Apparently, Tales Of Vesperia Is An Xbox 360 Exclusive

By Spencer . June 19, 2011 . 10:45pm

imageIt seems we won’t see pirate Patty or Tales of Vesperia on PlayStation 3. A Namco Bandai community manager in Europe casually mentioned on Facebook “Microsoft paid for exclusivity” for Tales of Vesperia. While the note was written back in April, RPG Site recently dug up the news.


Bummer. On the plus side two Tales games are heading overseas. Tales of the Abyss for Nintendo 3DS is slated for release this year. Tales of Graces f lands on PlayStation 3 sometime in 2012.


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  • Dear Microsoft,

    You seem upset.  C:



    • Dear STiger,
      You’re the one that seems upset since Microsoft is a corporation and has no feelings for Sonyfans. have a wonderful night and buy a 360 if you want to play niche games~

      Loli Desu~

      • Right, because I’m the one afraid the competition is going to get all the JRPGs… and thus I’m paying for exclusivity rights… sure sounds like I’m the one that’s upset!

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        NISA seem like they’re bringing quite a lot of niche games to PS3, specifically RPGs, so I have no idea what you’re talking about, with the exception of SHUMPS.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        If I weren’t so lazy, I’d go back through every “Ask NISA questions” thread and see if you and the other people saying “Buy a 360 to play RPG’s” were any of the people asking NISA why they don’t make 360 games.

  • jourdal

    Lol, salt in the wound.

    • Revorse

      Haven’t I seen your name on youtube??
      As for the topic….this saddens me greatly.

      • jourdal

        I upload stupid amounts of JP BB footage, so maybe.

  • Hours

    I don’t really buy Namco’s statement.

    I doubt very much that it’s a lifetime exclusive, as opposed to a timed exclusive, which is the case most of the time. Especially for a niche series like this.

    Plus it doesn’t really jive with the comments from some of the English voice actors. I think Namco is just giving us the runaround, as usual.

    • mikanko

      I agree somewhat.  Or at least I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a time exclusivity for a year or so similar with what was done with Trusty Bell.  I think somewhere along the line they got scared away from releasing Vesperia so far after the 360 release. 

      Either sales numbers or projections showed it would do badly considering the game had been out for a while on Xbox 360.  Maybe Trusty Bell’s/Eternal Sonata’s numbers were skewed to show the 360 ver. sold way better in the West, never mind that word of mouth was not exactly spectacular for that game when it finally did arrive on PS3.

      Or maybe it really is lifetime exclusivity. Pretty hard to say, but I don’t think we can really take a casual comment on facebook as official word. It doesn’t really matter as the only way the game would see a localization on PS3 is if Graces F and Xillia both get released and blow their sales expectations out of the water, -and- it was just a timed exclusive.

      Now I just wish Vesperia PS3 gets a budget re-release because the game still goes for 80-90 USD anywhere I look.

      • malek86

        Eternal Sonata really didn’t sell well anywhere. But I agree that they probably thought it wouldn’t sell well.

        That, and for all we know, the contract might still be active. Considering the state of Microsoft inJapan, it makes sense that they could only scrape a temporal exclusivity (if they wanted a real exclusive, Namco would have probably said no). However, they are much better off in the US and Europe, therefore it’s entirely possible that they got the whole exclusivity there.

        And after all, Ace Combat 6 never went to PS3, so apparently it’s not like MS doesn’t buy proper exclusives.

        • mikanko

          Oh, I know it did pretty badly copared to Vesperia, but I think Trusty Bell got what they wanted out of it initially.  When it came out it moved a lot of 360s in Japan, even though it only sold 50k in it’s first week or so, I think at the time that was pretty excellent for the system’s install base in Japan.

          I just think looking at Eternal Sonata’s US numbers they probably saw how it sold better on 360 over the PS3 ver. that had more features and probably calculated that in their thinking on Vesperia when looking at potential sales.  There are a lot of loud PS3 fans who want the game on PS3, but when it comes down to it, their projections probably just don’t see it selling as well as the Xbox 360 ver. did, so it’s not worth their time.

          But yeah, it’s entirely possible it’s a right out exclusive.  It’s a little silly Namco wouldn’t say so, and instead always just give the “no plans at this time” line when asked about it.  The discrepancies with the English voice actors is also a little suspect.

          Neither would surprise me, but it’s not like it matters all that much regardless.

          • malek86

            Notice that companies usually don’t outright claim their exclusives (probably because they are afraid of fans backlash…. especially Tales fans backlash).

            Most of the times, they’ll just say “no plans at this point”, even though they simply won’t do it ever. Maybe they hope people eventually forget.

          • mikanko

            I know, it’s still silly though.

            edit: I mean, it’s pretty arguable whether two years of PS3 owners moaning about it is as bad as the hypothetical backlash if they had just said in 2009, “oh yeah, sorry M$ bought us out for Western exclusivity, if you want Patty learn Japanese and pay $90 for the game” I’m not really sure what’s worse, but I’d prefer the latter.

          • malek86

            @mikanko:disqus : in all fairness, that method usually works just fine. It’s only Tales fans who can’t seem to let go. Everyone else just gives up after a while. I mean, you don’t see anyone complaining about Ace Combat 6. Even I have stopped complaining about the lack of Fatal Frame 4 localization after some months.

          • Locklear93

             “in all fairness, that method usually works just fine. It’s only Tales fans who can’t seem to let go.”

            *cough* La Pucelle Ragnarok *cough*

            Anytime you have a rabid fanbase, you’ll have people not letting go.  (And yes, I admit to being part of the group cursing Mastiff’s very existence over La Pucelle…)

      • kroufonz

        even the used one is still 5k-6k yen or more, the price really hold very well for a console game compared to other game this generation!

    • Caligula

      I don’t know why Namco would make up something like timed exclusivity.  If it was just a matter of them not wanting to localize the game, they would have just said that.

      Also, Troy Baker was the only person talking about going in and redoing lines.  If I remember correctly, fans contacted the other Vesperia voice actors to ask if what Troy had said was true, and the other VAs claimed they hadn’t been asked to come back in to do more voice work.

