Report: Game Republic Quietly Closes

By Spencer . June 16, 2011 . 4:19pm

geripabu_IMG_2437After leaving Capcom, Street Fighter II creator Yoshiki Okamoto founded Game Republic. The studio’s first game was Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, which Sony Computer Entertainment published. Rival Microsoft then made a deal with Game Republic to develop a game for the Japanese Xbox 360 launch. That’s how Every Party, a board game came to be, but the title flopped.


Game Republic went on to create Folklore and the Phantom Hourglass style Dragon Ball: Origins series. Brash Entertainment signed a deal with Game Republic to make a slate of movie based games and unfortunately for Okamoto, Brash closed. Namco Bandai sort of came to the rescue and agreed to pick up a bunch of Game Republic titles including Clash of the Titans which was in need of a publisher. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom came out last year and Knights Contract just a few months ago.


Sadly, that may be Game Republic’s last title. Their website is gone and their office is up for rent. Japanese blog G-Dash ventured to Game Republic’s headquarters and saw no trace of the video game developer. Siliconera tried to reach out to Game Republic, but have not heard back. This isn’t the first Japanese developer to vanish nearly overnight. The same thing happened to Ninja Studio (Izuna series), Flight Plan (Summon Night), and Gaia Games (Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner).


Knights Contract is still slated for a Japanese release on July 7. In fact, it’s been pushed to consumers now, but there’s no mention of Game Republic on the Japanese site.

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  • Seriously… this real world only takes, and takes

  • Dang that was unexpected.

  • badmoogle

    To be honest the only GR game i was interested was Majin but the incredibly bad voice acting in the demo kept me from buying what otherwise looked as a game that was right down my alley.:/
    Still this is very sad news.I remember reading an interview of Okamoto in Edge magazine and the guy had some very interesting ideas for the future of game development in Japan…
    Hopefully all of their talent will find work in other companies.

  • malek86

    Their titles quality was hit and miss, and for the most part, the good titles had many flaws as well (Folklore forced you to play the same areas twice, Majin had too much backtracking). I think they never really learned how to make their games truly gripping. That would partly explain the poor sales for most of their titles.

    But it still sucks to see another developer go, and at the very least, they usually made some pretty good graphical design choices. Too bad for them.

    What’s gonna happen to Okamoto now?

    • That was the only problem of folklore but it was a really good game, it’s really a shame, and it was my first ps3 game T-T

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Majin’s been pretty good from what I’ve played of it. I’m glad I bought it new, even if it didn’t help save the developer.

  • Ah this is sad. I really like Majin(was about to beat the game but got side tracked), and Folklore was awesome(another game I need to finish… man I am a bad gamer). Sad to see these guys go…

  • kylehyde

    Is really sad that many companies have fallen in this generation.

    I will always remember them for the “Giant enemy crab”

  • Man that sucks I have both Genji games and Brave Story: New Traveler on UMD PSP. I missed out on getting it from PSN. Ohh well here’s hoping that Sony has something planned to tranfer UMDs to Vita.

    • kupomogli

      I really liked Brave Story New Traveler.

  • PrinceHeir

    such as shame :(

    no more Genji sequel meaning no more Giant Enemy Crabs!!!

  • blah blah


  • BelmontHeir

    Is this partially why Brave Story has vanished from the PSN store? :/

    • You know, this really raises my fear of digital distribution.

      Company behind a game on BluRay/DVD/… dies -> track down a (used) copy
      Company behind a downloadable title dies and no one secures the rights -> game is gone forever

  • Guest


    Game Republic developed that Dragonball Z Ultimate Butoden fighting game for Nintendo DS.  I really woulda liked a 3DS sequel that game kicked ass more so than even the recent console DBZ games

  • neo_firenze


    I think I’m one of Game Republic’s bigger fans.  Just loved the first Genji (better than Onimusha series or the PS2 God of War games), Folklore, Brave Story, Dark Mist (PSN Japan).  I actually like Knights Contract and Majin quite a bit too.  Sad day indeed. 

  • Why?
    I loved game republics games :C how can they go done?

  • I just finished Dragon Ball Origins the other day. This is truly sad. 
    Also, let’s not forget about Cing. I miss them the most. 

  • mikanko

    Feels like more and more niche market Japanese devs dying off or forced into mergers this generation than any of the previous.  Shows when heavy hitters like Capcom, Namco and Konami rarely put anything new out that’s not outsourced, and struggle to meet sales expectations regularly.  Too bad software sales outside of the portable game market in Japan have really shifted to ultra high budget games, and those games cost more to make than they ever have before. =/

  • JustaGenericUser

    Man, companies are dying left and right. What is going on?

  • badmoogle

    They should track down whoever was voice acting director for Majin and beat him up for ruining their game.

  • capristrider

    Really sad, I really liked Genji on the PS2. Got Genji, Clash of the Titans on PS3 and I just ordered last week Knight’s Contract and plan on getting Majin. I just wish they had made that “killer” title that they never made, they had so much talent and potential at Game Republic :(

  • No more Folklore/Majin….I am truly sad, not just because of the games that won’t see the light of day, but because we lost another interesting company out of NOWHERE…it’s like the time when tons of games where cancelled all of a sudden….like epidemic….hopefully there is some merging going on into other companies. R.I.P Game Republic

  • thebanditking

    Wow this really sucks, their releases this gen were hit or miss but they made some great games (imo) the original Genji, Folklore and Majin and Brave Story are all great titles and these guys deserved better then this.

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