Atelier Rorona Characters As They Appear In Atelier Meruru

By Spencer . June 20, 2011 . 3:20am

Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland 3 has a handful of returning characters from Atelier Rorona, Gust’s first game in the Arland trilogy. Before we get to Sterk, take a close look at Juana.



Juana is one of Meruru’s and a new character in Atelier Meruru. She’s 17 year old girl who doesn’t worry about the little things and runs a general store in Earls.


Now 40, Esty is an intelligence agent in Arland. She oversees Gio and is a playable party member in Atelier Meruru.


estyar esty

(Atelier Rorona on left, Atelier Meruru on right)


Gio is considered Arland’s strongest swordsman. He’s sixty years old, but still a vagabond who recently wandered into Earls.


Gio gio


Sterk, 39, is a chivalrous knight. Still adventuring around the world, Sterk runs into Meruru by chance.


Sterkenburg sterk

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  • Atelier Meruru, the only place where the older you are the hotter you become

    • shuratan

      Or in Rorona’s case the older you get the more loli you get?!

    • To true. I didn’t think Sterk could get hotter but he did! Bravo!

      God now only if you could romance HIM in Atelier Elkrone ~Dear for Ototmate~

      Yes, that IS a new title and an Atelier otome game! spread the word! It MUST be localized when it comes out!!! *foams at mouth*

  • z_merquise

    Age 40!? Age 60!? Age 39!? Seriously!? But they look young! What’s their secret to retain their beautiful and youthful looks? Alchemy??

    Mel Kishida’s artwork looked good though.

  • epy

    Esty is quite hot at 40. Seriously, Gust should have shown Rorona with her own age instead of resorting to loli magic. If you guys check the Gamespot Japan poll on who is better, older Rorona is winning by a landslide over loli Rorona.

    EDIT: Lol, that was unfortunate.

    • 5parrowhawk

      You mean Gamespot, but yeah, older Rorona is a lot more popular.

      I’d rather cast a vote for grown-up Totori, really.

      And as for Esty… IIRC one of the late-game recipes was the Philosopher’s Stone, right?

    • loli Rorona losing? In Japan? That’s news to me.

    • I was going to say… Esty looking like THIS at “40” is definitely undermining the argument that they couldn’t have shown an older Rorona. It’s a bit frustrating.

    • Ravage27

      Esty redesign is awesome, Gust art team ftw

  • Esty has aged well!
    Actually, to be fair, they all have.

  • Samken

    They should make a side quest where you can restore Rorona to her normal/true age.

    • Merulana

      I agree. That should be part of the main story though. Or I guess whether you decide to change her back or not affects the ending you get.

      So it’d probably end up being something like… Rorona ended up staying as a little kid who mooched pies off of others foreevver! 

      And Sterk is forever alone.
      Or gets officially branded as a lolicon.


  • Lionela where?

  • Xeahnort

    I like Gio´s new desing.

    • foqu

      WTF?? Is that an unneccessary spoiler?? I just started rorona. If it is [email protected]&$#%@$$ you!! >:O

      • Xeahnort

        Sorry. I didn’t mean to spoil the story for someone who hasn’t played.

  • Now we just need the second one brought over and we can complain about this one not making it.

    • HarryHodd

      ? Totori is coming this Fall.

      • You totally made my day.  I don’t know how I missed that.

  • Damn you Sterk really damn you, I would soooo love it if I would end up like you in my late thirties, and Gio is even more extreme, 60 and hotter than any 20-30 year old dude I’ve seen!! >__<

  • Methylene

    Time has been very, very kind to them.

    And honestly, Sterk… you become more badass as you age. Really, Gust could make another Arland game 50 years in the future and we’d have a hot, old Sterk who will probably be able to kill dragon with a flick of the wrist.


  • Barrit

    Sterk looks so badass he could have his own game!

  • Could’ve fooled me, Gust. 40 is a rather developed age for a woman, and Esty seems close to 28.

    • raymk

      Well I know some good looking 40 year old moms lol.  My friend that i’ve known a long time has a hot mom.  Its seems like as long as you’ve always had natural beauty and taken care of your body you can look like that.

  • Darkrise

    Holy-! Older Sterk looks badass!

  • Merulana

    Haha. And we thought Sterk couldn’t get anymore badass. Let’s not forget to mention that he’s a flashy show-off too. 

    Sterk in all his moon-slicing glory.

  • raymk

    I like them all ;).  Also I call juana as playable DLC character.

  • Croix

    Ah, now THIS is the post I thought a certain previous post was supposed to be. So pleased to see that Sterk is back again, and while he looks very different this time around, I’m okay with that. Now tell me Melvia will be back and there’s no way I will not get this game, though I’m pretty much sold already.

  • Excuse the wording but… G-gio… I can’t masturbate any harder than I already am.

  • vadde939

    Good to know Gio is still as hot as ever ;)

  • …………………..
    *jaw stuck to floor*

    Sterk, pushing 40 and still slicing moons. And Gio is just……… how the hell does time work in this universe @[email protected]

  • PrinceHeir

    Meruru is hot :P

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