So, About That Aksys Otome Game Survey…

By Spencer . June 18, 2011 . 1:32pm

image It was one of the most requested topics for our fan powered interview, so we asked Aksys about the otome surveys when we met with a bunch of the team at E3. Otome games, if you’re not familiar with the genre, target female players and typically have a lady lead who has a chance to date several kinds of guys. The Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side series from Konami, Vitamin X titles from D3 Publisher, and Scarlet Fragment games from Idea Factory are examples of the genre.


I was hoping to come back with a definite yes (or no), but that’s not the answer I received. "You should come to Anime Expo, maybe attend our panel," Aileen Viray, Assistant Marketing Manager, teased.


Aksys is just one of the video game companies with an Anime Expo panel. We hear there is another company, one that has dabbled with the otome genre, attending. Of course this does not guarantee any otome games for North America. Just sayin’.


Stay tuned because next week we’re going to run our fan powered interview with Aksys.

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  • Ereek

    That seems like a subtle “yes” to me.

    • Yeah. Not something you’d advertise if it was a “no”.

      • You forgot that one of Namco Bandai wanted us to expect anything out of Tales in E3. Guess what?

        • kroufonz

          don’t compare aksys and namco,we know namco are different beast (they are still master troll/king of troll)

          • Not troll, just lazy and juvenile. We get more info on AC5 than ToG, and even that is not a highly popular series in U.S.

            Aksys, on the other hand, will always hint on how things are going and answer their fans’ concerns. Whether it’s a yes or a no, we hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

          • kroufonz

            teasing with vesperia logo while never intended to release vesperia ps3 and then lie that those aren’t vesperia logo, or promising something tales will be on e3 while in reality no tales at e3 are make me believe namco is still master troll (at least they are trolling tales fan)

            and then there is that tweet (that could turn toward another troll)sayin 2012 is not na release date  if they aren’t confirming US release date later.

  • Wow, that’s so weird! I just posted a topic about this to Aksys to!

    I really hope to hear a confirmation or denial sooner or later. This is killing me!

    I wonder if it’s going to be for DS or PSP if so. Gah, if PSP looks like I’d have to buy one. Was hoping for Growlanser taboot. Think you can make that happen to Aksys? Pretty pwease? =3

    • Haha, I’d love to have Growlanser XD

      But you’d need to bark up ATLUS’s tree for that XD;

      • Awww, phooey. I know some companies allow others to publish their game (like how Working Designs did for Growlanser II&III, which is why I was hoping for Aksys with this XD ) but I suppose Atlus JP wants Atlus USA to publish theirs now. >.<

        • Phoenix_Apollo

          It’s been my experience that niche publishers in general are afraid to step on each other’s toes. WD might have been the only one, sadly.

          • Ladius

            It’s more along the lines of Atlus USA already having the Growlanser licence in the USA but refusing to use it, thus depriving us of one (maybe two, if Growlanser 4 OR isn’t localized) great title.

            As sad as it is to say it (I have been a fervent Atlus USA supporter for years), in Growlanser’s case Atlus is behaving like Namco with the Tales series. At least Namco has resumed localizing new entries, let’s hope Atlus USA does the same.

          • Phoenix_Apollo

            They have the license, I’d imagine, because Atlus JP took over Growlanser’s studio, no?

            But yeah, Atlus likes depriving us of Growlanser and Sting games lately.

  • kroufonz

    it will be good news if they can bring PS3 otome game! imagine the possibility other publisher bringing hd PS3 galge/bishoujo game!

  • When is this Anime Expo? Hope its a game with quality character designs + english vocals, then I’d most likely buy…

    • July 1st – 4th –

      Urg, so close yet so far! Hurry up July!

    • Francesco Mario Azzena

      why do you want the english vocals so badly? you aren’t saying that the english voices are better than the japanese ones?

      • Im only a native American speaker with the ability to understand some english, chinese, spanish, and french. Unfortunately, I dont understand JPN so I cant say if English vocals are better or not. I would get more immersed in this game if the vocals were in English., thus increasing my odds to buy it.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        What’s wrong with wanting to understand the voices in a game? I’m all for dual audio, even if I don’t ever listen to the Japanese voices in a game, but I don’t understand the hostility towards dubbing we see in so many here.

        • There’s hostility on both sides from what I’ve seen.