  • AnimusVox

    I haven’t imported before but it looks like I’ll have to in this case. I don’t know how that whole fan translation thing works but I’ll figure it out.

  • It’s a shame, more people should experience my beloved little pirate Patty, she is super awesome!!

  • Hard to tell if her answer in genuine or if she just said something to get the people off her back. And if this is the case why doesn’t Namdai just say so?

    • Caligula

      Why would they make up something just for the sake of shutting people up?  That’s pretty pointless, and especially considering Namco hasn’t had a problem in the past with telling fans they’re just outright not localizing a Tales game.

  • vadde939

    Well now that this has been made ‘official’ I guess that’s the end of the Vesperia PS3 whining. Wonder if there will be a spike in the number of people begging for Xillia now.

    • Locklear93

      No it’s not.  Crazed fans will always whine if the answer’s not to their liking, myself included (though ToV isn’t my whine of choice). :P

      • Darkrise
      • malek86

        I have another answer. Maybe it’s karma. I remember at one point, Namco outright said that they essentially used the money from Microsoft to make the superior PS3 version. That would have definitely made Microsoft kind of mad, so they said “oh, you are using our money to fund PS3 games, uh? Guess what, we forbid you from publishing it here then!”. In other news, Namco should learn to keep their mouth shut next time.

        A bit out there, but hey, it might have actually happened. In some live action world.

        • puchinri

          That might be karma for the company, but fans get the short end of the stick without having done anything. x’); (As far as that little situation goes, anyway.)

  • It’s not like we already didn’t know this.

    Well at least we finally heard it from an official person.

  • malek86

    In the end, we’re still lacking the english version…

    Regardless whether this excuse is true or not, it doesn’t change much. They could have said this, or they could have said they just didn’t want to localize it, the effect is the same: we’re not getting it.

    Now how about people finally move on to other, newer things. There is Graces and Abyss to think about.

    • Draparde

      I agree. while it is sad we did not get it i’m at the very least glad we *are* getting something, i’ve never played Graces byond a few fights on my friends game, so i’m excited about that. and Abyss, is abyss. thats a buy for me…

    • Caligula

      “Lacking the English version”?  English Tales of Vesperia sits right here on my shelf.  Sure, we didn’t get the PS3 version, but what did we really even miss out on, anyway?  Patty and some extra skits?  Not a big deal.

      • Flynn as a playable character
        A new character, Patty.
        A bit of a backstory for Patty, as well as a new boss.
        New Giganto monster.(I think 2, can’t remember)
        Two new Sidequests: Sword Dancer, which is tied to Yuri and Flynn’s
        backstory. and Telescoping Graveyard, which seems to have something to
        do with Spiral Draco.
        New Weapons, Titles, and Skills for the characters.
        New Team Colloseum Battles.
        Everyone except for Patty also get second Mystic Artes.

        Nothing really out of the world, I think most people who whine about the game don’t even know what’s in..

        • Exkaiser

          Flynn as a full playable character, at least- he was briefly playable in the original, but he wasn’t very well-balanced at all.

        • Caligula

          Exactly. In other words, it’s basically nothing.  Obviously existing Tales fans would pick the game up if it was localized, but I don’t think such trivial additions would be enough to entice people who weren’t interested the first time to pick it up or non-Tales fans who bought it the first time to buy it again.

          • kroufonz

            nothing for you maybe, but that is a lot of thing for other people, yeah for me it is mean a lot. (especially when the game also fully voiced in PS3 version)

            what make me pissed off is since namco can’t localize ,why can’t they just release budget version/ the best edition of jp/asian version already!,( so i can finally import it after long wait for localization), vesperia price is still damn high for a 2009 game!

          • Caligula

            Again, as I said, it’s enough to entice a Tales fan (which I imagine you are) to buy it again.  It most likely would not be enough to make the average consumer buy it.

          • Testsubject909

            I’m not that much of a Tales fan. Enjoyed a few, not the game series I go crazy about. Personally I want a new Breath of Fire.

            But anyhow. Fully voiced is definitely something that would entice me to purchase the PS3 version. Also, there are many fans who don’t have a 360 who want the PS3 version so they can purchase it and play it.

            You can’t just tell them “Oh, well than you should get a 360” because that’s a few hundred dollars for the sake of a single game. Most good games are typically multiplatform anyhow and if they already chose the PS3, they’ll most likely still to the PS3.

            So really… There’s still a lot of valid arguments as to why they could bring the PS3 and possibly gain to profit from it. Of course, there’s no guarantees. We have no numbers and we’ve no studies here to fully form a proper argument other than “A lot of people want Vesperia on the PS3”.

            Just like how a lot of people want Castlevania Harmony of Despair on the PS3… Which is to say. I’m buying it Day 1 when it comes.

          • ninjaonizuka

            actully think about the ppl who aren’t buying a xbox anytime soon or like never (theres reely no point to…) also i may never be able to play this game so i miss out on alot also a big percentage of the ppl who want it on their console (ps3) will be upset cuz they get nuthing also those add ons may seem low for u but for ppl who never played it will be alot aswell as its finally coming to a system they want

          • theres reely no point to…

            You kiddin’? Mushihime-sama Futari is the best console game this generation. I pity anyone who hasn’t played it. (Actually, it might be tied with Eschatos but I haven’t played enough of the latter to tell.)

          • blah blah

            @honorless:disqus I think he meant an NA X360, both of those games are Japan-only and probably region locked.

          • malek86

            @google-9d935eb36a1782743307c1f71f573f6a:disqus they are actually both region free, weirdly enough (Mushi2 was the first shmup to be region free, and since then, other developers have followed suit).

            Still, they are such niche games, that I wouldn’t suggest buying a japanese 360 over them. Besides, it’s common knowledge that if you like shmups, you have to buy a japanese 360, and I think any shmup fan knows that already.

        • that’s not even all of it.

