Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Has Two Stages Of Naruto

By Spencer . June 19, 2011 . 1:59pm

NarutoStormGenerationNamco Bandai’s next Naruto fighting game puts young Naruto and Shippuden Naruto in the same game. Players will be able to battle Zabuza and Haku in the very beginning of the Naruto saga and rumble with the Raikage with Shippuden Naruto.


Confirmed characters, according to this scan from Jump, include Naruto (Shippuden and Young), Haku, Zabuza, Raikage, C, and Darui. A release date for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation has not been announced.


Ninja hi-five to Aara for sending the scan. Thanks!!

  • Day 1 Baby Day 1! The greatest video game franchise is returning with amazing Naruto! I am so excited right now. It will be epic. Maybe they will return combat on walls, longer ultimate ninjutsu, give characters multiple ultimate ninjutsu, and decrease the cost of substitution jutsu. They can also even throw in populating the routes traveled in adventure mode with some rogue Ninja, and more animu moments to delight my heart. This game will rock my socks off! I cant wait for the official announcement and trailer! lol. 

    Naruto, Sasuke, Suigetsu, Kiba, Kabuto, all my mains!

    • Same here and there are still some people looking for the 2nd one yet hard to find.

    • ninjaonizuka

      lets just hope this is ps3 exclusive i expect ALOT from this game i luved the 1st naruto im glad their bringing tht back there better be every1 from naruto 1 and ship :3

      • This game has been confirmed for BOTH PS3 and 360.

        • ninjaonizuka

          NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dream gets crushed) emo corner …………….well all my hopes on this being wut i wanted is just done :[ i expect this to have only naruto zabuza nd haku from naruto 1 and a story mode like nuns2 :/ (if i expect a bad game i may be happier later :I)

          • CorrinGreen

             sorry, im an xbox gamer and am unsure as to what would make the game itself different if it were a PS3 exclusive. (obviously i haven’t gotten a chance to play the first so maybe you could tell me why that one was supposedly better than the second one as well

    • KyoyaHibari

      Greatest video game franchise…that’s offensive man…

      • Lol that was great. I read this with my boss sitting next to me and almost bursted out laughing.

        • KyoyaHibari

          LOL That’s awesome, why was your boss sitting next to you? ;P

      • Well if KHR games came out in the US…then Id have to agree :D

        • KyoyaHibari

          Battle Arena Spirits Burst was really good, but it’s still not one of the greatest games ever, let alone the KHR game franchise. Naruto and Reborn aren’t even close to having the greatest game franchises. 

    • Asura

      “Decrease cost of substitution”

      What the ****?

      • You dont think it cost too much chakra to use substitution. At most we can only use it three times without having to recharge. 

        • Asura

          In 2? Hell no. In 1? Also hell no. More like 10 times.

  • It seems instead of going way forward. They plan to splice the first 2 games together, and then throw in a few new characters. Which could be a good thing if they actually put everybody who should be in the game. Playing with Haku, and Zabuza is going to be really lame if we don’t also get the Sound 5. 

    • Where did you get that its splicing both together instead of telling an entire new story?

    • Draparde

      don’t forget the 1st and 2nd hokage…and just about everyone else they had as DLC support characters in the first one lol :/ 

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    This just screams “milking” to me, but I’ll buy it as long as there are new boss fights. Not enough praise for the ones in Storm 2.

    • Yeah, but somehow i feel happy about being milked when it comes to CC, i mean, what they have done until now has been worthy, they have really been detailed in their naruto games, im looking forward to this :D

      Edit: Not CC ~_~, anyway, looks nice, but i will need to see more to see if i wanna be milked

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        As long as they don’t make us replay the same storyline again and again with only a little bit of new content, I’m good!

        …. I think.

  • positiveemotions

    this is old i saw this in another website so this is old this was posted yesterday 

  • Sht!!!!, as expected from C Corp!! >8D

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      What?! You expect shit(e) from CC2? What manner of blasphemy is this, WildArms?!

      • Lol xD, i forgot the coma and maybe some exclamation marks… And that was a “sht” on the good side of the word! D:!

        Edit: epic fail, should have read better, this ones isnt from CC ;_; will need to watch more to decide wether i want it or not then

  • Sasuke has Susano’o…And it looks awesome O.O……..**** it I’m buying!

  • Arcm


  • Crimson_Cloud

    I hope those awesome boss battles with QTE from NS2 are back. 

    • we need more QTE’s, those were epic and the most memorable
      Sakura + Chiyo vs Sasori
      Orochimaru v Naruto and the Rashemon Gate
      Naruto + Sakura and Kakashi
      Sasuke v Itachi

      All were so intense and mind blowingly epic, lol. 