  • Is my dream going to come true??? Please tell me Akys is finally granting my wish~~~~ O.O

  • Wackoramaco87

    Hooray! I’ve been wondering about those surveys! Hopefully it if does come, it’ll do well enough to bring over others! =D

  • I’ll be part of the audience at their panel. I’ll let you know ;P

  • Catnipcookie

    Here’s praying it’s the game shown in the image… *best George Takei voice* Oh my…

    • puchinri

      I love you for that. x’D

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Not my thing, but female players definitely deserve more games like this. It’s only fair.

    • Francesco Mario Azzena

      i want these games too and i’m a male. : D

      • yes

        • Francesco Mario Azzena

          yes what?

          • GVmanX

            I guessin’ along the line of “Yeah, me too!”, which is also how I feel about this.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Ah, I stand corrected. Then to put it more accurately, some males and some females. ;)

    • Never underestimate the fangirls… They might be some of the most loyal fanbase you had ever known on earth!! Just.. Don’t disappoint them… Lol..XD

      Anyway, I can’t wait for the good news… A PS3 otome game sounds good to me..Scarlet Fragment looks nice… 

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Actually, I have a a few online yaoi fangirl buddies, so I know what you are talking about. Say something false and you’ll be blasted with hundreds of arguments that you can’t evade lol. A fun bunch to talk with, with whom I have nothing but respect. After all, we are all fans. 

  • I agree with Ereek, sounds like a subtle yes. I really hope they start to localize otome games! Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 1,2 and 3 would be a good start and the Fushigi Yuugi one and so many more too! >3<

  • Lucky. I wish someone would bring Tokimeki Memorial over here. I’m sure it would sell horribly, though.

    • I don’t think it would sell great but I do think it will sell well. I know a forum dedicated to Tokimeki specifically, there was a whole team working on the translation of the second one. So many supporters on there. If they targeted anime watchers and other women/girls in the right way then I think it would sell fairly well.

      Besides, no one thought 999 would sell well when it was first localized so I think otome games have a chance!

      • They aren’t the same, though. Otome games are closer to dating sims than dramatic visual novels, based on my experience. Not to say, of course, that otome games aren’t well-written (I wouldn’t know), but they’re ultra-niche.

        I don’t Tokimeki would sell well even with a passionate fanbase. Sakura Wars doesn’t seem to have sold well at all and it also has a passionate fanbase.

        • True, Otome’s are closer to the dating sim genre than anything but some are actually more visual-novel games with a hint or romance (Yo-Jin-Bo for example). It also seems more and more Otome’s are even taking a more visual novel adventure feel to them and adding in the option of finding love instead of just making them full of optional love patterns.

          True, Sakura Wars didn’t take off so well but I think that was because of the platforms they were released on (PS2/Wii). If Aksys localizes the DS dating sims I honestly think they’d sell. Many girls, who aren’t very big gamers, have DS systems (my sister and cousin are prime examples) and are always trying to find new games that fit their genre.

          Maybe Aksys should place an ad in a popular teen magazine so then all the gals who read it will see it and maybe become interested. I know the anime fan-base and otome fan-bases are not enough to make a game sell well but if they put their heads together I think they could come up with a strategy to make it sell enough to call for more otome-localizations.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Targeting that right audience I think has been a cause of the failure of some of the dabbles. At least three (ice skating and ballet) were saddled by inclusion in the ‘imagine’ series, where NO self respecting adult would ever look for a game. Aksys I think missed a bit with Rockin Pretty by not trolling some K-On bait. Sakura Wars perhaps suffered because the US centered game selected to come over was not the already known property that any of the first three games would have been.

        • landlock

          The problem with Sakura Wars for me was that game was based on one of the Sakura Wars OVA’s and not the original series with Sakura in it. To be perfectly honest anything after the original TV series was pretty average to me.

      • superdry

        With the success of 999….I was hoping it would open the door to some of the other really good non-dating sim visual novels out there to be released in the west.  428, Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and the upcoming Ever17 port for the 360 (the original one was released here on PC…but just talking consoles).

        For now, I’ll just bumble through the games in Japanese with a Japanese walkthrough.

    • kroufonz

      well it could profit, for it is the mother of dating-sim. if who ever bring it could released in asia too(or even europe), they also must retain japanese voice act(hell they shuouldn’t dub it at all to cut a lot of budget beside VN/datesim/adv/vn genre with bishoujo in it are never be the same with english voice because of moe factor) , make it available through both ddl and disc if it is psp game, and make sure the disc release have limited edition, and make sure they do something to attract core anime and galge fanbase and make them aware and want to buy it like, teaser stuff, fancy limited edition, or bundle with ova , art book, nendro etc. then i am sure it will sell enough to make profit. (remastering it to PS3 will have better chance tough since psp market in the west pretty much dead)

      and tokimemo 4 is good and great comeback after 3 and i am still hoping konami make 5 on console.