        • Jirin

          Yeah, one of the big selling points for me when ToV came out was that it was a little more grownup-oriented than the other Tales.  Why would I want to play a version with a ‘kid pirate’ character?  Flynn as a playable character wouldn’t make sense until the last couple hours of the game, and the rest is just completionist stuff.

          Although, I will say it is very annoying that Namco keeps jumping between consoles.  They should just pick one console and one handheld that they go to first, and then maybe multiplatform later.  Jumping from PSX to Gamecube, then from PS2 to 360 to Wii to PS3 accomplishes nothing but to make fans and then piss them off.

      • Ladius

        While the PS3 additions were really substantial the original version already had enough contents to last some 150 hours. I would have surely bought the PS3 port if it was released here, but I don’t feel having played a “beta” at all, ToV X360 had far more meat than most console jrpgs this gen.

      • malek86

        Well, of course I was speaking about the PS3 version.

        And I assume most people wouldn’t want to buy an entire console just for one game, so they are effectively locked out of it.

        (on the other hand, the people who have a 360 but don’t want to buy the game “because it’s a beta”, should probably re-examine their priorities and draw new conclusions, like Shodan would say)

        • landlock

          Well if people cared about Vesperia that much and really if your an RPG fan in general they really should have a XB360 by now.

          • lol… i can’t say I got Xbox for this game…. But since Xbox is quite cheap so might as well… By the way.. I am fine with what I get now in ToV… There are allot of stuff to do in there that I bet not many can really finish it… Anyway, I got my PS3 after that, waiting for ToG-F now… and hopefully ToX..

          • kroufonz

            no need to buy x360 for only one tales when better version and upcoming main tales title exist in PS3.

            just import it, instead buying a console where most future console JRPG title is almost not exist at all. (or go borrow some friend x360 console for a week)

            importing the game is better solution.

            can only undestand spoken japanese but can’t read japanese at all? don’t worry  the PS3 version is fully voiced (including the skit) for menu so long you are playing past tales you’ll have no problem there is also faq/guide around the net for it.

            don’t understand japanese at all? don’t worry there is already group of fans working on translating it

            now what namco need to do is just releasing budget the best edition of the game (so more people can import it)!

          • Testsubject909

            Importing can be a costly affair though. And at a certain point it might be more cost effective in the long run to just up and buy a 360 if you’re seriously considering importing since certain games that could be released on the PS3 aren’t because Microsoft is dicking with us here or publishing companies are doing the dicking about.

            I’m looking at you Red Seeds Profile.

          • Zeik56

            RPGs are my favorite genre by far but in terms of RPGs the 360 really hasn’t been that noteworthy honestly. The best exclusive it had was Mass Effect, which is no longer exclusive.

            Stuff like Vesperia or Lost Odyssey are decent RPGs, if you already own a 360, but they definitely aren’t something I’d tell people to go buy a console for.

          • blah blah

            Was it exclusive at all?
            I thought it also started on PC.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Still living in 2007, I see.

          • landlock


            the RPGs are still exculsive regardless of how old they are and Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, Divinity II, Two Worlds, Risen and Blue Dragon are still worth playing even now and alot of fun can be had.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Two Worlds. Really. You’re bringing up Two Worlds?!? If it wasn’t multiplatform, I’d expect you to bring up Vampire Rain next as a reason to own a 360.

            That’d be like me saying, “Buy a PS3 to play Last Rebellion!”

            Not to mention, no one’s talking about Western RPG’s here. Very few Japanese RPG fans really care about them. What I was pointing out is that for a long while, every exclusive JRPG of this generation has been on PS3, not 360. Sure, it was true in 2008 that if you wanted to play RPG’s, you bought a 360, but times have changed, mate.

          • Darkrise

            … Xbox 360 isn’t really a console for rpg’s.

          • Wiccan1109

            Umm, 360 kinda is the JRPG console right now. I mean its true the PS3 shares a few big titles with it like FFXIII, Star Ocean 4, Eternal Sonata and Resonance of Fate (all on both consoles), but 360 is also packing a lot of JRPGs. Enchanted Arms, Infinite Undiscovery, Blue Dragon, Vesperia, Last Remnant, Magna Carta 2, FFXI to name a few. This isnt even including western RPGs like Fable and stuff. Every online store i check the 360 has the higher number in its RPG section, about the only modern outlet higher than 360 for RPGs is the PC, and that doesnt do JRPGs like the Tales series very often. I can only think of maybe 3 or 4 PS3 only JRPG styled games, and theyre pretty new. If you are a big fan of RPGs like Tales, then you really should have a 360.

          • Darkrise

            Well I actually do, first HD console I ever got, and bought quite a few jrpg’s for it actually, but in the west, the 360 is pretty much an ideal console for FPS… I know japan still get’s jrpg’s but we get very few nowadays.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            @Wiccan1109:disqus – First, Enchanted Arms is multiplatform. It’s on both PS3 and 360. Second, there are only 3 or 4 exclusive JRPG’s and they’re all new? Hmmmm… Let’s me look at just my own collection for a minute… Atelier Rorona, Cross Edge, Demon’s Souls (not exactly a JRPG, but still Japanese made and RPG-ish), and Disgaea 3. Well, that’s four. So I guess that’s all the PS3 exclusive JRPGs there are….wait a minute…what’s this? There’s more! Hyperdimension Neptunia, Last Rebellion (not a very good game, but we are still talking exclusives), Folklore (same deal as Demon’s Souls), 3D Dot Game Heroes, Trinity Universe, Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles, Ar Tonelico Qoga… And that’s just my collection.

            Coming this year alone, we’ve still got White Knight Chronicles II, Atelier Totori, and Disgaea 4, with Tales of Graces F coming next year. The 360 exclusive JRPG’s coming this year are…oh wait…there aren’t going to be any.

            I can see why the 360 is the JRPG console right now…HA!

