed to Kirby recolors?  I guess I have to play Brawl’s SE mode for my Meta Knight and Dedede fix.

        • Suicunesol

          Why be lazy and just make Kirby clones when you can go the extra mile and make completely different characters playable? Isn’t that, like, the much better idea?

          • If I cannot play as them in single player… that’s what I’m talking about.

          • nyoron

            The much better idea is different characters or Kirby clones, each player can choose who they prefer. Limiting the the Kirby series’ signature power absorbing ability to only one person in multiplayer is silly. 

  • Very excited this has a 2011 release, and from the looks of it, it won’t disappoint me like Epic Yarn did. I still wish they would have pushed this to early 2012 for an earlier release for Luigi’s Mansion 2 or Animal Crossing 3DS. ;A; Either way this year and next year Nintendo is dishing out awesome games!

  • puchinri

    I was telling my friend how this game is like SSU meets Crystal Shards meets Canvas Curse. I guess they’re still keeping some of the smaller elements from the GC/Wii ver from before, what with being able to be carried/ride with your partners. 

    Even though I’m still a little mixed about the game (just a wee bit) I am very excited for it. Replaying Crystal Shards and Canvas Curse has only made me more eager to play this.

  • I hope the waggle function is mapped to the R button on the classic controller. I’m sick of developers not supporting the controller, it’s SO quick to do but i’m guessing they want to force the waggle features on the player to make it “unique” to the console.

    If there is no support, I hope it gets hacked like DK did, because that game is PERFECT with the Classic Controller, it fixes ALL problems.

  • ufoflash

    now this is really shaping up to be the Kirby game I have been hoping for for a while now. this one is more like Nightmare in Dream land, Amazing Mirror and Squeak squad right? because if so then this is definitely on my most anticipated game list.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m super jealous!!! >_< That game sounds awesome. I'm excited now. Shaping up to be another awesome platformer. I dig the 4 player. DK Wii was too cruel and made me shun my friends and only play with my Bro. lol I'm in love with this game already!!! XD

  • Samken

    I really like Epic Yarn but that was not a KIRBY game per see gameplay wise, this game is close to the “ideal” game Kirby fans were hoping for (myself included).

  • Covnam

    I’m glad that I keep reading about how this game is shaping up like Kirby Super Star, I never liked the Kirby 64 game.

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