      • If you really think about it there are dating-sim elements in various series too; Harvest Moon, Yakuza, Heavy Rain, Lost in Blue, 999, shoot — Hamtaro even has some things in it!

        • kroufonz

          lots of game have date-sim element.
          what we refer outside japan Visual novel, now mainly use ADV and SLG to different it based on game system.
          ADV now also used for game that is refered for NVL(refer to sound novel, or visual novel,known with text covering all screen (term that is more known used by leaf/aquaplus with their visual novel series like the original to heart and white album) kana little sister, tsukihime are considered as NVL in the past now it is mostly included in ADV, like how ) SLG is ADV with simulation element that can be, battle ,rpg, exploration, card, or school life sim etc, (altough sometime for game with RPG element sometime are refered as both genre ADV,SRPG like tears to tiara PS3 while tears to tiara PC are labeled SLG.

          outside japan when talking about Visual novel it mean refering to both ADV and SLG, (visual novel also reffer to galge, otome game and eroge outside japan)

      • I thought the survey suggested it would be DDL release, they could dub it if they want greater reach…

        • kroufonz

          they can dub it as long as they include japanese voice, it is much more profitable going undubbed tough, consider hefty amount of voice act, beside this is a genre “where dub for greater reach” is not a good option (assuming they are going for english dub only release).

      • One increasing problem is, the Japanese actor studios expect huge payments for this “secondary use” which becomes a problem, since the market is not able to bear it. We’re not sure how to proceed, but if we ever brought out a game with English dub, but made sure it was compatible with the JP sound file, would that fly?

    • BTA

      I really really want to play Tokimeki Memorial someday, and I have no idea why. 

      • It’s a great franchise, the first two games being the best because they don’t take themselves too seriously. At all.

  • Anyone attending Anime Expo should come to our panel :D It’ll be good times :)
    I’ll be there XD

    • It’s too far away. Tell Anime Expo to move to the middle so everyone can attend. :P

      Just kidding. XD But have fun! CA’s too far away from VA for me. >.>

  • fanoultimate

    Good luck for female gamers, but this kind of game always makes me react in one specific way: アッー!

  • SerendipityX

    >_< That almost sounded like a yes… *fangirl scream* 

  • Ladius

    Personally I hope for some good visual novel (no galgame or otome), or at least for an otome that can be enjoyed for its plot and for the quality of its writing aside from the romance. It would be somewhat strange to see some uber-niche game localized when acclaimed console visual novels like Steins Gate, 428, Umineko PS3 and Chaos Head Noah (among others) are still unlocalized :

    Then again, at this point I would probably support any visual novel release, otome or not, just to send a message to Aksys, Mangagamer and Jast, they have done a great job so far and AnimeExpo is shaping up to be the greatest event of 2011 for any fan of the genre (horror PSP game by XSeed, possibly an otomevn from Aksys, a new Nitroplus game from JAST, new announcements and physical releases from Mangagamer, etc) :p

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’d like to see a bit more on Aselia, the all ages RPG JAST has in the pipeline, although I’d suspect any AX news from them will focus on School Days, pimping Demonbane and the one or two announcements they have still to come.

      RightStuf did kind of quietly put up physical versions of Higa and DaCapo a month or two ago but still no sign of shipping or release information.

      • Ladius

        Aseria is really one strange release: not only the game has been out for one year since there’s the Dakkodango English fantranslation, but the translation JAST USA is using is apparently made in Japan and many suspect that it could be inferior to Dakkodango’s.

        I hope it does well since I would like to have more all-ages titles from JAST, but I fear the official release won’t be able to sell very well since almost everyone who was interested in that game has already played it :

        • Tommy Lee

          Things changed. Some technical or logistical issues occurred and now they’re using Dakkodango’s translation.

          • Ladius

            Thanks for the info, I think this is for the best :) Dakkodango really deserves to be acknowledged, and those who will buy the JAST release deserve the best translation available.

    • kroufonz

      well umineko and chaos head ARE galgame

      • Ladius

        Not really, unless you consider every visual novel with some kind of romantic plot element a gal game. Chaos Head (before Noah) and Umineko don’t even have separate paths linked to specific heroines, and Umineko doesn’t even have choices. From a structural point of view, Ever17 is more of a galge than those two.