          • Testsubject909

            Sorry. Can’t reply to someone without having to reply to you… *coughs*

            You know Wiccan1109… It amuses me that the way you phrased yourself seems to hint that the PS3 is the one who is granted the ability to possess the same title that the 360 has. “It’s true the PS3 shares a few big titles with it like FFXIII, Star Ocean 4, Eternal Sonata and Resonance of Fate”… You fail to mark a few details though. Such as that FFXIII is the one that shares it with the 360, your phrasing makes it sound as if it’s the other way around, just saying.

            And that it’s also of a higher quality on the PS3… not that it’s saying much though. I still say FFXIII should’ve been entitled Fabula Nova Crystalis and been made into it’s own entity, would’ve had less enmity. And also that Star Ocean 4 had a superior version launched on the PS3… Not saying much though since the story’s a bit of a jab at my brain and that the fighting system of SO3 is more interesting if you ask me.

            Also. Enchanted Arms is on both consoles so don’t put it in the 360 exclusive list. Vesperia had a better port on the PS3 but we’re not getting it, obviously. FFXI was already available on the Playstation so that’s not really doing much. There was still bitching about some of those other titles you mention having not been multiplatformed.

            As for western RPGs. They’re mainly multiplatform. Fable is just about the only one you’ve mentionned that’s exclusive. Mass Effect just went multiplatform and it’s the most popular RPG hybrid to date too with Mass Effect 2 having been sold on the PS3 utilizing it’s newer engine and packed with all the DLCs on one disc.

            Also, I’d like sources on those ‘higher number in its RPG section’ as well as a general summary of the average quality of the RPGs provided… And also, Fable isn’t the best example you could’ve provided. There are some core problems with that series… Seriously, it’s been the opinion of many that the series has only gone down with each and every new iteration. For every one innovative step they take, they take two steps back in dumbing the game down or just applying an interesting concept in an improper manner (or just making models disturbingly large in terms of file size. I’ve a few friends who’re good at programming, they still can’t believe their DLCs are so large for what’s basically a texture pack… Which hints at poor development)

            At the end of the day. If you’re a big fan of JRPGs. It’s not the PS3 or the 360 you should have though… It’s the PS2, the DS and the PSP. The PS3 and the 360 are pretty much equal and both sides does just fine but to say that the 360 has the upper edge is just high and mighty of yourself and relatively ignorant of the actual console where you can get the majority of modern day JRPGs on current gen consoles.

            And like it or not. DS and PSP, despite their low graphical capability in comparison to the PS3 and 360, are current gen consoles. They’re not home consoles though but when it comes to home consoles. As I said. Neither side really has the advantage and in part it’s due to the publishing we’ve been having on the western coast and the aggressive business dealing that’s been screwing us gamers with bull like ‘limited exclusivity’.

        • Caligula

          Honestly, I don’t see why it should be localized again on the PS3 for the people who don’t have a 360.  Is it unfair?  Sure, I guess, but nobody said life was fair. You don’t always get all the things you want in life.

          I mean, there are numerous PS3 games I’d like to play, but I don’t own a PS3.  I don’t think those games should be released on the consoles I do own; rather, I realize I’m going to miss out on some neat games because it’s not always feasible to have a multi-platform release.  Unfortunate, yeah, but that’s just how things go.

          • malek86

            Sure. When you buy a console, you are taking into account all the games you’ll get, but also all the exclusives you’ll lose. It’s a sensible choice you have to make.

            And weirdly enough, despite it increasing their chances of playing more games, many people still seem to be against multiplatform releases.

          • Testsubject909

            I’m pro multiplatform release.

            I’m anti lazy-multiplatform programming…

            I’m pro platform-limit-pushing too. The PS3 has advantages the 360 doesn’t and the 360 has advantages the PS3 doesn’t. But typically they’re lazy ports that don’t make use of the best of the console the game is ported to and so we’re left with a “We’re being slightly cheaped out on” effect.

            I know it means more effort and more money and that such a thing would only occur in an ideal world.

            So, you really shouldn’t be too surprised to see a few anti-multiplatformers out there. 

          • All the exclusives you lose? How do you lose an exclusive? Even on my meager income I can afford a decent living and any console I want.

          • kupomogli

            For those who don’t want to have to purchase another system.  It’s already released on the PS3, so we shouldn’t have been screwed out of the release as long as it’s been.

            I think that Namco Bandai didn’t tell us it was Microsoft exclusive before because :O, it wasn’t, or atleast the exclusivity wore out so it wasn’t still.  Namco Bandai was dicking around with the localization and it’s obvious how much fans have been begging for a release of this game.  Someone from Microsoft may have caught it and purchased a permanent exclusivity.  This is possibly the reason why Namco Bandai has finally told us that it’s Microsoft exclusive, because it actually is now.

            That’s what I’m going to believe, because it seems like the only logical explanation why we haven’t received a simple answer for so long.  Namco Bandai is my least favorite publisher/developer this gen.

            It’s like the tables have turned because a publisher that I used to dislike is now one of my favorites this gen. You know who? EA. Why? They fund developers to become exclusive with them, and what happens? :O. We get good games, but not only that, the games “ARE ACTUALLY RELEASED SO WE CAN PLAY THEM.” It’s a western company so obviously, but take a look and you’ll find all their best titles also released in Japan. They’re not screwing one region over and making most of their games exclusive to the region they’re in. Namco Bandai hates us. Nothing wrong with Japan, but Namco Bandai is pro-Japan, anti-everywhere else.

          • Exkaiser

            Namco-Bandai hates us?

            Maybe you. They’re publishing Armored Core V over here. That’s a birthday present for me.

            But, hah, you seriously think that the reason Namco-Bandai doesn’t localize all their games in the West is because they hate our money? Talk about foolish.

            I also fail to see how you’ve been “Screwed out of” a PS3 release. When were you entitled to Banco publishing a game of your choice? Why would it be mandatory for Banco to-

            Ah, forget it. No reason to start preaching. Won’t change anything anyways.

          • Caligula

            Screwed you out of a game?  You would be “screwed out of a game” if you paid for a game and then they told you never mind and took your money anyway, or something similar.  Nobody was ever entitled to the game in the first place, so I don’t really get how you were screwed over.

