Online Battles In Vanillaware’s Grand Knights History Take Days

By Spencer . June 15, 2011 . 12:02pm

imageGrand Knights History is Vanillaware’s first RPG and first foray online. While the PSP title was announced with online support, Famitsu just fleshed out the details in this week’s issue. Yes, players will battle over virtual territory with the game’s three kingdoms.


Pick "sortie" from a menu and you’ll take a party of four knights online and fight another player from a different country. You’re a cog in a wheel because the actual battle spans days. When the territory war ends players vote which area will be the next battlefield.


The first option has you actively controlling your team. Select "automatic advance" and Grand Knights History will take a team of knights and automatically fight with them. Battles are automatic, but you can set command priorities to develop unique strategies. Before you send them out in the wild, you can see how the team of knights performs in "sortie" mode. When you call your forces back they’ll return with spoils like experience points, gold, and information such as a win percentage. Two AI controlled groups can be sent out plus you can control one party manually for a total of three squads on the field.


Each player has a profile with their stats and their nation’s flag, an item you receive if the king decorates your battalion with a medal of honor. Grand Knights History has online rankings and a follow option that lets you keep track of other players.


Marvelous will release Grand Knights History in Japan on September 1.

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  • Wow, that sounds pretty awesome!  I remember having lots of fun with something like this way back in 2003 when Soul Calibur II came to the arcade near where I was living.  For that whole summer, anyone who stepped foot in that place was all about SCII’s Conquest Mode and trying to be part of the winning army

    • kupomogli

      I actually joined the army who had the least percantage.  It’s pretty obvious that the higher percentage would have had the better players, this way it sort of evened it out since I’m a fairly good SC player. Only bad thing is one person can’t do everything unfortunately.

      • I dunno, personally I usually just chose Red, regardless of how they were doing :P

  • Oh man, that sounds awesome.

  • This looks so cool, but I don’t have a PSP and aaaaaauuugh. So much regret! I hope they release a port on the Vita. >__> (Since there’s a better chance of me getting that.)

    • Vita will run PSN’s PSP games, so no need to port – unless it’s UMD only.

  • godmars

    Was kind of hoping that this is what turn based gaming was going to be on “next gen” consoles. A series like Front Mission.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    This game looks even better than Dragon’s Crown.

    • I respectfully disagree.

      Edit: It does look really good though.

  • This deserves a place on my shelf (or my virtual shelf at least!).

  • Tarlol

    This sounds amazing! Everything I see about this game makes me want it more.

  • Kris

    It’s like they crawled inside my dreams and made an RPG out of the elements that they found. I really hope this hits the states!

  • z_merquise

    The feature looks like something that no developer had thought before. I mean, are there any games that’s a turn-based RPG with online multiplayer? This really sounds like a very ambitious project for Vanillaware. 

    I really hope that this and Dragon’s Crown turn to be a success for Vanillaware. We need developers like those people who can deliver quality hand-drawn 2D games, something that bigger companies won’t bother doing.

  • It reminds me of Brigandine for some reason.

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    I’ve always dreamed of having a game with these sort of gameplay elements on a handheld. Hopefully Atlus, NISA, or XSEED are looking towards localizing it in the future.

  • This appears to be a great concept! Localisation, please!

  • nikoladurkan

    But why for the psp!?!?!? Let just hope that it will be one of the “HD-upgrades” for PS3. Otherwise I will have to pick it up when the vita slim or light comes out (the old psp was big but the vita makes it look super portable). 

  • To have this game in English and on my PS3/PSV instead of PSP, I would do just about anything.

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