        • kroufonz

          so long visual novel have and centered or interact around female cast they are galge (it doesn’t have to be love relationship ,it didn’t have separate romantic/ dating route, it also didn’t need to have male as main chara (aria ps2 game, that .uni game from circus for example)

          most will generally consider umineko, higurashi and chaos head as galge (even neptunia could be considered as galge like inafune said) , while 999, ace attorney, 428 aren’t galge

          • Ladius

            I have never seen Umineko or CH defined as galge before (maybe it depends on the communities you follow and their habits), and I don’t agree with such a broad classification since I think we need to separate games aimed at dating simromantic slice of life from visual novels that simply have female characters or some kind of romantic element. I think calling them galge lessen their appeal to the public outside the niche, too.

            Then again, it isn’t such a big deal since there’s no accademic standard for the niche terms used in the vn fanbase :p

          • kroufonz


            this could give you some insight for what is considered as galge it is from late 2008 console list so no umineko but and higurashi is classified as galge.

            visual novel community generally do consider umineko, and chaos head as bishoujo game both in japan and most core anime/vn community so long the game have bishoujou as heroine (whether it have route or not it doesn’t matter) it you make a thread in the forum what your fav galge is umineko. chaos head,witll definitely show up. it maybe depend on community and umineko maybe a little bit debatable (but i haven’t seen people complain that umineko is not galge, if some one posted their fav galge is umineko for example) , but chaos head is definitely full fledged galge due to how heroine interact and their involvement in story one for a reason.

            there is already classification for thing revolve around love and romance it is called  ren’ai game

            what we know as visual novel in here are usually divide as ADV or SLG this day depend depend on the game system.

            for game with love/dating/romance stuff it is called as ren’ai game

            there is also classification for game based on content, galgame/bishoujo game for game with bishoujo (does not targeted toward male , otome game game with bishi targeted toward female/fujoshi, and eroge mostly toward male are galge with ero content

            they maybe not fixed term but they are term that generally used by most.

    • There’s quite some otome games that can be enjoyed by guys as well, while most of otome games that are set in high school are probably rather boring to guys (Just like Love Plus is not really that exciting to girl, tho of slight interest to some since the gameplay is interesting for a romance sim), there’s quite a few great fantasy games. There even is a mystery-horror otome game for the DS whith investigation gameplay and puzzles (Yami no something.. or something no Yami.. too lazy too look it up.. orz), that would be quite appealing to guys imo. Harukanaru Toki no naka De 3, 4 & 5 might also be of interest, since they’ve got great gameplays and greatly written fantasy plots, tho they also contain quite a bit of drama. XD

      I think that a quirky game like Love Revo would also pick the interest of some guys (it’s a stat raiser in which a chubby girl that has to lose weight and specialise in certain stats in order to get the interest of the guys). But I think it’s always easier for a guy to enjoy visual-novel-games that are heavier on gameplay. I have to admit tho, that while I enjoy a good read, I prefer otome games with at least a little gameplay, as it’s a good break from the reading on a monitor. :)

      In any case, I’m just curious as for what Aksys will tell us on the matter of otome games. 

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Trying to make some reasonable guesses on the ‘other’ company. It’s not as if the list could be that long — guess it depends on what’s being considered ‘dabbling’

    Natsume (Princess Debut, stretching it to HM)?
    Atlus (My World, My Way)?

    A library expansion from Peach Princess or Mangagamer? Although Spence has been very careful to not delve too much into the world of the actual H game.

    Perhaps Spacedrake has something new?

    • Ladius

      Nowadays I would omit mentioning Atlus in niche localization discussions, they’ve drastically changed their offer and cut much of their support to anything that isn’t SMTPersona since 2010, and if they avoid Luminous Arc 3, Growlanser, Blaze Union and the likes I really don’t think they will translate an otome game any time soon.

      • Radiant Historia wasnt SMT/Persona?

        • Temuthril

          Radiant Historia was both published and developed by Atlus though, maybe it was cheaper to get.

        • Ladius

          Even Catherine (well, Vincent was in P3P :P) and KoF13 aren’t, but I wrote “much of their support” and not “all of their support” exactly because of them :)

          That said, both RH and Catherine (KoF13 is apparently already localized, aside from the fact that being a fighter its texts aren’t comparable to those you can find in jrpgs or viual novels) are games developed and published by Atlus, and the GrowlanserUnion debacle shows that even being published by Atlus Japan isn’t enough to get localized Atlus USA (to be fair, Growlanser was a though customer even when Atlus USA’s output was much stronger, seeing how we missed G4 and G6).