            I think comparing Namco to EA is like comparing apples to oranges, by the way.  EA’s games appeal to a much wider market than does Tales, which is, as most RPGs are, very niche.  It would make sense for EA to expand beyond the NA market, but it doesn’t really for Namco and Tales.

          • kupomogli

            @Exkaiser:disqus Armored Core 5 would be released over here whether Namco Bandai was the one doing the releasing or not. I’m sure.  So far, every single Armored Core has been released to western territories in some form or another, so no, Namco Bandai isn’t doing anything special for us.

            What probably happened is that one of the terms for Dark Souls for Namco Bandai was that they also publish and localize Armored Core 5.  Demon’s Souls appealed to the western market which is what Namco Bandai has been trying to do and now they have Dark Souls which will do just that.  Releasing an Armored Core game alongside it is obviously a good trade off.  With Armored Core they’ll barely make money, but with Dark Souls they’re sure to make money.

            So yeah.  Namco Bandai isn’t doing any favors for you, me, or any of the Armored Core fans.

          • Exkaiser

            @kupomogli:disqus Oh, please, just because every other Armored Core game got localized doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed localization. The series is really not popular in the West. It’s a wonder any publisher would pick it up at all after Agetec dropped it, much less Banco. Sorry, but I prefer to take reality over imagination. The fact of the matter is that Banco is localizing the game and because of that we -are- going to get it. Not we -might- get it because we got the rest of the games (which is just baseless optimism). After all, Agetec’s not going to do it, and Sega’s not going to do it, and there’s no guarantee Ubisoft would do it.

            Believing in guaranteed localizations like that is what’s gotten people’s knickers so twisted about, say, Endless Frontier EXCEED. It’s just foolishness.

            Well, even with an officially announced localization, it isn’t entirely guaranteed to go to market, but that’s a story for another day and is a relatively low chance anyways. It’s not important.

      • Chaheezor

        I think what a lot (not all but a lot) people are upset about, in regards to not getting an english ver. of the PS3 release is that the 360 ver. feels incomplete.
        They want to play a complete version of the game.

        I have the PS3 release in Japanese and there really is a substantial difference, with all the extra content. There are even some BGM changes which really change the mood of certain scenes. (for the better I’d say, not that I had a problem before)

    • Ladius

      This. Graces F is a great entry in the series, we should rejoice it’s being localized, and Abyss 3DS is a great occasion to revisit a powerful episode without looking for a (rather pricey) PS2 copy.

      • malek86

        Mind you, we never even got Abyss PS2 here, so it’s a good chance for me.

    • I mean really, there are other Tales games on the way, and at least Vesperia has come out here in SOME form

      Complaining about not getting an enhanced version of one a lot of Tales fans have already had a chance to play seems incredibly whiny to me.


  • Exkaiser

    No big deal, really, but this won’t stop people from begging for it.

    I think that’s rather unfortunate.

    • Not even an official announcement that there is no way? Honestly what’s wrong with the gaming fanbase nowadays, especially some special fanbases..>_<

      • Exkaiser

        That didn’t stop people complaining about the lack of voices in Kara no Shoujo, did it? And that’s a situation in which we’re actually getting the game.

  • skymap

    Oh well, I can still import the overpriced Japanese version.

  • nyoron

    It’s not a solution for everybody, but the fan translation is slowly inching towards the finish line and I’ll be ready for it. Vesperia is my personal favorite rpg of the generation and I need to play the best version of it.

    • malek86

      Wouldn’t that require some… modifications?

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Yeah, you pretty much need a jail-broken PS3 or one that is 3.55 or lower.

        • malek86

          I expect most of the people on this site to have already upgraded their firmware (if anything to connect to the PSN and get those free games).

          And considering many people’s stance against homebrew, they probably don’t want to jailbreak either (it’s also admittedly risky, a lot more than homebrewing the Wii).

          This doesn’t sound like a particularly convenient situation.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Exactly. It’s pretty sad, because I view this as Namco indirectly encouraging people to hack their PS3’s by not bringing this over.

  • kroufonz

    there is still one question left for me then,

    Why he hell namco still not release some kind of budget version of Tales of vesperia PS3 yet?????
    (it has been 2 years after they released vesperia on ps3)?

    while tales of graces f will get some kind of re release this august with “tales of graces f 15th anniversary collection”, and yet still no sign vesperia ps3 will be getting those kind of treatment.

  • Anyone know if the guys that released a English patch for ToG Wii will do a patch for ToV I heard they were going to but haven’t heard from them.

  • HarryHodd

    Vesperia fan translation here I come.

  • We should move on. Forget about ToV already.  Tales of Xillia please!

  • YoungTeeth

    I hate Microsoft. They seriously messed up this generation for rpgs. We all went out to buy PS3s after the great number of cult classic jrpgs that hit the previous system and Microsoft starts pulling in ‘exclusives’ and the majority of 360 users are only using LIVE anyways. Sony is where the rpg experience belongs. I’m sending them hatemail.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Maybe you went out and bought a PS3 based on past gens, but I certainly didn’t. I didn’t have any access to any of the new consoles for a couple years, mostly because there weren’t any games that I wanted at the time.

      And the so-called “RPG experience” doesn’t “belong” anywhere. I’m sure people felt the same way with Nintendo after the NES and SNES, but then Sony came along and “stole” them away. That’s just how it goes. Best thing to do is follow the games, not the companies that make the consoles themselves.

      Besides, in recent years, if you’ve wanted JRPGs, your best bet has been either the DS or PSP. The consoles have really been lacking in that area, in my opinion.

      • HarryHodd

        PS3 is the natural place for JRPGs considering it’s a Japanese console and the userbase tends to eat up these types of games. Microsoft just tried to steal thier thunder for a while but common sense says they were never going to be the jrpg king among consoles for very long since Japan governs the genre.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Well, that was true for the beginning of this gen, but since Magna Carta 2, can you name another 360 exclusive RPG? Meanwhile, NISA has been pumping out the PS3 exclusives left and right. The “RPG experience,” as you call it, is still alive and well on the PS3 as well as the portable systems.