      • Crimson_Cloud

        I think Ero-sennin VS Pain was pretty intense as well. One of my favorites  in fact.

  • skyblaze

    Sonic Generations called…

  • OMG cant wait

  • Hope its ps3 exclsuive so we can get 25gb of characters

  • The next wave of info on this game probably won’t come out til next month.
    The wait is going to be a long one.

  • positiveemotions

    no theres gonna b more info on the game next week on the shonen jump magazine

  • shion16

    i could use Sasuke again =D
    Sasuke the skilled ninja but jealous of naruto progress is tons of times better than the actual sasuke ” I will destroy you all” Uchiha

    • Asura

      Reverse that.

      • CorrinGreen

        are you kidding? he’s right, Sasuke was actually a character back when he was in his “skilled ninja jealousy” mode, now that he’s just a “i will destroy you all” character, he’s kind of lost everything that made him relatible or even an interesting character, now he’s just kind of like that villain who’s evil just to be evil.

      • CorrinGreen

        are you kidding? he’s right, Sasuke was actually a character back when he was in his “skilled ninja jealousy” mode, now that he’s just a “i will destroy you all” character, he’s kind of lost everything that made him relatible or even an interesting character, now he’s just kind of like that villain who’s evil just to be evil.

  • I Am Not Get It. Wast Of My $$$$ That My Ninja Way.

    • BankaiZber43

      not a real naruto fan then “believe it”

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    *hi-fives back*

  • sspetersspeter

    Wow i can’t wait for this game! I figured out some many stuff on UNS2 at on UNS2. and i hope they support UNSG.

  • Covnam

    Guess they couldn’t wait for the current arc to finish. Since there really isn’t enough new story to really add anything to the second game, I guess they just decided to go back to the first part of the story.

  • pls for ps vita 

  • Draparde

    If they somehow put Kushina in this game…i’ll buy 20billion copies…(in my head…in reality just 1) 

    • Corey McCutcheon

      Lol! So would I….

  • IsaacGravity

    Awesome. Missed Pre-time skip Naruto. Always gonna have a soft-spot for the little guy.

    But with these confirmed characters (again, awesome) does that mean the game is going to touch upon a very recent arc (that I won’t mention due to those who get rather “stuffy” about spoilers) that’s going on in the manga?

    EDIT: Off-topic but is something related to Hikaru no Go! (bottom right corner) being advertised?

  • I know this is really off-topic but here’s a commercial for Bleach soul ignition

  • Asura

    Hmm… since CC isn’t making this I’m hoping for that odd angle where their lack of development actually results in better gameplay. Doubt it though.

    • I thought they only make the Ultimate Ninja Storm games, are you sure they arent making this?

  • FrixterZuber

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimater Ninja Storm 2… now is an EPIC Fail!!!

  • This is exactly what I was hoping Storm 3 would be like.  Since the comic is in a weird spot, I wasn’t expecting the game to just be Shippuden.  Recapping Part1, and expanding on Shippuden for a huge roster, and finally adding Zabuza and Haku.  I’ll definitely be getting this iteration. 

    I just hope they smooth out the Story mode.  More boss fights, less fetch quests please!

  • omg ill murk yall all with kid sasuke  and who has storm 2 if yall do hit me up on psn at jamny123

  • protofox

    heres hoping they i can fix the fighting system. ever since the games stopped being in 2D, when playing online and sometimes even off, hardly anyone i fight even bothers to do combos anymore. just a spamming fest of jutsus/ultimate jutsus and assist characters. please fix it so combos are kinda would ya put it.. “needed” like a normal fighting game, and the older 2D ones. ive seen some matches when it would take over a full minute or more for someone to even throw a real 1st combo cause it was a mess of special moves all over the screen.

    • BankaiZber43

      well look if you dont like how people fight online then dont play online =D

    • bro.. i use the combos all the time more than the jutsus

  • Why do I feel like this game is going to stop at Raikage vs. Sauske’s Susanoo ? :( No Nine-Tailed Naruto, no Madara’s Six Path’s of Pain……. someone please prove me wrong before I cry :'(

  • cristianx1996

    they are going to go to the fourth ninja war because naruto ultimate ninja impact is going up to the fourth ninja war

  • comrade91

    put all the characters in the game and every one with thier on moves and also amke them have not just one 6ut 3 or 4 moves they could in the gaem….. they also sholud not 6e 6lacc the ultra move.. for story mode they should runn freely not just where u gotta go, they should also 6e walkin on walls, fightin on the walls, roof, and onder water

  • klismann94

    honestly to make this game worth while they got to make every character playable instead of them just being assists, also make it so that u can move freely and finally make powers and moves more exciting 

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