          If you compare the amount and variety of localized titles in the pre-2010 period (especially fiscal year 2008-2009) with their current offer I think you will easily see what I mean. That said I’m still day-oneing (is that even a word? nvm) every Atlus USA jrpg, I’m simply sad they have scaled back so much their localization efforts when other publishers are able to surprise us with extremely niche quality releases by developers such as Chunsoft and Falcom (think XSeed or Aksys) :(

  • j.

    Thanks for the update! Ah my heart was all “dokidoki” reading this. Hurry Julyyy

  • Even as a dude, I’d play this game

  • Dondake!!!

  • Juuu

    I would just die of happiness to see another otome game released in English. And honestly, stuff like this opens doors to more plot-heavy VNs. C’mon, Aksys, I want to give you my money! TokiMemo, Vampire Knight, Kimi Ni Todoke, or anything else, plz? :> Heck, even if it’s on the PS3 [only major console this gen I don’t own] I’ll just have to commandeer the boyfriend’s console. ;]

  • Roses4Aria

    You know, there was a comment/question on the Aksys forums about this survey not too long ago and the response it got more or less seemed like a subtle “yes” to me as well, though it hinted at the fact that it was probably going to be a while yet before we got any info on it. (Sorry, but I forget what the exact comment/question was at this point.) Adding that response to this one, I’ll take that as a sign to be cautiously optimistic. :)

  • LynxAmali

    If they’re going this route…….

    Official Release of Muv Luv trilogy when?

  • Rarutos on Twitter just pointed this out lol

    Male version Atelier? haha

  • blah blah

    Scarlet Fragment?
    First I had heard of it.
    I like that idea factory has mostly otome that look darkly themed instead of just bishounen stuff.

  • Peter Payne of J-List here. We publish 18+ dating-sim games and have been doing it for the longest, and also publish (by default) Yo-Jin-Bo, which has done very well for us. Anyone here know the game series Starry Sky? We’re considering giving it a try, and would love to hear any thoughts you had on it. 

    One issue is, certain fans will always ask for a thing, and after we’ve invested tons of money in it we find they wanted to have the option to buy it if they ever decided they wanted it…but somehow this never comes to pass. Female fans are especially difficult, since they’re more nuanced compared to male customers (guys are somewhat like dogs, loyal when it comes to buying the ero products they want to support, and girls are like cats, more difficult to predict what they will do).

    Thoughts on this? Also, we’re a PC publisher, but other than a PC, what platform to girls in the U.S. or wherever use the most? I am thinking iOS but let me know what you think. 

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Welcome here to Siliconera Peter! I’ve hung out a bit on your own board. I know a few folks here have given Yo-Jin-Bo a try. Think here you’ll find a bit more interest in the traditional handhelds as potential platforms, although notice has been taken of the iOS translations and other offerings.

    • indigozeal

      “Female fans are especially difficult…girls are like cats, more difficult to predict what they will do.”

      As you’re doubtless aware from your research, if you’re looking to get into the otome market, Starry Sky is one of the hottest franchises right now.  That said, I’m not sure the “those crazy women; who can tell WHAT they’re thinking?!?!” approach will endear you to your target audience.  (Your opinion of guys could use a little work, too.)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Given the audience he’s reaching on this site and on his own boards, I’d don’t think that’s so beyond the pale. The tween to YA female customer is indeed just about as tough a sell as they come, and many of us can be pretty self-deprecating. A large part of our little niche’s troubles are that the audience (the core of which WAS JHS and HS girls) that tried out manga and anime in the mid 2000s DID move on and has not sampled again. They weren’t around long enough to even become aware of (or chased away by) the H side of things that Peter was doing even back then.

        I’d suspect he’s asking of Starry Sky by name because he wants to gauge the true extent of knowledge and interest in the states. Huge popularity and name recognition hasn’t gotten us TokiMemo, Love Plus or [email protected], so even mentioning such a title by a western publisher is more than the former titles have seen.

      • Yes, it’d be a good game to bring the games out. My daughter is a budding fujoshi, and she was shocked when she heard we were considering the games. 