      • malek86

        Yeah, seriously. The PS3 has eventually received every single good RPG this gen (exclusive, multiplatform or timed multiplatform), except for Tales of Vesperia. That’s, like, one game. Is that really enough to ruin the RPG experience of the generation?

        Nobody blamed Nintendo for ruining the RPG experience when they took on Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube.

        • Testsubject909

          I believe the difference here is that Tales of Symphonia is basically only on the Gamecube.

          It’s not as if there was a PS2 version that was withheld from coming to these shores…

          • malek86

            “It’s not as if there was a PS2 version that was withheld from coming to these shores…”

            … I’m not sure if you are sarcastic or not. If not, you might wanna check the wiki. If so, well… the situation is the same as this one, isn’t it? Nintendo had the rights to the translation, so Namco couldn’t release TOS PS2 here.

        • Huh, funny you say that. Because the PS3 didn’t receive, what in my opinion, was the most emotionally fueled, well put together JRPG this generation.

          Lost Odyssey.

          Quit acting like such a self entitled little child and hating on a company because they did what every other company does. 

      • YoungTeeth

        I dislike Microsoft because they don’t have allies who strictly develop for their console (with few exceptions i.e. Bungie), they pay for exclusivity in order to have their exclusives. This particular exclusive irritates me because the majority if not all of the series’ fans played it’s previous entries via the PS2.The majority of exclusives that the PS3 has are because the developers show loyalty to Sony (which very few do anymore), and in the case of the Wii, all of it’s third-party exclusives had more to do with developers wanting to add motion controls. Microsoft as a company seems to always try and break down the competition as opposed to actually compete. Just look at E3 2011.

        • malek86

          Actually, judging from the enormous difference in sales between Abyss/Legendia and Symphonia, I’d expect most of the series’ fans to have played on the Gamecube rather than the PS2.

          In fact, I’m a bit surprised there are so few people wanting a Wii Tales. Everyone talks of the PS3 as if it were the most deserving console for the series, when in fact, Nintendo did much more for its popularity here than Sony ever did.

          • Testsubject909

            It’s the control scheme. That’s the important part, and then comes the birth place of the console itself which in turn will affect how well focused the development could be pending which console it goes on.

            And because the PS3 is the stronger console, which means fans are dreaming what sort of things they can do with the higher power the PS3 offers compared to the Wii. And please, don’t insert motion control into the mess. Doing so gets very messy and immediately splits many into a larger mess.

  • I’ve stopped on hoping for a English PS3 release of this game a long while ago.

  • Boris_Althema

    Ha! Couldn’t really care less about this anymore. Dilly dally shilly shally~ ;D

  • ninjaonizuka

    since i always post on bandai’s wall about a eng .hack//Link i saw this a couple days ago xD but………..(rage time) ONCE AGAIN XBOX RUINS SUMTHING THAT I WUDD HAVE LUVED TO PLAY FOR YEARS T~T thank u microsoft for making gamers sad again (but thts wut they do daily)

  • Istillduno

    This is freaking stupid, exclusivity deals should either be done in all regions or not happen at all, it’s just silly to have the game available on both consoles in one place but only 1 in another.

    And seriously the Tales games seem to have such pathetic presence in shops these days you wonder why Microsoft bothered to buy the exclusive, shops get a tiny amount of copys in on release (or sometimes none at all) and never seem to get any more in afterwards.

    Just hope this doesn’t happen with any Tales games that don’t make it to europe, because region locks suck and buying a foreign console seems pretty risky.

    • malek86

      It’s not that uncommon, remember the Arcana Heart 3 ordeal? Or also many 360 conversions of japanese games. It probably has more to do with actual sales projections than real exclusivity (and maybe Namco said “hey, we’re not going to localize it on PS3 anyway, so we might as well accept that exclusivity money too”). You wouldn’t localize a game if you didn’t think it would sell.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        I don’t think Arcana Heart 3 was PS3 exclusive because Sony paid for exclusivity. I think it was because it’s bigger than the 2G download limit for XBL. 

        • mikanko

          AH3 isn’t coming to 360 because Aksys can’t justify bringing it out according to sales projections.  Regardless of game size or anything else, that’s probably the biggest reason. That’s why Malek86 is citing it as an example.

          Namco didn’t see releasing Vesperia as being that profitable on PS3 over a year after it came out on Xbox 360.  Period.  If Microsoft payed for eternal exclusivity it’s because Namco sold it to them, and they wouldn’t have sold it to them if they thought it’d sell.

          If Vesperia was only a timed exclusive it really doesn’t matter as it’s obviously not on their agenda.  It’s not like there aren’t plenty of Tales games that weren’t localized just because they didn’t see the task as profitable.

  • Well at least we can stop hoping now…

  • epy

    This is nothing new. Vesperia Ps3 was never going to come to the West anyways, maybe now people can focus on Graces f. Hope in the future Microsoft stops meddling with JRPGs like they did this generation, all that sells in all consoles for sure are FPSs these days either way.

    Man won’t that japanese Vesperia PS3 get a budget already!?

  • Tales of Vesperia PS3 is leaps and bounds better in my opinion with the improvements added. And there were a lot.

    It’s too bad it’s never coming out overseas if only because I think it would have sold well on the PS3. Especially with a lack of good, traditional rpgs. 

    Oh well.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I don’t buy this, at all. Bioshock. Eternal Sonata. Star Ocean. Many, many more. All these third party exclusives that later found their way to PS3. Yet, the only one that gets lifetime exclusivity is Tales of Vesperia? That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. 

    You didn’t print that they compared Microsoft buying exclusivity to Sony buying exclusivity for Heavy Rain. The problem is that Heavy Rain is a first party exclusive. Vesperia was not, so I smell something fishy here.This just seems like Namco fanning the console war flames, so they don’t have to deal with the Vesperia PS3 outcry.

