There Are Two Sides To See In The Upcoming Star Trek Game

By Spencer . June 13, 2011 . 9:32am


Paramount Digital Entertainment and The Darkness II developer Digital Extremes are creating a Star Trek game tied to the series reboot. It’s a cooperative action game where one player controls Kirk and the other Spock, but each character sees events in Star Trek from their own perspective.


The demo, made from a pre-alpha build, began with Spock and Kirk diving through a mines and space garbage to reboard the Enterprise. Spock lands flawlessly while Kirk crashed into a pile of boxes. Aboard the ship, both characters pull out tricorders to scan red shirts in hope of figuring out why the Enterprise was captured and in Command Lockout. The tricorder can interact with the ship and overload control panels.


A distress call from a crew member signals the duo to travel to the Shuttle Bay. That’s where Spock and Kirk discover they’re in the middle of a trap. Star Trek features a new kind of enemy, which Parmount wants to keep under wraps for now. Armed with a powerful phaser, Kirk can vaporize or stun enemies. Spock holds a different weapon that can freeze enemies so he can mind meld an enemy is incapacitated. This forces an enemy to switch sides and blast its former friends.



Kirk is paralyzed during the enemy encounter and Spock picks up him off the ground. The two head to Med Bay, but only the player controlling Spock can move. Since he’s carrying Kirk, its up to the player controlling Kirk to fire his phaser and protect both players. Inside Med Bay, Spock uses a medical laser to restore Kirk. The difficulty of this sequence depends on how many red shirts and data you scanned with the tricorder earlier. Meanwhile, Kirk (and the player controlling him) must continue to blast enemies to cover both characters. Star Trek shows each character different cutscenes, as well. When Spock and Kirk roll into cover after an enemy ambush, the event is told from the perspective of the character you’re playing.


Star Trek is slated for release next year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Looks like a Plasma Rifle from Halo in the first image.

    Sounds like a nice concept for co-op but I’m worried it’ll get the same negative feedback that Resident Evil 5 did when doing something similar. While the co-op was great, everyone seemed to hate the single player due to the poor AI.

    • From Traditional Trek fans yes because Star Trek is not about running and gunning. If you jump on the bandwagon after the JJ version. Then you not going to care you want that kind of game. 

      • Or you can be like me. 
        -Raised on Trek. 
        -Able to argue that a single nacelle(single coil) ship should NOT be able to form a stable warp bubble. 
        -Enjoy the Abrams movie. 
        -And just want another good Trek game. It has been too long since Bridge Commander. We are overdue a good Trek game. Even if it is built in the new canon, I will take it.

  • I hope there is a single player mode. Because I have no friends or just anyone to play this co-op game with.

  • Sounds like an awesome game for the fantastic movie franchise. Hopefully it breaks the stereotype and is a fantastic franchise related experience. Please use the movie voice actors.

  • TanyaRei

    Why is kirk the comedy releif now?

  • Not my kind of Star Trek I’m afraid (I’ll have to play Star Flight for my trade, negotiation, exploration and universal translator problems fix).

    Also not much of a shooter player, but the team mechanics sound pretty deep.

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