        Apologies if my comments came out that way, it wasn’t intentional ^^

    • Roses4Aria

      I actually purchased my copy of Yo-Jin-Bo from J-List and loved it!  It’s such a great game!  I’ve played all the routes multiple times and never get tired of it, especially Yoh and Ittosai. :P

      As for the Starry Sky series, I’ve actually played the first one and really liked it, though I’ve heard the later games in the series are even better.  I would definitely purchase it if J-List offered it.  My biggest stumbling block in past years has always been that I felt a bit uncomfortable purchasing a game from a company that usually caters to guys with ero games.  Not sure how other females feel about that or if that’s just my especially delicate sensibilities, lol.  However, I can overcome anything if it’s for the good of otome-dom!

      As to the platform, I have pretty much all the consoles and handhelds except for XBox 360. Aside from PC, I’d usually prefer to play these sorts of games on PSP or DS, but I would love to see a PS3 version as well.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        JAST has used several ‘brand’ names for various products so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did so again, and something like Aselia seems a great place to launch an all ages label. Yo-Jin and a few other titles were picked up with the takeover of the remains of Hirameki, I’ve asked on his boards before if retaining the US rights to a few unreleased Hirameki properties was included but never heard one way or the other. A bit of problem there would be many releases were in that darn DVD game format which Hirameki was kind of forced into since the all ages console ports were simply not an option.

      • MidnightRain

        “My biggest stumbling block in past years has always been that I felt a
        bit uncomfortable purchasing a game from a company that usually caters
        to guys with ero games.”

        You’re not the only one, I feel the same way. ^_^; I just feel so awkward. Lol!

    • MidnightRain

      I played the first game in the Starry Sky Series and I loved it.  If J-list decided to publish this series, then I would definitely buy it and spread the word. :}
      I have just about every platform except for the Xbox 360.  Besides the PC, I would like to this kind of game on the PSP, DS, or PS3.    

    • As for the platform, I’d suggest the PSP or DS systems. Girls are more likely to use them than full-blown systems hooked up to TVs like the Xbox 360. The only reason a lot of girls have them in their house is because they have brothers or dads who play them. Now, I’m not saying we don’t play them at all – I play the Wii and Xbox 360 a lot myself. Girls just like to be a bit more subtle with those kinda games than guys.

      Fanbase wise, I’d love to see more Otome games come over. I’ve never played Starry Skies, but I’ll definitely look into it. It’s a shame they haven’t translated the Angelique series. There’s definetely a fanbase here guaranteed to buy it if they ever did. I’ve seen a lot of fangroups all over the web waiting for any possible news of translation. After the petition for translation a few years back, however, no news came. Major disappointment. If it ever got translated, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. If they just translated more popular otome games, I think they’d be surprised how large the fanbase here was.

      • Caligula

        I agree.  Out of the girls I know who play video games, they’re largely handheld system owners.

      • If the survey asked us about which platforms people ant the games on, I highly doubt PSP and DS were leading choices…

  • I’m not so sure about these otome games. Apparently girls are happy playing Gears of War and Call of Duty. Check Aksys’ forum:

    • Yeah based on tracking the games tag on tumblr, COD has an equal number of male and female fans.

  • Nooooooo. Brain > Vagina; I care more about INTERESTING games than I do about chasing highly idealized and utterly boring highschool boys and I know I’m not alone there. I realize the time/money spent translating otome games is exactly not  wasted, but it could certainty be better spent. How about bringing over a non-otome visual novel with a strong female protagonist over instead?
    Shikkoku no Sharnoth? Akai Ito? Paying the people translated Aoishiro or Katahane and bringing one of those over officially?

     (Also, for otome fans: the patch for Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season for the DS was recently finalized. Actually, screw that, EVERYONE, otome fan or not, should go try it so they know what they’re supporting when they encourage Aksys and the like to bring over these games. It’s like asking them to translate Twilight.)

  • I’m going to AX this year…..YESYESYESYESYES *squees*

    Aksys, pleasepleaseplease I’m begging you here.

  • Tsuruhime

    So I’m pretty excited about the announcement~ I’m a hardcore otome game fan, I have a lot of PC titles such as most of the QuinRose games and SugarBeans. I’m really rooting for Hakuouki, Hiiro no Kakera, and Vitamin X Revolution. I highly doubt they’ll bring a game that’s on an old system over here. Also since they announced that they’ll be releasing two titles, I’m assuming one is going to be for a home console (most likely PS3, since PS2 production in places other than Japan is about dead.) and the other for a portable console (Obviously DS or PSP.)

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