    • malek86

      Ace Combat 6, Idolmaster (all of them), Magna Carta 2. These are other titles, just from Namco, that didn’t get a PS3 release. Just because most have been ported, doesn’t mean that everything has to be a temporary exclusive instead of a lifetime one (or well, maybe just a particularly long deal).

      I think people are looking into this too much.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        I don’t know. I just think of Eternal Sonata came out before TOV. Fine. Okay. Maybe they didn’t have the deal going then. But they’re trying to tell me that Microsoft put a lifetime exclusivity on TOV, but not Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which came out after TOV? That doesn’t make sense. Ace Combat 6 is a really old 360 game, and there hasn’t really been any sort of fan demand for a PS3 version. I also haven’t heard any fan demand for Magna Carta 2, plus it sold pretty badly for 360. Idolmaster, I really don’t know anything about, so I can say anything.

        This just smells fishy to me. Really fishy.

        • Locklear93

          I’m not sure what you find fishy.  There’s no reason an exclusivity agreement has to be for ALL games.  Eternal Sonata was a new, unproven IP; that’s not a prime choice for exclusivity dollars, especially with such a weird premise.  The Tales franchise has a long, mostly positive history (mostly–I’m looking at you, Legendia).  Star Ocean?  That’s not even Namco-Bandai; that’s Square Enix, developed by Tri-Ace.

          I don’t see anything fishy at all here.

        • malek86

          SO4 was Squenix though, and for all we know, Squenix is probably a lot more difficult to convince (being a bigger company than Namco and all). They might have wanted a huge sum for the exclusivity of SO4 (especially after IU and TLR failed at retail), and so Microsoft said “screw this, we’ll take a timed exclusive, it will cost less”.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Look at this thread and look at what it’s done. It’s just fanning the fanboy flames on both sides. But the thing is, those console wars seem to break out all the time anyway, and it gets us off Namco’s back and onto Microsoft’s. This is why I don’t buy this.

  • Stupid Bill Gates xDD

    But Bamco…what about the others Tales of?

  • theoriginaled

    Except it DID end up on the ps3. Which I think is why it bothers so many people that it didnt end up on the ps3 stateside. Its obviously not THAT exclusive…

    • Caligula

      Well, the fact that NA and Japan are completely different territories and therefore have different exclusivity agreements might factor into that somewhat…

  • So, I have to pay 200eur to get a 360 just to play this and Lost Odissey :( Oh well, Graces F and Abyss better come fast!

  • Odd, because I thought that they weren’t going to release it on the PS3 because the 360 version of the game sold about 10k in copies.

    • Uh, US version(read 360 version) was the second best selling Tales game in the US to date.

  • Finally caved in and bought an 360 instead of the PS3 I had been saving up for and this game was one of the ones that had encouraged me to do so.  I’m enjoying the 360 and ToV’s a lot of fun so far.  It is kinda disappointing that the PS3 version isn’t releasing here, if for nothing else than a chance for PS3 owners to play the game, but for now, them’s the breaks, unfortunately.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Bad move if you’re a big JRPG fan.

  • IceRomancer

    It’s not a big deal. If you wanted it bad enough shoulda just imported it like I did. If you played the 360 version you don’t needa know Japanese to make your way thru the game and know where to go next.

  • blah blah

    I had a feeling it was something like that.
    BUT, could Namco take that exclusive stuff from PS3 and make it DLC in NA?

    • malek86

      Doubt it, as that stuff is exclusive to the PS3 version (I hear Sony has a policy that, if you want to late-port a game, you have to add some exclusive extra content).

      • LynxAmali

        Yep. That’s also why we didn’t get Sakura Wars I&II on the PSP.

  • darkfox1

    Since I do not own a 360 but getting a Ps3 this summer I might have to import. Yikes really do not want to tbh. But hey I look really forward to me getting a 3DS and PS3 this summer so I will play Graces F and Abyss 3DS. Also about other tales games since Vesperia PS3 not getting localized how about the other Tales games. I would enjoy Tales of Hearts from what I played from the demo translation I like. Also maybe the ones like Radiant Mythology 2 and 3. But then again those games have character form Tales games that were not even released here. Like Veigue form Tales Of Rebirth, characters from Destiny 2 ( The real Destiny 2 not Eternia). So you know what Namco you can just realease all those titles you didn’t :D 

    • Darkrise

      Same here, but there’s a fan translation patch that’s almost done so all the more reason to buy it I guess.

      • Well that’s if you’re ready to abandon the PSN and all of its features.

  • Darkrise

    It took them almost 2 years just to tell us this? It sounds like another excuse they just made to deny us a tales game that they feel wouldn’t be as successful the previous release on the 360. Up until now, we’ve only heard “we have no intention to localize the ps3 version.” or “tales is traditional but localizing costs a lot of money”. They never once mentioned a thing about Microsoft paying it to be exclusive till now. My guess is, their previous statements weren’t holding anymore as they’re beginning to localize Abyss 3DS and Graces F but they’re refusing to localize Vesperia because it might end up as unsuccessful as the ps3 port of Eternal Sonata. It’s an interpretation here but it just seems like they have little faith in the fanbase to buy the same game again despite the extra content. Or it’s Microsoft acting to make it so that they’re the only one’s who profited from Vesperia instead of Sony.

  • I’m personally saddened at the exclusivity deal, but admittedly, I find that it isn’t surprising. Didn’t we not get the PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia because Nintendo had the exclusivity deal for it in America, which is why it was brought over in the first place? Seems like Microsoft was trying to do the same thing for Vesperia, though it obviously did not have the same kind of impact.

    I don’t have a 360, and I don’t have very many reasons to buy a 360, either. I really want to play Vesperia, but I don’t know if it is worth the price of admission (the system itself). I suppose it’s an inevitable purchase eventually though– after all, I tried to get a PS3 just for Disgaea 3, so I suppose going crazy over one RPG isn’t weird at all for me!

  • So, in other words, Tales of Vesperia will remain an Xbox 360 exclusive only in the US?

    Bummer, but I already own ToV so I’m not getting too upset.  Really, if the extra character was left out on the original version, it must not matter that much.

    Still, I’m getting tired of exclusive console content.  Consoles should sell themselves based on their standard features and hardware rather than dragging games down with them by providing content only on one system.

    Here’s hoping that’s another trend that fades away over time.

    • malek86

      So they should become like most other markets. I like that thought.

      One reason why I don’t like the consoles market, is that you can’t actually just buy the product you need, but you also need to buy a sort of medium product (the console) to be able to use the game… fine enough, but that medium product won’t play every game out there. Therefore, unless you have all the consoles, you can’t play everything, and have to make a choice of what not to play.

      Compare it to just about any other sector. I want to cook a steak? I can do it with a pan from any brand, not just one brand in particular. Want to watch a DVD? Same deal. Want to surf the net? I can do that with Linux or Apple or Windows all the same.

      Videogame players are really getting the short end of the stick here.

  • What happened with the Facebook link? I mean, I do remember what the comment said but is it gone now? Were people bothering her about it and demanding for the Vesperia PS3 when it can’t be localized?

    • Dimentionalist

      She probably took it down after it made several news stories.

  • kroufonz

    i noticed the comparison this pr give a bit weird, comparing vesperia with heavy rain. because vesperia not published by ms like heavy rain published by sony it’s not even the same situation.

    maybe he mean ms paying for localization and ad in return for exclusivity in the west? if so they could just say so, and not give this silly comparison.

    or maybe it is just timed exclusive like in japan and namco didn’t want to localize vesperia again, so they just say that it is exclusive without detailing what kind of exclusive and just making random comparison that doesn’t really make sense?(or the pr guy just simply didn’t know how to explain it)

    still it is sad and weird decision (if there is no japanese PS3 version the dissapointment will not be this hard tough).

    anyway with this news, i really hope namco could release budget version of the game (jp/asia version) asap.

    • malek86

      Like I said, I really think MS paid for localization. The game has received a lot more care than the previous titles (we actually got fully dubbed skits!), there were a number of ads, even TV ones apparently, and the localization window was a mere three weeks, compared to the average 6-8 months for previous Tales titles.

      (incidentally, this resulted in the second best-selling Tales ever in the USA, so it’s not like it was all for naught)

      I don’t think Namco allotted this much of a marketing budget out of their own generosity. Microsoft probably paid for it. Which might explain why they are not allowed to release it on another platform, at least for a while.

      • kroufonz

        stil namco heavy rain comparison is sound like bullshit or just an idiotic comparison.

        maybe the real case is ms paying for localization, and timed exclusivity, so namco can’t use the translation, asset etc, and namco must localize the game again after the deal worn off, if they wanted to bring the PS3 vesperia (which like you said something their usually never gonna do) finally they just come out saying there is exclusive deal and done with it.

        • malek86

          They would need to localize it again anyway… from what I know, TOV PS3 has something like double the spoken lines and a lot more text. Even if they could use the old assets, they would still need to call in the voice actors again and work on a whole bunch of text.

          Perhaps, if they only have one team for localization, they had to choose between TOV and TOG; and went for the latter because it’s new (thus ensuring that every Tales fan would buy it… while with TOV, some fans might have thought “but I already have the 360 version” and waited for a price drop to buy the PS3 one).

  • KyoyaHibari

    PAYING for the exclusitivity!? That’s bullcrap, MS already got FF 13 which was originally PS3 exclusive, it could’ve been better sure but still…and then the Ultimate Ninja series too, they don’t even have Storm 1 for 360 so why did they just claim Storm 2 for 360, well, as long as Sony still owns Demon’s Souls NOT Dark, (Dark is a spiritual successor) and we see a Demon’s Souls 2 I’m good 

    • Dark Souls IS the sequel to Demon’s Souls. It has all the things they wanted to add to Demon’s Souls but really couldn’t. The only real difference is that the titles and story are changed because From did not like how Sony was treating them.

      • KyoyaHibari

        I dont think it was because From was treated bad by Sony, they named it Dark because it went multiplatform in North America, and they say that only Sony owns the Demon name now so it couldn’t be a continuation, the director even said it is not Demon’s Souls 2.

  • Odds of Microsoft pulling a Nintendo and publish the series everytime it hits Xbox?  Because I have a feeling they would localize the games faster. :<

    • malek86

      If they localize them like Nintendo localized Fatal Frame 4 and Soma Bringer, we’re in trouble…

      And that’s not happening anyway. Looks like this JRPG venture was relatively unsuccessful for Microsoft, so they probably won’t try it again. They didn’t even bother trying to get Graces or Xillia.

  • As an anti-Xbox360 and a Microsoft hater, I really can’t express my hatred anymore.

    • Testsubject909

      *pats your shoulder calmly*

    • As a pro-every console and every company worth my time, I say go cry in the corner some more.

  • “Microsoft paid for exclusivity for Tales of Vesperia.”

    Its official now, I hate XBOX360
    First they took Final Fantasy, now they want exclusivity in the games I love!
    I really hope Microsoft stop with console productions, they dont belong in this war
    Glad that PS3 got Ninja Gaiden and Mass Effect too, those were the only games I wanted of the XBOX.

  • jello44

    I love this.

    Anything that makes fanboys piss and moan gets a thumbs up in my book.

  • I think it’s unfair. Xbox360 got Final Fantasy XIII and will get FInal Fantasy XIII-2. Why can’t we just get our Tales of Vesperia? … I think that sounds fair. :D
    (Sry for my poor english, but I’m german… bla~ y’know?)

  • Dimentionalist

    Even if there wasn’t a contract, they couldn’t wring money out of what is essentially the same game at this point. Would it be nice to have? Yes, but Namco Bandai is ultimately a business. If they brought this game over, it’d be a real risk. The risks ultimately outweigh any of the potential rewards.

  • charleejacks

    It’s really good to know that the new game of Xbox 360. As the Tales of Vesperia is really looking the promising entertaining path for the Xbox 360 console users. I am really impressed to know about it. And this game really increases the exceptionalness of this game. Thanks for sharing some mind blowing information about it.

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